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Rewatching 4-5 Monster Movie

Monster Movie. This was a very fun episode for me after the heartache of the last. Sam looks so happy and back to his old self, reminding me of how he was in Sin City. Smiling at Dean and very good-natured about Dean's habits - mainly his love of food, drink and girls lol. Dean himself is very cheerful and seems to have new purpose in his life. But we do also have an underlying theme here which we have seen before and which is important to remember in future episodes. Yes, we are exploring the nature of life again. Is it ever black and white? And believe it or not, another theme we talked about last episode. Outside influence, and choice.
"Bratwurst Polka A" by Lars Kurz (Sonton)(plays when Sam and Dean arrive at Oktoberfest)
"Hofkirchner Polka" by Mühlviertler Musikanten & Werner Brüggemann (Sonoton)(plays while Sam and Dean talk to Ed Brewer; Dean has a beer while he and Sam talk)
"Alpine Polka" by Gerhard Narholz (Sonoton)(plays while Sam and Dean talk about the case and then Jamie lets Dean know she's free that night)
"Münchener Bierfest (a)" by Matthias Seuffert (KPM Music)(plays while Dean first asks Jamie out)
(sorry - the polkas cannot be found on YouTube.)
"Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach(the piece Ed Brewer plays on the organ in the movie house)

We start with a lovely moonlit night ... well, except that it is dark and pretty cloudy and a bit spooky and as the Impala races down the road we hear thunder and there's some lightning ... a storm is coming on as they enter Pennsylvania(which supposedly flashes Transylvania for a second - I didn't catch that). It's a dark and stormy night ... perfect for a nice monster story. Dean is excited about being on a "black and white" monster hunt again while, Sam thinks they have more important concerns. The world is ending, after all.

24 28
DEAN:Yeah, well, we can't save the world, not today anyway. But what we can do is chop off some vamps' heads. Come on, man, it's like the good old days, an honest-to-goodness monster hunt. It's about time the Winchesters got back to tackling a straightforward, black and white case.

When they get to the town, they find that most everyone is enjoying Oktoberfest. Polka music is playing and pretzels are being sold at stands outside. We have this funny conversation about the new Raider's movie that Dean hasn't seen yet.

21 19
DEAN:We still got to see the new Raiders movie.
SAM:Saw it.
DEAN:Without me?
SAM:You were in Hell.
DEAN:That's no excuse.

"You were in hell." Sam says with a smile totally incongruous with the content. Dean is disappointed he missed seeing the movie with Sam (cute), but it's also interesting to think that Sam would take time away from his revenge mission to see the movie, don't you think? I wonder if Ruby made him go with her?

Dean grabs a couple of pretzels and Sam obligingly takes a bite from his. They've pretty much gulped the pretzels down by the time they get to the Sheriff. (It might also be good to mention that on their way, they are greeted with a cheery guten tag by a waitress from the bar and Dean answers with a "guten tag yourself!" as he eyes her from top to bottom.

They introduce themselves to the Sheriff as Agents Angus and Young of the FBI who called ahead about the problem he had - a body drained of blood with fang marks on the neck. They go to see the body at the morgue and know right away that this is not a vampire attack as they had thought from the two big puncture marks on the neck. They think it's just a vampire wanna-be. There was a witness though, a one Ed Brewer, so they go to find him. First to the counter where two waitresses are getting ready some glasses of foaming beer. One of them (Jamie) had passed them in the yard previously. She remembers Dean(and Sam :P).

JAMIE:I remember you.
DEAN:And I remember you...Jamie. I never forget a pretty... everything.

Dean then asks if the girls know where/who Ed Brewer (what an easy name to remember) is. Jamie is surprised and asks why they want to know. It seems she didn't expect the flirt in front of her to be FBI.
1 I'm-a-maverick-maam300

Dean and Sam go to talk with the guy and find him with a huge old German style beer mug, trying to drown his sorrows in drink. He is like any other of their witnesses. By telling the truth, he has been scorned by others and treated as if he was the town drunk. But, his description just goes to confirm to Sam and Dean that this is not the kind of weird they specialize in.
(I love the way Brewer uses his fingers here LOL)
BREWER:It was just after midnight. I just left here, and like I do every night, I cut through the park on the way home. At first, I thought it was a couple kissing. But she was... struggling too much. And this man, he was -- well, he was biting her neck.

Dean tells Sam cheerfully that, hey, their room is paid for and it's Oktoberfest. They might as well call a bar wench and have some fun. Sam's like, um I'm pretty sure waitresses don't like to be called bar wenches now a days but Dean is in too good a mood to care. He calls the "bar wench" over for some beer and gets a satisfying, "coming up, good sir!"

Jamie comes up with the beer for Dean and asks if Sam wants anything. Dean answers for Sam saying he doesn't drink (message - Sam is not staying so I'm all yours). He asks Jamie out after her shift, but is laughed off. Dean is dying to have some fun. After all, with all of his wounds clear gone after being rescued out of hell, he must be a virgin as well!

DEAN:Man, it is time to right some wrongs.
SAM:Come again?
DEAN:Look at me. I mean, I came back from the furnace without any of my old scars, right? No bullet wounds, knife cuts, none of the off-angled fingers from all the breaks. I mean, my hide is as smooth as a baby's bottom. Which leads me to conclude, sadly... that my virginity is intact.
DEAN:I have been re-hymenated.
SAM: Re--? Please. Dean, maybe angels can pull you out of hell, but no one could do that.
DEAN:Brother, I have been re-hymenated. And the dude will not abide.
SAM:All right, dude. Well, you go do whatever you got to do, and I'm gonna go back to the room and get some sleep.

So Dean goes up to the bar and tries to get Jamie to go out with him again but it seems the "girls" are going to have a night out today (we all know who that girl with the lipstick napkin is really). Jamie suggests he try again tomorrow but Dean tells her that they will be leaving tomorrow, probably.
The next scene, we first see a full moon, then fog covering the ground, then a little car with a couple inside. The guy is making excuses to get it on with his girlfriend(What a jerk!), and his girlfriend is not quite comfortable with it aye? She hears a wolf howl, is distracted, then hears some sounds outside of the car, again distracted - getting her boyfriend rather irritated with her. (Sort of reminds me of Hook Man except so much more surreal and the boyfriend doesn't get out of the car to investigate - not that that saves him!) Just as he is about to kiss her again, a big hairy hand breaks the glass and drags the boyfriend out of the car. We end with the girl's screams.

The next day, we see the boys questioning our distracted girl, who is happy to have a huge tub of ... soda(?) to slurp as she answers their questions.
DEAN:Ma'am, we understand how hard this is, but can you describe the creature?
ANNA-MARIE:Oh. It was a werewolf.
SAM:A werewolf?
SAM:You're sure?
ANNA-MARIE:Oh, yeah. With the furry face, and the black nose, and the claws and… and the the torn up pants and shirt. Like from the old movies.

So here I'm thinking - big mug of beer, big tub of soda... no... no meaning to that surely... but the fact that both Brewer and Anna-Marie are both so certain it is THE monster "a vampire" and "a werewolf"? Maybe. They know what a vampire(Sracula) is supposed to look like, they know what a werewolf is supposed to look like so it's fact to them aye?? But we know there is actually a shape shifter on the inside. So... don't judge a monster by it's cover? Which sort of goes with the lesson for our last episode. And could also be seen as a warning to not judge anything - angels, demons, Sam, or even Dean by how they appear?

Anyway, Sam and Dean go over to the morgue to check out the body and find the body as Anna-Marie said - torn to bits. Not only that, but the sheriff comes in with real wolf hairs left on the scene. But, the heart has been left behind. This proves to them that it wasn't a real werewolf, but it also proves that it isn't a monster wanna-be either.
DEAN:I'm getting a headache.

Sam and Dean continue their discussion of the puzzling case as they eat at the bar. Sam is willing to believe that there might be some sort of werewolf that actually has wolf hairs, and if that's the case, who's to say there isn't a real live Dracula too? It's harder for Dean to accept. Up comes Jamie. Seems she's heard about the new case.
JAMIE:Looks like you guys are staying a while. I heard about Rick Deacon.
DEAN:Yeah, this case just got weird enough for our department.

Jamie suggests that if he's staying another night, she's willing to go out with him this time. She gets off at midnight. So they make a date. As Jamie leaves, Dean wonders...
DEAN:Hey, you think this Dracula could turn into a bat? That would be cool.
(I just had to include sammy's funny face!!)

Night - inside the "CANONSBURG MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY" (oh! that's the name of our town!), a guard is calling up some top guy telling him about an old sarcophagus he found by the loading dock. Was anything ordered? While he does, the sarcophagus opens.

152 153
The guard turns to find a mummy climbing out and shoots it a couple of times but to no effect. The guard is strangled to death.

Later on, Sam is looking over the sarcophagus and finds a tag from an FX shop inside. Dean also finds some dry ice that seems to have been used for effect.
So here's a mummy that has a sense of showmanship? Dean all of a sudden remembers he's late for his date. Leaving the research to Sam, he runs out. Jamie on the other hand is waiting at the front of the store to no avail.
141 143
Tired of waiting, she decides to go home. "Your loss G-man" As she's walking down the alley, she gets cornered by the Dracula. Jamie is prepared. As soon as he is close enough, she sprays his eyes and runs. Dean bumps into her and confronts the Dracula chasing after her but he is no match in power to this strange Dracula who calls him and Jamie by the names of Mr. Harker and Mina.
(hot face/funny face :D)
He does succeed in tearing off the Dracula's ear however, which makes everything quite clear at last... shape-shifter?!

The Dracula runs and Dean runs after him but when the Dracula jumps over a tall fence, Dean is left watching him through the bars.
123 124
Dean and Jamie make their way back to the bar to have a drink after their ordeal. Sam comes in and Dean shows him the ear. Listening to them talk about this shape-shifter who is re-enacting his favorite monster films, Jamie figures out -
114 116
JAMIE:So, you guys are like Mulder and Scully or something, and The X-Files are real?
DEAN:No, The X-Files is a TV show. This is real.

Jamie is being fixated on by the shape-shifter, which means that he knows her. They try to figure out who he is by asking Jamie about anyone suspicious. Up comes Brewer's name because he's been hitting on her since he came into town a year ago. Finding out that Brewer works at the local cinema, Dean asks Sam to go deal with him while he takes care of "Mina."

While Sam goes to take care of business, Dean and Jamie talk about how Sam and Dean are actually not FBI, and that they go around hunting monsters.
101 102
JAMIE:So, this is what you do? You and your partner just tramp across the country on your own dime until you find some horrible nightmare to fight?
DEAN:Some people paint.
JAMIE:That must suck. I mean, you're giving up your life for this terrible... I don't know, responsibility.

DEAN:Last few years, I started thinking that way, and, uh, it started sort of weighing on me. Of course, that was before... A little while ago, I had this – let’s call it a near-death experience. Very near.
DEAN:And, uh, when I came to... things were different. My life's been different. I realize that I help people. Not just help them, though. I save them. I guess it's -- it's awesome. It's kind of like a gift... like a mission. Kind of like a... a mission from God.

When I first heard this "confession," I was really glad for Dean. I'd seen him suffer through Seasons 2 and 3, going "I'm just tired" " I just want it to be over" etc. and so I was just so happy to see this new found hope and possibility that God had a purpose for him, a mission. Even in the rewatches I tended to look at this as separate from the following episodes. But looking back, and forward now to some episodes in which Dean tells Sam what he is feeling, I get a different idea. Firstly, Dean remembers hell. He remembers the pain and he remembers what he himself did there. And he feels guilty for it. So this speech is definitely not as happy as it sounds. It seems more to be Dean feeling that he has a chance to right the wrongs he did in hell. He had been saved from hell in which he was torturing and breaking people - and brought back to a place where he could save them instead. And if he is acting cheerful - joking with Sam and enjoying his pretzel and beer and girls, it may be because he is trying to forget what went on in Hell, in order to deal.
Jamie melts and they are getting into a long kiss when who should appear but Lucy *ehem*shape-shifter*ehem* who can't let Jamie and Dean get too close aye? Dean's blinking from the sudden light and Jamie is all shy and cute. But when "Lucy" suggests she'll leave, Jamie urges her to stay and Dean's like, "are you kidding?!" but tells her by all means and "Lucy" sits down.
Sam is at the cinema. The billboard shows the Phantom of the Opera is playing as Sam goes inside. Brewer is at the piano (he's pretty good!) Sam comes up behind him with a gun and accuses Brewer of being their shape-shifter, pulling on Brewer's ear to prove it and instead being rewarded by Brewer's protests and a stubbornly attached ear.
SAM:It's supposed to come off.
BREWER:No, it's not!

Back at the bar, Lucy must have brought over some new drinks because as they talk about what had happened, Dean notices Jamie acting more and more out of it and just as Lucy is asking Dean if he had a black belt, he looks down to find his glass in multiples and belatedly realizes who their shapeshifter really was. He gets up and gets a good swing at "Lucy," picks up the whiskey bottle for another but falls flat on his face. "Lucy" kicks him with her heeled foot.
LUCY:And… scene.

When Dean wakes up he is secured to an upright table with metal locks and dressed in Lederhosen (so... "Lucy" dressed him while he was asleep?) As he sees the painting on the wall looking awfully like Lucy, the shapeshifter explains he used her form because she was Dracula's bride in the first film and never got the acclaim she deserved, bla bla. But if you are Dracula, why are you dressing up like a mummy?
DRACULA:I am all monsters!
DEAN:Life ain't a movie, you sorry sack of –
DRACULA:Life is small. Meagre. Messy. The movies are grand, simple, elegant. I have chosen elegance.

So, let's just stop and say that this Dracula/Lucy guy actually represents all monsters here. I think we'll get more to that later so hold the thought.
Dracula is about to electrocute Dean because in HIS movie, the monster wins and gets the girl while the hero gets electrocuted (Demons send Dean to hell and Ruby gets Sam... hmmmm...) when he hears the doorbell. This scene so reminds me of a similar scene in A Very Supernatural Christmas. I love that little movement of the head with the doorbell rings!
Sam has just come back to the bar and seen that Dean and Jamie have left. Thinking that they are back at her place, he starts to leave a message on Dean's cell, telling him that Ed Brewer wasn't the one but then he notices the broken bottle on the floor and that napkin with lipstick on it that he had handled at the bar the other day... And suddenly he knows who the real culprit was.

Back with Dracula, we have a hilarious scene where he deals with his delivery - "Is there garlic?" "Did you order garlic?" "No! (customary swipe of his arm in horror)"
DELIVERY BOY:Then no. Look, mister, I got four other deliveries to make. You want to just pay me the money so I can go?
DRACULA:Of course, yes, but I have a coupon.

Dracula then takes the pizza to his "Mina." Jamie is the perfect heroine of old. She actually reminds me a lot of the heroine in King Kong, especially with the dress that Dracula gets her to put on. Jamie accuses him of pretending to be someone else instead of trying to talk to her as himself.
DRACULA:I-I scared you. You’re the only one I don’t want to scare. I used to love the movies.
JAMIE:They aren't real. You can’t make them real.
DRACULA:"Real" is being born this way. Different. "Real" is having your dad call you "monster" -- it's the first time you hear the word. And he tries to beat you to death with a shovel. Everywhere I ran, everywhere I tried to hide, people found me, dragged me out, attacked me. Called me "freak," called me "monster." Then I found them. The great monsters. In their movies, they were strong. They were feared. They were beautiful. And now I am like them. Commanding. Terrifying.

We've been talking about how people can influence others into doing things they wouldn't otherwise do and this is going to be a big theme this season if I remember correctly. We've seen Jack in the previous episode being forced to become a monster by Travis - who treated him like one and didn't give him a chance. And I can think of several episodes in the future that will handle the same theme. This shapeshifter was called a monster by his father and almost beaten to death before he even knew what a monster was. And others did the same. So, he hid himself in the world of movies. Tried to escape from real life (wait... that sounds like my description of Dean a bit back...So Dean is trying to hide from his worries in this supposed black and white hunt, huh). Real life is complicated, but movies are simple. Plus, the monsters are strong, feared and beautiful. Commanding and terrifying. Rejection by those around him make the shapeshifter want to be this persona. So in this sense this shape-shifter represents all monsters, maybe? The possibility that he may not have become what he was if people had been accepting and understanding?

The wanting to be strong and feared and beautiful rings a bell for me with Sam as well. I've mentioned in some comments that I am interested in seeing how the people around him make Sam do what he does in future episodes. Being thought of as a freak - or thinking of himself as one - would strongly influenced Sam in his decision to use the demon blood to kill Lilith.

Anyway, as they are talking Sam has crept into the house and found Dean.  Dracula knocks Jamie out to quiet her.
DEAN:Oh, thank God. Just in the nick of time. That guy was about to Frankenstein me.
SAM:Hey there, Hansel.
DEAN:Shut up!

Cute, cute. Always love the opportunity for Sam to have a laugh at Dean's expense :D
We also have a funny scene as Sam tries to kick open the door and the whole thing crashes to the outside. Symbolically showing how easily broken this world is that the shapeshifter has created for himself? He might fool himself that he is strong and beautiful but real life will catch up with him soon enough? (can be said for Dean and for Sam as well...)

As they go to Jamie's room and Sam bends to wake Jamie up, the shapeshifter attacks him from behind. Dean then attacks the shapeshifter and we have a fight where Dracula overpowers them both. Just as Dean is about to get killed, Jamie shoots the shapeshifter from behind.
DRACULA:It was beauty that killed the beast. No, Mina, do not weep. Perhaps this is how the movie should end.
And I don't know about you, but I feel a bit sorry for the lonely monster and like applauding his awesome ending.

Last, we see Dean and Jamie in their goodbye kiss as Sam looks on grinning - which is, I guess the real ending to any black and white monster film. The monster gets ganked and the "hero" gets the girl (let's not stop to pounder which was actually the hero and which was the girl :P
DEAN:The hero gets the girl, monster gets the gank. All in all, happy ending -- with a happy ending, no less.
SAM:Real classy, Dean.
DEAN:Hey, all I'm saying is the shifter man had a point, you know? It would be nice if life was movie simple. Although, if I was turning life into a movie, I wouldn't do this Abbott and Costello meet the monster crap.

Let's hammer in the point. Life is not black and white. Life is not simple. Although things would be a whole lot easier if was.
SAM:Yeah, no. I know what you’d pick.
DEAN:No, you don't.
SAM:Yeah, I do.
DEAN:No. You don't. You don't!
SAM:Porky's II.
SAM:You heard me.
DEAN:Lucky guess.

Just a note at the end - so Porky's II is, as far as I can see, a comedy. But it is also about adult and religious censorship and teenagers fighting against it to do their own thing. Sounds a bit familiar... what do you say?

So I finish the review and am taking a shower when I have my epiphany. This may be about people and monsters being influenced by others into being what they wouldn't be otherwise: Sam is influenced by Dean, demons and angels, and Dean is also influenced by the angels and pressured into becoming what they want him to be. BUT, it is also about how they always have a choice about what they become (remembering Sam last ep). It all rounds off with what Sam and Dean both decide to do in the end. They make their own choices and do their own thing - just as in .... Porky's II :D
(I've got to see that movie.)

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