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Rewatching 4-7 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Anyone starting to look forward to Halloween?! We are actually in season this time LOL  The results for the poll on this episode was interesting again with a large variety of opinions from Awesome to Not Worth a Rewatch.  Thank you all for participating!  There were a lot of really awesome scenes this episode for me and I'm looking forward to digging in. (No gifs this time around. I'll add some later when I have time and put them in my comm as I make them aye? )


"Just as Through with You" by Nine Days(the first song that plays at the Halloween party; plays through to the apple-bobbing scene)
"Bomb" by Triple 7 (plays at the crypt Halloween party when Samhain arrives)

Our first scene is the introduction of the MoTW. Mrs. Wallace comes home with candy for trick-or-treaters, to Mr. Wallace (Luke) who loves candy and tends to eat it all before the major trick-or-treaters come along.
He goes at once to take a few and is stopped by his wife but when his wife takes the child to the bath to clean him up, dad stays behind to eat a few. He feels a prick at the back of his mouth, reaches his hand in and draws out a razor and then starts coughing up blood and more razors. When mom comes back to see what's keeping him, she sees him dead on the floor.
Sam and Dean get there as feds soon after. Mrs. Wallace tells them that her husband not only had more razors in his mouth, he also had razors in his stomach.
SAM: Now how many razor blades did they find?
MRS. WALLACE:Two on the floor, one in his stomach and one was stuck in his throat. He swallowed four of them. How is that even possible?

Dean is searching in the oven and receives a frustrated remark from the mom:

MRS. WALLACE: The candy was never in the oven.
But Dean then sees marks of the fridge having been moved when he looks behind it, he finds what he is looking for. A hex bag.
This would remind everyone of our most recent witch episode - Malleus Maleficarum. It also reminds me that as soon as they went after the witches (plus demon) in that episode, Dean almost died of hex bag spellwork. You'd think they'd learn from such experiences - like maybe find a spell to protect themselves from hex bags if there is one? (Good thing they have some angels who don't want them dead.)

Dean has just come back from shopping - for candy it seems. It doesn't really bother Dean that a guy was just killed eating candy. He's chowing down on chocolates.
SAM:Really? After that guy choked down all those razor blades?
DEAN:It’s Halloween, man.
SAM:Yeah, for us every day is Halloween.
DEAN:Don’t be a downer. Anything interesting?

Sam has found that this hex bag is some ancient spellwork using babies bones and very old coins.

Then another attack - this time on a highschool chearleader.  Two cheerleaders, Jenny and Tracy, arrive at a seemingly boring party.  The good thing about it is that there is a cute boy that they both seem to want to impress.  Tracy decides to show off her skills at bobbing for apples (and give Justin a good view of her behind) and when the Justin commends her, Jenny tries it too.
Little does she know that her friend Tracy is a witch who has lived hundreds of years and has it in for her.  When she goes to bob for the apples, not only can she not get at an apple, first the water holds her down, then heats up, boiling her face (ug...).  Our witch looks properly horrified.
Then Sam and Dean are seen coming down the stairs to the party in their FBI suits - reminding me a bit of Red Sky at Morning the way the camera rolls up from their legs.
DEAN:I got this one.
SAM:Two words: jail bait.
DEAN:I would never –

When Dean comes up to Tracy and shows his badge, the police officer takes his leave.  (I wondered here what happens when the police find out that FBI were not on site and these were fakes? ) Anyway, Dean questions Tracy while Sam looks for the hex bag. Dean asks Tracy if she knows their other hex bag victim. But she tells him no.
Sam finds the bag.
At home they are researching the reason why both Luke, the candy loving dad, and Jenny were targetted and Sam gets an idea that this is not about a grudge but about raising Samhain, the Celtic Demon of Halloween:

DEAN:Okay, so some witch wants to raise Samhain and take back the night?
SAM:Dean, this is serious.
DEAN:I am serious.
SAM:We’re talking heavyweight witchcraft. This ritual can only be performed every six hundred years.
DEAN:And the six hundred year marker rolls around…?
SAM:Tomorrow night.

Later that day, Dean is staking out the Wallaces', eating loads of candy and getting heartburn when he sees Tracy go into the Wallace's house. She is actually the Wallace's baby-sitter and had lied to Dean. (Why would she do that? lie? Because she thought they were just FBI and not hunters?)
Dean gets back to the motel and they are discussing how unlikely it would have seemed for a witch to be in the form of a teenage cheerleader.
DEAN: Yeah, well, if you were a six-hundred-year-old hag and you could pick any costume to come back in, wouldn't you go for a hot cheerleader? I would, hmm…

Sam is researching Tracy and finds that she has been a bad girl at school and got suspended, so they go talk to the art teacher whom she had "violent altercations" with. Note on this "violent altercations" - Do you think this was a set up between them? I wonder why?

When Sam and Dean get to the school, they find all sorts of Halloween masks made by the students.
As Dean looks at them, he is reminded of Hell again, and they spook him out. Now this might be rather important in understanding Dean's aversion to Sam using his demonic powers in Season 4 and 5. We saw in the last episode how he is just a tad scared that Sam will willingly become evil at some point and Dean himself won't be able to stop it. Combine that with his memories of hell - not just the demons he saw there, but the guilt of what he had done. And you get the sense that he sees evil not only in Sam, but in himself, and he knows how people - him included - can be pushed into doing something they would not have done otherwise. OMG ... so I've been rather slow on the uptake again but Dean can also relate to Sam and to those monsters because he was exactly the same way in hell. And HE DID IT WILLINGLY. Just like Yellow-Eyed Sam in his hallucination.

*stop and ponder...*

They talk to the art teacher and the teacher willingly tells them about the little symbols and killing scenes that Tracy was drawing in class.
Which is hard to figure out, just as the "violent altercation" between them. It seems that he is trying to keep their eyes off of him aye? And keep them going after Tracy? But we do know that he feels threatened by these two "agents" because he plants hex bags in their rooms while they are out checking Tracy's apartment and looking for her. Tracy herself has disappeared without a trace and it's likely that the art teacher (Don Harding) already has her in his basement at this time. As Sam and Dean are discussing how Tracy might be preparing her third sacrifice at that moment, up comes a chubby little astronaut asking for candy. Such a cute scene here!
Supernatural S04E07 03 - コピー
ASTRONAUT: Trick or treat.
DEAN:This is a motel.
DEAN:So we don’t have any candy.
SAM:No, we have a ton in the uh…
DEAN:We did, but it’s gone.
DEAN:Sorry kid, we can’t help ya.
ASTRONAUT:I want candy.
DEAN:Well, I think you’ve had enough.

Supernatural S04E07 01Supernatural S04E07 02
(Love the view of Sam and Dean looking into the astronaut's visor! It so reminds me of that scene in Season 9! Dean having to confess to Sam and the astronaut essentially that he ate all the candy LOL And the little boy narrowing his eyes at him! )

When Sam and Dean walk into their motel room, Sam notices right away that there is someone inside and goes for his gun. Dean, recognizing who it is, stops Sam.
DEAN:Sam! Sam, wait! It’s Castiel.
DEAN:The angel. Him, I don’t know.

CASTIEL:Hello, Sam.
SAM:Oh my God – er – uh – I didn’t mean to – sorry. It’s an honor, really, I – I’ve heard a lot about you.
CASTIEL:And I, you. Sam Winchester – The boy with the demon blood. Glad to see you’ve ceased your extracurricular activities.
URIEL:Let’s keep it that way.
Castiel is all the while holding Sam's hand in both of his and Sam doesn't know how to react. I'd say he looks rather hurt. Dean is defensive of Sam and wary of the new addition.

Cas and Uriel tell them that hex bags had been planted in their room and that they needed to get rid of the witch so that Samhain would not be brought back and a seal to Lucifer's cage not be broken. They interrogate Dean on whether he had found the witch and if he had got rid of her already. When they find out that he has not, they demand that Sam and Dean get out of the city so that they could wipe it off the face of the Earth.
Sam and Dean are horrified that 1214 people were going to be killed to kill one witch and they beg the angels not to do it. That they can find the witch and stop her in time.
SAM:No, you can’t do this, you’re angels, I mean aren’t you supposed to – You’re supposed to show mercy.
URIEL:Says who?
CASTIEL:We have no choice.
DEAN:Of course you have a choice. I mean, come on, what? You’ve never questioned a crap order, huh? What are you both, just a couple of hammers?
CASTIEL:Look, even if you can’t understand it, have faith. The plan is just.
SAM:How can you even say that?
CASTIEL:Because it comes from heaven, that makes it just.
DEAN:Oh, it must be nice, to be so sure of yourselves.
CASTIEL:Tell me something, Dean, when your father gave you an order, didn’t you obey?

First, this is important because it shows Dean's (and Sam's) belief in choice. It also shows what we find out in more detail later - that angels are not made to question their orders. They really don't have a choice and those that think they do are sent to prison. We know from later that Cas does have doubts, but he obviously cannot say anything here for fear that Uriel might report it. Cas tries to justify their faith in heaven's justice but asking Dean if he wouldn't do what his dad said without question. Dean stops at this, but we remember how in Dead Man's Blood, he agreed with Sam that they were grown up enough to make their own decisions and went against dad's orders (maybe for the first time). Not only that but dad accepted that they were able to make their own choices.

The angels do not bend until Dean puts his life on the line:
DEAN:Well sorry boys, looks like the plans have changed.
URIEL:You think you can stop us?
DEAN:No, but if you’re gonna smite this whole town, then you’re gonna have to smite us with it, because we are not leaving. See, you went to the trouble of busting me out of hell. I figure I’m worth something to the man upstairs. So you wanna waste me, go ahead, see how he digs that.
URIEL:I will drag you out of here myself.
DEAN:Yeah, but you’ll have to kill me, then we’re back to the same problem. I mean, come on, you're gonna wipe out a whole town for one little witch. Sounds to me like you're compensating for something.

This reminds me of Lazarus Rising, when Dean does the same thing to the demons at the restaurant.

Castiel stops Uriel from arguing further (or dragging them out of town, which ever the case) and lets the boys go to do their thing, telling them to hurry.

As Sam and Dean come out of the motel room, they find the impala splattered all over with bird poop. It's the little astronaut getting back at Dean. (It's Halloween afterall!)
DEAN: Astronaut!

When they get in the car, Dean notices that Sam seems upset and asks what is wrong. Sam tells him that he thought they'd be different.
DEAN:Who, the angels?
DEAN:Well, I tried to tell ya.
SAM:I just… I mean, I thought they’d be righteous.
DEAN:Well, they are righteous, I mean, that’s kinda the problem. Of course there’s nothing more dangerous than some a-hole who thinks he’s on a holy mission.
SAM:But, I mean, this is God? And Heaven? This is what I’ve been praying to?
DEAN:Look man, I know you’re into the whole God thing, you know, Jesus on a tortilla and stuff like that. But just because there’s a couple of bad apples doesn’t mean the whole barrel’s rotten. I mean, for all we know, God hates these jerks. Don’t give up on this stuff, is all I’m saying. Babe Ruth was a dick but baseball’s still a beautiful game.

So this conversation shows that Dean has already told Sam that Cas is a "dick" aye? Cas has threatened to throw Dean back into hell. Dean also knows how powerful Cas is by the fact that he could not kill him back in Lazarus rising. Dean feels threatened and afraid of angels and what they might do to both him and Sam. His warning to Sam in Metamorphosis is to be wary of the angels because they are dicks - not because they are right or that they should be obeyed without question. And maybe finally Sam gets this a bit from meeting Cas and Uriel - and even more later on in the ep. I love the way that Dean comforts Sam and suggests that faith itself is not a bad thing, and that just because there are dick angels, it doesn't mean the man upstairs is a dick as well. He knows how important this faith is to Sam (and we remember Houses of the Holy) and how it's holding him together. awesome scene.

Well, Sam is fingering the bone and realizes that there would need to be a pretty hot fire to char these bones - and remembers the kilns at the school. Off they go to investigate the art room.

While this is all going on, Cas and Uriel are sitting on a bench discussing the "case." Uriel still thinks they shouldn't be letting Dean and Sam make the call. Uriel calls them mud monkeys again and Cas tells him that he is close to blasphemy. He also tells Uriel that it was their orders to let Dean handle it and to not do so would be to be going against orders.
CASTIEL: And what would you suggest?
URIEL: That we drag Dean Winchester out of here and then we blow this insignificant pinprick off the map.
CASTIEL: You know our true orders. Are you prepared to disobey?

Which shows some serious consequences if they do disobey. The fact that Uriel calls humans this derogatory name also shows his disregard for humanity and makes us understand why he is on the side he is on - to bring about the apocalypse.
When Sam and Dean get to the art class, Sam quickly finds a locked drawer in the teacher's desk, and when they open that, they find enough little bones for several more hex bags. Now here is another puzzle. Who do you think put these there? Do you think the art teacher wizard was stupid enough to leave them there? or maybe Tracy put them there to frame the teacher? So we have the teacher framing Tracy to them a while back, then now Tracy is framing the teacher... And the boys fall for it aye? They go to the teacher's house, and finding Tracy tied up, do not think twice before killing the art teacher and setting Tracy free. Bad move. Tracy is happy that they have killed the man for her. Now she can be the one to complete the spell because they had been working together for hundreds of years and it had been either him or her.
She slams the boys with a spell and they fall writhing in pain. Then she goes ahead with the spell and brings Samhien back in the body of the teacher.
It seems she had been in love with this demon and had some fantasy that he loved her back - or at least that he would when he was risen. Too bad.
He snaps her neck and gets ready to take over the world. Sam and Dean meanwhile have woken up and Sam starts pasting blood all over his face and motions to Dean to do the same. Samhain sees them blurred when they cover their faces and he goes right passed them.
DEAN: What the hell was that?
SAM: Halloween lore. People used to wear masks to hide from him, so I gave it a shot.
DEAN: You gave it a shot?!

(I love how Sam always comes up with these ideas and Dean can't believe Sam would just try something he came up with at the spare of the moment - not that Dean doesn't do that himself! It especially reminds me of Route 999 though :P I love that scene.)

So after all their efforts they were unable to stop Samhain from being brought back. Now they have to kill him so that he will not bring a blood bath. How to do that? Well, if he wants to find some company, he's going to go to the cemetary. Sam and Dean head to the nearest cemetary. Meanwhile Samhain has already gotten there - maybe he comandeered a car? and is crashing the party at the mosolium that Travis was talking about earlier to the two cheerleaders.  Sure enough he's there too.  Samhein locks the gates to the mosoleum so they can't get out, then makes zombies out of the crypt's bodies.
Sam and Dean are on their way to the cemetary and Sam suggests that he use his demon powers to get rid of Samhain but Dean tells him no - on no uncertain terms.
DEAN:Sam, no, you’re not using your psychic whatever.
SAM:Don’t even think about it. Ruby’s knife is enough.
DEAN:Well because the angels said so for one –
SAM:I thought you said they were a bunch of fanatics.
DEAN:Well they happen to be right about this one.
SAM:I don’t know, Dean, it doesn’t seem like they’re right about much.
DEAN:Well then forget the angels, okay? You said yourself, these powers, it’s like playing with fire.

I've been thinking about this - so why are they choosing between the knife or powers now? I mean they've been using the devil's trap quite effectively until now... Can't they lure the demons into devil's traps and exorcise them?
Anyway, when they get to the cemetery, they find the kids locked in with a bunch of zombies. Sam tells Dean to help the kids and rushes off to deal with Samhain. Dean tries to stop him, maybe guessing that Sam might be forced to use his power, but he can't leave the kids to the zombies so he gives up and goes to work. Then, when the ghosts come out to play -
DEAN:Zombie ghost orgy huh? Well, that’s it, I’m torching everybody.
And I love this scene - BAD ASS DEAN! Zombie after zombie to the stake (ok ok, so this is a bit different from the way they had to deal with their first zombie but you've got to admit we got some good action here!)
And Sam too!
SAM: Yeah, that demon ray gun stuff? It doesn’t work on me.
Sam on the other hand does try to deal with the demon with the knife but as soon as the demon realizes that the knife actually can kill him, he flings it out of the way and Sam is left with nothing else to do except use his powers. Unless he wants to get himself killed of course.
Poor Sam, we can see that his head is aching from the strain - not enough blood aye? But he finally sends Samhain back to hell just as Dean comes running up to help and sees the whole thing. Sam looks at him and Dean looks back and... angst.
Next scene, we see Sam packing in the motel room and Uriel pops up.
URIEL:Tomorrow. November 2nd, it’s an anniversary for you.
SAM:What are you doing here?
URIEL:It’s the day Azazel killed your mother, and 22 years later your girlfriend too. It must be difficult to bear, yet you so brazenly use the power he gave you. His profane blood pumping through your veins.
SAM:Excuse me?
URIEL:You were told not to use your abilities.
SAM:And what was I supposed to do? That demon would have killed me, and my brother and everyone.
URIEL:You were told not to.
SAM:If Samhain had gotten loose in this town –
URIEL:You’ve been warned, twice now.
SAM:You know? My brother was right about you, you are dicks.
URIEL:The only reason you’re still alive, Sam Winchester, is because you’ve been useful. But the moment that ceases to be true, the second you become more trouble than you’re worth, one word. One, and I will turn you to dust. As for your brother, tell him that maybe he should climb off that high horse of his. Ask Dean what he remembers from hell.

You will understand I had to include the whole conversation here - first of all, I didn't realize that the day that Sam's mom and girlfriend were killed was the same. We also find out how much of a dick Uriel is. Most importantly, Uriel tells Sam a secret about Dean - just like Cas told Dean about Sam's little secret aye? VERY interesting to contemplate exactly why he would do that. Maybe to make Sam think badly of Dean (although it doesn't work - aye? If anything, it makes them closer).

While this is going on, Dean and Cas are having a moment together. Do you think Cas and Uriel talked it over and decided who would go talk to who? Whatever the case, Dean and Cas' talk turns out a little bit differently. Dean finds out that Cas is possibly someone who is possibly "salvageable" from Dean's point of view.
DEAN:Let me guess you’re here for the "I told you so".
DEAN:Well, good, cause I’m really not that interested.
CASTIEL:I am not here to judge you, Dean.
DEAN:Then why are you here?
CASTIEL:Our orders –
DEAN:Yeah, you know, I’ve had about enough of these orders of yours –
CASTIEL:Our orders were not to stop the summoning of Samhain, they were to do whatever you told us to do.
DEAN:Your orders were to follow my orders?
CASTIEL:It was a test, to see how you would perform under... battlefield conditions, you might say.

So, as I see it, this is Dean's second test since he came back. His first being in In The Beginning. Dean is tested to see if he would sacrifice the lives of all those people he saved to save his parents/mother. Now, he is tested again, to see if he'd sacrifice the towns folk to avoid the breaking of the seal. All tests related to whether he'd say yes to Michael.
DEAN:It was a witch, not the Tet Offensive. ... So I, uh, failed your test, huh? I get it. But you know what? If you would have waved that magic time-traveling wand of yours and we had to do it all over again, I’d make the same call. 'Cause see, I don’t know what’s gonna happen when these seals are broken, hell I don’t even know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. But what I do know is, that this, here? These kids, the swings, the trees, all of it is still here because of my brother and me.
CASTIEL:You misunderstand me, Dean, I’m not like you think. I was praying that you would choose to save the town.
DEAN:You were?

Cas shows a different side from Uriel. Dean finds out that Cas is on the side of humanity. That each angel is different just as each human is different.
CASTIEL:These people, they’re all my father’s creations. They’re works of art, and yet, even though you stopped Samhain, the seal was broken and we are one step closer to hell on earth, for all creation. Now that’s not an expression, Dean, it's literal. You of all people should appreciate what that means. ( DEAN looks at him a little pained, and sad. ) Can I tell you something if you promise not to tell another soul?

CASTIEL:I’m not a… hammer as you say. I have questions, I have doubts. I don’t know what is right and what is wrong anymore, whether you passed or failed here. But in the coming months you will have more decisions to make. I don’t envy the weight that’s on your shoulders, Dean. I truly don’t.

Cas confesses his doubts to Dean. A dangerous thing to do. Why? Maybe the angels upstairs told him to get Dean's confidences so he can influence Dean more and Cas thought that this would be the best way to do it? Well, it works. But what Cas and the angels upstairs don't realize is that Cas is also influenced more by Dean through this new relationship.

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