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Rewatching 1-11 Scarecrow

Finally, I can sit down and write this! Reading people's comments has just made my fingers itch like anything. Thank you everyone for your participation. If you remember something or think I am not giving it justice - please don't hesitate to add a comment. These rewatch comments have been evolving rapidly thanks to just the idea of someone reading them :)

So after being given a glimps of what happened to an unfortunate couple a year ago, we start with the scene we ended with in Asylum. The boys sleeping and Sam being woken up by a phone call - from dad!dad
And what he says is what Dean has been saying and dad has been hinting all along. "Stop looking for me. You can't be any part of it (search for demon)." Obviously it is dangerous and dad doesn't want the two boys hurt. And knowing what I know of future episodes, he may also be afraid of what would happen to Sam in the hands of the said demon. But Sam is rebellious. He wants to know WHY?!! and if it is dangerous damn it, he wants to help! Dean has to physically pull the phone away from Sam to get dad's message - another job.

You all have noticed that Sam has been driving the car the whole time since Windego right? And he is still driving as they start out toward Burkitsville, Indiana. He tries very hard to get into the hunt, He just can't do it. To Dean's "I know how you feel," he replies, "How the hell would you know how I feel?!" and later about Dean's faith in Dad, "I don't understand the blind faith you have in the man. It's like you don't even question him." Dean answers: "Yah, it's called being a good son." This is the key difference between the two brothers here isn't it? And we've seen it before in Asylum - "That's why I always get the extra cookie." To Dean at this point, dad is the hero. He idolizes him and is always looking for his approval, and also deeply hurt that dad would leave him like this without warning after all that.

Sam is not so sure dad has all the answers. He is quick to question every single thing. It galls him that dad is always giving orders and expects them to be followed. He decides to do what he thinks is right. If Dean doesn't agree, he is doing it alone. Dean vents his frustration: "You're a selfish bastard, you know that? You just do whatever you want. Don't care what anybody thinks." It reminds me of what the shapeshifter Dean said in Skin... How Sam just left to go to college, leaving Dean to take care of dad.
that's what I want you to do
"Hey, I’m taking off, I will leave your ass, you hear me?"
that's what I want you to do2
"That's what I want you to do."

And they separate. Sam by foot, Dean driving his car. This is the first of several deliberate separations that I can think of, but they all end the same way - but we'll talk about that later ;)

Dean, arriving at his destination, opens up his phone, deliberating whether to call Sam
Dean looks at phone1

Deciding against it, he goes to talk with the owner of a local diner. The man knows the name that Dean is using. You'd think he was a kindred spirit but no. Damn unfriendly.

john baunum

The store keeper and his wife weren't very friendly either, but their niece forces them to give up some information and Dean is on his way to investigate when his EMF meter goes berserk and he finds the scarecrow. Everytime I watch this scene I feel like the scarecrow god is going to attack Dean in broad daylight, the way Dean gets so close and even sees the telltale tatoo.
nice tat
"Nice tat."

Dean figures out that this scarecrow is the key and goes back to town to get some more info from the friendly girl, finds out there is a couple who are being waylayed and tries to convince them to get out of town. Unfortunately he doesn't have his brother with the hypnotic puppy-dog eyes and he ends up getting run out of town.

In the meantime, I don't know who did the calling - we do see Sam checking his phone as Dean did and we know they are both thinking the same thing. They have their little vague "I'm sorry" moment (guys!) and Dean tells him about what is going on with the case and how he is going to talk with the university prof. about the scarecrow god because he doesn't have his "geek brother" to do the research for him. Sam suggests he will help (with the research I guess) if necessary but Dean refuses. And then the most important part of the phone call.

Dean: Sam, you were right. You gotta do your own thing. You gotta live your own life. You've always known what you want and you go after it. You stand up to dad. Hell I wish I...
Anyway, I admire that about you. I'm proud of you Sammy.

That just makes me want to cry. Sam doesn't know what to say either. But it goes to reinforce what has been hinted all along. That (...) in the middle is the most significant silence as far as I am concerned. There is so much in there. Dean wishes, I think, that he had had the courage to go and do what he wanted, which might have included college for all we know. Dean also wants Sam to be able to do what he wants to do. Even in the very first episode, Dean was willing to give up the team if Sam wished to go to law school instead.

"Saying goodbye."

But...all that changes when Dean gets caught. Sam, not being able to get ahold of Dean, realizes something. He is not going to let Dean die. If Dean dies, how will Sam be able to deal with it all on his own?! And there is a very real possibility that Dean is in danger. That demon girl Meg asks Sam, "Why?" (The demons probably want them separate so they can deal with them separately, huh?) And Sam answers, "He's my family."

This is why I and probably most of you watch the show, aye? *wiping a tear*

And I guess people also caught the similar words Emily pleads to her aunt and uncle: "I'm your family!" And what her "family" says to her in return is rather important: "That's what sacrifice means. Giving up something you love, for the greater good. The good of the many outweighs the good of the one."

Woh, heavy subject here. But to the Winchester brothers, family is everything. Not that they do not sacrifice for the greater good. Every day, despite their wish to live a normal life and all that..., they are sacrificing their lives - their own lives. But,I guess in order to sacrifice for the common good, you need to have someone you can cling to in the end. For those who have seen up to the end of Season 8, that might remind you of our last Season 8 episode, "Sacrifice."

And here are Sam's words in the final scene to reinforce it all:

"I still wanna find dad and you're still a pain in the ass, but Jess and mom, they're both gone. Dad is god knows where. You and me, we're all that's left. So - if we're going to see this through, we're going to do it together."

Location: Burkitsville Indiana
Colepitz - PuppetS1Com is listening to it on her iPod)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi bus station, when Sam meets Meg again)
Bad Company - Bad Company (At the end, when Meg makes her "call" )

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