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My First Post Ever


Who would have thought that I would ever start something like this...

I guess if I have a topic I am passionate enough about, I will go to every extreme.

It started with one Pilot episode of Supernatural the summer of 2012. I had seen the show before, but had never had the chance to watch it through from Season 1. Just an episode here, an episode there when I had the TV to myself.

By November, when Season 8 began, I was a hard core fan. The only problem was I was all alone. There was no one whom I could share it all with. My husband? He hated the show because it was too "grotesque." But then, he can watch all those horror movies I detest. It is interesting how people have such different perspectives on what is gross or too scary to watch.

So I joined a forum on line and have enjoyed discussing and enjoying all aspects of the show with them. But it wasn't enough. I feel the need to write and create - more than probably people on the forum would appreciate... so here I am, writing down feelings, venting frustrations, loving my show and the boys - especially Dean.
That's him...

I'd like to add lots more pictures and banners and make it my little shrine.

I don't know if anyone will be interested in my dry commentary of episodes, my newbie banners etc. but everyone is welcome to come take a peek into the mind of a super nut for Supernatural.

Just to give you some background, I am Canadian by birth but have lived in Japan almost all of my life. I speak and write both languages but feel more comfortable with English. I may make some Japanese pages to see if I can get to know some Japanese fans too. I have 3 kids (13, 12 and 5) and run a school here in Japan while doing translation work on the side.

Nice to meet you and hope you enjoy my journal.





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