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Rewatching 3-15 Time is on My Side

Time is on My Side... Not a major favorite it seems, but I was hit again by Jared's wonderful acting in the brother scenes. Every little expression just broke my heart. Not only that, but while I didn't feel the emotion as much for Dean in Long-Distance Call, Jensen outdid himself here as well and with both boys pulling my heart this way and that, I had tears welling up several times during the episode. I just happened to also watch Crossroad Blues with my son yesterday and it didn't help to be reminded that this is our last episode before the hell hounds come for him. The combined effect of seeing Sam and Dean in a panic, and being in a panic myself... holy... it's just too much.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's dig in.

(no music)

The first scene is of the monster of the week. Two surgeons are walking to their cars together after work, talking about one doctor's operation the next day - how his patient wants "the works" and how he will need a forklift to get it all back up. All that work to take 15 minutes off her face - staying young is a brutal business. As rewatchers, this little conversation is a lot more meaningful than as a first timer aye? The brutality that Doctor Benton is conducting in order to keep himself young? And the ironic fact that this surgeon's body will be one sacrificed for the cause? Anyway, the surgeon goes to his car and opens his trunk. He feels a presence and turns around, but there is no one. We know though that there is someone or something hiding in the bushes.

As he turns to close the trunk, we see his white pants below the car, then a black set next to his - and suddenly the surgeon is flung into the trunk of his own car and we leave him screaming for someone to help him.

Next scene, we see the same guy holding on to a stomach dripping with blood, walking down the hall of the hospital panting.

NURSE:It's okay, sir. Let me see what happened. Don't you worry. There's nothing I haven't seen.

When he opens up his hands, his insides (I guess) fall out, and even the nurse who's seen everything is shocked into perpetual screaming. That is such a crazy scene to me. What kind of nurse would tell a guy to do that in the middle of the hall? And what kind of nurse would scream like that? I don't know, just weird.

Sam and Dean are in the middle of interrogating a demon. They are both quite brutal in their desperation.
Dean, of course is scary, but Sam is just as scary as he looks on. The demon cannot tell them anything about who holds Dean's contract. He is too scared of what that demon would do to him when he gets back to hell.

DEMON:Or what? You're gonna squirt your holy water in both ends? Please. Brother, that's like a fleabite compared to what's coming to me if I tell you jack. Do what you want. The only thing I'm scared of is the demon holding your ticket.

Sam exorcises him.
Later, Sam is in one of the rooms of the same house talking on the telephone with what sounds like forensics - pretending to be a police officer. He confirms something about finger prints and the fact that they checked twice. Dean comes in after burying the body, grabs a beer and sits down. Dean tells Sam that the demons are riding the humans really hard and that the guy didn't make it after the demon was exorcised. (Do you think that is a reason they end up killing them with the knife so much, later?) Sam then surprises Dean by bringing up a possible hunt they saw in the paper.

80 78
SAM:Remember that thing in the paper yesterday?
DEAN:"Stripper suffocates dude with thighs"?
SAM:The other thing.
DEAN:Right, the guy that walks into the E.R. and kneels over dead. His stomach's ripped out?
SAM:His liver, actually. Anyways, I just found out something pretty damn interesting.

Sam has this funny grin on his face as he talks of how they found the bloody fingerprints of someone who died in 1981 all over the body. Sam already knows whose prints they are, but when Dean suggests it might be a zombies, he doesn't refute it. Why doesn't he say it's the doctor right away? It would seem that he is scared Dean would dismiss it off the bat. Maybe he thinks that if they get into the case from a different angle and find out it was the doctor after all... Dean might be more willing to go with Sam's idea? He says later that he didn't want to say anything until he was sure... but he was already sure from the fingerprints aye?

73 74
DEAN:Well, you've been on soul-saving detail for months now. And we're three weeks out, and all of a sudden, you're interested in some hot zombie action?
SAM:Hey, man, you're the one who's been all gung ho to hunt. I just thought I'd be doing you a favor.
DEAN:Hey, no, no, no, no, no. I didn't say I didn't want to do it, okay. I mean obviously I want to hunt some zombies.
SAM:Okay, fine, whatever.

They head to the location (we are not told where this is). The next we see is Sam and Dean talking with the coroner. The coroner is not happy that these guys seem not to have read his report at all and don't know that the heart was not ripped out but cut out surgically with a scalpel.
sam dean and coroner
CORONER:Fine. So you're cops and morons.
DEAN:Excuse me? No, no. We're very smart.

He tells them to get lost and they willingly comply. Sam is getting excited, we can tell. He eyes are shining as they talk about the case walking down the hall.
He suggests that it probably is not zombies and they should be talking to survivors because it looks like organ theft. (But you knew this before you even visited the coroner - you sly thing!) They go to the room of one man whose kidney was removed. He is not very cooperative in their investigation -
DEAN:We'll be out of here quick. Don't you want to get the guy?
PATIENT:Will it get me back my kidney?

Sam and Dean are at a motel called The Erie. We see the sign on the entrance first during the day, then lighted up at night later. We recognize it at once when we see it again on a tiny receipt. It's hard to forget. Anyway, Sam is researching on his laptop and Dean is happily eating a hamburger...
when Sam finally decides to spill the beans on "his theory." He tells Dean about the silk thread that the doctor uses and how that is an old method which is not used anymore because it can cause infection. In the olden days, they used maggots to prevent infection from spreading. The guy they visited not only was found in a bathtub full of ice, but was also stuffed full of maggots.

DEAN:Dude, I'm eating.

But all this sounds familiar to Dean and when he says so, Sam finally brings out dad's diary. The MO sounds a lot like Doctor Benton, who dad supposedly killed by cutting out his heart many years ago. Somehow he survived.

Where can they find him? Well he likes to hole up in the woods, with a clean water source nearby. Why?
SAM:Because that's where he likes to dump the bile and intestines and fecal matter. Lost your appetite yet?(Sam's in a jolly mood...)
I can't

While that's happening, Doctor Benton is finding another victim. A runner with a strong looking heart. He comes up to the runner as he is resting after a run and puts him out with chloroform.
42 43
Interesting here is the guy's watch showing his heart rate - first high right after his run, then lower as he is unconscious and rising again as he wakes up and realizes he is tied up in a strange cabin with a big bottle of maggots by his side.
The doctor comes in and (I just couldn't watch this scene - you will forgive me!) cuts him open and takes out his heart. Even as I covered my eyes, I could hear the beeping of the heart rate as it pumps excitedly and then all of a sudden, stops.

Sam is showing Dean where the doctor could be holing up when Dean's phone starts vibrating on the other side of the room. It's Bobby. He's found a lead on Bela. It seems a (very) old friend with whom he doesn't keep in regular contact, Rufus Turner, has come in contact with Bela. On a rewatch, we know that Bela is putting herself out on purpose to lure the boys.  Dean thinks its a sloppy move on her part - maybe it's a trick? However, Bobby doubts that she knows Rufus was a friend. Bobby tells Dean to take a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue when he goes to talk to him. Now here is an interesting fact from our point of view. At this time, Rufus is a hermit (mostly) who does some selling on the side, according to Bobby. But when we see him later, he is quite actively hunting that Kitsune. I don't remember the details and whether they explain why he came out of hiding - maybe he decides here after meeting Dean that he'd rather go down swinging then as a sad, paranoid old man who's only enjoyment is his scotch whiskey. (The whiskey also reminds me of Crowley and how Rufus is going to help us there later :P)

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Dean starts packing his bag, telling Sam they are going to ditch this hunt and go find Bela but Sam will have none of that.
25 27
SAM:Dean, there's no way she still has the Colt! That was months ago! She probably sold it the second she got it.
DEAN:Well, then I'll kill her. Win-win.
DEAN:Sam. We're going!
DEAN:Why the hell not?
SAM:Dean, this, this here. Now. This is what's gonna save you.

And Dean finally finds out the whole of what Sam has been thinking. It isn't just a hunt for Sam. He's been thinking that if they could get the doc's secret formula (which they think is of a supernatural nature at this point), Dean wouldn't die. If Dean doesn't die, no hell. Right?
DEAN:No. What you're trying to do is chase Slicy McHackey here. And to kill him? No. You wanna buy him a freaking beer. You wanna study him.
SAM:I was just trying to help.
DEAN:You're not helping! You forget that if I welch on this deal, you die. Guess what, living forever is welching.
SAM:Fine! Then, whatever the magic pill is, I'll take it too!
DEAN:Oh, what is this? Sid and Nancy? No. It's just like Bobby's been saying. We kill the demon who owns the contract and this whole damn thing wipes clean. That's our best shot.
SAM:Even if you had the Colt, Dean, who are you gonna shoot? We have no idea who holds the ticket.
DEAN:Well, I'll shoot the hellhounds then before they slash me up. Now, you coming or not?

Sam is desperate for anything that would keep Dean alive and argues that he is willing to go through the same procedure if necessary. It's a bit scary to imagine Sam and Dean with scars all over their faces looking for organs to steal aye? Of course, Sam is thinking this will tie them over until they find a different solution, but there is no guarantee of any other solution. Again that's how desperate he is. The arguments he makes seem to be made up on the spot and not thought over very well. From Dean's point of view, it is pretty likely, as Sam said, that Bela does not have the colt. However, he'd rather go after the colt and go down swinging then put his hopes in Sam's shady and dangerous idea. Dean's arguments also sound made up on the spot to justify his "obsession" with the colt. (Of course there is no guarantee that the colt can kill Lilith even if he does get it back. I'm pretty sure a powerful demon like Lilith or the YED needs to be taken by surprise for the bullet to even hit them)
SAM:I'm staying here.
DEAN:No, you're not. 'Cause I'm not gonna let you wander out in the woods alone to track some organ stealing freak.
SAM:You're not gonna let me?
DEAN:No, I'm not gonna let you.
SAM:How are you gonna stop me? Look, man, we're trying to do the same thing here.
DEAN:I know. But I'm going. So if you wanna stay...stay.

be-careful-300 Sammy300

be-careful-(you-too)300 be-careful-last300
This is just... *rubs heart* It's one of the few times Sam rebels against Dean and Dean is startled by it, and yet he knows as Sam is trying to help him too in his own way. Of course Dean can't stop Sam. He is a grown man and will make his own decisions and his own risks for Dean.

198 197
Dean gets to Rufus' house and knocks on the door. He sees the camera move in his direction as Rufus answers the intercom. We have a funny paranoid hermit scene here where Dean gets increasingly uncomfortable.
DEAN:Hi, uh, Rufus?
RUFUS:Yeah, even if I am, the question is still the same. What?
DEAN:Uh, I'm Dean Winchester. I'm a friend of Bobby Singer's.
DEAN:You called him this morning.
RUFUS:So? told Bobby about a British chick who made contact with you.
RUFUS:And so?

Rufus finally gets tired of the game and comes out.
RUFUS:Dean, do I look like I'm here to help you?
DEAN:I'm gonna say no?
RUFUS:Then get the hell of my property.

But Dean's not about to give up and he brings out his master card at the end.
208 209
DEAN:All right, yeah, fair enough. I got one more question for you, though. See, I got this, uh, this bottle of scotch, and... uh, is this considered good?
(Love Rufus' manic smile :D)

Dean and Rufus are at the kitchen table, enjoying the scotch in cheap looking little glasses (plastic??) and Rufus is telling Dean that this is the only stuff he drinks now (which again reminds me of Crowley) and Dean is like, this is a great change from the whiskey from plastic bottles I'm used to drinking - and he sure looks like he's enjoying the stuff the way he rolls the whiskey in his mouth and sucks a bit of air in as he drinks... the way his licks his lips every time... We can see him gradually getting a bit drunk as well, in the way he talks within the whole conversation.
He gets right down to business and starts asking about Bela. Rufus tells him that Bela asked for some things and they are going to take some time to gather (I'm thinking Bela has asked for something to hold hell hounds at bay... what about you?). Dean asks, do you know where she is? Yup. But why are you bothering with the likes of her when you only have 3 weeks left on your deal?


Rufus also tells him that no "peashooter" is going to save him, and Dean is like, how do you know? Because, he says, that's the life of a hunter for you. You might make it out of this one alive, but there will be something down the road. Either you die fighting or you live to be a paranoid old hermit like me.

(Really, Rufus - Dean doesn't need your pessimism at this point.*scowl*)
Rufus tells Dean what he knows about Bela in a conversation reminiscent of earlier at the door -

DEAN:I think I can handle Bela.
RUFUS:Oh, don't be so sure about that. There are things that you don't know about her.
DEAN:Oh, and you do? Right. Because you know things.
DEAN:And let me lift her fingerprint?
DEAN:And that got you jack.
RUFUS:Yep. She burnt them off. Probably years ago.

Our Rufus really likes his one word answers :D But we find out that "ear prints" are also useful for identifying someone; that although it can't be used in courts in the US, they use it a lot in England, and Rufus was able to get all the goodies on Bela by sending his friend of a friend... of a friend, a good shot of Bela's ear from the security camera. Dean finds out (we later learn) that Bela "killed" her parents and inherited riches.

While that's going on, Sam has found the cabin where Doctor Benton is doing his surgeries.
He creeps in and finds one dead guy (I think that's the "heart guy") and one girl who has maggots all over her injured arm but when Sam tries for a pulse, she suddenly wakes up and screams. Sam quickly tries to shush her, telling her that he's there to help her but she doesn't get it until they actually hear Doctor Benton upstairs. He's heard her noises and is coming down to investigate. Sam quickly wraps her arm while the girl wimpers in pain and by the time Doc comes downstairs with his lamp, Sam and she have snuck out the window (amazing!).
They don't get away that easy though. Doc comes after them and finds Sam just trying to get the girl comfortable before leaving. He breaks the window and tries to get at Sam (how on earth do you break a car window with your bare hand/arm?!) but Sam's able to get to the gear and reverse, flinging the Doc down. Then he comes straight at the Doc and runs over him. Sam probably already knows that's not going to kill him and boy is it a thrilling scene when Doc stands back up as Sam's car speeds away, his neck bent to the side. Doc rearranges his head. The only damage it seems is his eye, which starts to bleed.

Dean is waiting for Bela in her room as she comes through the door. He pins Bela to the wall and demands to know where the colt is.
Of course, she says it's long gone but Dean has to make sure. He combs her drawers and suitcase, stopping once to shoot at a bit of wall inches from Bela's face -
DEAN: Don't move.

Finally he comes back and puts the gun to Bela's head and we remember how he told Sam he'd kill Bela if he couldn't find the colt.

BELA: Are you going to kill me?
DEAN: Oh yeah.

When Bela tries to stop him, saying how he is not the coldblooded type (this is interesting! Is she comparing him to someone like Gordon?) Dean says well yeah I didn't kill my parents like you did. Bela is shocked at what Dean has found out but we have a flashback where she remembers her dad coming into her room to what we assume is sexually abuse her. We understand why she did it. That she wasn't just a "serial killer" - that her life was basically hell on earth and she did it out of desperation.
BELA:They were lovely people. And I killed them. And I got rich. I can't be bothered to give a damn. Just like I don't care what happens to you.

She cannot tell him why. She keeps it all bottled inside as she has done for these 10 years (which means she is 23?) But Dean finds out something as she closes her eyes and waits for Dean to shoot her. He finds a curious herbal bouquet on the ledge of the door. Suddenly something clicks and he lowers his gun.
DEAN:You're not worth it.

He brushes past her (but as he does, he feels her groping in his pocket) and leaves. We also see Bela open up a crumpled receipt after he leaves. She picks up the phone and calls her demon contact (Crowley?) and tells him that it worked. Dean fell for the trick and found her. Sam didn't come, but she knows where they are staying.
We see Sam's phone ringing on the lamp stand, and Sam picks up.
SAM:Did you get the Colt?
DEAN:What do you think?
SAM:So, does that mean Bela is, uh...
DEAN:No, no, she deserves to die a dozen times over, but I couldn't do it.
DEAN:I'm really screwed, Sammy.

My heart breaks.  But he has forgotten that Sam has been busy as well.
Sam tells Dean excitedly that he has swiped the Doc's journal and knows the formula. It's not magic, it's not supernatural at all. It's just science. Really weird science but science just the same. As they are talking, Sam gets chloroform stuffed in his face. Dean hears Sam struggling and calls out to him but there is no answer. We see the phone laying on the floor next to Sam's chair.

When Sam wakes up, his eyes are taped open (I wonder what he looked like when he was asleep...) And this is quite a grotesque scene for me as well, just seeing the eye roll he does as he looks around the room. The Doc comes in. He knows Sam's name - maybe not from Dean calling to him, but definitely from Dad's diary that Doc has found in Sam's stuff. Doc now knows that these are the kids of the man who cut his heart out.
DOC BENTON:Oh...I know. You think I'm some kind of monster, don't you? Well, I got to tell you, I have never done one thing that I did not have to do. This whole eternal-life thing is very high-maintenance. If something goes bad, like my eyes got to replace them.
Which reminds us of that conversation by the surgeons at the beginning aye?

Doc is about to exact revenge by replacing his eye with Sam's. He's just about to scoop it out with this thing that looks like a small ice cream scooper (AAAAAAH! I can't look!) when he gets two bullets in the chest. DEAN HAS ARRIVED!!! THANK GOD! Doc Benton is like, you should know that bullet won't kill me and he moves toward Dean. Dean takes another shot at the Doc but Doc comes closer and just as he is about to do something to Dean (I have no idea what), Dean sticks a knife in his heart. A knife? Are you kidding me? This is all hilarious to Doc Benton. He didn't count on Dean being smart enough to put some chloroform on the knife. Dean points out that its a good thing Doc has a new heart. It will help pump the blood all the more faster. Doc falls over.
When we next see them, Sam and Dean have Doc tied to his own table. He's begging Dean to let him go. He can help Dean. Read the formula to them. Dean's face shows the war going on in his mind and Sam's as well.
sam dean and doc
When Dean looks like he's going to get rid of Doc anyway, Sam asks Dean to step out for a minute. Sam doesn't want to let go of this last resort.
SAM:I mean, we're talking hell in three weeks. Or needing a new pancreas in like half a century.
DEAN:Yeah, well, you can't exactly get those at a Kwik-E-Mart.
SAM:It's not perfect, but it buys us more time to think of something better. We just need time, Dean. I mean, please, just...just think about it.
SAM:Dean, don't you want to live?
DEAN:What he is isn't living. Look, this is simple.
DEAN:To me it is, okay. Black or white; human, not human. See, what the Doc is is a freakin' monster. I can't do it. I would rather go to hell.

And while Sam looks on (crying inside I'm sure of it)Dean tells him that he's going to get rid of the doctor. Sam can help or not. It's up to him. He stuffs Doc's face with chloroform and when next the doc wakes up (and just happens to have a match with him...) he is in what looks like a refrigerator, in the ground. He tries to open the door but it is chained shut, his book laying on top. He cries to the boys, pleading that he can help - each time Sam feels a pain in his heart I know - and maybe Dean a bit too, despite his determination.
DEAN:Enjoy forever in there, Doc.

Back at The infamous Erie hotel, Bela is walking down the hall and opens the door to the boy's room. She has a gun with a silencer and she aims it at the beds where someone looks to be sleeping and shoots at them both two times.
She then goes to check if she killed them and finds two balloon dolls with bikinis losing air from her bullets. The phone rings, she picks up and it's Dean.
Dean tells her that he felt her swipe his pocket, that he saw the herb and knew what it did, that he checked her parent's obit and found that they died 10 years ago today. He knows that she made a deal. We then get a flashback of Bela on the swings crying and a demon telling her that it can kill her parents for her and she doesn't have to pay... for 10 WHOLE YEARS.

Bela is in tears.
Dean also guesses that Bela stole the colt so that she could get out of her deal. Bela tells him that they changed the conditions after she got the colt. Now she had to kill Sam (which fits with Lilith wanting Sam dead).

BELA: Dean, listen, I need help.
DEAN:Sweetheart, we are weeks past help.
BELA:I know I don't deserve it.
DEAN:You know what, you're right, you don't. But you know what the bitch of the bunch is? If you would have just come to us sooner and asked for help we probably could have taken the Colt and saved you.
BELA:I know, and saved yourself. I know about your deal, Dean.

The thing is, as Dean pointed out, the colt/Winchesters could possibly have saved her and Dean if she had just talked with them and told Dean her situation instead of trying to deal with it herself. But she has spent 10 years taking care of herself - not being able to trust anyone with her secret - that she can't change, even though Dean and Sam gave her numerous reasons and opportunity to do so.

She tries to make up for her mistakes by telling Dean that she heard about his deal from the demon that holds her contract and his - Lilith.

DEAN:This can't help you, Bela, not now. Why you telling me this?
BELA:Because just maybe you can kill the bitch.
DEAN:I'll see you in hell.


Bela hangs up and looks out the window. She hears howling, closer, then darkness.

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  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

  • 9-3 I'm No Angel Poll!

    What do you think of this episode? Please let me know in the following poll and/or comments!