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Rewatching 3-13 Ghostfacers

It's Friday again and I'm ready as I'll ever be to start my review of Ghostfacers. I have decided to think of this episode as a spin-off, the first episode of Ghostfacers, which helps me appreciate it a whole lot more (why didn't I do this before?!) . The episode itself is scary, funny, gross, touching and sarcastic (in ways that only we SPN savy people can catch it). And surprise of surprises, switches to a Supernatural episode at the very end for a nice Sam and Dean scene. I can live with that.

Music Links
"Ghostfacers Theme Song" by Christopher Lennertz & Ben Edlund
"We're an American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad
(plays in the Impala as Sam and Dean drive by when the Ghostfacers are breaking into Morton house)
"Hocus Pocus" by Focus
(plays when the Ghostfacers team are setting up their equipment)
"It's My Party" by Leslie Gore
(the ghost party song)

We start with Harry and Ed introducing their "unsolicited pilot" in the manner of a familiar TV show.
HARRY: Hello. I am Harry Spangler
ED: And I am Ed Zeddmore. Now if you have received this tape, you must be some sort of bigwig network executive. Well, today is your lucky day, mister.
HARRY: Because the unsolicited pilot you are about to watch is the bold new future of "reality TV."
ED: Mmmm. We know you've had it hard during the crippling writer's strike.
HARRY: Lazy fat cats.
ED: Who needs writers when you've got guys like us?

And here we remember that while they were filming these episodes Supernatural itself was being influenced by the writer's strike. wind_storms reminded me in the poll comments that Mystery Spot  could have been the last episode of the season.  This was because it was shot after Jus in Bello and right before the writer's strike.   On the other hand, Ghostfacers was filmed right after the strike  so that the talk about writers above is more of a reminder that this is the kind of show that truly might have replaced Supernatural if the strike had not ended.

A unique aspect of this episode is that it is made as a Ghostfacers episode so that the credits at the beginning are given accordingly. We have the usual credits at the end (ruining a perfectly lovely scene - grr).  Another thing is that in the form of a true reality show shot in "real time," the language is censored by beeping and little skull marks over their mouths instead of within a script. Sam and Dean (Jensen and Jared) get to swear rather freely which is a nice change from the normal repetitive words they use. So in the character introduction we also have Dean showing his middle finger - and that is also hidden by blur.

ghostfacers character banner

On their way to their office in Ed's garage after work at Kinkos (where they work until 6:00) Ed and Harry explain to us why they are not just the two of them any more.

ED: And two lone wolves need, uh...other wolves.

Because of their work schedule, Ghostfacer activities start from 7 pm. So, 7 pm is always good morning for the Ghostfacers. Their office is in Ed's garage, which I am assuming is on the agreement of his parents, but Ed's dad likes to tease them sometimes by opening the garage door maybe? Alan Corbette decides to join Ed when he sees one of Ed's pamphlets at the mall and wonders where ghosts come from.  He is an intern and cook for the group.  Maggie is Ed's adopted sister (as Ed is quick to point out) , knows Ed has had an obsession with the supernatural since he was a kid and that it was "love at first geek" with Harry at Computer Camp. Kenny Spruce is 1/16th Cherokee which makes him the shamanology expert? - oh and yes he is the camera man.
Ed and Harry introduce the hunt to the group. Morton House - haunted every four years on February 29 by what is called the leap year ghost. According to their research, no one has ever stayed the night on that particular night, so that's exactly what they are going to do.
During this pre-hunt meeting, we find that Alan Corbett has a crush on Ed, and that Harry sees it too. Harry tells us later that he is a little worried how this crush is going to influence the group dynamic.

ED: Mmm. That's good.
CORBETT: It's French vanilla, 'cause the other day, you said how much you liked it, so...
ED: Thank you.
CORBETT: You are welcome.

They are peeking into the Morton House plot with a fence all around it (that has been chain locked) and Maggie and Ed are discussing permits when up comes a car blaring "We're an American Band."
SPRUCE: It's okay. Not cops -- just hicks.

 As soon as the Ghostfacers find out it is not the police, they remove the passing car from their mind.  They break the chain and go inside the Morton House. The first thing they do is prepare a HQ for their "activities" at the Morton House.

ED: All right, everybody. Ghostfacers, let's line up. Everybody. We'll set up camp right here. This is command center one.
HARRY: We're gonna call this the Eagle's Nest.

(The name Eagle's Nest was (according to SuperWiki) used by the Nazis as the name of a command center as well as Hitler's Bavarian retreat during WWII)
Up go the computers and cameras in each of the rooms of the house.  Ed is at the "Eagle's Nest" making sure the cameras are operating.  We hear Corbett all flustered answering Ed from his side of the house, Spruce calls Ed "mein fuhrer" when he answers,  which fits with the "Eagle's Nest" reference. Harry and Maggie are also accounted for and they meet back at the command center.

Corbett has a nice headset, and he's thrilled when Ed agrees with Spruce that he looks like Robocop. Then they have their little cheer before they divide up to search around the house.
Ed and Corbett are on the first floor. They call out to whatever spirit there may be and Ed notices that Corbett is not breathing? Is that because he's terrified, or just too excited to be with Ed?!

ED: Calm down, buddy. Breathe, all right? Calm the whirlwinds of your mind.

On the second floor are Harry, Spruce and Maggie. There is camera interference and noise and we know that a ghost is there. But the interference stops. Ed tries to kick open a door but he can't and Spruce tells him he should try the knob (especially funny when we think how easily Sam and Dean do it - not that they would kick in the door without trying the knob first in a haunted house but ...) What he finds in the room makes Harry run screaming - but Spruce confirms that it is just a dead rat.

HARRY: I don't really like rats. They're gross. Rats are like the... rats of the world.
Spruce teases Harry by flinging the rat at him just as Harry talks about the EMF meter going crazy. So it is quite probable that although Harry and Ed experienced that Tulpa back in Hell House, the other members probably have not had any experience with the supernatural at all. They do not take the EMF readings seriously, even while Harry and Ed voice their concern.

As Ed and Corbett are looking around on the first floor, Corbett is feeling rather spooked by a noise that he thinks may have been a branch by the window. Just then Sam and Dean arrive with their flashlights, telling them they are police.

SAM: All right. All right. All right. Take it easy, take it easy.
DEAN: Let's see some identification.
SAM: Come on. Let's see some i.d.

Corbett gives them his id and Ed recognizes them as they turn to demand his. Then Sam recognizes Ed as well and reminds Dean about West Texas and the Tulpa and how Ed and Harry almost got them killed. I was surprised to note that Sam said our first beeped out swear word! but Dean follows this with a colorful word of his own.
DEAN: Okay, well, listen, you and Rambo need to get your girlfriends and get out of here.
ED: All right. Listen here, chisel chest, okay? We were here first. We've already set up base camp. We beat you.

(Chisel Chest :D)
Dean slams Ed against the wall and resorts to brute force.

ED: Oh, god.
DEAN: Ed...
ED: Yeah?
DEAN: ...where's your partner?

While that's happening, EMF is going crazy again, temperature drops and the camera goes haywire, and Harry, Maggie and Spruce see their first apparition - A man who seems to have gotten shot because he couldn't come up with some money (for a gangster).

In the living room, Dean is asking them why were they there on leap year, for crying out loud. Harry and Corbett answer they are going to spend the night because no one has before. Sam and Dean educate them on the fact that the only reason why they couldn't find anyone who HAD stayed, was because they were all missing.

Sam shows them all the missing reports he collected. While Ed says how the info looks legit, in rush Harry, Maggie and Spruce - yammering about the ghost they saw.
HARRY: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Guys! Guys! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! We got one! Corbett! Corbett, we saw one! We saw one!
ED: Get outta here!

It sounds like even Ed and Harry did not think they would encounter something here. Dean tries to get them to get out of the Morton House by bribing them with ice cream but it unfortunately does not work.
They set up the computer to rewind what was recorded on the camera in the room. Sam recognizes the ghost as a death echo, which is not what Sam and Dean were expecting.

They go a few feet away and talk about it quietly (we get their conversation in subtitles!) but the Ghostfacers pick up on the word "death echo" and ask what it is. Sam and Dean explain that it is a ghost that is in a continual loop of the moment of their death.  These are not harmful.  But Sam and Dean also know there must be something else here that is killing all those people who went missing. They again urge everyone to leave. Harry and Ed are trying to get Sam and Dean to stay with them by promising them parts in future episodes.  While they are doing that, Ed notices that Corbett is not around.  We see that Corbett has gone upstairs by himself to try to see the ghost that Harry, Maggie and Spruce had seen.  His light goes out (o-oh...) and he switches to night vision, but that doesn't prevent the ghost from coming up behind him and carrying him off.  When they hear Corbett scream, Dean and Sam try to tell the others that they will go and rescue him, but no one is listening.  They all rush up the stairs and Sam and Dean have no other choice but to follow.

It is 12:04 am and they are back downstairs.  The Ghostfacers are worried about Corbett and are searching their camera footage for hints as to Corbett's whereabouts. All they can see is that Corbett all of a sudden disappears. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are off doing their own thing. Sam has found out that the front door (and every other exit), has been sealed by the ghost.  Here we have the one relevant conversation between Sam and Dean.

SAM: Well, it's 12:04, Dean. You good? You happy?
DEAN: Yeah, I am happy.
SAM: "Let's go hunt the Morton house," you said, "it's our Grand Canyon."
DEAN: Sam, I don't want to hear this.
SAM: You got two months left, Dean. Instead, we're gonna die tonight.

First of all, if you'll remember Croatoan, and the reference to the Grand Canyon there.  It seems that Dean brought up the fact that they have never been to the Grand Canyon again and begging Sam to do this case with him. This is a ghost he wants to hunt before he dies, just as much as he wants to go to the Grand Canyon. Sam, of course, gave in to this new dying wish of Deans and now he is regretting it as they get stuck in the dangerous house with the most dangerous group of amateur ghost hunters out there. We also know now that it is only 2 months until Dean's deal is up.

Well, the others want to know why Sam is throwing things at the door in frustration, and Sam explains that all the exits have been sealed by whatever evil ghost that has taken Corbett.  And then they experience another spike in the EMF meter and see their second death echo.  Dean goes to the ghost and tries to shock him out of it, but before he can, an invisible train comes and runs him over.  The ghost disappears.  Dean and Sam don't know what to make of it.  Death echos are not supposed to be dangerous - since all they do is relive their death over and over.  Who has taken Corbett?  They go upstairs to investigate and everyone else tags along.  On the way, Maggie is asking about the death echos when Dean turns around and asks her why she always has her camera up.

DEAN: All right, seriously, does looking at this nightmare through that camera make you feel better or something? I mean...
MAGGIE: Um...I, uh... Well, yeah. Uh, yeah. I think so.

I like the way Dean doesn't take that further - demanding that she put it down even though he hates it in his face. He maybe understands how she needs that to cope with their scary situation.

When they get upstairs, they find all kinds of papers - mostly crap - but there is a pamphlet about how to survive after a nuclear attack.  They also find some c-rations - army rationed.  So they figure the owner of the house Freeman Daggett is a pretty pesimistic fellow.  Not only that but they find that he has three toe tags - accounting for the death echos they have seen.

DEAN: Ewww. Got three toe tags here -- one, death by gunshots, train accident, and suicide.
SAM: Ewwwwww!
HARRY: What?
SAM: Well, that explains why all the death echoes are here. They're here because their bodies are here...somewhere in the house?
DEAN: Daggett brought the remains home from the morgue. To *play*.
HARRY and ED: Ewwwww!!!!! Ugh!!!!!
SPRUCE: That's nasty, dude.
SAM: Right.

(I love Dean looking into the camera here.)
While they are looking around here, Ed is getting rather impatient and tells Dean that they should be tearing the floorboards to try to find Corbett - I've been thinking about this a bit and I think he has an interesting point. Not that I don't get they need to do research and figure out more so they know how to look, but Dean and Sam are being very leisurely about the whole thing. This abruptly changes when suddenly the EMF meter skyrockets again and the temperature drops, and SAM disappears. Finally, it seems that Dean is getting the urgency of the situation. They all go off in search of the two missing - Dean calling for Sam and the others calling for Corbett... All except Harry and Maggie who find comfort in each other.

MAGGIE: God, I am so scared. I'm so scared.
HARRY: It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay, Maggie.

Spruce happens to catch this on camera, and Ed comes and finds them kissing away and is shocked to pieces.

ED: My best friend... And my best sister.

He tells Spruce to hold his glasses so he can pick a fight with Harry and it's just about to get ugly when Dean comes and breaks it up. So Ed and Harry apologize to each other...

HARRY: Sorry.
ED: I'm sorry. Give me my glasses. Did he knock my -- my tooth there?
SPRUCE: Uh, no.
ED: I won that, right?
SPRUCE: Yep. You're good.
HARRY: Thanks, Spruce.

So while they are playing around, there is more serious stuff going on in the bombshelter where Freeman has taken Sam and Corbett.

Sam wakes Corbett up and tells him to stay awake and help him but Freeman comes in and sticks something in Corbett's throat (YUUUUUUCK!) and he dies. Seriously, this is awful. It is one of the grossest scenes for me. And Sam has to watch Corbett die in front of him. Freeman is coming for him next, putting a party hat on him and telling him that he wants him at his party ... ug... while Dean is finally figuring out that Freeman must have a bomb shelter since he was so worried about a nuclear attack aye? And he leads everyone to the entrance to the basement, opens the door and Dean and Spruce get in ...but the door closes behind them. Dean tells the others to get inside a salt circle to stay safe:
DEAN: Ed! listen to me!
ED: What?
DEAN: There's some salt in my duffle. Make a circle and get inside.
ED: Inside?
HARRY: That's stupid.
ED: Inside your duffle bag?
DEAN: In the salt, you idiots!
ED: Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah.

The best thing about this episode is the awesome lines.  I'd be writing down every word if I could :P

HARRY: Guys, guys, I don't want to die, okay, and I don't want you to die.
ED: Harry, listen -- listen to me, okay? listen. If we don't die...'s totally okay if you, uh, do my sister.
(MAGGIE pushes ED)
ED: Ow!

Once Corbett dies, he also gets stuck in a loop and he appears before Ed, Harry and Maggie as a ghost.  Wouldn't that be shocking? To not even be aware that Corbett had been killed but  all of a sudden see him in front of them with blood coming out of his throat? They realize though, that Corbett has died(before Dean and Spruce do aye?), and that he is in a loop the same as the others.  Harry cannot take seeing Corbett in front of them like that, dying over and over.  He wants to help him.  You know, the way he takes care of Corbett all through the episode is really kind of sweet.  Remember him telling Corbett to "calm the whirlwinds of your mind" and how he kindly answers Corbett's flustered responses, how he pairs with him to search the house... he at least feels responsible for Corbett and maybe something more.  But he doesn't get what he has to do right away.  Harry has to tell him.

HARRY: I...I know how we can get through to him.
ED: How?
HARRY: Ed... He had feelings for you.
ED: Huh?
HARRY: He wanted you.
ED: Wa-- wanted me to what?
HARRY: You know. And you know what you've got to do. You can do it, Ed. You've always been the brave one. Yes, you can. You make us brave -- Maggie, right?
MAGGIE: Yeah. Yeah you do. You totally do.
HARRY: Ed...You got to go be gay for that poor, dead intern. You got to send him into the light.

And my friends, that is supposed to be funny I guess, but I'm getting all teary at this point just remembering what comes next.

ED: Corbett, look. Hey, it's just Ed, buddy. It's just me. Hey, hey, Corbett, listen to me. Listen to me. I -- we... Okay. You meant... Corbett, you meant a lot to the team. You meant... You meant a lot to me. You know, never back down...Never say a bad word, okay? I remember that, Corbett. I-I remember that. I remember because I love you, Corbett. I really, truly love you. Do you remember that? do you?
ED: Yeah. Yeah, Corbett, it's... Corbett, yeah, it's me. It's me. look at me. You got to help us, man. you have to help us, Corbett. Please. please. Please help us right now.

Maybe it's just that time of month or crappy stuff happening, but that is the most awesome scene. Ed is just .... well, it's beautiful. And Corbett hears Ed and goes to help Sam and Dean.

But there is stuff going on on the other side of the house while all this is happening. Dean and Spruce are in the sealed off basement and Dean is looking around for the entrance to the bomb shelter, while Sam is about to be skewered. Spruce then asks Dean about what Sam meant when he said Dean only had 2 months left.
DEAN: Yeah, it's complicated. A while ago, Sam... No. No. No. I'm not gonna whine about my b------- problems to some b------- reality show. I'm gonna do my f------ job.
I wonder if Spruce would believe it if Dean told him the truth... nah.
So Dean finally finds the door behind a cabinet and gets in to shoot Freeman just in time. Spruce and Dean find out what has happened to Corbett. And when Dean gets Sam out of his binds, we also find out a bit more about the ghost.

SAM: No, no, no, Daggett was the Norman Bates, stuff-your-mother kind of lonely. I mean, that's why he lifted these bodies from the morgue, threw himself a birthday party, except they were the only ones who would come. Anyway, so, at midnight, he sealed them in the bomb shelter and went upstairs and o.d.'d on horse tranqs.
DEAN: How do you know this?
SAM: 'Cause he told me.

Dean tries to break open the sealed door to get out and Sam notices that Spruce still has the camera in his hand.
SAM: Seriously -- you're still shooting?
DEAN: It makes him feel better. Don't ask.

Unfortunately, the salt doesn't keep Freeman away for long, and when he comes back, they are pretty much at his mercy. He throws Sam and Dean around and is about to come at Spruce and his camera when Corbett appears.
As many of you know, I like these ghost into-the-light scenes so...

Basically, Corbett comes into the room, grabs on to Freeman and takes him into the light - sort of like the pilot mother and children. Another interesting aspect of this scene that I actually didn't include in the gif to make it less confusing, is that they show Corbett attacking Freeman from a different angle - where you can actually see Corbett's dead body -

Excellent scene.

Saved by Corbett, Sam and Dean are assessing damages when Spruce asks Sam if he's ok. But of course he still has the camera in his hands and Sam's like - you're STILL shooting?! And Dean puts his hand in front of the lens.

The next scene we get narration by Ed and Harry again, bla bla bla, as everyone files out of the Morton House. Something about everyday being a new beginning, losing friends but gaining new allies etc. Harry waits for Dean to pass and then gives Maggie a hug, Sam gives his number to Ed (his real number?). The impala awaits.

Is that a sight for sore eyes or what?!

Some more bla bla bla...
ED: War changes man. And one woman... You know Corbett, we just... ah gosh, we just like to think that you're out there, watching over us.
HARRY: As far as we're concerned, you're not an intern anymore. You have more than earned full Ghostfacer status. Plus, it would be cool to have a ghost on the team.
ED: Yeah. Heh heh. And here we were thinking that, you know, we were teaching you and all this time you were teaching us, about heart, about dedication, and about how gay love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day. Thank you, Alan J. Corbett.
HARRY: Go well into that starry night, young Turk. Go well.

And we have some cute scenes of Corbett which are as corny as they should be and


Sam and Dean are sitting in front of the computer as the show finishes and we finally have Supernatural back.

(I love this first picture. Totally going to use it for something...)

They make some sarcastic remarks of how well the Ghostfacers exploited Corbett's death (but it's not like Sam and Dean feel responsible for it either, which is again interesting.)

The Ghostfacers feel insulted, and insist that now they can tell people the truth. But Sam and Dean know that people don't take the truth very well. And I had to make gifs of these scenes too, despite having to cut off the credits at the bottom, because Sam and Dean.... they are just beautiful.

HARRY: Oh come on, guys, don't be 'facer haters just because we happen to have gotten the footage of the century.
ED: Oh yeah.

As they leave, Ed turns around in triumph.

HARRY: Dicks.
ED: Oh yeah.

But as Spruce goes to make some DVDs, they notice that Dean has left his bag on the floor and there is something strange inside... The computers all crash, and no more show.
Sam and Dean are about to take off when they hear the shouting from inside.
SAM: The world just isn't ready for the Ghostfacers.

DEAN: It's too bad. I kinda liked the show.
SAM: It had its moments.

And does that remind you of the comments in the poll?! It also reminds us that now that the writer's strike is over, they don't have to go down this path anymore. SPN IS BACK!

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