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Rewatching 4-1 Lazarus Rising

Our first episode of Season 4! How exciting is that! I find that every time I finish rewatching Seasons 1 through 3, I'm just dying for the angel/demon story line. The timing for me is just perfect. Just thinking of the many new recurring characters is totally exciting. The premier episode itself is one of the best episodes ever for me, with every scene (as I mentioned before) being just perfect  I was trying to explain to the hubby what I like about this episode. No, it isn't just because the boys are so handsome... although that is a big part of it... it's the awesome choreography, the fast pace, and of course those scenes that pull my heartstrings... HUGS!!! Another exciting aspect is the boys acting separately with their various secrets and the deception aye?! Which, actually, totally reminds me of the first few episodes of Season 8 which I have a hard time with... huh.  Maybe time will make those episodes just as "thrilling" too.

Anyway, lets get started!

First of all, the music! After a season with hardly any music, we've got a long list for this first episode of Season 4.
"You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC (plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events)
"In the Shadow of the Valley" by Lost Weekend Western Swing Band(plays in the gas station that Dean first visits)
"Fight Song" by The Republic Tigers(playing when Dean and Bobby find Sam)
"Vision" by Jason Manns(playing on Sam’s iPod as Dean rips it out of the Impala)
"Wrapped Around Your Finger" by Martyn Laight (CPM / Carlin)(plays when Sam and Dean are eating in the diner full of demons; also played in 2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One)
"I'm So Blue" by Katie Thompson and Martyn Laight (CPM / Carlin)(plays when Sam goes back to the diner)

The recap prepares us, reminding us that Dean is in hell. We have blinking scenes of Dean's terrified eyes in red with screams in the background, then suddenly silence. He's gasping for breath in a dark space all by himself, and when he clicks his lighter (Not only is he healed and fully clothed, he also has his lighter!), he finds he's in a pine box in the ground. He hoarsely cries for help but seeing it won't do any good anyway, he goes about breaking through the box. As he pulls off a piece of board, dirt falls on his face and the light wavers and goes out. NO horrifying is that? But he keeps his cool and digs his way out.

dean-from-grave300 dean-bluesky300

I'd mention in passing that there is a strange sound here that makes me imagine a supernatural presence. Dean also looks around at the trees all blasted outward in a ring around the grave.

This scene with his shadow and the shadow of the cross together is one of my many favorite scenes of the episode. The choreography is beautifully done and it all reminds us of the angels power and their workings on the boys destiny in the following seasons. Dean's larger than life shadow next to the crucifix, maybe symbolizing his sacrifice? that which he already paid for his brother's life and that which the angels mean him to pay for ... their own happiness basically. Ha Ha Ha!

Should we take some time to think about the title "Lazarus Rising" too? Lazarus is a man mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible. He was a follower of Jesus and a beloved friend. Lazarus was sick and his sister Mary asked Jesus to come to him. However Lazarus was 4 days dead before Jesus arrived. Jesus had actually arrived late on purpose to show others that he was not just a healer but really the son of God. He went to the "crypt," a cave with a big stone for an entrance, and opening the entrance, called to Lazarus to come out. Lazarus came out, all wrapped in cloths but alive again. Jesus hits his point home by tells them, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live."

One significance of the story maybe is the four days that Lazarus was dead, since Dean was in hell for 4 months (40 years hell time). Not only is the number  the same, but the number four itself is significant - as I noted way back in Season 1. In Phantom Traveler they use the number 40, which is Biblical numerology symbolizing death. We see it again as the 40 years (4 months) that Dean was in hell, aye? As an added bonus, 4 also symbolizes death in Japan (one way of saying four is the same as the word for death) which was especially fitting for Phantom Traveler since they were dealing with a Japanese god/demon but fits this situation as well.

Another significance is of course the fact that Lazarus was raised from the dead through divine intervention as was Dean, and maybe even the fact that the angels let Dean die first and suffer in hell for 40 years before raising him - possibly to show their power and to help Dean "have faith" or believe. Oooops! But I am getting ahead of myself! Let's go on with the story.

We again have a beautiful scene of Dean walking along the road back to civilization. The unpopulated road, the woods all around him, Dean plodding along the middle of the road with his shirt tied around his waist and a tight fitting black t-shirt, Dean wiping his forehead as the air shimmers around him with heat... As I made the gif, I realized that we don't even see Dean clearly here and yet it is one of my favorite scenes.   Why is that?

He comes to his first sight of civilization. A Philips stand.

He knocks, calls out and looks inside but sees no one around so he takes off his jacket, breaks the window on the door and goes in. First, he grabs is some water.

And then he looks around.

Finding a newspaper stand, he looks at the top paper (do you think that a gas stand that is obviously closed and unmanned would have that day's newspaper?) and finds that it is September. Four months since he went to hell.

He then goes to wash and freshen up at the sink.

Curious as to what happened to his chest, which had been ripped to shreds by the hell hounds, he raises his shirt for a lovely view. Then, maybe he is still in pain... is it a burn? He raises the sleeve of his shirt to find the branding of a huge palm on his shoulder.

He obviously has many questions running around in his head.  How did he get into that pine box, who would yank him out from hell like that, why is there no trace of what the hellhounds did... or what Alistair did in hell for that matter? But first things first.
6 12
 He's hungry.  He grabs some candy bars and a BAB magazine (smirk) and opens up the register (why would there be money there?) and is borrowing some money as well when the TV by the register and then the radio go on by themselves.

Dean quickly goes to get the salt and tries to salt the window ledges but a high sound makes him crouch down with his hands to his ears in pain. The window panes break inward like a strong blast of wind blew them in and Dean has a hard time avoiding the glass as it seems the whole gas stand seems to shatter.
dean in store glass
When the sound stops and it seems safe again, Dean goes outside to see if he can phone Sam. Sam's number is out of service. He tries Bobby but Bobby will not even stay on the phone long enough for Dean to explain the situation.
30 32
Fortunately though, there is a big old white classic car just sitting there with a working engine. Dean hot-wires the engine, and he's on his way to Bobby's. (I do love that window shot)

33 35
So I've mentioned several wierd things about the scenes leading up to this one. First of all the lighter, then the day's newspaper and money in the cash register of a store that is closed, and a car that Dean is able to use.
I guess we could speculate that Castiel may have prepared these things for Dean as he needed them. The closed store in itself could have been moved there, the storekeeper removed. It's an interesting thing to think about.  I always think that that last shot above from inside the shop, as Dean drives away, could have been from Castiel's viewpoint.

Next we see, Dean is knocking on Bobby's door. When Bobby opens the door, he has the shock of his life.


Bobby attacks Dean as soon as he enters the room, sure that he is a shifter or something else nasty and he doesn't stop until Dean gets a hold of the silver knife and does the cutting himself.
Bobby finally seems to believe him and gives him the longest hug ever.  Seriously.  This was a very long hug.  Of course we all know how hard Bobby had taken Dean's death.  Finding that this is indeed Dean, Bobby just seems to cling to him.  I imagine the emotions that would have gone through him after the scenes of No Rest For the Wicked, when he finally got into the house after being stuck in the house across the street (setting up the sprinklers aye?), unable to go and help because of the demons outside: his feelings of helplessness and grief at not having been able to help save Dean.
The first question he has for Dean though, is "HOW?"  And as Dean turns around in the process of explaining that he doesn't know, he just awoke in a pine box, Bobby has to make one more check.
I'm-not-a-demon-either300 can't-be-too-careful300

Dean's first concern is about Sam.  When Bobby tells him that he is alive...  he pinches his nose, with bowed head, which to me seems to be like he is holding in emotion.
BOBBY:What do you remember?
DEAN:Not much. I remember I was a Hellhound's chew toy, and then... lights out. Then I come to six feet under, that was it.  Sam's number's not working. He's, uh... he's not...
BOBBY:Oh, he's alive. As far as I know.
DEAN:Good.... Wait, what do you mean, as far as you know?

In those last moments before his death, it looked to Dean like Lilith had both him and Sam.  It would have been quite possible to find Sam dead on his return.  It is such a relief to find that he is still alive.  But then he hears from Bobby that Sam had gone off on his own.  When Dean asks him why he hadn't taken care of Sammy, Bobby tells him that Dean's death had been hard on him too.  That he had his own grief to deal with.

As they talk about the possibilities as to who might have yanked Dean out of Hell, Dean tells Bobby that it must be a very powerful demon who brought him out to hold its side of a bargain made with someone. Dean shows Bobby his brand.
dean's shoulder
Who would make such a deal? Sam seems more and more suspect considering how he refused to salt and burn Dean and went off all by himself to who knows where.
BOBBY:You think Sam made a deal.
DEAN:It's what I would have done.

Dean quickly puts to use his knowledge of Sam to find out where he is through his phone's GPS. Bobby is amazed at how Dean knows which name Sam would use.
BOBBY:How'd you know he'd use that name?
DEAN:You kiddin' me? What don't I know about that kid?

When Dean goes to Bobby's desk to check the GPS, he finds alcohol bottles lying around.
DEAN:Hey, Bobby? What's the deal with the liquor store? What, are your parents out of town or something?
BOBBY:Like I said. Last few months ain't been all that easy.

Dean finds out that Sam is in Pontiac Illinois, where Dean had been buried, which makes it all the more likely that Sam has something to do with Dean coming back. They are on their way to Sam's.

When they get there and knock on the door with the number 207 on a little red heart, a girl in her underwear opens the door (do people in the States really answer their door in their underwear? unbelievable.)  And we who know that this is Ruby should be pretty amazed by her spontaneous acting.  She sees Dean and Bobby and knowing that they don't recognize her, saucily asks for the pizza she ordered.
Just as Dean and Bobby are wondering what to do, Sam comes out from the back and sees Dean at the door, and freezes.

He has the same reaction that Bobby has: he attacks Dean, which is an obvious indication that Sam actually has NOT made a deal.  It is only after Bobby gets in to hold him and tell him that he had already done all the tests and that this is indeed Dean, that Sam believes Dean is not a monster.
Again, a very long hug between the brothers.  I'm reminded of the Mystery Spot hug, but this time Dean is quite aware of his own death and the time they were apart (40 YEARS for him!) , AND, he had been so worried that Sam might be dead as Dean's reaction is quite different aye?
Ruby is wondering what she should do.  As Sam and Dean move apart from each other, she decides to take a jab at them.
maybe I should go banner
Sam's face here as he goes along with her deception, and Dean's, who is clueless as to what is really going on is very interesting to see on a rewatch.

Ruby says she's going to go, and Sam sees her out the door. We have another interesting scene on a rewatch.
RUBY:So, call me.
SAM:Yeah. Yeah, sure thing, Kathy.

On a first watch, it kind of gives the impression that Sam has been sleeping around while Dean's been gone doesn't it?! We'd either be thinking "What's up with Sam? Did his personality just completely change?!" But I got around to thinking of what Ruby was doing here. If they were just doing a little acting for Dean's sake, Ruby had no need here to correct Sam - she could have just gone along with the name he had called her. But she is being a total tease by correcting him and pretending to be hurt. Real cute.  She may also be trying to make it seem to Dean that Sam has been sleeping around in order to take the focus off of her or some such.

So, as soon as "Kristy" is out of the room, Dean accuses Sam of making a deal to save him.

DEAN:There's no other way that this could have gone down. Now tell the truth!

SAM:I tried everything. That's the truth. I tried opening the Devil's Gate. Hell, I tried to bargain, Dean, but no demon would deal, all right? You were rotting in Hell for months. For months, and I couldn't stop it. So I'm sorry it wasn't me, all right? Dean, I'm sorry.
DEAN:It's okay, Sammy. You don't have to apologize, I believe you.

What a difficult thing to say from Sam's point of view.  However much Dean hopes Sam hasn't sold his soul for him, he also hopes that Sam would have been the one to save him.  And because Sam knows Dean, Sam also feels bad that he couldn't as well.  And as Bobby points out, while it's good news that Sam's soul is in tact, it leaves the question of who brought Dean out of hell and why.  Dean is still bothered by the fact that Sam is near where he was buried and wondering about the connection.  Sam explains how, being unable to save Dean, he started going after Lilith instead for revenge.

Bobby grumbles that Sam could have asked for some help instead of going off on his own like John. Interesting comparison here aye?  I talked about how Sam becomes more like John without Dean - going for revenge, being more meticulous etc., in Mystery Spot.  It's also true that even in Mystery Spot Sam went on his revenge mission on his own and did not even call Bobby back until he had news of the Trickster.  So the situation is exactly the same.  But this time, after a bit of a suicidal revenge mission, Ruby came into the picture, and he started doing stuff that Bobby might not approve of... so that made it even harder for him to go to Bobby for help.  Sam apologizes to Bobby:
SAM:Uh, yeah, I'm sorry, Bobby. I should have called. I was pretty messed up.
While Dean has seen something interesting lying on the bed and makes his little remark:
Dean is back to his old banter and Sam takes it in stride, even though I'm sure he's feeling a bit uncomfortable inside.

Sam changes the subject and talks about how he had followed some demons (found by Ruby for training purposes no doubt) in Tennessee, who had suddenly turned around and come here the morning before - which was when Dean had busted out. It seems almost certain that there is a relation between the two happenings. Bobby is worried that the "bad ass demon" had something evil planned.
BOBBY:Yeah. Well, listen. No demon's letting you loose out of the goodness of their hearts. They've gotta have something nasty planned.
Bobby mentions that he knows a psychic who might have heard some whispering on the other side of the vale. He goes off to phone her.  Dean gets up to leave as well, but Sam stops him.

SAM:Hey, wait.You probably want this back.


SAM: Don't mention it.

Then Sam asks him about hell.
what was it likewhat hell
SAM: Hey Dean, what was it like?
DEAN:What, Hell? I don't know, I, I must have blacked it out. I don't remember a damn thing.
SAM:Well, thank God for that.

Dean is off to the washroom again to freshen up.
He looks into the mirror as he did before and we see those flashes of red, eyes, screams, and now we know what he was seeing before as well, and we know that he's lied to Sam. He does remember Hell.

Bobby has talked with the psychic so they are on their way to her place.  Sam throws Dean the keys and Dean lovingly caresses his car as he gets in.
baby I forgot
DEAN:Oh, I almost forgot! Hey, sweetheart, did you miss me?

When he gets inside, though, he is in for a shock. There is a funny thing that Sam says is called an ipod attached to his car. I thought it was my car! says Sam good-naturedly. When Dean turns on the engine, he hears a mellow song start up(Visions by Jason Mann) and can't believe his ears.

I love this scene for Sam's shrug and for the similar scene we see again in Season 8 (Do you smell DOG?! :D).

They are on their way to Pamela's and Dean asks Sam what has probably been bugging him since the moment Bobby told him that Sam was alive.  How did Sam survive Lilith's attack? Naturally, he's not happy to hear that Sam was "immune" to Lilith's blast.
172 173
DEAN:Huh. What about Ruby, where is she?
SAM:Dead. For now.
DEAN:So you've been using your, uh, freaky ESP stuff?
DEAN:You sure about that? Well, I mean, now that you've got... immunity, whatever the hell that is... just wondering what other kind of weirdo crap you've got going on.
SAM:Nothing, Dean. Look, you didn't want me to go down that road, so I didn't go down that road. It was practically your dying wish.
DEAN:Yeah, well, let's keep it that way.

Does Dean sense something here? That Sam might be lying? Sam is obviously not happy with this conversation from a rewatch point of view. He wishes probably that he could tell Dean what he has been up to, that he wouldn't be so against it. Dean calling them freaky and wierdo does not help either - we know how Sam is sensitive to that kind of language.

They find the psychic Pamela to be a hot older lady who is very open and welcoming of the two hot boys who just followed Bobby to her place. Sam and Dean like the view it seems too.

pamela banner
PAMELA: So, these the boys?

When they get inside, Pamela tells them that she's not going to summon the "demon," just take a peak at it. As she is getting ready the things needed for the ritual, Dean notices the nice behind Pamela has as well as the tatoo.
jesse foreversam and dean look
I like the way Dean turns to Sam here as if to say, "Hey, check it out!" Then he talks out loud to Pamela:
DEAN:Who's Jesse?
PAMELA:Well, it wasn't forever.
DEAN:His loss.
PAMELA:Might be your gain.


After that bit of fun, they all sit down at the round table and hold hands, and Pamela, who needs to be touching some part of Dean that the "demon" touched, goes to touch some place that was definitely not touched by it/him, surprising Dean and making Sam grin.

sam dean and pamela
PAMELA:Right. Take each other's hands.
And I need to touch something our mystery monster touched.
DEAN:Whoa. Well, he didn't touch me there.
PAMELA:My mistake.

This is when Sam sees the brand for the first time. He looks at Dean in disbelief. He seems to realize the seriousness of the situation maybe for the first time, here.

As Pamela calls for whatever it is to show it's face, it seems that Castiel actually talks to Pamela - warning her not to go further.  If only she had just asked him the necessary questions instead of trying to get a look.  When she does not give up but insists on looking, Castiel shows her his true form and her eyes burn up.  No one knows how to react - they are in shock.  But they rush Pamela to the doctor.  Pamela is blinded and they are no closer to the answer as to who brought Dean back.

Sam and Dean are having something to eat at the diner nearby as they discuss Pamela and what to do now.  Dean has ordered a pie, and just as they are talking about finding the demons Sam had followed to town to see what they know, the waitress brings the pie and squats down on a chair in front of them.  They find that everyone in the store is a demon and they are in a rather dire situation.
DEMON WAITRESS: Dean. To hell and back. Aren't you a lucky duck.
DEAN:That's me.
DEMON WAITRESS:So you get to just stroll out of the pit, huh? Tell me. What makes you so special?

The demon looks at him in silence and Dean gives his more serious answer.
I don't know. Wasn't my doing, I don't know who pulled me out.
DEMON WAITRESS:Right. You don't.
DEAN:No. I don't.
DEMON WAITRESS:Lying's a sin, you know.
DEAN:I'm not lying. But I'd like to find out, so if you wouldn't mind enlightening me, Flo...
DEMON WAITRESS:Mind your tone with me, boy. I'll drag you back to hell myself.

Isn't this an interesting conversation? What's this demon talking about "sin" for? She's a demon and she's talking to a man who was in Hell. Is lying a "sin" to demons too?
DEAN:No, you won't.
DEAN:No. Because if you were you would have done it already. Fact is, you don't know who cut me loose. And you're just as spooked as we are. And you're looking for answers. Well, maybe it was some turbo-charged spirit. Or, uh, Godzilla. Or some big bad boss demon. I'm guessing at your pay grade that they don't tell you squat. Because whoever it was, they want me out. And they're a lot stronger than you. So go ahead. Send me back. But don't come crawling to me when they show up on your front doorstep with some Vaseline and a fire hose.
DEMON WAITRESS:I'm going to reach down your throat and rip out your lungs.

stopping sam
Sam goes into attack mode.  Maybe he is thinking how he could just send this demon back to Hell so easily with his new found power and how, although he hadn't wanted to tell Dean in so many words, if he could save them both from the demons, then maybe Dean would see the good in it...  Dean, on the other hand, has figured out (or at least guessed right) about "Flo" and these demons and stops Sam from trying anything he thinks would be "suicidal."
He proceeds to look at her for a bit and then hit her across the face, two times. The demon cannot do anything.

for the pie
DEAN:That's what I thought. Let's go, Sam. ... For the pie.

As they go outside, Dean is just relieved that he was right and they got out of there alive. Sam on the other hand, is seething. His one thought - if I had been alone, I would have taken them out.
DEAN:Holy crap, that was close.
SAM:We're not just going to leave them in there, are we, Dean?
DEAN:Well yeah, there's three of them, probably more, and we've only got one knife between us.
SAM:I've been killing a lot more demons than that lately.
DEAN:Not anymore – the smarter brother's back in town.
SAM:Dean, we've got to take 'em. They are dangerous.
DEAN:They're scared. Okay? Scared of whatever had the juice to yank me out. We're dealing with a bad mofo here. One job at a time.

Sam has been getting used to doing his own thing while Dean was in Hell. He has been making his own decisions and doesn't quite like that Dean is back in charge. He is also feeling powerful from the use of his powers and it sounds here as if he really wants to show them off to Dean although he doesn't really want to tell him in so many words. Isn't it interesting how he hints at his special powers to Dean without coming straight out and telling him?

That night, Dean has fallen asleep researching and Sam creeps out of the room to go and deal with those demons himself.
(I love the right shot of Dean from the mirror above.)
All alone, Dean gets another visit from Castiel. You'd think Castiel would have figured out that Dean couldn't hear his voice the first time, but he just has to try again, in a room full of mirrors. We can already see a bit of ignorance from Castiel, aye?!
dean glass hotel
Bobby comes in just as the "attack" is quieting down and gets Dean out of the room. As Bobby and Dean make their "escape" in the car,  Bobby confirms that Dean is OK and Dean calls Sam, whom he noticed was not in his bed before the attack began in earnest.
Sam picks up and tells Dean that he is getting a burger. In MY car? Dean says irritably. Sorry, just moved on habit you know? Sam lies through his teeth. He is actually right outside the diner where they had been during the day. OK, so he wasn't lying about the place, just why he was there. Asked where HE is, Dean also lies. He doesn't even tell Sam about the attack. He tells him that Bobby and he are going out for drinks.  Bobby is like, why are you not telling Sam what happened? What do you mean a couple of beers?

Dean explains after he hangs up that he doesn't want to tell Sam what he is planning because he is sure to be against it.  What is Dean planning? Well, to summon whatever it is and take it head on of course!

BOBBY:You can't be serious!
DEAN:As a heart attack. It's high noon, baby.

So it's not only Sam that's worried that Dean would not approve of his actions. Dean is also worried that Sam would be disapproving of his and is willing to lie to Sam so that he can do what he wants(and keep Sam safe). Also worth noting is the fact that Sam is interested in going after the small fry, while Dean wants to go after the "boss." Sam wants to test his powers again on the demons he knows he can beat. Dean on the other hand, is in trauma mode again. He is feeling daring and reckless, just like in Season 3 (and in Season 2). We will see in future episodes just why that is, aye?

Sam breaks into the diner and finds a demon on the floor with his eyes burned out. Sam immediately knows that this is the work of the badass whatever that brought Dean out of Hell. Just then Flo attacks him from behind. Sam gives her some good punches, and while they fight, Sam finds out that whatever burned out Flo's eyes is something that terrifies her. She tells him:
It's the end. We're dead. We're all dead.
I think maybe she knows that it was an Angel. Her reaction is, if I remember correctly, very similar to Ruby's when Ruby finds out. But Flo won't tell Sam. And Sam, knowing she won't, does his hand thing.
We see it for the first time and he looks very powerful and awesome and a bit full of himself but from what we see later, he is still rather weak.  The demon comes out in spurts and not as quickly as later on. After the demon has made a ring of fire on the ground and gone back to Hell, Sam goes to the human girl that it had been possessing but the girl is dead, and Sam lets out an expletive.
Ruby enters.  And first-timers are like, "Wait, is that the same girl??"
305 306
Getting pretty slick there, Sam. Better all the time.

SAM:What the hell is going on around here, Ruby?
RUBY:I wish I knew.
SAM:We were thinking some high level demon pulled Dean out.
RUBY:No way. Sam, human souls don't just walk out of Hell and back into their bodies easy. The sky bleeds, the ground quakes. It's cosmic. No demon can swing that. Not Lilith, not anybody.
SAM:Then what can?
RUBY:Nothing I've ever seen before.

Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby are getting ready to meet whoever/whatever it is. The barn in the countryside is pained full of all kinds of sigils and symbols and talismans. It even has a set of eyes on top of the doorway, which can be seen in my gifs later on.
you've got
DEAN:That's a hell of an art project you've got going there.
BOBBY:Traps and talismans from every faith on the globe. How you doin?
DEAN:Stakes, iron, silver, salt, knife. I mean, we're pretty much set to catch and kill anything I've ever heard of.
BOBBY:This is still a bad idea.
DEAN:Yeah, Bobby, I heard you the first ten times. What do you say we ring the dinner bell?

While that's going on, Sam is talking with Ruby.

444 332
RUBY:So. Million dollar question, are you going to tell Dean about what we're doing?
SAM:Yeah, I just gotta figure out the right way to say it. Look, I just need time, okay? That's all.
RUBY:Sam, he's going to find out, and if it's not from you he's going to be pissed.
SAM:He's going to be pissed anyway. I mean, he's so hardheaded about this psychic stuff he'll just try and stop me.
RUBY:Look. Maybe I'll just take a step back for a while.
SAM:Ruby, you...
RUBY:I mean, I'm not exactly in your brother's fanclub. But he is your brother, and I'm not going to come between you.
SAM:I don't know if what I'm doing is right. Hell, I don't even know if I trust you.
SAM:But what I do know is that I'm saving people. And stopping demons. And that feels good. I want to keep going.

We remember that not only is Sam enjoying his new power, he is also addicted to(dependent on) Ruby's blood already. (Sex was not all they were doing there before they ordered that pizza, aye?) No way is he going to let Ruby go. And Ruby, knows it.

Dean on the other hand is twiddling his fingers... actually playing with his demon knife (reminds me of Jo :P)- waiting for Castiel to appear.
DEAN:You sure you did the ritual right? ...Sorry. Touchy, touchy, huh?

Just then, a wind comes and rattles the old barn. The roof tiles flap up and down, the lights burst and go out in a shower of sparks. Dean and Bobby get ready with their salt rifles or Silver bullets? or both? as the doors slowly open.
They shower whoever it is with everything they have and he just keeps coming. None of the talismans or traps or anything works and he stands before them with the bullet wounds clear on his trench coat.
He comes to stand in front of Dean.
DEAN:Who are you?
CASTIEL:I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.
DEAN:Yeah. Thanks for that.

Castiel just looks at him as he pulls out the knife, and then as Bobby attacks from behind on Dean's signal, Castiel turns around, disarms Bobby and puts him to sleep. Dean's expression of disbelief is just awesome here.
CASTIEL: We need to talk, Dean. Alone.

The next scene, Dean is checking Bobby to see that he is OK. Castiel assures him that he is not dead.
465 467
DEAN:Who are you?
DEAN:Yeah, I figured that much, I mean what are you?
CASTIEL:I'm an Angel of the Lord.
DEAN:Get the hell out of here. There's no such thing.
CASTIEL:This is your problem, Dean. You have no faith.

So again I'm reminded of Houses of the Holy. How Dean's traumatic childhood (and subsequent life as a hunter) has led him to stop believing in Angels. Dean said in Houses of the Holy though that the reason he does not believe in Angels is because he has never seen one. Castiel is out to prove it to him.
But that doesn't stop Dean from remembering how Pamela's eyes were burned out, or how he got attacked by glass at the gas station and at the hotel.  He's not about to accept Castiel as being on the side of good, whether he be an Angel or not.
452 453
CASTIEL:That was my mistake. Certain people, special people, can perceive my true visage. I thought you would be one of them. I was wrong.
DEAN:And what visage are you in now, huh? What, holy tax accountant?
CASTIEL:This? This is... a vessel.
DEAN:You're possessing some poor bastard?
CASTIEL:He's a devout man, he actually prayed for this.
DEAN:Well, I'm not buying what you're selling, so who are you really?

Even as Castiel has an answer for everything, Dean still cannot believe. He asks the most important question of all:

DEAN:Right. And why would an angel rescue me from Hell?
CASTIEL:Good things do happen, Dean.
DEAN:Not in my experience.

Castiel looks at him puzzled for a moment, and then hits home.
449 450
CASTIEL:What's the matter? You don't think you deserve to be saved?
Dean's face becomes a bit vulnerable here...
DEAN:Why'd you do it?

CASTIEL: Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you.
And Dean's face hardens again. Castiel's words "we have work for you" just prove to him that this may lead to something just as bad as a demon deal. The Angels want to use him.

Castiel, on the other hand, is very sure of himself. God himself has sent him to rescue Dean. To be honest, this is the Castiel that I love most. He is all about a mission from God and his face in this whole scene is just incredible. When I saw this episode and season for the first time, I fully believed the goodness of the Angels - at least in general. Zachariah I loved until I found out his true aliance and Cas with his talk of faith and God was someone I trusted and was awed by. On one hand, I love the fact that everything was a farce (poor Cas) and on the other, I wish it wasn't. I wish this all had been for Dean's good and had not ended in more pain and heartbreak.

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