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Rewatching 4-9 I Know What You Did Last Summer

Here I am with a  review of our next episode ... and this title is way too long to be writing over and over like this... I Know What You Did Last Summer.  There.

Awesome episode and what I like to think of as the first part of Heaven and Hell (they should have just made the title Heaven and Hell Part I, and we wouldn't have so much trouble).  Finally we find out - not all, not the most important bit, but - most of what has been going on with Sam while Dean was gone and why he is buddy-buddy with Ruby.  Plus we get our first introduction to our rogue angel, Anna, who probably changed Cas' life forever. The introduction of Anna also gives the viewer the hope that possibly there are rogue demons as well. Maybe Ruby IS different from other demons. Maybe she is a rogue demon? (hahaha....)

The Blues Won't Let Me Be" by Left Hand Frank and His Blues Band (plays while Dean tries to stop Sam from betting)

We start with  Anna, in the mental hospital, talking with her psychologist.  We find out that she knows about the apocalypse because she can hear the angels talking.
VTS_01_1 05
Then later a demon comes in her room and she can see him through the meatsuit.  PLUS she uses psychic powers to push some drawers into him, knocking him out and then proceeds to open the door behind the guy to escape.  Nothing major, but super powers nonetheless.
VTS_01_1 09 VTS_01_1 10
 Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are doing a pool gig, trying to earn some money.   VERY interesting to see - the first time we've ever seen them working together at this - the last time we saw anything like it was in Season 1 and SAM AT BILLIARDS!! I love the way Sam and Dean look at each other here.
Well, they are just about to get a bunch of money from their unsuspecting prey when Sam sees Ruby at the bar.  He quickly tells the guy he doesn't need the money and Dean's like, what the hell are you talking about?!!! when he sees Ruby too.
VTS_01_1 22VTS_01_1 25
Dean doesn't understand WHY Ruby would be giving them a tip and why Sam would be listening.
But Sam insists on finding out more about this girl that demons are after. In the car, Dean asks about this new relationship that Sam seems to have with Ruby but Sam kind of throws his questions back at him.

SAM: I told you, Dean, she helped me go after Lilith.
DEAN: Well, thanks for the thumbnail -- real vivid. You want to fill in a little detail?
SAM: Sure, Dean, let's trade stories. You first. How was Hell? Don't spare the details.

Here Sam has a flashback, remembering how he had called a crossroads demon and what the demon had told him.

VTS_01_1 45
SAM: I don't want ten years. I don't want one year. I don't want candy! I want to trade places with Dean.
SAM: Just take me! It's a fair trade!
SAM: Why not? Lilith wants me dead. Just let Dean go, and she can have me.
CROSSROAD DEMON: Don't you understand, Sam? It's not about your soul. Dean's in Hell, right where we want him. We've got everything exactly the way we want it. You want to kill me? Go ahead. I've made peace with my lord.

So, as Sam said, this is strange because Lilith wanted to kill Sam in NRFtW right? or maybe that was just for show?  or maybe she found out the true plan somewhere in the middle?  Or maybe this is on someone else's orders...?

 When they get to the institution, they talk to the psychologist and see pretty good drawings of those things they had just been dealing with such as Samhein, and the rising of the witnesses.

They decide to visit Anna's parents to find out more, but when they get there, the parents are dead.  I don't quite know how they come to the conclusion that she is still out there, but seing a picture of her church's stained glass window, which matched that of her drawing at the institution, they quickly go to check out  the church.
VTS_01_1 78 VTS_01_1 81
 How could they be so sloppy I don't know (come on! Demons, guys!), but they lead the demons straight to her.

There is another cute little scene here at the church aye?
(Sam's face!! :D and this also reminds me of The Kids are Alright, aye?)

Anyway, Dean basically wins Anna's heart by telling her there is nothing wrong with hearing the angel frequencies and just as they are getting to know eachother, in rushes Ruby and  Anna is freaking because she can see Ruby's real face and Ruby's like woh but remembers what she was going to say and tells everyone to get out of there.
VTS_01_1 117 VTS_01_1 122
 But while Dean's arguing about who lead the demons there, the Mary statue on the side of the room starts to bleed from it's eyes (we see that again later!)  and Alestair barges in.  Ruby's told Sam that their only chance is his demon powers so he gets ready but of course he's not vamped up so it's no good and he goes flying.
VTS_01_1 135 VTS_01_1 136
Then Dean gets all beaten up and Alestair says some things that are sure to make Sam wonder...
VTS_01_1 138 VTS_01_1 139
Sam gets to the knife and stabs Alestair AND LEAVES THE KNIFE! come on! You were supposed to become more like Dean remember! Stab him five or six times and then take the knife! No, wait. Come to think of it Dean didn't take the knife after he killed that demon in Malius Maleficarum... Ruby did LOL Oh boys!
out-the-window300VTS_01_1 143
 Alestair is stopped for a bit but soon gets the knife out of his chest and Sam and Dean make it out through the window just in time.

Meanwhile, Ruby has escaped with Anna and is in hiding.  Sam and Dean are at a motel and we get another scene of Sam stitching himself up and fixing Dean's dislocated shoulder as Dean complains like a baby :P
Dean can't take it any more.  He has to know what went on between Ruby and Sam and why he trusts her so much with Anna. Sam finally agrees and sits down to tell his tale.

8VTS_01_2 13 10VTS_01_2 15
Sam tells of Ruby coming with a second demon to seemingly kill him on Lilith's orders (so again, strange that she wouldn't exchange his life for Deans...) and Ruby killing the second demon instead.  Sam's still not happy.  There is nothing Ruby can do for him, especially while possessing a poor girl yet again.  Ruby leaves and comes back with a body that does not have a soul  - dead, basically.  We all love that scene in the hospital, right?!
VTS_01_2 05
RUBY: Who do I have to kill to get some fries around here?
VTS_01_2 09VTS_01_2 10

She tells Sam the second best thing after saving Dean.  She can help him kill Lilith.  And Sam says, "I'm ready." without any hesitation.  Ruby is a bit taken aback, but they start on his "training."  Here Sam obviously skips over how he had to drink demon blood and goes straight to learning how to draw the demons out of possessed people and how he has a hard time with it.  I guess you really have to give into the power to do it easily and Sam is still fighting it.  He's disappointed and discouraged and still grieving Dean's death, and Ruby decides the best thing is for Sam to "have some fun" as Dean would put it... Sam resists at first.  It's all kinds of wrong.  We know it, he knows it, but the emotions need a release and he finally gives in.

So we have that incredibly hot scene...

And Dean's like WOH! PLEEEESE!
Then Sam tells about how he got a (false) lead on Lilith and insisted on going despite Ruby's protests that it was a kamikaze attack.  He doesn't want to survive.  HE JUST WANTS TO DIE FIGHTING LILITH.  Ruby gets all desperate to save Sam (for the last battle) and tries to stop him (without using demon powers, whatever the reason) and we get this awesome scene.
If Sam looked at me like that, I couldn't do anything either - even if he didn't have a knife to my throat.

Sam goes to try to kill Lilith with the knife and almost gets killed.
VTS_01_2 092VTS_01_2 082
Ruby comes in and while the other demon is working her over, Sam has a chance to regroup. He decides not to pick up the knife and stab the demon, but to use his powers.
VTS_01_2 112VTS_01_2 102
End of story.

SAM:Ruby came back for me. Whatever you have to say, she saved me. More than that, she got through to me. What she said to me... It's what you would've said. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here.
Ruby has saved Sam's life and Sam is eternally grateful. And Dean can finally relate and grudgingly accept that she deserves a bit of trust.

While they are talking, they hear a knock at the door, and a volumous maid pushes her way in with some towels. She's Ruby and she's come to tell them where to come and to be careful of the demons outside. Don't even go to the car.

When they get to the warehouse, they find Anna and Ruby back in her body, and Anna is saying how Ruby is not like other demons and Dean's like, yeah, about that... and has a very awkward acknowledgement to Ruby for saving his brother's life.
VTS_01_2 32 VTS_01_2 33
DEAN:I guess I owe you for... Sam. And I just wanted... you know...
RUBY:Don't strain yourself.
DEAN:Okay, then. Is the moment over? Good, 'cause that was awkward.

VTS_01_2 34
(Sam's face. He's glad his brother and bestie are on good terms now, making things easier for him when he has to explain the other thing...)

VTS_01_2 38
Anna asks after her parents and Sam's just finished telling her that they are dead and we have a shot to Dean and Ruby, who are both looking like they feel bad about that - interesting how they show Ruby in a different light after this...
VTS_01_2 39VTS_01_2 40
Then, Anna tells everyone "They're coming!" and the three think she's talking about demons.
Bang, the doors fly open and the two angels walk in.

VTS_01_2 57VTS_01_2 56
CASTIEL:We're here for Anna.
DEAN:Here for her like... here for her?
URIEL:Stop talking. Give her to us.
SAM:Are you gonna help her?
CASTIEL:No, she has to die.

And that's it! TO BE CONTINUED!

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