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Rewatching 1-19 Provenance

Hello people! I'm back with my rewatch comments for Provenance. Only 3 more episodes until the end of Season 1. Wow, that means I have been at this for 19 weeks aye? My thanks to everyone who has joined me with their comments since then. Again, if you have anything to add - like/dislike, agree/disagree, or even just want to say hi - its always nice to have confirmation that someone is reading :)

Music Links:
"Night Time" by Steve Carlson(At the Bar, when Dean hits on the girls)
Romantic Piece, No. 1" by Antonin Dvorak (At the auction house)
Boys Break In By Christopher Lennertz (When the Boys are breaking in!)
"One More Once" by Alan Pasqua (Black Toast Music)(When Sam and Sarah have dinner together) Couldn't find this!
"Bad Time (To Be in Love)" by Grand Funk Railroad (Song on the car radio; Dean "sets the mood" for Sam and Sarah)

This is definitely one of my top five episodes. I loved the hunt and I loved the girl. The burglary scene reminded me of Dark Angel (that music!). I loved Sam trying to protect Sarah in the house with the ghost and Dean going out to burn the remains (kind of like in Hookman).
getting ghost spn119_509

I also loved the grave yard scene with the lighter lighting up their faces and the big tree in the background. Beautiful.(See banner below!)

One of the main things that has been worrying Dean all through this season is Sam's trauma with regard to Jessica. In Windego, Sam is so devastated that all he can think of is finding dad and getting revenge. And he has those awful nightmares, which we find he had had even before Jessica's death. In Bloody Mary he is able to use the nightmares to an advantage, but he will still not tell Dean about his secret. Dean believes that a little time healing with the right girl might be a good thing and continually urges Sam/and watches him with the girls they meet along the way. In Hookman, Sam is able to share his feelings a little with the preacher's daughter Lori. Dean watches Sam through his side view mirror as he says goodbye to Lori in the end. Looking for some signs of healing (maybe a kiss?) and suggests that they can stay a while. Unfortunately, Sam is still hurting from Jessica's death and is in no shape to get to know anyone new.

Finally, in Provenance, Dean gets his chance. You see him trying to get Sam to join him with the girls he found at the bar first, but that doesn't work. Sam spends the night scanning the house for ghosts while Dean has his "good times."


The elegant girl at the auction house who knows a little about art and is checking Sam out is just right.


Sam has to be the one to take her out and get the information they need.


The next day, thinking that they solved the problem by burning the painting, they are preparing to leave when, oh no... Dean has dropped his wallet at the auction house... They have to go get it... Sam doesn't understand. "How do you lose your wallet Dean?"

Well, he didn't Sammy, he just wants to get you back to the auction house where you could have another chance to talk with Sarah!

When Sarah finds them there, Dean suggests that no, they were not leaving, that they were staying for a while longer. And surprise, he has his wallet! That reaction by Sam is priceless!

Sam is relieved that Dean has his wallet...And it looks like he's guessed what Dean was up to?

Well, its a good thing they did go back because the case wasn't solved aye?! And Sam gets to call her again, but first the older brother pep talk by Dean - reinforces what Sarah had said on their date. That Jessica would have wanted Sam to have fun once in a while.

I would think

But Sam says, "Part of this is about Jessica but not the main part."
Dean: What's it about?
Dean: Yah, right.

Dean figured it out right away, but it took me until Sam talked about it with Sarah before I got it...

don't shut out the pain

Sam: I'm not scared of much but if I let myself have feelings for anybody...
Sarah: You're scared they'd get hurt too.

Sarah goes on to say that Sam should not feel responsible for protecting her. That she might get hit by a bus and die the next day anyway... that was life.


And finally, in the end, Dean gets to see the kiss he's been waiting for.

Great episode!

[Spoiler (click to open)]Watching this episode again after watching 8-22, I feel the significance in that the person Sam wanted to protect is the one who was killed (maybe Crowley got the significance from reading the Supernatural books huh), but it is also significant because Sarah is,in a way, the one who absolved Sam from responsibility for her death.

She was an incredible girl...strong(and beautiful because of it). I keep thinking of Dean's words... "Marry that girl." I think it had to be her because of that quality in her. She wasn't really a victim. She was a hero.

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