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Rewatching 4-10 Heaven and Hell

I'm back everyone! and it's time for my review of Heaven and Hell.   One of my all- time favorites and, as I mentioned last episode, what I like to think of as part two of a two part episode along with IKWYDLS.  We've got lots of comparisons with the last episode.  While Sam tells Dean most of what went on while Dean was gone in our last episode, Dean also finally confesses all that he has been keeping from Sam in this on.  While Sam has a couple of hot moments with Ruby last ep, so we have hot moments between Dean and Anna here.  Sam with demon Ruby and Dean with angel Anna.  And, we also get a battle between angel and demon, which turns out to be disturbing and prophetic.

OK, here we go. (As usual, all pic and gifs are linked to larger versions ;) )

"Ready for Love" by Bad Company(plays while Dean and Anna make love)

We start right at the end of last ep. Once Dean and Sam realize that the angels intend to kill Anna, they look at each other,...
SAM: (shrugs)
DEAN:Sorry. Get yourself another one. Try JDate.

Uriel flings Ruby to the other side of the room, Dean attacks Uriel but things are looking bleak for him too, and Cas advances toward where Anna is hiding. Sam gets in his way and instead of attacking, he pleads with Cas.

SAM:Cas, stop...please.
This is very interesting to me. Maybe Sam sees how futile it is for Ruby and Dean and decides not to try to attack, but I think it is something more. It's his ingrained faith and belief in angels kicking in and possibly his feeling unworthy with the demon blood inside him and with what he has been doing with Ruby. In anycase he doesn't lift a finger as Cas touches his forehead and it's lights out.
Cas is at the door to the inner room and Uriel is getting ready to kill Dean like he did the demons when all of a sudden Cas and Uriel get blown away or sucked away in a flash of white light. Dean is free of Uriel and getting his breath back, Ruby is in the corner wide mouthed, and Sam wakes up from his blackout to find the place totally empty but themselves.
And here another interesting point. Dean goes to give a hand to Ruby. I find this really significant after Malleus Maleficarum where he purposefully left Ruby to her own devices after the battle and went directly to Sam. Even though she had saved his life and then saved Sam's and sacrificed herself for them. So this is really big.

Dean is the first one to go into the back room to see what was going on and he finds Anna's arm all bloody and the mirror with the angel sigil. He quickly goes to wrap up her arm and Anna tells them that the sigil just popped into her head.
She doesn't know how. Knowing that the angels could come back any minute, they go back to Bobby's and borrow his panic room. We have a cute little scene here with Ruby not being able to get in.

DEAN: Iron walls drenched in salt. Demons can't even touch the joint.
RUBY:Which I find racist, by the way.
DEAN:Write your congressman.
DEAN:Hex bags?
RUBY:Extra-crunchy. They'll hide us from angels, demons, all comers.
DEAN:Thanks, Ruby.

Ruby gives them some hex bags to hide them from angels and demons (hmmm... so she knew about angels?).  And Dean says thank you. wow.

Anna tells Dean that the angels are all silent - as if on purpose. Dean pretends he's not scared as usual.

Sam calls Dean so Dean leaves Anna under Ruby's charge:
DEAN: Keep an eye on her.

Again a cute conversation about Bobby:
DEAN:Uh, The Dominican. He said we break anything, we buy it.
SAM:He's working a job?
DEAN:God, I hope so. Otherwise, he's at hedonism in a banana hammock and a trucker cap.
SAM:Now that's seared in my brain.

Sam has found out about Anna's background and they are discussing what kind of secrets Anna might have when Anna herself comes up with Ruby trailing behind (LOL!) and tells them they should ask her to her face.  Dean's asking Ruby why she didn't watch Anna like he asked, and Ruby says, "I was watching her" (demons!), and Sam contritely tells Anna she is right... so... does she have anything to tell them?

But Anna doesn't.  She doesn't remember anything from when she was small.  But she wants to remember.  Dean has the perfect solution.  So he drives off to get Pamela.

Pamela! I love how "psychic" she is!
88 89
PAMELA:Oh. Know how I can tell?  That perky little ass of yours. You could bounce a nickel off that thing. Of course I know it's you, grumpy. Same way I know that's a demon, and that poor girl's Anna and that you've been eyeing my rack.
SAM:Uh... uh... uh...
PAMELA:Don't sweat it, kiddo. I still got more senses than most.
SAM:Got it.

and Anna is put under hypnosis and remembers who she is.
57 58
ANNA:Thank you, Pamela. That helps a lot. I remember now.
SAM:Remember what?
ANNA:Who I am.
DEAN:I'll bite. Who are you?
ANNA:I'm an angel.

Anna explains to them about her grace and how she had to rip it out to become human.
I just realized something so obvious.  So Angel - grace = human, right? Grace = pure humans = angels - power of creation?  huh interesting.

As they regroup upstairs, Anna assures them that they don't need to worry about her.
ANNA:Don't be afraid, I'm not like the others.
RUBY:I don't find that very reassuring.
PAMELA:Neither do I.

This conversation reminds me of what Anna said about Ruby in the previous episode aye? That she was different from other demons. And the fact that Ruby doesn't find Anna's words reassuring makes even more sense when we consider Ruby is pretending to be something she isn't.

RUBY:I don't think you all appreciate how completely screwed we are.
ANNA:Ruby's right. Heaven wants me dead.
RUBY:And Hell just wants her. A flesh-and-blood angel that you can question, torture, that bleeds. Sister, you're the Stanley Cup. And sooner or later, Heaven or Hell, they're gonna find you.

Anna says she's going to find her grace so she can become an angel again and be on equal footing with Cas and Uriel and protect herself against angels and demons alike.

 But it's not that easy finding something that you dropped while falling from the sky at umpteen miles an hour.  So we have two awesome scenes as they search for references to this "meteor."  One between Dean and Anna and one between Sam and Ruby.

The first is Sam with Ruby. Ruby is apologizing to Sam for bringing this to them.
RUBY:Sam... I'm sorry.
SAM:For what?
RUBY:For bringing you this mess. If I had known, I would have kept my trap shut.
SAM:Yeah, well, we'll muddle through.
RUBY:Not this time. You do not want to get between these two armies. It's Godzilla and Mothra. If one side doesn't get us, the other one will.

Ruby suggests that they just bail and Sam refuses.  It's interesting to think, why? Why did they side with Anna?   Even before they knew that she had chosen to be human.  First of all they do have a thing for protecting the disadvantaged/weak and Anna fits the bill like no other with demons and angels all out to kill her. Once they find out about what she really is and the fact that she risked her neck to become human... well how could they not protect one who thought so much of humanity that she was willing to rip out her grace and literally fall from heaven to become one, from these douchebags who thought of humans as glorified apes?

Anyway, Ruby's mention of Godzilla and Mothra (love that!) gives Sam an idea of what to do later aye? But Ruby is not as worried about the angels as she is about Alastair. And if Sam had been drinking up, he could have taken Alastair back at the church. She urges him to get drinking again, but Sam refuses.

Anna is out in the yard thinking by herself when Dean drives up after taking Pamela home. There are a couple of things that are bothering Dean and he puts his questions to her.  The first is, why did the angels bring him back. Anna can't tell him, since it was before she started hearing voices. The second is, why did Anna choose to fall? To be human?
DEAN:A bunch of -- of miserable bastards... Eating, crapping, confused, afraid.
ANNA:I don't know. There's loyalty... forgiveness... love.
ANNA:Chocolate cake.
DEAN:Yeah, you got me there.
ANNA:I mean it. Every emotion, Dean, even the bad ones... It's why I fell. It's why... why I'd give anything not to have to go back. Anything.

What Dean says here: pain, guilt, is already giving us a feel for what he is going to say later to Sam - so much pain and so much guilt that he doesn't want to feel at all.

But as they talk, Anna vents her frustration with God -
I can relate
ANNA:I was stationed on earth 2,000 years. Just... watching... silent... invisible... out on the road... sick for home... waiting on orders from an unknowable father I can't begin to understand. So don't tell me that --
ANNA:What is so funny? What?
DEAN:Nothing. Sorry. It's just...I can relate.

Finding common ground helps Dean to understand Anna more.

Sam, the wiz that he is, finds out exactly where the grace fell and they are on their way.
Funny scene in the car:
DEAN:Nothing. It's just an angel and a demon riding in the backseat. It's like the setup to a bad joke... or a Penthouse Forum letter.
SAM:Dude... Reality... Porn.
DEAN:You call this reality?

And then we have a beautiful scene of the four of them as they come up to the tree born of grace and as Anna reaches out to touch the tree.  It's magical and quite breathtaking.

Anna finds out from the tree that someone has taken her grace and it is no longer there.  They are back to square one.

As they are discussing what to do - Dean just wants to go back to the panic room, Ruby makes fun of that idea - when Anna tells them about the angel "radio" starting up again - like a recording.  That if Dean doesn't hand over Anna, they will send him back to hell.  This shocks Dean, but it doesn't change his mind.  They are still determined to protect Anna regardless of the dangers to themselves.  Again we have research.  Sam inside and Dean outside.

Anna comes up to Dean and tries to thank him for trying to help, but Dean will have none of it.  Participation trophy sucks ass.

ANA:I don't know. Maybe I don't deserve to be saved.
DEAN:Don't talk like that.
ANNA:I disobeyed. Lucifer disobeyed. It's our murder one, and I knew it. Maybe I got to pay.
DEAN:Yeah, well, we've all done things we got to pay for.

And again, they find some common ground - having done something that they feel guilty for - feelings that they do not deserve to be saved.
ANNA:About a week ago, I heard the angels talking... About you... What you did in Hell. Dean, I know. It wasn't your fault. You should forgive yourself.
DEAN:Anna, I don't w-want to, uh... I don't want to... I can't talk about that.
ANNA:I know. But when you can, you have people that want to help. You are not alone. That's all I'm trying to say.

So this gal has more than a couple of things in common with Dean and considering she may be killed on the morrow...


and you know I had to do this...


After our lovely love scene in the immpalla, we see Dean coming back into the barn and all of a sudden Uriel is there and he realizes he is dreaming.  Uriel tells him first that he will be thrown back into hell, but Dean gives up a pretty good fight, until as we know later, Uriel threatens to kill Sam...

10-1_0129_レイヤー 371
URIEL:Try me. This is a whole lot bigger than the plans we got for you, Dean. You can be replaced.
DEAN:What the hell? Go ahead and do it.
DEAN:You're just crazy enough to go, aren't you?
DEAN:What can I say? I don't break easy.
URIEL:Oh, yes... you do. You just got to know where to apply the right pressure.

(ouch. Dean knows Uriel is not just talking about the present here...)

They sure do know how to press Dean's buttons... But Dean was prepared for this as well.  As far as I can tell, they had already talked about the possibility that the angels would find something to make Dean do their bidding and what they would do when that happened.  And, they also find out something important.  Not only does Uriel know that Anna does not have her grace.  He has it himself.

OK, slightly out of order, Ruby has burned her hex bag at a crossroads and in a place that would not harm Sam and Dean.  We see her watching Sam and he sleeps at his books, so on a first watch, we may think she is selling them out - or at least selling Anna out - but it is all part of the plan.

10-1_0423_レイヤー 7710-1_0343_レイヤー 157

She finally gets him to agree to her showing him where they are hiding.
10-1_0055_レイヤー 445
Sam is pacing the barn and Dean is drinking whiskey, and Anna is asking Dean if he should really be drinking at a time like this.  All part of the act?  Maybe.  Just in case the angels are watching in.  Uriel and Cas blow in and they look surprised enough.  Sam is properly outraged at Dean for ratting Anna out and Anna is understanding.  They all know the risk  and how it might not go as planned if Ruby doesn't arrive on time.  How crazy is that?!

I like to think the fact that Anna forgiving him gives him the last bit of courage to tell Sam about what he had done in hell.

As Anna gets ready to face execution, bang! in breeze in the demon trio with Ruby hurt but in tow.  Cas and Uriel threaten Alastair and I must say Cas looks pretty dashing here,
but Alastair is pretty confident he is going to win and when they get the pawns out of the way and start the fight, it looks like he actually is.
Cas' attack doesn't work on Alastair, even though Uriel is able to get rid of the two other demons.  Cas is about to be sent back to heaven when Dean gets a crow bar  - from his bag?? and bonks Alastair over the head.  That gets him off of Cas - so essentially Dean saves Cas aye? - but just brings Alastair's attention back to Dean.

Just as he's about to show Dean what he thinks of his pupil, Anna finds the timing to quickly rip her grace from Uriel's throat, breaks the vial, turns angel and vanishes in white light along with Alastair, who is not afraid to see if he can catch her yet.
ANNA: Close your eyes!!!
Sam, Dean and Ruby are left alone in the barn along with Uriel and Cas.  Cas stops Uriel from arguing with Dean further a
and they disappear too, leaving the three alone.  We find out that this had all been planned, that Ruby had not sold Anna out and that Sam had thought to pit the two sides against eachother.

10-2_0129_レイヤー 24
SAM:So, I guess she's some big-time angel now, huh? She must be happy... Wherever she is.
10-2_0122_レイヤー 3110-2_0121_レイヤー 32
DEAN:I doubt it.

Of course Sam doesn't know what Dean and Anna talked about outside and assumes she'd rather be powerful than be wrought with human emotions, but Dean knows better and interesting how Ruby looks like she might know better as well.

Sam and Dean are taking a beer break by the side of the road and Dean decides to finally confess what had really happened. The fact that it was actually 40 years, which Sam didn't know yet, how he had been tortured for 30 and then had tortured others for the last 10.
10-2_0001_レイヤー 152
SAM:Dean... Dean, look, you held out for 30 years. That's longer than anyone would have.
DEAN:How I feel... This... inside me... I wish I couldn't feel anything, Sammy. I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing.

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