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Rewatching 4-8 Wishful Thinking

It's Friday and I've finally got myself to sit down and do this.  This may turn out to be a bit shorter than the other reviews - simply because there is no real story and there sure are some funny scenes but not worth writing out the whole episode over .... right?   So let's make this short and sweet - of course if I get on the roll and write a long piece yet again, I'm very sorry to put you through it all.  But you understand that it is easier for me to tell myself it IS going to be short.

MUSIC (I haven't been able to find these on Youtube either :( )
"Friday Night" by Howell-Freundlich Overdrive (Wild Whirled Music)
(plays in the restaurant when Sam asks Dean about Hell)
"Main Theme – Peter Blood" by Erich Wolfgang Korngold
(plays from the TV as Wes is sleeping)

It seems to me that the main point of this episode is, "be careful what you wish for."  And thinking of the patterns of other episodes - funny and serious - there is always some meaning to it all so I am going to see if I can figure out the reason for this theme in relation to the boys.

Another main point of this episode is Sam following up on Uriel's mention that Dean actually does remember hell. They are really stretching out the whole hell secret here as well as Sam's demon blood secret aye? It takes us up until the middle of the season to find out everything that Dean is hiding, and everything that Sam is hiding.  Of course WE know that Dean remembers hell because we've seen his flashbacks as far back as the first episode of the season.  And we know that Dean has nightmares of it from In the Beginninng.  We just heard in Yellow Fever that Dean had actually experienced 40 years of hell in the 4 months he had been away.  May I just remind us all that 4 is biblical numerology and also the equivalent to "death" in Japanese?  I love that.

But Sam doesn't know any of this.  Dean told Sam that he didn't remember anything, and Sam wanted to believe it (although he must have noticed the nightmares before this).  Now the present. We have the MotW scene of a boy who wished himself invisible haunting the women's showers in a health facility. Then we see Sam and Dean at a restaurant. Dean is chugging the whiskey shots like they are WATER.
So, I hadn't really noticed Dean drinking more than usual until Yellow Fever and I was assuming that this was to help him deal with the fear from ghost sickness but, I guess Sam has noticed it at other times as well.  And we are going to see some other symptoms in the coming episodes.

Sam is interrogating Dean.
SAM:It just doesn't make any sense, Dean. I mean, why would Uriel tell me you remembered Hell if you didn't?
DEAN:Maybe because he's a dick. Might have something to do with it.
SAM:Maybe, but he's still an angel.
DEAN:Yeah, an angel who was ready to level an entire town. Look, I don't know what --

CHEERFUL WAITER:Radical. What else can I get you guys?
SAM:Uh, I think we're good.
CHEERFUL WAITER:You want to try a couple of fryer bombs? Or a chipotle chili changa?
DEAN:No, no, we're -- we're still good.

CHEERFUL WAITER:Okay, awesome.
(This waiter is what people would call KY over here (short for kukiga yomenai: can't read the air).
He is HILARIOUS! But he is butting in when Sam wants so badly to get to the bottom of things and is definitely not helping.  Dean, on the other hand is a bit relieved by this interruption.
SAM:Okay. Fine. Then look me in the eye and tell me you don't remember a thing from your time down under.
DEAN:I don't remember a thing from my time down under. I don't remember, Sam!

I love Dean's pout here! and Sam exasperated!

Anyway, there is not much action job-wise, but there is this one minor case involving womens' showers... Dean chokes on his beer (beer after all that whiskey. Interesting mix). Sam goes, I guess you're interested? A chance to save some naked women? why wouldn't he be?! And they are off to Washington.

When they roll into town, Sam has the job of interviewing the girl who "saw the ghost." Sam here is quite hot looking and he is totally buttering this girl up with talk of writing a book and how he can totally see her as being "a sensitive."
CANDACE:I'm not surprised the spirit world chose to make contact with me. I'm something of a... natural sensitive.
SAM:I can sense that about you, Candace, that whole... sensitive thing.
CANDACE:So, what did you say you're calling your book?
SAM:Oh, well, um... Well, the working title is... "Supernatural." Yeah, I've been crossing the country, gathering stories like yours. But, anyways, you were telling me about your encounter.

But he doesn't fail to notice the "unlikely" couple across from them at the Chinese restaurant. I have a bit of a problem with the assumption by Sam (and the writers) that "that kind of guy" could not get "that kind of girl" if you know what I mean. It seems a bit arrogant, which I do not expect from Sam. Dean? definitely LOL. But not Sam.
So Sam goes back to Dean and finds that Dean has not found any EMF or any sign of anything supernatural in the showers. Dean is reading the newspaper on the step of the facility maybe and notices that someone won the lottery. But that is nothing to be suspicious of yet.

They come to the conclusion that this is not in their jurisdiction.  Aww too bad.  Dean can't save any naked women ;)

DEAN:I got to tell you, I'm pretty disappointed.
SAM: You wanted to save naked women.
DEAN:Damn right I wanted to save some naked women.

While they are walking, they see a boy being chased by some bullies.
DEAN: Run, Forrest, run!
(From Forrest Gump)

Then, they come apon a hunter and a deputy arguing over whether the hunter really saw a Big Foot or not. Again a funny scene when Sam and Dean come up and show their badges. FBI? Coming to check on rumors of Big Foot? Even the hunter that has been insisting that there is such a thing until then, cannot believe FBI would come and investigate it.

They get the hunter to show them where he had seen the thing, and he leads them into the woods. I guess he leaves them there and they are talking about there is no such thing as a Big Foot and what is going on in this town but as they are looking around they see big foot prints!
7 12
DEAN:Okay. What do you suppose made that?
SAM:That, uh... is a big foot.

This part reminds me a lot of Bedtime Stories - the frog, and how they are having such a similar conversation about the weird happenings aye?!

Well they follow the footprints to a store, where they find the store empty of employees (what is it with these stores?!) and robbed of porn and girl-drinks (almareto and Irish cream).

Dean takes a moment to steal some whiskey and hide it (from Sam?) in his jacket - again showing us his dependence on it. We have a cute scene as they sit on the outside bench to contemplate what this all means but they have no clue.

As they stand to go back, up comes this cute little girl in a pink cycling helmet and bike with a yellow wine crate tied to the back of her bicycle. In it are skin mags and liquor, which were the ones missing from the market. Another cute scene as Sam and Dean hide in the bushes as the little girl passes them
They follow her back to her home, and the way they talk to her is just so smart and cute.
DEAN: No. Um... Have you seen a really, really furry...
AUDREY: Is he in trouble?
SAM: No. [ Chuckling ] No, no, no. Not at all. We just -- We wanted to make sure he was okay.
AUDREY: He's my teddy bear. I think he's sick.
DEAN:Wow. Uh... Amazing. 'Cause you know what?

(I just love Sam's face here! :D)

They go in and find a huge teddy bear who is completely bonkers, wonder whether they need to kill the thing but figure they have to find the core problem anyway, then ask Audrey - the little girl - to go stay with a neighbor while they fix the problem (he's very contagious!) and get instructions on her as to the wishing well where she had made her wish.
VTS_01_3 57
SAM: Okay, well... I'm really sorry to have to break this to you, but... your bear is sick. Yeah, he's -- he's got...
DEAN: Lollipop disease.
SAM: Lollipop disease.
DEAN: It's not uncommon for a bear his size. But, see, it's – it’s really contagious.

When they get there, Tod, the boy who had been chased by bullies before has just finished making his wish. Dean makes a wish to see if it really works...
VTS_01_3 84
DELIVERY GUY: Somebody order a footlong Italian with jalapeño?
DEAN:That'd be me.
DEAN: I think it works, dude. That was pretty specific.

An important scene here - Dean asks Sam if he wants to wish for something. Sam tells Dean no. That it wouldn't be real. But Dean is curious. What does Sam want? Does he want to become a lawyer and live a normal life like he did back in season 1? (Remember that conversation on the bridge in the pilot?!)
VTS_01_3 106 VTS_01_3 107
DEAN: Come on, if you could wish yourself back, you know, before it all started... Think about it. You'd be some big yuppie lawyer with a nice car and a white picket fence.
SAM: Not what I'd wish for.
DEAN: Seriously?
SAM: It's too late to go back to our old lives, Dean. I'm not that guy anymore.
DEAN: All right, well, what, then? Hmm? What would Sammy wish for?
SAM: Lilith's head on a plate. Bloody.
DEAN: Okay.

So first I'm thinking, wow is he obsessed or what? then I remember that it's not just about revenge. It's about the apocalypse. Sam is taking it quite seriously. Remember how he was reluctant to go on the vampire hunt in Monster Movie? And since Lilith is the one who is breaking the seals, he wants her ended.  Dean shrugs but I get the sense that he is a bit uncomfortable, or at least surprised at this.

We've got some silly and cute moments at the fountain here where Sam and Dean threaten the restaurant owner with all kinds of health violations and try to get the darn coin off the fountain bed but the last attempt by Dean breaks his hammer.
VTS_01_3 121VTS_01_3 122
Finally they realize that it's stuck by magic. Sam copies the coin's design on to a piece of paper and TELLS DEAN to go find out what kind of coin it is. Sam has figured out their shower room puzzle and goes to deal with that himself. STOP!! Does anyone besides me think that is just hilarious? SAM, keeping this little secret from Dean and going to "save the naked ladies" himself?! So,it wasn't just Dean then aye?! That just totally cracks me up.
VTS_01_3 139 VTS_01_3 143
SAM: Don't worry, ma'am. I'm with the health department.

Meanwhile, Dean, who has been robbed of his chance to save naked women and will never know - is possibly coming back from having researched the coin when he sees Tod now running after the bullies that had been running after him before. He stops when he feels Dean's eyes on him.
TODD: You got a problem, mister?
DEAN: What? No.

(Dean's expression here reminds me of The Kids are Alright with those creepy changling kids in the park!)

As Todd runs off, Dean's stomach starts to flip and when Sam gets back to the motel, he finds Dean in the bathroom.
VTS_01_3 165 VTS_01_3 166
DEAN: The wishes turn bad, Sam. The wishes turn very bad.

The good thing is, I guess that Dean had not wished for something involving anyone else and he had only wished for food. What would have happened if he had wished for Lilith's head, for example? But of course he didn't because he knew there WAS a big chance the wishes would turn bad.

The coin was Babylonian and made to create caos. So the idea is, if everyone gets their wish, it creates caos. Whole cities were wiped off the map because of the coin. If we think about what has happened so far in the ep, a crazy big teddy bear could very well have started hurting people after failing to kill himself. Todd, with his super powers - what caos he could have created! And finally our lucky young man with his fiance. We later get an idea of what could have happened there.

Anyway while Sam is doing more research on how to stop it all (and teddy is trying to kill himself), Dean takes a nap and starts having nightmares. Sam wakes him and as Dean reaches for the liquor under his bed, confronts him again about remembering hell, and how he knows something is wrong with Dean. Love these expressions by Dean:
DEAN: What do you want from me, huh? What?
SAM: The truth, Dean. I mean, I'm your brother. I, I just wish you'd talk to me.
DEAN: Careful what you wish for.
SAM: Cute.
DEAN: Come on, can we stow the couples therapy, huh? We're on a job. I want to work. What do you got? Please?

141 142

Sam gives up and tells Dean that they have to find the first wisher of the coin in order to reverse everything.  Dean, glancing at the newspaper again, finds Wes announcing his engagement.  They go visit him, pretending to be flowerists for the wedding.

While they are on their way, we see Wes and Hope - the two love birds.
Hope has prepared a way too gorgeous "snack" for Wes, not because she wanted to, but because she had to - because she "loves him more than anything." Obviously, Wes does feel a bit uncomfortable with this because this is not the Hope he fell in love with, and he wants her to be happy - so he tries to suggest that she do other things that she used to do before the coin happened, but she panics and tells him "Please don't be angry with me. You know, I'd just die, I'd just die, I'd die!" Which just shows just how crazy this "relationship" is. And Wes sees it but still would rather have a crazy "not real" relationship then none at all.

Sam and Dean come in and, after hearing about how he got the coin, basically bully him into coming with them.
SAM: Yeah, well, now you're gonna wish it back.
WES: Oh. Oh. Ha ha, no, I'm not.
DEAN: If you don't stop it, something bad's gonna happen.
SAM: Something bad. Like us.
DEAN: We really wish you'd come with us.

They show their guns and tell him that THEY are going to happen to him which really seems unnecessary. But, I guess the point is that Hope feels threatened by them - or that her "relationship" with Wes is threatened by them and since she loves Wes "more than anything," she goes to the well to do something about that.

Sam, Dean and Wes are in Dean's car on their way to the restaurant and Sam and Dean are trying to convince Wes that he needs to revoke his wish. That his wish is going to go bad. That things are getting crazy around town because of the coin.
WES: "Careful what you wish for." You know who says that? Good-looking jerks like you guys, the ones who've got it so easy because you happen to be handsome.
SAM: Easy?
DEAN: Easy?
WES: Yeah. Women -- women look at you, right? They notice you.

And then Sam and Dean go on this bla bla bla about how they have to fight tooth and nail for what they have, and people are people because they are miserable and it's never a good thing to get what you want, which sounds so ... not convincing. As some friends mentioned in the comments, it is also avoiding a big problem with Wes' wish - that it has stripped Hope of her free will and is forcing her to do things she would not do if she was truely herself.  But, I think Wes knows that too from the way he's been acting.
(They run over the invisible boy on the road.)

Well, they are not very convincing in their argument so it's a good thing that crazy is already happening around town and Wes can see it with his own eyes. He is obviously basically a good guy. He was bothered by Hope's crazy devotion to him - whatever he said to the boys - and he is more bothered with the scene he sees as they drive up to the restaurant. Todd, with his superstrength, turning a car upside down with the bullies inside. Dean thinks he can handle the kid so he goes to try to talk to Todd while Sam is left with Wes.

TODD:Couldn't stop them. I couldn't do anything. Then Audrey Elmer told me the wishing well worked.
DEAN:Okay, okay. Look – look, I get it. They're – they're mean little jerks, huh? But they're not superhuman like you. You see, with great power comes great respon... Ohh!

Well, Todd has too much bottled up anger and is too high on his new power, he cannot listen to Dean's "power" speech. And he probably wants to test his strength on this noisy adult as well. He throws a punch and Dean goes flying.
Wes is shaken by Todd's previous performance and is just hearing about the teddy bear when Sam suddenly is struck by lightning and DIES! (So this is the second time Sam goes to heaven... but ... is it real??) Wes goes into the restaurant. I think he is planning on getting the coin already but he is shocked to see Hope there.
He realizes that his wish has actually made Hope kill for him, and brings the seriousness of the situation home - finally. He tells her he's going to make everything right, then picks the coin out of the well.
When he looks at Hope and calls her name, she looks a bit lost, asks him, "Do I know you?" and walks away.  Showing just how unreal the whole thing had been.
Sam wakes up from his "death" which I am not sure is real or not, and Todd's grip on Dean's throat becomes that of a normal child and Todd releases Dean. Dean then feels sorry for Todd and, gives Todd something that will stop the bullies from bullying him (awww!).
VTS_01_3 179VTS_01_3 171
Wes gives Sam the coin, then walks sadly away.  And Sam looks like he's saying, "I'm sorry, man."
VTS_01_3 188VTS12
Dean's sitting on the bench on a boardwalk as we see Audrey with her severely burned parents walk by. Audrey is holding her teddy (with the hole in his head) and looking happy. She waves at Dean.
VTS_01_4 03
Sam comes up to Dean and they talk about how all the wishes were back to normal. As they are about to leave, Dean decides he's going to be honest with Sam.  Give Sam his wish.

DEAN:You were right.
SAM:About what?
DEAN:I shouldn't have lied to you. I do remember everything that happened to me in the Pit. Everything.
SAM:So tell me about it.
DEAN:I won't lie anymore. But I'm not gonna talk about it.
SAM:Dean, look, you can't just shoulder this thing alone. You got to let me help.

DEAN:How? Do you really think that a little heart-to-heart, some sharing and caring, is gonna change anything? Hmm? Somehow... heal me? I'm not talking about a bad day here.
SAM: I know that.
DEAN:The things that I saw... there aren't words. There is no forgetting. There's no making it better. Because it is right here... forever. You wouldn't understand. And I could never make you understand. So I am sorry.

Dean is not ready to tell Sam everything that happened in hell.  But soon.

So let's have a go at this "meaning" stuff: Sam wants Lilith's bloody head on a platter. Lilith dead is the last seal - Lucifer walks free... definitely not what he would want to happen... Soooo, maybe it's better if he quits the demon blood (his magic coin) for good?

Be careful what you wish for Sammy.

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