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It's Better to Burn Out...

A diary of a SUPERNATURAL nut

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12 May 1971
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♡ personal info

Canadian born, raised and living in Japan. A mother of three. A wife. An English teacher and school owner. I love kids – especially young kids, I love food, wine, chocolate, music, books, teaching, writing and making graphic art. Always looking for the bright side, bad at expressing pain and emotions and a tendency to avoid problems in my own life but a good listener for those who need someone to talk to.
tv shows ♥

SUPERNATURAL is the love of my life. I’ve always gravitate toward the supernatural/Sci-Fi and Comedic. In my early years, I loved shows like Quantum Leap and A-Team, Family Ties and Cosby Show. During University I watched a lot of Star Trek. More recently, Roswell (all), Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Buffy, Angel, a bit of True Blood and Vampire Diaries, and Dark Angel(all).
♥ music taste

Basically I love pretty much any kind of music from classical to classic “Mullet” rock. As a child, I loved musicals and used to sing along with the records and with my mother’s piano. I love classical music and played the clarinet and sang in choir groups through high school and University. I also love oldies, country, and rock and am especially enjoying Dean’s mullet rock collection at present – Kansas (Dust in the Wind and Carry On), Bad Company (Movin’ On), CCR (Bad Moon Rising), Def Leppard (Rock of Ages), Renegade Styx.
friends policy ♡

My blog is open to all at present so anyone who is interested in my thoughts or poll on Supernatural episodes is free to visit. I love comments and discussion and it is nice to know you have come by so even a “hi” is appreciated. Feel free to disagree or, well pretty much say anything you want to say to me but please be civil and respectful of each other. If you would like to friend me you are free to do so. If you would like me to friend you back, please write me a message. Otherwise I will assume you do not. In real life, I am a “few really good friends” type of person. If I friend you, I will do my best to make a unique, fun and meaningful contribution to your part of the web.

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