supernutjapan (supernutjapan) wrote,

Quiz #1

Wohoo! So here we go on our roller coaster ride of approximately 2 days. Who knows the most? Who is on LJ the most? Who loves Season 4 the most? Who loves me the most?! Whatever your reason, we are here to celebrate Supernatural, and in particular the 4th Season, together before we move on to Season 5 rewatches.

(1)You can comment with as many answers as you want - just one answer per comment.
(2)You can access any information source you want. I will be using only information that I posted in my reviews but you are welcome to use google images, supernatural wiki... whatever helps you find the answer.
(3)The fastest one to answer wins the round.
(3)One point per question - if there are two questions in one quiz, then two points.
(4)One point if you find an error of mine. Any error.
(5)Whoever has the most points at the end, wins. They will receive a vertual gift, a banner, icon(s) or small gift from Japan - their choice.

Quiz #1

What episode is this gif from (name of the episode please) ?

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