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I talked about extremes in my first post. I guess some of you are thinking, what extremes? Everyone has a blog nowadays.

Well, I never felt the need before now. I think I am pretty well versed in the use of computers for my age, but my use was limited to documents and photoshop for work, and maybe some youtube for recreation. Come to think of it, I never had the opportunity to enjoy the things I really enjoy in my free time. The TVs were taken over by the kids and my husband, and my time was spent keeping the kids away from dad so he could have his peace and quiet.

So, what changed? Last summer, a young teacher gave me the keys to freedom - basically. She told me I could watch any show I wanted, anytime, on my laptop through the internet. So, I put my earphones on and started watching what I wanted to watch while looking after the kids in the living room.

I started with Roswell, because I had good memories of the show. Even after 40, this highschool romance with its humor and supernatural feel makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I moved on to Vampire Diaries - too serious and slow - And, a little too young for me. I stopped watching when she turned into a vampire.

Then True Blood - definitely grown up material! But when I was stuck without any more episodes in the summer I started watching Supernatural ... and that clinched things. The action, the family theme, the supernatural aspects, the good looking guys, the humor and the amazing way in which you can enjoy watching those episodes over and over and over....

Not only was I watching the show, I was loving the music. I started collecting all the music from the episodes. I bought a music player for the first time since highschool (that was when we only had CD/tape walkmans...) and when I wasn't watching the show, I was listening to the music. Thinking about the show 24-7. Bands like AC/DC which I had thought of as only noise until then grew on me until I started getting feelings of accomplishment and happiness whenever I heard the intro to Highway to Hell. That's what a scene(s) from Supernatural will do to a song. I started getting my kids hooked on the music too. My 5 year old daughter loves to sing her own "Hot Chicken" song to the music of Hot Blooded, and my 13 year old son is into Boulevard of Broken Dreams...

The extremes continue. When I joined the forum, I found that I could make my own banners with scene caps from sites on the internet and with my old version of photoshop elements. When I bought my new computer, I bought a new version of Elements too, and am now making my own screen caps. I've always loved fooling around with photos, making scrapbooks for my kids until the camera became digital. I guess I could make digital family scrapbooks now - but that is on hold. I have more important things to do.

All this in less than a year. I get the sense though that this is rather normal for a Supernatural fan. So I'm not alone aye?

 番組を見るだけでなく、音楽にもはまっていきました。各エピソードに出てくる音楽を集め始め、高校以降初めてウォークマンを買いました。(CD/テープのウォークマン以来です!)子供たちにも音楽を紹介し、今では、5歳の娘はHot BloodedをHot Chickenの替え歌で楽しく歌い、13歳の息子はBoulevard of Broken Dreams にはまっています。

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