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Rewatching 5-5 Fallen Idols

This episode is one I was dreading :P If I was doing just a random rewatch, I'd totally have skipped it - maybe because the content is so unrelated to the main storyline .   It's a very light episode with no meaning except for the little scenes between Sam and Dean in the middle and the broment at the end. But it is filled with humorous moments and cute little expressions by the boys plus.. boys tied up! That's always lovely to see!.  Which is why didn't rate it down to "not worth a rewatch." I suspect this review is mostly going to be pictures and gifs. ... but you never know.  Writing does strange things to my brain sometimes. (hehehe... :P)

"Sixteen" by Lucero (plays at the bar, when Dean calls Sam)
"Superstition" by Beck, Bogert & Appice (plays over the "Soon" preview)

(Oh yeah, and we have a preview at the end of episodes to come - and I love that song - Superstition :P Sixteen is cool too. I am listening to it as I write. We have some more excellent music coming our way in future eps!)

OK, the episode starts with the MotW scene with our James Dean fan getting killed by (fake) Little Bastard. His friend hears squeals of breaks and the sound of a crash as he goes to investigate with his video camera but there is no sign that the car moved at all. Just his friend's blood over the broken windshield.

Sam and Dean in the car. Dean has found them a case that has nothing whatever to do with finding the colt to kill Lucifer and of course Sam is irritated with Dean. What are we doing?! We should be looking for the colt! It's the end of the world! And Dean is like, hey, we need to get used to working a hunt together again. The apocalypse will be there when we get back.

VTS_01_1 02
DEAN:It's just that this is our first real case, back at it together. You know, I, I think we oughta ease into it, put the training wheels back on.
SAM:So you think I need training wheels.
DEAN:No, 'we'. 'We' need training wheels, you and me. As a team. Okay?
DEAN:Man, I really want this to be a fresh start, you know? For the both of us.

Oooo. Sam is feeling a bit sensitive and it sounds as if Dean is reassuring him. But we've had similar situations before haven't we? I'm reminded of a very similar scene in The Monster Movie back in Season 4. So nothing out of the ordinary here... ?

When they get to the town of Canton Ohio, they find all kinds of interesting people. First the Sheriff, who is sure that Cal Hawkins, the James Dean fan, was killed by his friend because, who else could it be?
VTS_01_1 05
DEAN:And how exactly did Jim slam Cal into a windshield with all the force of an eighty-mile-per-hour crash?
CARNEGIE:Drugs, maybe?
CARNEGIE:Look, you know this ain't brain surgery, boys! Whatever it looks like, that's what it usually is. It's simple.
DEAN:Simple. Right.
(heee! I love that tongue under Dean's lip!!)
So they go talk to the friend Jim, and find out about the sounds he heard prior to finding Cal AND they find out what the car was supposed to be. Of course Dean has to go investigate!
VTS_01_1 45VTS_01_1 44
JIM:It was the car that did it.
SAM:The car?
JIM:I mean, I heard about the curse, but, I just thought it was a load of crap.
DEAN:Curse, what do you—what do you mean, curse?
JIM:The car. Little Bastard.
DEAN:Li—Little Bastard? As in the Little Bastard?
SAM:Wait, wait, wait, wait, uh, what's Little Bastard?
DEAN:It's James Dean's car. It's the one he was killed in.
JIM:Yeah, that's the one. Cal had been looking for it for years. I mean, hell, we both had. But he found it first.
DEAN:Oh, we are definitely checking this out.

So we have Dean checking out the car and telling Sam the legend that goes with it (showing his knowledge about these types of things - sort of like Crossroad Blues) and telling Sam that the only way they can really tell if the car is really Little Bastard is by checking the engine number ... under the car... (which is where one guy got killed according to legend)
VTS_01_1 49VTS_01_1 48
DEAN:Cal matched the VIN number, but the only real way to know is the engine number.
SAM:I'm guessing the engine number—?
DEAN:On the engine.

So, telling the car not to hurt him, Dean crawls under (also telling Sam not to even say anything so he doesn't piss off the car) and somehow gets the engine number. The little creaks and groans the car makes as Dean is under the car gives for some suspense and Dean's sweating it. Once he's safely out, Dean figures he is due for a bit of a break, so he asks Sam to do all the research on the car while he secretly goes out to a bar to get a drink and starts hitting on a bartender *smirks*
VTS_01_1 07
DEAN:So, you wanna be an actress, huh?

DEAN:That is—that is so funny, because, I am actually—
DEAN:—an agent for William Morris Endeavor.


It's been a while since we saw Dean pretend to be an agent - Provenance, maybe?!
Sam calls him and tells him that the car was fake (and is frustrated with Dean for going out for a drink while he has to stay back and do research - typical older brother Dean lording it over his little brother?)
VTS_01_1 43VTS_01_1 03
SAM:I've been working my ass off here.
DEAN:Hey, world's smallest violin, pal, I spent the afternoon up Christine's skirt. I needed a drink.

(We've recently heard Dean referencing Christine (S. King's novel) again hmmm? :) )

Sam, however, has found out that it actually wasn't the real Little Bastard. Now they have to figure out what it is that really killed the guy.

While that's going on, on another side of the woods, a professor who is a fan of Abraham Lincoln is working late when he is attacked by said Lincoln and killed. Quite a funny scene, actually. That angry looking Lincoln, and the professor with his, "But, you're supposed to be dead!!!" :D
VTS_01_1 01VTS_01_1 02
Sam and Dean come to investigate and we have another lovely theory by the Sheriff on who killed the professor -

VTS_01_1 37
DEAN:Well what's your reasonable explanation?
CARNEGIE:Professional killer.
SAM:Come again?
CARNEGIE:Well, CIA, NSA, one o' them trained assassins, like in Michael Clayton.

Sam and Dean decide to ask the housekeeper, who seems to have seen Abe while she was leaving the house. They figure out with the little Spanish Sam knows and Dean's nice questions that the guy wasn't just wearing a top hat like Abe Lincoln. He WAS Abe Lincoln.
VTS_01_1 79VTS_01_1 77
That may make more sense than the possibility of it being a trained assassin, so Dean and Sam go to analyse and research again. Dean is checking Jim's video while Sam is checking the internet, when Dean sees the reflection of what looks like James Dean on the wheel of the "Little Bastard."
VTS_01_1 87VTS_01_1 88
Sam finds out that the professor was a fan of Abe Lincoln. It looks like these "famous ghosts" are ganking their fans.

VTS_01_1 91
DEAN:Well, that is muchos loco.
SAM:Not 'muchos'.

(Lots of brotherly teasing we see this ep, and we also see the strengths and weaknesses of both.)

VTS_01_1 98
SAM:You gotta be kidding me.
DEAN:You gotta be kidding me.

It seems they've found out about the Wax Museum - and they are on their way.

The Owner is also a cute guy who is obviously very excited about his museum and when Sam and Dean talk to him as reporters, he is very happy to promote it.

It is also obvious that this wax museum is not particularly popular, except for among the strong fans of the specific individuals. Both the James Dean fan and Abe Lincoln fan that were killed were regulars. They find out that the wax museum also keeps the personal effects of each of these characters. Ghandi with his real glasses, Abe with his real top hat etc. The owner himself is the proud owner of a jacket that used to belong to...
VTS_01_1 109VTS_01_1 108
SAM:And who did that belong to?
OWNER:The Fonz. Seasons two through four!
SAM:W-wow. Yeah, that's—that's really cool...ish.

VTS_01_1 107
Then the owner also talks about his new exhibit -
OWNER:This? This is nothing. I've been working on a new collection of figures. Stuff that'll really wow the kids.
DEAN:The kids?
OWNER:Yeah, Gen Y.
OWNER:Computer games, cell phones, sexting.
OWNER:They're just fads. I'm gonna make wax museums hip again.

(A reference again to different generations and their interests - as we also see in our recent ep :P)
And then the owner makes this "yay!" sign... and the boys!!!LOL
yay300VTS_01_1 115

Anyway this new exhibit for Gen Y is the exhibit that probably houses all the recent celebrities including a wax doll of Paris Hilton? Or at least her personal effects. All things considered, it all makes sense as a multiple ghost case. Sam and Dean decide to come back later and burn the effects.

As he's getting Sam to pack the car up for that, Dean's on the phone with Bobby and makes a quip about how the apocalypse, which must be making even ghosts act unnaturally, was caused by Sam. Sam, of course, comes in and hears it all.
VTS_01_1 07VTS_01_1 06
DEAN:Yeah, Abraham Lincoln and James Dean, can you believe that? ...Why so kill-crazy? Ah, maybe the apocalypse has got 'em all hot and bothered. Yeah, well, we all know whose fault that is. ...Well I'm sorry, but it's true.

VTS_01_1 08VTS_01_1 09
SAM:This was supposed to be a fresh start, Dean.
DEAN:Well, this is about as fresh as it gets. Now are we going or not?

Hard to listen to this really, and hard to believe that Dean would be saying stuff like that to Bobby. I feel as wilted as Sam does. They don't really have time to talk then, though, because they have a job to do first.

And of course that involves some fooling around...
VTS_01_1 11
DEAN:Four score and seven years ago, I had a funny hat.

VTS_01_1 16
I love Sam gazing into the eyes of Abe Lincoln's wax figure - that is priceless.

Dean is searching another room when the doors are locked and Sam is attacked by Gandhi.
Dean takes a moment to be wowed when he finds out that Sam is being attacked by his hero before going to help him.
VTS_01_1 24VTS_01_1 26
DEAN:Is that Gandhi?
DEAN:Dude, he's squirrelly.
SAM:Get the—
SAM:Do it!
DEAN:Get the what?

He burns the glasses, and the "ghost" disappears. They go ahead and burn everything else too and Dean thinks the job is finished. Sam, though, thinks something is fishy. The "ghost" did not act the way they usually do when the remains are burned. And Ghandi seemed to try to take a bite out of Sam as they were fighting, but that was wierd because Ghandi was a fruitarian.

DEAN:Let me get this straight. Your, uh, ultimate hero was not only a short man in diapers, but he was also a fruitarian?
SAM:That's not the point.
DEAN:That is good. That is—even for you, that is good.

Interesting that Dean does not consider Gandhi to be "cool." Is that supposed to suggest something about their different view of what a hero is? But it is possible he is just teasing Sam as Sam teased him about the Spanish. He could actually be impressed and not want to show it. Dean laughing is Dean laughing so we need a gif of that.
But this is not the real issue.  The problem here is that when Sam suggest that they should stick around and figure out what is wrong with the picture, Dean treats Sam like the disgraced little brother and does not give Sam's opinion a grain of thought. He's calling the shots here and if he says it's finished, then it's finished.  Sam has had it.
VTS_01_1 32VTS_01_1 31
SAM:Us. You, me, together, I—I thought it could, but it can't.
DEAN:You're the one that wanted back in, chief.
SAM:And you're the one who called me back in.
DEAN:I still think we got some trust building to do.
SAM:How long am I gonna be on double-secret probation?
DEAN:Till I say so.
SAM:Look. I know what I did. What I've done. And I am trying to climb out of that hole, I am, but you're not making it any easier.
DEAN:So what am I supposed to do, just let you off the hook?
SAM:No. You can think whatever you want. I deserve it, and worse. Hell, you'll never punish me as much as I'm punishing myself, but the point is, if we're gonna be a team, you and I—it has to be a two-way street.

Sam goes on to tell Dean that it was because Sam wanted to stop being treated like a little brother and he wanted to feel strong that he left Dean for Ruby in the first place. No, it wasn't Dean's fault that he made that choice but that kind of relationship was just not going to work.

DEAN:What do you want me to do?
SAM:You're gonna have to let me grow up, for starters.

Does this scene remind you at all of the scene in Dead Man's Blood? Where Sam and Dean force dad to treat them as adults instead of children whom he has to protect?

I thought I'd take a moment to talk about the boys' respective heroes and why they are being addressed in this episode. At first, all I could think of was that Gandhi symbolized truth and peaceful resistance while John symbolized the ultimate righteous man who fights against evil. But in that sense, they are very similar. If you think about it, John resisted the use of violence in hell - torturing other victims - and triumphed through his love for his children (*cries*).

But this ep is not about that. The most meaningful scenes of this ep - as I mentioned at the beginning - are those related to the relationship between Sam and Dean and how Dean needs to let Sam grow up - stop treating him like a baby brother, demanding obedience, and let him grow up - be an equal team.

And it reminds us of Dean's idol - his dad - it is also reminding us of how John treated them, isn't it? Because basically Dean is doing what he is doing to Sam because of how he was treated, and how he was taught to take care of Sam. And the reference to Gandhi, who was basically (in simple terms) telling the British government to stop treating the Indians like children and treat them like the grownups that they are-give them independence :

Ours is one continual struggle against a degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the Europeans, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir whose occupation is hunting, and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with and, then, pass his life in indolence and nakedness.

...makes a lot of sense all of a sudden. (wow. I told you. Strange things.)

Anyway, back to the story. Just then, Dean gets a phone call from the Sheriff. He now has two crazy girls on his hands and he really can't explain this one away. And nor can the "ghost theory" that Sam and Dean were moving on. This time, it's Paris Hilton and she is very much alive so this is not a ghost.
jpgVTS_01_1 12jpgVTS_01_1 14
DEAN:So, what? Paris Hilton is a homicidal maniac—
SAM:Or we missed something.
DEAN:What do you wanna do?

I want to point out here before I go on that Dean seems to have been thinking a bit of what Sam said before. He asks Sam what HE wants to do.

Sam decides to dissect the ripe bodies for clues and finds out that they have lost a lot of blood, plus, they seem to have some kind of seeds inside them.
jpgVTS_01_1 28
After some research, he finds out that the particular seeds come from a forest in the Balkans that was cut down 30 years ago.

SAM:So, local legend has it that the forest was guarded by a pagan god whose name was Leshi. Um, a mischievous god, could take on infinite forms—
DEAN:And let me guess. He liked to munch on his fans.
SAM:Yep. Could be appeased only with the blood from his worshipers. It would drain 'em, then stuff their stomachs with the seeds.

And the only way to kill the god is to chop off it's head with an iron ax. Dean takes along the ax that dad (his idol) gave him.

When they get to the Wax museum, they go into the new exhibit area and find the missing girl tied to a tree.

Finding that she is still alive, they are just about to help her when they are attacked by the god in the form of Paris Hilton (which just happens to be acted by the real Paris Hilton). I will say that Paris Hilton makes an excellent stuck up god.

When they wake, Sam and Dean find themselves tied up as well.

I love the way she files her nails with that steel file. She did a pretty good job with the acting as well. (Well, maybe it wasn't really acting :P)

As the Paris!Leshi talks about how people are now worshiping celebrities instead of the gods and blabla and Dean tells her he's more into Penthouse letters than Paris Hilton and he hasn't even seen House of Wax (which Jared and Paris were both in) - and
Sam/Jared glares at him (Hee!) the boys are getting free of the ropes. Just as Paris goes to touch the ax and become John in order to kill Dean... Dean get's free and tackles her. Of course he gets all beaten up but he finally gets a punch in and gets out of the way for Sam with the ax. Wow. Like how many times do you have to chop at a neck to chop it off? Sam's chopping like 3 or 4 times - blood splattering all over his face (which is hot in a weird way...) and Dean knows exactly what Sam is going to say - he holds up a finger -

DEAN:Not a word.
SAM:Dude. You just got whaled on by Paris Hilton!
DEAN:Shut up.

So the case is finally finished and the girl that had been tied up is fine, the Sheriff is going to be putting an APB on Paris (boys laugh). They get to the car and Dean - having thought about what Sam said, apologizes for not considering how Sam felt with how he was treating him. He tells Sam that Sam is not the only one responsible for the apocalypse. Dean himself started it in hell - and when Sam replies that Dean didn't know, he says yes, but neither did we know that killing Lilith would be a bad thing - even though drinking demon blood to do it may have been a problem.

Then he turns to Sam and again he says, "So where do we go from here?" Leaving the decision to Sam and giving him the reins.


I had forgotten that Sam had said these words too!  How awesome is that? :D

Dean then literally gives him the reins - to the car ;) And they drive off.
jpgVTS_01_2 53You-wanna-drive300yeah-I-could-take-a-nap300


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  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

  • 9-3 I'm No Angel Poll!

    What do you think of this episode? Please let me know in the following poll and/or comments!