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Rewatching 3-12 Jus in Bello

This week's rewatch is Jus in Bello. And it seems to be quite a favorite as well, with popular consensus being we would have liked to see Henriksen survive and become a hunter or at least a Winchester supporter.

Jus in Bello is the rules of war. Especially with regard to humanitarianism. And that's what this episode is about. But while that's hanging over our heads, we get to see some awesome scenes. BOYS ARRESTED! BOYS IN JAIL! BOYS KICKING ASS! all with our wonderful Henriksen.

So let's get started.

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We start the episode with Sam and Dean and they are not on a case. Seems they got a lead on Bela and are breaking in to the room where she was said to be. They find the room empty of Bela but with enough stuff of hers that they stay to search it for the colt.


Which turns out to be a very bad idea. They get a phone call from Bela, two States away with the colt on the seat next to her. Dean tells her to give the colt back -
BELA: Your little pistol, you mean?Sorry, I can’t at the moment.
DEAN: You understand how many people are gonna die if you do this?
BELA: What exactly is it that you think I plan to do with it?
DEAN: Take the only weapon we have against an army of demons and sell it to the highest bidder.
BELA: You know nothing about me.

This conversation is interesting - especially from a rewatch point of view. We know that Bela has stolen the colt so that she can save her own life by giving it to Lilith (or, to Crowley as it turns out). So in a way Dean is actually right. Bela is going to give it to the "highest bidder" - in exchange for her life, which she holds most dear. What's the use of saving other people's lives if she can't save her own? Is her way of thinking. She is insulted by Dean's talk and in a way, dying to tell him how screwed she is and ask for their help... but she can't.

A second later, FBI storm the room and Sam and Dean are on the floor - cuffed and looking up into the gleeful face of Henriksen. And we can't miss an opportunity to see Sam and Dean cuffed and on the floor can we now?

The next scene is Henriksen intimidating the local police chief and trying to make sure he doesn't let Sam and Dean slip out of his fingers one more time.
HENRIKSEN: You’ve never been to a rodeo like this before. You have any idea who we’re about to bring in here?
MELVIN: Yeah, a couple of fugitives.
HENRIKSEN: The most dangerous criminals you’ve ever laid your eyeballs on. Think Hannibal Lecter and his half-wit little brother. Do you know what these guys do for kicks? Dig up graves and mutilate corpses. They’re not just killers, Sheriff. They’re Satan-worshipping, nutbag killers.

I just reread my review of Nightshifter and we have a similar speech by Henriksen to the police there - calling Dean a monster. The exact quote is - "We have a monster in there." Which we know as true - in the sense that there was a shifter in the building and Sam and Dean were trying to catch it. So when we look at the conversation in this episode - "You have any idea who we're bringing in here?" and "they're satan-worshiping, nutbag killers" makes us laugh because holy moly Henriksen, you have no idea, and we don't mean Sam and Dean either aye? Another important point is, that by bringing Sam and Dean in, they inadvertently stepped right into the middle of a war. And all because of Bela, who will do anything to avoid the hell hounds herself.

Nancy, our virgin secretary, fingers her cross when she hears Henriksen talking about about Satan worshippers. She believes in demons - or the devil anyway - as she tells Dean later. And this is the kind of talk she takes seriously.

Henriksen then asks his second in command to bring Sam and Dean in, and we see them dragging heavy chains as they walk past the secretarial station and wide eyed Nancy with her rosary.
DEAN: Hey! Hey! Watch the merchandise!
Sam and Dean both notice the rosary (and her name) and Dean calls out to her.
DEAN: We’re not the ones you should be scared of, Nancy.
Henriksen then calls his boss at the FBI - who treats him pretty badly for messing up those two other times and tells him a chopper is coming for the boys. From what the boss says later to Sam and Dean, it seems that this boss(Steven) is already possessed by a demon and that he has been spying for a while just in case the FBI find Sam and Dean. Sounds like something Crowley would do ;)

After bullying the chief some more, Henriksen goes to gloat at Sam and Dean.
HENRIKSEN: Take a good look at Sam – you two will never see each other again.
HENRIKSEN: Aw. Where’s that smug smile, Dean? I want to see it.
DEAN: You got the wrong guys.
HENRIKSEN: Oh, yeah. I forgot. You fight monsters. Sorry, Dean. Truth is, your daddy brainwashed you with all that devil talk and no doubt touched you in a bad place. That’s all. That’s reality.
DEAN: Why don’t you shut your mouth?

(Both Dean and Sam sit up a little straighter and glare at Henriksen when he insults their dad. Reminds me of the proud face Dean made last time Henriksen talked about dad in Usual Suspects.)

Here they are pretty much screwed unless they can get someone to break them out. In a way, the coming demon attack is a lucky break for them.

Henriksen goes out when he hears the chopper approach, talking of lobster and steak. Steven, comes in and, giving Henriksen a whole bunch of papers to fill out, goes into the cells area to look in on Sam and Dean.
Here is Nancy's face as Steven tells Henriksen off. Obviously, she is glad he's getting some of his own medicine.
When he gets to the cells, Steven goes straight over to the bars, tells the boys that he's been waiting for them to come out of the woodwork - which confirms suspicions that the demon actually has been stationed in the FBI for a while- and shoots at Dean. Sam is amazing here. He goes right for the hand holding the gun  and tries to get the gun away from Steven - who shows his black eyes - and then Sam does something even more amazing. He starts saying the latin by heart! very quickly too. (Wow. Do you think he learned to do that in his 6 months on his own? ) It is a good thing Dean was the one shot. The demon goes flying back to hell and Henriksen, who rush in hearing the gunshots etc., find Steven on the floor dead, Sam holding the gun, and Dean holding his wounded shoulder. Sam hands over the gun and Henriksen sees that Steven was not shot, but he cannot believe their story that Steven had been possessed. He tells them he's taking them to the chopper and calls his second in command Reidy to go and check why the FBI outside are not answering his call. When Reidy gets outside, he finds everyone dead.

As he watches, the chopper blows up and he gets flung to the ground. When he gets up disoriented and turns around, a demon kills him in some awful way. So Henriksen inside knows they are under siege from someone or something. He thinks it is evil people trying to break Sam and Dean out.

We hear Henriksen make an awesome speech to the panicking chief and officers :
HENRIKSEN: They’re out there and they’re coming in here. This is a siege. So this might be a good time for you to lock the doors and the windows, take a breath, and maybe deal with this like trained professionals with some sense in their heads.

And noticing Nancy's worry he also goes over to her -
HENRIKSEN: You okay?
(Nancy shakes head)
HENRIKSEN: I wouldn’t think so. Nancy, right? I’m gonna get you through this. You got my word. You got that?

He's been treating them with a superior air until now, but the situation has changed his attitude as well. This is a situation where he has to bring the station together as a team. Especially now that his FBI team is all dead. Nancy, who didn't think much of Henriksen before, feels like maybe she can trust him to do the job.

Henriksen goes into the cells to confront Sam and Dean about his suspicions, and although Sam and Dean insist that the "people" outside are not on their side, and that they need to be let out of jail so they can "save your asses," Henriksen still cannot take them seriously. He leaves, and Sam is checking on Dean's wound when they notice Nancy peeking in. Sam uses his charms to try to get her to get her some towels. I wonder what she is thinking of them at this point. She is maybe thinking they are not the satan-worshipping killers that Henriksen said they were.  The incident with Steven might have made her doubt a little, since she is not as averse to the idea as Henriksen is. Anyway, she brings them the towels and Sam grabs the rosary from her. I would think that she may have given the rosary to them of her own free will if he had just asked - but maybe Sam just couldn't take the chance that she wouldn't.  I guess technically it could be used as a weapon... When she screams, Phil the police man comes in with rifle in hand but Sam has already got the rosary.

53 54

As they comment that they are like sitting ducks in the cell, with no way to fight the demons that might attack, Dean again tries to make the best a joke of the whole situation -

DEAN: It's kind of wild, right? I mean it’s like they’re coming for us. They’ve never done that before. It’s like we got a contract on us. Think it’s because we’re so awesome? I think it’s ‘cause we’re so awesome.

This doesn't go over well with Sam. Well, Dean jokes usually get that kind of reaction from Sam anyway, but I wonder if he's thinking of what Ruby said, about Lilith? And maybe thinking, it's because they want my head on a pike?

Then the Chief comes in. He was the one that wanted to go outside after the explosion and Henriksen dissuaded with his speech. Well it looks like the speech didn't work very well after all and the Chief is ready to let Sam and Dean go and make a run for it. At first glance, the Chief is the one that looks like he is possessed. I wonder if Sam and Dean thought so too? They refuse to leave the cell - despite having just talked about being sitting ducks in there. Then Henriksen comes in, saying what are you doing? It's safer here than outside. When the Chief, Melvin, doesn't listen, Henriksen takes his gun and shoots him, and first viewers are like WHAT?! but Sam and Dean are, wow, quick to react. They fight Henriksen for the gun, then get him over to the toilet bowl, where they have that wonderful rosary-in holy water, and as they dunk him in the holy water Sam does the latin thing again and the demon whooshes away but not before telling them that he's told everyone and that they are all coming for them. Well, while this has been happening, Phil and Nancy have also rushed in. They see the black smoke go through the vent and know this possession stuff is actually true. Henriksen wakes up and now he is ready to believe it too.
45 47
HENRIKSEN: I… I shot the sheriff.
DEAN: But you didn't shoot the deputy.
HENRIKSEN: Five minutes ago, I was fine, and then…
DEAN: Let me guess. Some nasty black smoke jammed itself down your throat?
SAM: You were possessed.
HENRIKSEN: Possessed, like… possessed?
SAM: That’s what it feels like. Now you know.
DEAN: I owe the biggest “I told you so” ever.

Henriksen is completely convinced.  He asks Phil for the keys and takes off Sam and Dean's cuffs right away, then asks them what they should do.   While Dean gets his arm treated (finally) he tells them about salt being a deterrent. Henriksen and Phil are disbelieving that a condiment can stop demons, but Nancy is quick to tell them where the road salt is kept.

As Henriksen and Phil leave, Dean also asks Nancy how she is doing.
NANCY: Okay. ... When I was little, I would come home from the church and start to talk about the devil. And my parents would tell me to stop being so literal. I guess I showed them, huh?

So do you think its significant that we have both Henriksen and Dean ask after Nancy once they assume leadership of the situation? It shows how they are alike anyway, but Nancy's response also shows that she feels a bit better now that they know that their adversary is not Sam and Dean, that Sam and Dean believe and know demons, and that they are going to help them survive.

So now they are painting devils traps on the floor and salting doors and windows on the inside to keep the demons out. Dean goes out to his car to get the charms for everyone and their sawed-offs/salt rounds when he sees the demon smoke coming. And this is huge! Reminding us of that cloud at the beginning of this season aye?
He runs back to the station just in time as the demons slam into the doors and windows and try to get in. Dean asks if everyone is OK, which again shows who's in charge - especially when Henriksen asks back - "Define ok." He gives them all charms so they are not possessed, and when asked about themselves... here is our first peek at their tatoos guys! (larger gif linked ;))

Then Nancy notices a person she recognizes in the bunch of people coming toward the station.  Sam tells her that they have been possessed and are not themselves anymore.  Phil is in another room looking out the window and accidentally swipes a bit of salt off the windowsill.

Meanwhile, Dean and Henriksen are getting their rifles stocked with salt rounds and having a neat  conversation.
HENRIKSEN: You know what my job is?
DEAN: You mean besides locking up the good guys? I have no idea.
HENRIKSEN: My job is boring, it’s frustrating. You work three years for one break, and then maybe you can save ... a few people. Maybe. That’s the payoff. I’ve been busting my ass for 15 years to nail a handful of guys and all this while, there’s something off in the corner so big. So yeah… sign me up for that big, frosty mug of wasting my damn life.
DEAN: You didn't know.
HENRIKSEN: Now I do. What’s out there? Can you guys beat it? Can you win?
DEAN: Honestly? I think the world’s gonna end bloody. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight. We do have choices. I choose to go down swingin’.
HENRIKSEN: Plus you got nothing to go home to but your brother.
DEAN: Yeah.What about you? You rockin’ the white picket fence?
HENRIKSEN: Mmm-mm. Empty apartment, string of angry ex-wives. I’m right where you are. (chuckles)
DEAN: Imagine that.

If anyone remembers my previous banner from my comm-blog or noticed the name of my blog here, or listened to my voice meme, Dean's motto "I choose to go down swingin"’ is a major reason why I love him so much. We hear it several times in different words, and ALL of his actions are based on it aye? Even those to do with saving his brother. And I think a big reason why we all love Henriksen is because of this little conversation, where we find that hey, he is not any different from Dean and he wishes he could have done things differently, known what was really out there and had a more meaningful life. Basically he is affirming Sam and Dean's life isn't he. Because they have really made a difference, saving people and hunting things. He's wishing he could do the same. And we so wish he could have too.

Anyway, we hear a shout and find that Ruby has got in through the window that was compromised and is caught in the devils trap.  When the others try to kill her, Sam stops them.
RUBY: Are you gonna let me out? ...And they say chivalry’s dead. Does anyone have a breath mint? Some guts splattered in my mouth while I was killing my way in here.
13 14
DEAN: How many are out there?
RUBY: 30 at least. That’s so far.
DEAN: Oh, good. 30. 30 hit men all gunning for us. Who sent them?
RUBY looks at SAM, who is now standing in the doorway.
RUBY: You didn’t tell Dean? Oh, I’m surprised.
DEAN: Tell me what?
RUBY: There’s a big new up and corner. Real pied piper.
DEAN: Who is he?
RUBY: Not he. Her. Her name is Lilith.
DEAN: Lilith?
RUBY: And she really, really wants Sam’s intestines on a stick. ‘Cause she sees him as competition.

10 12

Interesting that Sam didn't tell Dean about this. Maybe he felt uncomfortable and guilty for the sole fact that it was HIM they were after, and for something he was supposedly destined to do and which he had been feeling bad about already. Maybe he just didn't want to believe it. It's like the demon at his crib all over again. Dean is upset he didn't know, but they can't be arguing about it now when they are under siege. When Ruby finds out that they had lost the colt (I don't know how one colt could have helped things much in the long run... I mean 30 demons, right?) She suggests that the one virgin in the room, Nancy, could sacrifice herself for the cause and they could blast every demon, including Ruby, within a 1 mile radius.

Dean's reaction to Nancy being a virgin is kind of cute - he can't imagine anyone being a virgin by choice because he sure couldn't :P Then we get an argument going that no virgin is going to be sacrificed. Not just Dean, but Henriksen also refuses the idea adamantly. Nancy is like, I can make my own choices thank you! If I can save all those people out there too, then I will do it. Very noble, and something Sam or Dean may have said if he had been the one needed. Sam is silent. When Ruby asks Sam, he doesn't answer. That bothers Dean. Until now, Sam would have been the one to say no way. What has gotten into him?

Comments from several of my awesome friends started me thinking about moral dilemmas with killing innocent people, within Supernatural. In season 1 and much of season 2, it was Sam who was cautious about involving innocent humans in their supernatural war. Remember Nightshifter, where he became terribly cruel toward Ron just so he would give up? or back a bit more to Bloodlust/Ava? Sending her home so she could be safe? OR Croatoan, where he begs Dean not to kill the "innocent" Duane?
Well, he's been acting a bit differently since he was resurrected with the demon deal. I wouldn't go so far as to say that he came back different, but we have seen circumstances where he has very obviously chosen differently from what he would have. Especially since he started listening to Ruby. In Malleus Maleficarum, he surprises Dean by being the one to say they should get rid of the witches. And in the last episode, Mystery Spot, there are indications that he may have really been willing to kill an innocent person to save Dean. Now, we see that he is seriously considering Ruby's suggestion in this episode, to kill the innocent girl by ripping her heart out.

Dean takes Sam out into the hall to have a chat.
DEAN: Please tell me you’re not actually considering this. We’re talking about holding down a girl and cutting out her heart.
SAM: And we’re also talking about 30 people out there, Dean. Innocent people who are all gonna die, along with everyone in here.
DEAN: It doesn’t mean that we throw away the rule book and stop acting like humans. I’m not gonna let that demon kill some nice, sweet, innocent girl, who hasn’t even been laid. I mean, look, if that’s how you win wars, then I don’t want to win.
SAM: Then what? What do we do, Dean?
DEAN: I got a plan. I’m not saying it's a good one. I’m not even saying that it’ll work. But it sure as hell beats killing a virgin.
SAM: Okay, so, what’s the plan?

It's interesting to remember that Dean says that it might not work. He is going with the assumption that they might all die anyway but, it is still better than killing a girl to win. Dean - and Henriksen both - would rather die acting human then live by the same rules that the demons live by. Sam - is half way it seems. He sees the merits in Ruby's suggestion, but he is still willing to go with Dean's idea.

Ruby, I think, knows that they would not go with her idea. It really does not make sense that she would even suggest an idea that would kill her along with everyone else unless she knows they would not. I think it is a big possibility that Ruby is taking this opportunity to teach Sam a lesson - a demon lesson which says, if he is going to fight demons, he will have to be hard, cruel and ruthless, he would have to do things that he does not like. Like she told him in previous episodes. And Sam has been and will continue to take this lesson to heart while Dean will fight against it. Anyway, she splits. I'm not going to see you lose - she says. But maybe if she had helped, that one demon would not have gotten out to tell Lilith.

Once Ruby is gone, they get on with Dean's idea. And what an idea it is! They first make holes in all of the salt lines and devil's traps so that the demons can get into the building. Nancy and Phil are stationed outside on the roof, waiting for all the demons to charge. Lovely shooting scenes here by Henriksen and Dean and holy water scenes by Sam and Dean.

Finally when all the holy water and salt rounds are gone, Sam and Dean are cornered in the secretarial section while Henriksen is still fighting off a couple of demons. Nancy and Phil are almost finished salting around the doors and windows outside. The girl that Nancy recognized outside takes the initiative and pins Sam and Dean to the wall. Dean shouts to Henriksen, and Henriksen flings off the last of the demons and pushes the button on the tape recorder (a tape recorder!!). The exorcism echos through the station and all the demons go crazy trying to get out etc. One does escape through one of the doors while Nancy is salting. He leaves her be, probably thinking he just wants to get out of there quickly, and there we have our leak.
All the other demons are sent back to hell, and everyone is just happy it's over.
Sam and Dean pack up their things and Henriksen tells them don't worry he will find the least crazy story to tell the FBI and he will tell them that Sam and Dean were killed in the helicopter blast as well. They shake hands and Sam and Dean are on their way.

A little later, a properly dressed little girl comes in with what looks like her mother.
LITTLE GIRL: Excuse me. I’m looking for two boys. They’re brothers. One’s really tall and one’s really cute.
NANCY: What’s your name, sweetie?

(I love those descriptions of Sam and Dean)
We see a bright white light and screams as she puts up her hand.
Sam and Dean are in their motel room. Sam lying down, Dean assessing their belongings when they get a visit from Ruby. She angrily tells them to check the TV and they find out that all the people at the station died in a "gas leak" blast.  She also gives them some witch pouches.
RUBY: Considering the size of the blast ... smart money’s on Lilith.
DEAN: What’s in these?
RUBY: Something that’ll protect you. Throw Lilith off your trail… for the time being, at least.
SAM: Thanks.
RUBY: Don’t thank me. Lilith killed everyone. She slaughtered your precious little virgin, plus a half a dozen other people. So after your big speech about humanity and war, turns out your plan? was the one with the body count. Do you know how to run a battle? You strike fast and you don’t leave any survivors. So no one can go running to tell the boss. So next time… we go with my plan.

So why didn't she give them those before that little battle?


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