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Rewatching 3-14 Long-Distance Call

Here I go again on the review of our next episode of Season 3. Long-Distance Call. We actually only have 2 more episodes after this. WOW. I am planning to do our end-of-season games/quizzes and Season Poll at the end as I always do but I'm still trying to think how and when because I will be up in a cabin with no internet for part of that week. If anyone has some new ideas for the games, let me know! I just thought of something... if we held the games at my comm, I could give posting access and whoever wants could all take turns giving out quizzes, which might be fun... hmmm... I will think about it.

Anyway, this episode is somewhat pale in comparison to some others. I don't know why, except it reminds me A LOT of Houses of the Holy, and if I remember correctly, that episode was one of those that people weren't too excited about too. They are almost exactly the same in that one of the boys is so obsessed with salvation/redemption that he can't see what's right in front of him; the other knows how he feels (and there are some excellent expressions and scenes here in both eps) but insists they have to look at all the facts; and the episode ends with it all being a false hope but they reaffirm that they have each other(again an excellent scene at the end). Differences would be where each of them places their hope - which is also interesting to contemplate. And we have of course the monster of the week. The ghost of HotH is beautiful and sad and leaves a scent of possible divine intervention(and for us rewatchers a reminder of what they find out in the future). This one, on the other hand, is ugly and evil and pretty spooky and basically points out how alone we all are in the modern world, despite being so connected through mails, internet and phones. Maybe it also the dangers of what we write and say being used against us huh?

Let's start!


We open with the monster of the week shrouded in ghostly mystery. A man is answering his ringing phone with increasing trepidation. It sounds like a lover at first, the way the guy tells her - I love you but I have a wife. Finally he gets so frustrated he breaks the phone from the plug and throws it to the wall. But still the phone rings. Then even a first timer knows that this is a supernatural being controlling the phone. It could possibly be a ghost. The man can't stand it any more and he tells the mystery ghost (or whatever) that she has won, and blows his brains out.

Scene two. Dean is sitting in the middle of a huge square eating some lunch and talking on the phone with Bobby and Sam comes up to him.

Talking with Bobby? About a case? Asks Sam. Of course, talking about a case snorts Dean.
Season 3 disk 7 - 2 17Season 3 disk 7 - 2 21
SAM:...But, Dean, we're already on a case.
DEAN:Right. Yeah. Well, you coulda fooled me.
SAM:What the hell else have we been doing lately other than trying to break your deal?
DEAN:Chasing our tails, that's what. Sam, we've talked to every professor, witch, soothsayer and two bit carny act in the lower 48. Nobody knows squat! And we can't find Bela, we can't find the Colt. So until we actually find something, I'd like to do my job.

Here Sam seems frustrated that Dean again sounds like he is giving up on getting out of his deal. It does seem that way doesn't it? Like Dean is being nonchalant or uncaring about what is about to happen to him. But they are also getting nowhere with their investigation. Sam suggests there is something else they could do and that is to summon Ruby and ask her since she had told Sam she could help Dean get out of the deal. Dean is like, no way. We are not summoning Ruby. Why? Because she can't help me. She told me to my face.

Finally here, Dean tells Sam what Ruby told him in Malleus Maleficarum. Sam asks Dean why he had kept this secret from him, but Sam... he's been keeping his own secrets recently aye? Like the fact that there is a powerful demon after him?

Season 3 disk 7 - 2 23Season 3 disk 7 - 2 24
SAM:So what, now you're keeping secrets from me, Dean?
DEAN:You really wanna talk about who's keeping secrets from who?

Sam doesn't have an answer for that and probably is just a tad disappointed by the news and needs time to process so, he decides to agree to go to Ohio to check out the case.

The next time we see them, they are dressed up in their suits and questioning the man's wife about his death. I guess they are just acting detectives since they don't mention being a part of any agency. Sam finds the strange number on received calls and subtly alerts Dean.
Season 3 disk 7 - 2 26 Season 3 disk 7 - 2 33
DEAN:What about strange phone calls? Receive any of those lately, weird interference, static, anything like that?
MRS WATERS: No. ....No!
DEAN:Mrs Waters, withholding information from the police is a capital offence.
(SAM clears his throat and looks at him)
DEAN: In some parts of the world I'm sure.

This is a part of the show we've been missing the past couple of episodes aye? Sam and Dean working together to get information out of the victims? (We are going to see Sam's hypnosis face too! :) ) The wife sighs then tells them what she knows. She heard her husband talking to a "Linda" on the phone in his study, but when she picked up the phone to listen in, there was just static. Later, Dean looks up this "Linda" and finds out that she died in a car crash which Ben, the dead guy, survived. BUT, she was cremated.
3-7-3 05
While Dean does that Sam has been checking out the phone number, which is for sure a phone number but from a very long time ago - from when "phones had cranks."

The only way to put a trace on such an old number would be to visit the phone company. So they get into their suits again. This time they act as officers from the phone company HQ. The man that takes them down to Stewie is our culprit but Sam and Dean don't know that. They are more taken by the flies buzzing around Stewie's filthy office and Dean of course with free lunch and his favorite porn site - Busty Asian Beauties - a pastime which seems to be shared by Stewie. Stewie quickly closes the ton of porn windows on his computer as the man introduces Sam and Dean to him.
3-7-3 13
DEAN:Is that, ahhh,
WOMAN ON COMPUTER:Oh, me so horny.
STEWIE: Maybe.
DEAN:A word to the wise? Platinum membership? Worth every penny. Ha?
SAM:Right, anyway. We're here to trace a number?

Stewie at first tells them that this number is ancient and he's not even going to bother tracing it because no one has used it for sure. So they use their team work again to get it done -
3-7-3 19 3-7-3 21
DEAN: Listen, uh, Stewie. You got like six kinds of employee code violations down here, not to mention the sickening porn that is clogging up your hard drive. Now when my partner says run the number, I suggest you run the number!
Then when Stewie turns back to the computer to trace the number, Dean gives Sam a pleased smile...

(I just love this scene! awesome!)

Stewie can't tell them where the number comes from, but he can tell them where it is going, and they go to investigate by pretending to be phone company employees. Sam rents a car so they can go separately and save time. He goes to a home with a little boy and older girl peeking at him as he talks to the father of the house. The father is quite sure there have not been any strange phone calls or static. But the girl seems to know something. As he walks back to his car, she comes up to him and tells him that he is hiding something from her. He is not a real phone company employee - no phone company employee would have a rental car and be wearing a cheap suit. haha... Sam is adorably kind to her and showers her with his hypnosis across the car. At first she doesn't relent, but she finally tells him how she has been getting phone calls from her dead mother.

3-7-3 67 3-7-3 65
LANIE:Since when does a phone guy drive a rental or wear a cheap suit?
SAM: Yeah, well. Maybe we're both keeping secrets.
SAM: Why, did you hear something?
SAM:Because you know...if you did...then I would have told you that I've been right where you're standing right now. Hearing things, even seeing things that can't be explained. Maybe I would have been able to help out a little bit. Anyway...
LANIE:Hey wait. Maybe....maybe I've been talking on the phone...with my Mom.

And Sam finds out that her mom died quite a while ago.

3-7-3 75
SAM:Well I can tell you one thing for sure, and you're going to have to go with me on this, okay? You're not crazy.
(I love this Sam!)

Sam gets on the phone with Dean and finds out that Dean has just been talking with an old lady who is having phone sex with her dead husband (The Crocotta is having a bit of fun here...I wonder how he intends to kill the old lady?).
3-7-3 81 3-7-3 89
We then switch to Dean as he gets off the phone with Sam and checks out the butt of a girl walking by. Dean gets another phone call and when he answers, it's dad. (DuDun!) As rewatchers, we know though that the crocatta was probably alerted to the brothers through that one phone call between them. It's now going to be researching their various transactions - by phone, by text etc., to find out their situation.

When Dean he gets home to tell Sam, we find out "Dad" only called his name once and then the line got cut off. Sam asks Dean why dad would call Dean in the first place.

3-7-3 97 3-7-3 98
DEAN:I don't know, man. Why are ghosts calling anybody in this town? But I mean, other people are hearing from their loved ones, why can't we? It's at least a possibility, right?
SAM:Yeah, I guess?
DEAN:Okay, so what if....what if it really is Dad? What happens if he calls back?
SAM:What do you mean?
DEAN:What do I say?
SAM shrugs.
DEAN:That's what you come back with. Hello?

A similar conversation is repeated at the end aye? I'm not quite sure why Sam answers him this way here - maybe Sam is just wondering why Dean is getting so excited about this strange "visit from Dad?" And maybe Dean is so excited that Sam's lack of excitement puts him off... Dean leaves to find out more about these "ghosts" and how they could be visiting their loved ones. Sam stays in and researches on his computer.
3-7-3 104 3-7-3 105
When Dean comes home, he is sounding jovial and asks Sam what he found out. Sam has found nothing. Dean makes a wise crack about how you'd expect more from a Stanford student. Dean has found a pamphlet in the motel pamphlet rack that might be their answer. There is a telephone museum in town because it is the birthplace of Thomas Edison. At the museum is a telephone that Edison is said to have made to talk with the dead. Sam looks disbelieving but also indulgent of Dean's whim in a way. They go to check out the phone museum.

We have a funny scene with the guide,
3-7-3 117
GUIDE:And we're walking. And, here we have one of the museum's most unique and treasured possessions. Thomas Edison's spirit phone. Did you know that Mr Edison, as well as being one of America's most beloved inventors, was also a devout occultist? Ooh!
DEAN: What's with the quote-y fingers?

Sam checks the EMF meter for any spirit activity at the "spirit phone" but finds nothing.

But Dean does not give up on his idea. Maybe it is like a radio tower, broadcasting the dead around town?
3-7-3 122 3-7-3 125
SAM:Could be.
DEAN:You know, this caller I.D. is 100 years old, right? Right around the time this thing was built.
SAM:Yeah, but why would it all of a sudden start working now?

It's night, and Dean is sitting by the table, his phone in front of him, waiting for dad to call as Sam sleeps in the bed behind him. "Dad" calls, telling him he shouldn't have sold his soul, Dean tells him he doesn't know how to get out of the deal, "dad" mentions that Sam would die if he did right? then he tells Dean that the demon is in town. Although we don't get this conversation, it seems that "dad" also tells Dean that the demon has been following them all along and that they can tell from the demonic signs. "Dad" also gives Dean an exorcism that is supposed to kill a demon. He makes him wait for another call. "Dad" - or the crocotta - then goes on to change the data on the computer for all the places Dean and Sam visited so that Dean would see lightning storms and other demonic signs in all the places that they had visited and think that the demon was really following them. Dean tells Sam about the exorcism sometime after this call and Sam and Bobby check it out but find no evidence that it kills a demon - just that it is a very old exorcism.

While all this is happening, Lanie, the girl that was getting calls from her dead mother, is writing e-mails to her friends and is just finished when she gets a text message from the same old number on her computer. It seems to be her mom again. Her mom says, I want to see you. Lanie says, but I went to the cemetery. That's not what I mean. Mom wants Lanie to take her life so that they can be together. And we think oh, that's what was happening in the first scene. That's why Ben killed himself. When Lanie tells "mom" she is scared, "mom" tells her that she is right there with her. The computer screen turns dark and Lanie can see her mom behind her.
3-7-3 136
How does the crocotta do that? some kind of electric/phone line trick?? using a photo in the computer or something? hmmm... Anyway, Lanie freaks out and backs up, then the computer starts typing "come to me" all over the screen.

The next morning, Sam seems to have got a phone call from Lanie. He tells Dean how spooked Lanie was by her "mom" but Dean is busy checking the fake weather patterns on the computer.
3-7-3 146 3-7-3 147
Dean shows Sam the "demonic signs" in the places they visited and Sam points out that there was no lightning storm anywhere they visited. Dean would know this too if he just stopped to think a bit but he is so sure that whatever "dad" said is true because HE CAN SEE THE FIGURES ON the INTERNET! and of course, he wants to believe it so badly. That reminds me of Sam wanting to believe in Angels in HotH because he wants to believe so much that there is some divine power able to help him, to redeem him. Dean doesn't believe in angels but he does believe in his dad. He wants to believe SO BAD that dad can help him. Save him.
3-7-3 152
DEAN: You're unbelievable, you know that? I mean for months we've been trying to break this demon deal. Now Dad's about to give us the freaking address and you can't accept it? The man is dead and you're still butting heads with the guy!
SAM:That is not what this is about.
DEAN:So what is it!
SAM:The fact is we've got no hard proof here, Dean. After everything, you're still just going on blind faith!
DEAN:Yeah, well maybe! You know, maybe that's all I got, okay?


Dean is so vulnerable here. He's been putting a brave face on it, insisting that they go on this hunt when they were not getting anywhere researching on his deal but all along he has obviously been feeling it. The deadline getting closer and closer. And Sam can't say anything after this because he feels for Dean so much. He goes out to talk to Lanie, asking Dean not to go anywhere until he gets back, but Dean doesn't answer.

Sam hears what happened from Lanie and the words "come to me" ring a bell where nothing else did. He now knows what it is - and it's not ghosts. While they are talking, Lanie's little brother gets a call on his toy phone and maybe mom tells him to walk in front of a car so they can be together again and when Lanie comes down the stairs with Sam, her brother is already out of the house.
VTS_01_3 02Sam-saves-boy300
Sam gets there just in time to save her brother.

While that's happening, Dean gets another call from "dad" telling him where the "demon" is and he goes out - ignoring Sam's plea.
VTS_01_3 05
He stops in front of a suburban house and gets all his equipment out of the trunk. He breaks into the house and starts getting it ready to trap "the demon."
VTS_01_3 20VTS_01_3 17

Sam phones Dean to tell him what he found out - but this time, it's not Dean that answers.
VTS_01_3 58
The crocotta leads Sam to the phone company so that he can kill Sam as well.  It is a neat trick the crocotta has played to separate the two brothers and kill them aye? Sam thinks Stewie is the crocotta (he is definitely the most obvious choice with the flies all around the office) He waits for Stewie to come out and then threatens him with a knife?spike?  I'm not sure what is needed to kill a crocotta... something metal through the brain?   Stewie is a hilarious guy though.
VTS_01_3 61VTS_01_3 69
STEWIE:Please. Okay, wait, wait. If we're overcharging you for the call waiting or something I...I can fix that. I am your friend!
The guy we saw earlier - the Manager, Clark, is right behind Sam and hits him over the head with a bat. Sam falls.
VTS_01_3 70VTS_01_3 72
STEWIE:Yeah! That's what happens when you mess with the phone company, dillweed! Thank you, Clark!
CLARK: Forget about it.

And Stewie gets whacked too.

When Sam wakes up, Stewie and he are tied up in Stewie's office facing each other. (reminiscent of Ghostfacers)
VTS_01_3 74 VTS_01_3 75
STEWIE: I'm sorry, Clark. I'm sorry for whatever I did to you. I'm sorry...please...
SAM: Wait! Don't do it.
CLARK: You're awake.
STEWIE:You're not a killer Clark, no! There's a good man inside of you, I know it.
CLARK:What do you think, Sammy, am I a good man?
SAM:Just let him go.
CLARK:I would. I really would. If only I'd had more than a salad for lunch. You see, I'm starving.

Clark kills Stewie by stabbing him through the heart, then proceeds to suck his energy out of his mouth.
He then comes over to Sam and teases him with his bloodied knife...
And Sam tries to buy some time by asking him about pretending to be dad and also Dean in the most recent phone call.
VTS_01_3 137
The crocotta tells him about how in the olden days he used to hide in the woods forever, to lure someone out for a kill. Now, all he has to do is call someone, because everyone is connected by these lines, but the closeknit communities of the past are gone and people do not have the support that they once had. It is actually an interesting point and often said. We of all people know it, that as we are connected here through our blogs and comments, our extended family lives all around the country and even around the globe. We often don't even know the neighbors that live down the hall in the same condo - not well enough. And when our internet connection shuts off (like mine did already several times today) we are severed of those wonderful friendships we have. It is also true that anyone could use the information we type and say online here for evil ends if they had the means and motive to hack it. We live in a dangerous world.

While he talks, the crocotta calls up a man whose daughter was killed - maybe by a burglar. Speaking as the dead girl, the crocotta tells the father that the killer is in his house and wants to kill him too. The father goes home, intent on killing this killer himself.

Sam is more resourceful than the crocotta imagined and gets his hands free of the wires binding him. He has a wrestle with the crocotta and finally pushes him right into a metal spike on the wall (yuck!). Killing him.

In the meantime, Dean is fighting with the guy and leads him to the devils trap he has hidden under the carpet on the floor. But the man gets out of the trap and Dean realizes that he is not the demon he thought. He is able to stop the man by telling him, "I'm sorry. I did not kill your daughter." "Then why are you here?" the man asks. "I don't know." We feel how lost and disillusioned he feels through his voice.

Dean is at home cooling his face when Sam comes in the door.
VTS_01_4 33 VTS_01_4 36
DEAN:I see they improved your face.
SAM:Right back at ya.

And then our heart-to-heart ...
DEAN: I wanted to believe so badly that there was a way outta this. I mean I'm staring down the barrel at this thing. You know, Hell. For real, forever, and I just...
DEAN:I'm scared, Sam. I'm really scared.
SAM:I know.
DEAN:I guess I was willing to believe anything. You know, the last act of a desperate man.
SAM:There's nothing wrong with having hope, Dean.
DEAN:Hope doesn't get you jack squat. I can't expect Dad to show up with some miracle at the last minute. I can't expect anybody to, you know.


dean-turns,-3rd-gif300 sam-nods-4thgif--watermarked300

and-me-question-5thgifwatermark300 what-6thgif300


As with the previous scene, I'm not quite sure why Dean is harping on Sam here, except that maybe he just wants to nip the emotional moment and be macho again. Whatever the reason, Sam understands. Dean gives him a beer and they sit together drinking in silence. Dean with a little smile on his face and Sam glancing at him at the end - reminiscent of A Supernatural Christmas.
sam-takes-beer300 dean-drinks300

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