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Rewatching 4-14 Sex and Violence

It's Friday! Time for my review of Sex and Violence. This episode reminds me a lot of Asylum in Season 1. There, Sam was frustrated with his brother for continuing to "blindly" do what his father told him to do, and not listening to Sam, who thought it was more important to find dad so that he could get his revenge.

In this episode, we get to see both sides, because Sam and Dean are both affected by the siren. The heart ache, for Dean, of finding that his brother is not the brother he used to be - the brother that looked up to him and trusted him. Sam, again, is impatient... He feels like Dean is holding him back when he can do so much more. These feelings are going to build up over the season until we see it explode.

I must say it is also an amazingly hot episode. Some hot sex by Sam, and some hot violence between Sam and Dean reminding me very much of our recent episode Soul Survivor (the ax!) but also of Asylum. It seems to be a pretty popular way for the writers to show us the boys feelings aye?

"Thunder Kiss '65" by White Zombie (the first song that plays at the strip club)
"Steal the World" by Brian Tichy (the second song that plays in the strip club)
"Come on Shake" by Classic (plays while Dean and Nick Munroe watch Dr. Roberts)

The episode starts with our first death of that poor wife who was just wondering why her husband was trying to pick a fight with her when she got her head bashed with the meat pounder. Ug.

Then we have a very nice shot of Dean waking ...
to find Sam talking quietly to someone on the phone in the bathroom - talking about demon signs.
Season 4 disk 7-2 357
SAM: I'll keep looking. You keep looking too ok?

Dean senses that Sam may be doing something in secret and fains sleep, to be woken up for the second time by Sam:
Season 4 disk 7-2 379 Season 4 disk 7-2 368
SAM:Hey. Up and at 'em, kiddo.
(Sam calling him Kiddo... to me that is uncharacteristic and weird).
When he asks what Sam was doing up so early, Sam lies, saying he was just in the john, and when Dean asks him, "really?" he still does not tell Dean the truth. Dean does not interrogate him here but he is definitely wondering who Sam is keeping a secret.

Sam tells Dean about the above case, also adding that three others have killed their loved ones in the space of two months. Sam and Dean go to talk with the above husband who is resigned to his fate. He doesn't want a lawyer, he knows what he did, he just wants to pay for his crime. The interesting thing is, he admits that he loved his wife. And when Dean shows him the record of his debt at the strip club, he admits he met a woman there and was having an affair.

Season 4 disk 7-2 6941 Season 4 disk 7-2 7446
BENSON:Her name was Jasmine.
SAM:She was a stripper?
DEAN:Dude, her name was Jasmine.

He tells them that that the woman had told him to kill his wife so that they could be together forever, but when he went to meet her, she never showed. It sounds like a love spell to the guys.

Sam and Dean decide to question the doctor who did the blood tests on the victims and perpetrators. Sam goes in first, while Dean is finding out about the other guys that killed their wives. I guess they were planning to meet there. But Sam and the doctor have this connection while talking about Oxytocin: the "hormone that's produced during childbirth, lactation and sex." Then Dean comes in all flirty and finds the doctor doesn't bite. Cute scene.
Season 4 disk 7-2 9971Season 4 disk 7-2 9668
Season 4 disk 7-2 10476
DEAN: Dude, you totally C-blocked me.

All three men had used a whole bunch of money at the same strip club. Dean is excited!
Season 4 disk 7-2 11183Season 4 disk 7-2 11284
SAM: You seem pretty cheery.
DEAN: Strippers, Sammy. Strippers. We're on an actual case involving strippers. Finally.

So they go to the club to question the owner. The owner tells them he doesn't know any names and doesn't have any records and it's not his problem. Sam has found out from Bobby that this is probably a siren - that all three women that seduced those men were probably the same siren and that it would be pretty impossible to find it.
Season 4 disk 7-3 055Season 4 disk 7-3 077
While they are there, a man is being taken in by the Siren (going by the name of Belle this time). The siren and the man go home to his house where his mother is sleeping in the other room and have sex(seriously?!). and you can see the siren has a pretty ugly face under her facade when you see her look up at the mirror. So it's pretty gross. Anyway, after the siren has infected the guy, she asks him to kill his mom. While he does, the siren leaves the house.

Dean is at the motel staring at Sam's phone, which Sam has forgotten there.
Season 4 disk 7-3 05jpgSeason 4 disk 7-3 21jpg
Dean is trying to refrain from checking that number Sam was phoning because he wants to trust Sam (and is probably scared of what he will find out...)but he finally gives in to the urge and phones the number. And, of course he finds out that Ruby is on the other end. Sam comes in right after Dean flings the phone away.  He had been meeting the guy who killed his mom. Then Bobby calls and and Dean gives Sam his phone all innocent/guilty like, "Oh by the way you forgot your phone...." they talk with Bobby about how to kill the siren:

Season 4 disk 7-3 25jpg
BOBBY: It says you need "a bronze dagger, covered in the blood of a sailor, under the spell of the song".

Sam has an idea of how to get a hold of some of that blood and they are off to see the Doctor - Cara - again. They are just about to get them when who should appear but our siren and fake FBI agent, Nick Munroe. Do you think he just got back from getting the blood from Cara's office? ... Anyway, they have a little interrogation here and our first scene of Bobby with his various phones - one of them being FBI. "Nick Munroe" calls Bobby and gets told off:

Season 4 disk 7-3 56jpgSeason 4 disk 7-3 59jpg
BOBBY:Last time I checked, son, D.C. has jurisdiction. Or am I wrong?
MUNROE:Ahhh, no sir.
BOBBY:Well, good. Well, the next time you wanna waste my time with stupid questions, don't.
BOBBY:Oh, those idiots.

Idiots because they got themselves mixed up with "real" FBI? Bobby is making lunch or dinner for himself while talking, which is quite funny.  Anyway, that looks like it's been solved, but the boys should have also called to make sure this Nick was really FBI too aye?! Dean tries to get him to leave them alone, but Sam takes him aside and tells Dean that he's got to keep an eye on Nick while Sam gets the samples.
Season 4 disk 7-3 69jpgSeason 4 disk 7-3 75jpg
SAM:Just take him to the strip club...keep an eye out for the siren. Come on, Dean, just... just focus on the naked girls. You'll forget he's even there!
DEAN:I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for the girls.

The thing is, Sirens can read minds according to Bobby's source, so, he knows exactly what the boys are planning and thinking here. And I'm wondering what SAM is thinking ;) Maybe get dean out of the way for some time with Cara?  :D Anyway Dean is placated by the fact that he gets to go to a strip club and he agrees to take Nick.

Nick starts on his "good brother" act by noticing Dean's car and acting the total car buff.
Season 4 disk 7-3 77jpgSeason 4 disk 7-3 78jpg
NICK: It's a thing of beauty.

While that's going on, Sam is with Cara and they've found out that the blood is gone. They start searching the servalance camera tapes to see who took them.
Season 4 disk 7-3 82jpgSeason 4 disk 7-3 83jpg
Nick and Dean are having a music quiz at the club, drinking shots.
Season 4 disk 7-3 15015
DEAN:Dude. Dude! You know, for a fed, you're not a total dick.
MUNROE:Aren't we both feds?
DEAN:Yeah, I know, I know, not a lot of feds are as cool as us, huh?

With Dean in a good mood, Munroe brings up the flower that he supposedly found at every crime scene. And Dean recognizes it as the flower he saw at Cara's office. Now he is worried (and totally hooked).
Season 4 disk 7-3 22022
Meanwhile... Sam and Dean are discussing the case.
CARA:I don't know. I mean, I interviewed those guys and they had their reasons.
SAM:Yeah but they all loved their victims.
CARA:I'm sure they did. Come on. Haven't you ever been in a relationship where you really love somebody and still kinda wanted to bash their head in?

And of course this whole conversation makes me think of what Sam might be feeling toward Dean. The frustration anyway of not being on the same wavelength and believing so strongly that he is right.
Season 4 disk 7-3 110110Season 4 disk 7-3 111111
SAM: So what happened?
CARA: Life happened. I don't know. I mean I loved him. Still do I guess but...I don't know. It's like one day I looked up and I was living with a stranger know what I mean, right?

Again, this is interesting. I don't think Sam feels this about Dean too much, even though he does think that Dean has come back from hell a little different. BUT, it is definitely how Dean is seeing Sam at this point. Sam is different. He is going a different path. And Dean feels like he doesn't know Sam anymore.

CARA: People change. I know I did. But it's nothing to feel guilty about. It happens.
SAM: So you two split up?
CARA: I suppose that's a word for it.

It's not that simple for Sam and Dean aye? But it does give as a glimpse into what happens in later chapters. The interesting thing is we do find out that Cara's husband actually died, and Cara hid that from Sam for suspicious reasons.

THEN... Sam gets a call from Dean? or Ruby? or Bobby? not certain... And he decides not to take it.  He wouldn't be so stupid as to not take a call from Dean or Bobby would he? But we find out later that it was Dean. Interesting... Why would he do that? Because of his frustration with Dean? Or maybe he thought that whatever Dean was going to say could wait while he sated himself? (Dean does it all the time... right?) Cara figures at least that she has a chance with this dude so she lays it on. RAWR. Sam really does look awesome. I love that shot of him from the side.

During that time Dean is driving around... finding out more about Cara to see if she could be the siren. This isn't really logical actually. There is no reason for the siren to go around as a doctor (who had a normal marriage and possibly killed her husband) while at the same time pretending to be a dancer and luring men that way. What's the use in a siren having a regular job? But Dean is not thinking rationally here.  He is being drawn in by the siren.  On my first watch, I'm pretty sure I was stuped and very worried for Sam at this point. When Sam comes back to the motel, finds it empty and calls Dean, Dean tells Sam his theory and Sam tells him he's pretty sure it's not Cara. Dean doesn't believe him. Obviously if Sam were under the siren's spell, he'd say the same thing aye? Sam suggests they get together to work it out, and Dean hears alarm bells in his head. He refuses and decides to get some help from Munro instead.
Season 4 disk 7-3 2121 Season 4 disk 7-3 2222
Sam, again, is pissed. Why doesn't Dean believe him? But for the first viewer, it really looks like he is under a spell. His face is pretty scary as he throws his phone across the room and tries to figure out what to do. I love Sam's face here. Let's see if we can get them all on one line...

Season 4 disk 7-3 2323Season 4 disk 7-3 2424Season 4 disk 7-3 2525Season 4 disk 7-3 2626Season 4 disk 7-3 2727

Dean joins Munro in his car where he is staking out Cara, who has just entered a bar (busy girl!).  Dean explains the situation the best he can but it still sounds pretty crazy.

Season 4 disk 7-3 4444Season 4 disk 7-3 4545
MUNROE: You sure about that? 'Cause it sounds like crazy on toast. All these different strippers, they're magically the same girl? But then they're not strippers at all, it's Dr Quinn.
DEAN: It's kinda hard to explain, but I have my reasons and they're good ones, so you're just gunna have to trust me on 'em.
MUNROE: Yeah. OK. I guess.
DEAN: Thank you. That's actually nice to hear.

There have been many times in the past that Sam questioning Dean's decision has been a good thing. But at this point he just wishes that Sam would stop keeping secrets from him.  Dean gets carried away by the trust Munro shows and shares his flask with him. And he's drugged.

Season 4 disk 7-3 4848
MUNROE:Or it could be her saliva...You really should have wiped the lip of that thing before you drank from it, Dean. (A look of realization crosses DEAN's face). I should be your little brother. Sam. You can't trust him. Not like you can trust me. (MUNROE's reflection in the rear vision mirror is that of a monster.) In fact, I really feel like you should get him outtta the way, so we can be brothers. Forever.

Sam now, seems to have gone out to look for Dean. He comes back to the motel and finds Munro sitting on the bed.
Season 4 disk 7-3 6565Season 4 disk 7-3 6666
Dean comes up to him from behind, and he's suddenly got a knife to his throat. It takes a while for Sam to figure out that Munro was the siren because he wasn't a woman like they expected.
Season 4 disk 7-3 7777Season 4 disk 7-3 8282
MUNROE:Dean's all mine.
SAM:You poisoned him.
MUNROE:No. I gave him what he needed. And it wasn't some bitch in a G-string. It was you. A little brother that looked up to him, that he could trust. And now he loves me. He'd do anything for me. And I gotta tell you, Sam, that kind of devotion? I mean, watching someone kill for you? It's the best feeling in the world.

We've always known this... Since Route 999 when he looks at Sam with that "Don't you get it?" look in the car as they drive off at the end...that Dean would rather be rolling down crazy street with his brother than be with any girl.

The Siren infects Sam too - probably knowing he himself is in danger if Sam was left sane aye? Sam could have stabbed Dean and then killed the siren... (I just have to mention, the way his mouth/tongue has a little squirting device is totally cool!)  Then he allows them to vent their feelings before killing each other, which is quite interesting when you think of it.   I guess he thought he'd have some fun with their family drama, but it also gives Bobby enough time to get there aye?!
Season 4 disk 7-3 107107Season 4 disk 7-3 103103
DEAN:Well, I don't know when it happened. Maybe when I was in hell. Maybe when I was staring right at you. But the Sam I knew, he's gone.
SAM:That so?
DEAN:And it's not the demon blood or the psychic crap. It's the little stuff. The lies. The secrets.
SAM:Oh, yeah? What secrets?
DEAN:The phone calls to Ruby for one.
SAM:So I need your say-so to make a phone call?
DEAN:That's the point. You're hiding things from me. What else aren't you telling me?
SAM:None of your business.

I will go out on a limb here and guess that he wouldn't have answered this way if he wasn't "drugged." He sounds like a rebellious teenager.
DEAN:See what I mean? We used to be in this together. We used to have each other's backs.
SAM:OK, fine. You know why I didn't tell you about Ruby, and how we're hunting down Lilith? Because you're too weak to go after her, Dean. You're holding me back. I'm a better hunter than you are. Stronger, smarter. I can take out demons you're too scared to go near.

Now this... he's going to say again when he's sane so I'd say it's a pretty accurate representation of how he is feeling. He is feeling powerful because of the demon blood and feels like he can take on just about anything.
DEAN:That's crap.
SAM:You're too busy sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Whining about all the souls you tortured in hell. Boo hoo.

Also interesting that this should come up. And awful to think that that is what Sam was feeling as he listened to Dean's confession. Hopefully this is due to the drugging too - if not the demon juice making him more demon-y
SAM:You're not standing in my way anymore.
Again, this is a real feeling of his that will come up again and very likely from the power he feels with the demon blood.

Dean wins this fight (which proves Sam wrong about him holding Sam back... :P) and is just about to ax Sam...

Season 4 disk 7-4 16016Season 4 disk 7-4 15015
when Bobby gets there, stabs Dean, and throws the knife at the siren. Sam shouts out "no!" as Bobby throws the knife, showing he is still under the influence, but as soon as the siren is dead, both Sam and Dean kind of wake up. We can see their eyes widen, and they look at each other with embarrassment and horror of what might have happened. What an awesome scene.

Season 4 disk 7-4 62036Season 4 disk 7-4 63037
We see Sam and Dean by their car (looks like under the skytrain bridge to Surrey(BC) but I could be wrong...). Bobby comes along with some pop and when Dean complains,  points out that they are driving... (and he gets the point across that they don't deserve adult drinks at this point LOL)

Season 4 disk 7-4 72046 Season 4 disk 7-4 73047

He reminds them that they could have figured out Munroe was not who he said he was if they had just made one phone call.

Season 4 disk 7-4 83057
BOBBY:You boys gunna be OK?
SAM:Yeah, fine.
DEAN:Yeah, good.

(Yeah... right.)

After Bobby leaves, we have the usual bit with Sam telling Dean he didn't mean anything - it was just the siren talking. I'll note that Dean doesn't say the same.

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