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Rewatching 3-6 Red Sky at Morning

Despite our recent traumatic event - or maybe because of it, I am going to plow on with our rewatch of Red Sky at Morning. This is our chance to go into COMPLETE DENIAL and pretend it NEVER HAPPENED. Just for a little bit.

We've got a lot of handsome Sam and Dean moments here from suits to tuxes to their regular simple fare and women young and old who don't want to take their eyes/hands off of them! Can you blame them?! We've also got an awesome MoTW that reminds us a bit of the Pilot not only by the way they are vanquished but also the reason they were born in the first place which all ties in with the brothers and their present situation as well. *All pics and gifs other than banners are linked to larger versions* Enjoy!

Well, let's get started!

No music.

So we start with a jogger seeing a ghost ship and then drowning in her shower - actually we see the shadow of the sailor ghost choking her through the clouded shower walls and find out later that it was a drowning.

Then we go to Sam and Dean in the car again, similar to what we saw in the last episode. It seems like its been at least a few days since Sam went and shot the crossroads demon at the end of Bedtime Stories.

Dean asks Sam whether there is something he wants to tell Dean. When Sam pretends he doesn't know what Dean is talking about, Dean tells Sam he has been waiting since Maple Springs to hear what Sam had done with the one missing bullet from the colt.
dean in car banner
DEAN: You wanna tell me how that happened? I know it wasn’t me, so unless you were shooting at some incredibly evil cans… (that line makes me cackle just imagining terribly evil cans...)

Of course Dean has guessed already, and is angry that Sam had gone and risked his life like that, but he is also curious and a little hopeful as to the result.

sam in car banner
DEAN: So what, I’m out of my deal?
SAM: Don’t you think I might’ve mentioned that little fact, Dean?

When he finds out it didn't work, then of course he is all angry that Sam had even tried it.
SAM: I shouldn’t have done it? You’re my brother Dean, and no matter what you do I’m gonna try and save you. And I’m sure as hell not gonna apologize for it, alright? (That line sounds familiar)

Then we jump to the boys questioning an old lady on her niece's death.
Season 3 disk3-2 30
There they find out that not only does the old lady seem knowledgable about ghost ships, but that there is someone else by the name of Alex who is feeding her this information. The old lady, by the name of MS. Case (as she insists on being called - I'm definitely single and available my dear...♡)is quite taken with the young detective Sam pretends to be and cannot help but touch his fingers in a weirdly loving way which just grosses Sam out and amuses Dean to no end.

granny-finder-touching1square-watermarked granny-in-sam-granny-scene1 dean-in-sam-granny-scene1watermarked
MS. CASE: Well. You let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. Anything at all.

That's over, leaving the boys full of questions as to ghost ships, why the old lady thought so, who this Alex is and if he/she is another hunter. Well they soon find out when they get to the pier, where Dean had parked his car. (That area is so familiar to me in Vancouver.)

where's-my-car-watermarked dean-hyperventilates-watermarked200

THE CAR IS GONE! And Dean is panicking while Sam is.... not so much. You'd think he'd be worried about "the arsenal in the trunk," but he sure doesn't look it. And who should stop by but Bela.
Season disk3-2 95 Season disk3-2 97
SAM:How do you sleep at night?
BELA:On silk sheets, rolling naked in money. Really, Sam. I'd expect the attitude from him, but you?
SAM:You shot me!
BELA:I barely grazed you. Cute. But a bit of a drama queen, yeah?

Sam is angry at Bela, which Bela takes to be rather undeserved. Dean seems to agree that Bela didn't hurt Sam much, which is very interesting for an insight into Bela's personality and character.
She tells them good job for screwing up her business with MS Case - who now knows that the case hadn't been solved and had stopped all payments to yours truly. They'd better stay out of the way. Dean is sooo pissed at her for getting his car towed and they are sure not going to let this case go just so she can make some extra bucks!

can-I-shoot-her-watermarked not-in-public-watermarked

HUH. I never realized this before and maybe I was just dense but is this a play on how Sam shot the demon? If so, it sounds more like a writer's joke than a character joke. It is kind of funny to think that Dean told Sam not to shoot the crossroads demon last ep (saying he was the oldest and knew what was best) while this time he is asking permission to shoot Bela and Sam tells him not to. It may be due to his weakened hyperventilated state.

In any case, they can't shoot her in broad daylight, and I guess that is why Bela chose this time of day to get their car towed and tell them to back off in the first place. Well, the Winchesters do not give up so easily. They go to talk to the next victim's brother and find Bela there posing as a journalist.
VTS_01_3 06
They get rid of her for a bit by posing as detectives. Unfortunately, Bela calls attention to the real police and they can't glean much except for that this surviving brother also saw the ghost ship. I am going to call attention to the fact that Sam and Dean are quite uncomfortable getting the attention of the police officers. It's not like they are not used to pretending, even to the police, that they are FBI or Homeland Security etc., but they are now wanted men since the "bank robbery" etc., and they can't take many chances. In Sin City, Sam was getting antsy with police crawling over the bar, and in our last episode Bedtime Stories, as well, though I did not mention it in the review, Sam and Dean purposefully avoid being seen by the police who are investigating the case at the hospital. If Bela had actually told the police here that she thought the boys looked familiar... maybe they were felons...? Then that would have made it VERY difficult for them indeed. I am thinking though that whatever she said was not so serious. (She did use that card in her final ep though, didn't she, in order to possibly save her own life.)

As Sam and Dean are getting their weapons ready to try to protect the living brother from the next attack, Bela drops by - again.
VTS_01_3 12
She tells them that there is no way they can save that man, that he is already a goner. She, on the other hand, has a lead on the ship so she's going to go work on that. Dean tells her, WE have souls so we are going to try to save the guy. Bela replies, oh, don't pretend to be better than me. You are doing it all for vengeance. I'm doing it for the money. Which do you think is healthier? And for Sam and Dean it is kind of true that vengeance is part of it. At least when we think of how it all started. But it has always been about helping people - and as Dean says in Windego - giving them a chance to live happier lives then their own. And it has grown into so much more now that there is a possibility of demons wanting to use Sam for their ends. For Sam it is also about redemption from his demon blood AND about saving his brother.

VTS_01_3 22 VTS_01_3 16
DEAN: Hey Bela, how’d you get like this, huh? Did your Daddy not give you enough hugs or something?
BELA: I dunno. Your daddy give you enough?

Which again points out how similar they seem to be. Of course Dean has not had enough love from his dad since dad was always away on "business". Bela, on the other hand, we find out later has probably been abused by her dad. They have both had tough childhoods that made them cynical and not trusting of anyone but themselves (and in Dean's case - Sam). They are both also accepting of their own desires and while Dean will have as much fun as he can and enjoy the food he likes, Bela is going all out for her desire of money and manipulation. Doesn't it remind you of the 7 sins we saw in the Magnificent Seven? It is so interesting also that they both feel this similarity. The way they understand each other and the facial expressions when each makes a valid point is quite fascinating.

Anyway, Bela storms off and the next scene Sam and Dean are outside of the rich guy's house making sure he's ok and getting ready to "gank" the ghost (or at least stall it) when it appears.
VTS_01_3 39
They are also finding out that the two brothers inherited a fortune from their father who passed away a couple of years ago. Dean envies the good life.
VTS_01_3 27 VTS_01_3 28
DEAN:How much?
SAM:$112 million.
DEAN:Nice life.

Unfortunately, the brother sees them parked there, probably through those huge glass windows of his, and he comes out, shouting at them and accusing them of not being cops and stalking him.

They say that they are undercover and try to explain a bit more, but he storms off - maybe a bit drunk - and tries to drive away in his car! Crazy guy.
VTS_01_3 31 VTS_01_3 32
If he really wanted them out of there all he had to do is go inside and call the "real" police. But I guess he is feeling a bit too paranoid to act normally. Of course Sam and Dean have a feeling about this crazy behavior and rush to their car to get the guns etc. but they are not able to get there in time to save the stupid brother.

So they are terribly depressed. Not only because they couldn't save the guy but I think they wanted to show Bela they could aye? Dean breaks the silence by telling Sam the usual speech between them at such times
VTS_01_3 42 VTS_01_3 43
DEAN: Do you wanna say it or should I?
DEAN:You can't save everybody, Sam.
SAM:Yeah, right, so – so what, you feel better now or what?
DEAN:No, not really.
SAM:Me neither.
DEAN:You gotta understa—
SAM: It’s just lately, I feel like I can't save anybody.

So doesn't this remind you of that scene in Playthings? Where Sam thinks that if he can just save so many people then whatever his destiny is he will be redeemed from it? In this case, of course he is thinking of saving his brother too, and how that is not going very well either. But that's all part of it isn't it. It's not just about saving Dean, it's about saving himself.

ANYWAY, the next morning, as they are researching about the ship in the cute old house where they are squatting, who should come knocking at their door but Bela herself.
Bela bearing gifts
(I love Sam's reaction!)
They are surprised to see her and not so welcoming but Bela comes bearing gifts.
bearing gifts banner
BELA:Look, I think the three of us should have a heart-to-heart.
DEAN:That's assuming that you have a heart.
BELA:Dean, please... I'm sorry about what I said before, okay? I come bearing gifts.
SAM:Such as?
BELA:I've ID'd the ship. (She starts to unzip a portfolio file.)

She knows which ship the ghost ship is, which ghost (a sailor who was hanged unjustly for treason) and the fact that his hand, cut off for treason was being displayed as a powerful occult object in the Sea Pines Museum. And why is she telling them this? She needs them to get inside and steal it for her. Well, of course she doesn't say that. She implies they can burn the thing when they get it. Dean, though, knows that she is probably aiming to sell it if she can.

The next scene we see is Bela waiting impatiently for Dean to come down so they can go to the party at the museum. Sam and .... his date... have already gone. They have to get a move on! This little scene is great fun because for once Dean is playing what would traditionally be considered the female role - starting with this insecurity as to whether he looks good enough and taking ages to prepare. I love Bela impatiently waiting for him like you'd see a guy do in other shows or movies. And when he does come down, of course Bela is suitably impressed and wanting to take him to bed *cackles* You will understand I wanted to make that whole scene into gifs and icons and whatever.
dean-coming-down2-watermarked I-look-rediculous1-watermarked not-exactly-watermarked

wondering-watermarked when-this-is-over-watermarked don't-objectify-me200

In any case, despite his telling her not to "objectify" him, he is still quite happy with her attention and we see him grinning to himself as they take off.

The next scene is of Dean and Bela as they arrive at the museum. The first thing Bela notices when they get inside is that Dean is chewing GUM!!! He must be nervous... or maybe thinking he'll have to kiss someone? When Bela tells him to get rid of it, he gets all immature and sticks it on the back of the rim of a punch bowl.
dean with gum banner
We then see Sam with his date. She is in 7th heaven and he is all "don't forget, this is only business." He's just NOT into going out with old ladies! especially ones that take every opportunity to touch his "firm all over" body. (It reminds me of the scene with Becky in Season 5.)
_01_3 10 _01_3 11
He gets away from her for a few minutes to complain to Dean, who is totally uncaring and enjoying Sam's discomfort.
_01_3 16 _01_3 17
SAM: Exactly how long do you expect me to entertain my date?
BELA:As long as it takes.
DEAN:Look, there's security all over this place, all right. This is an uncrashable party without Gert's invitation, so...
SAM:We can crash anything, Dean.
DEAN:Yeah, I know, but this is easier and it's a lot more entertaining.
SAM:You know there are limits to what I'll do, right?
DEAN:Ah, he's playing hard to get, that's cute. Come on. I want all the details in the morning!

MS. Case comes up with some champagne, and Sam decides to drown in it while MS Case gazes up at him in adoration.
watching-sam-drink-watermarked I-_3-6_sam-with-champaigne-watermarked

So, back to Dean and Bela. They have gone out into the hall to try to figure out how to get upstairs to the hand. Dean sees the way the guards are standing and deduces that they are professionals who are moonlighting. Pretty cool that. Unfortunately, further "thinking" doesn't produce any good ideas. (Reminds us of Scarecrow!)
66 70
DEAN:I'm thinking.
BELA:Don't strain yourself. Interesting how the legend is so much more than the man.
DEAN:You got any bright ideas, I'm all ears.

(This is interesting... So Bela has heard rumors of the Winchesters too...)

Bela acts on impulse (when in doubt, faint - often used to good effect by women of old.)

and Dean somehow catches on and gets the guard to take them upstairs "to rest."
DEAN: Hey maybe next time give me a little heads up with your plan?
BELA:I didn't want you thinking. You're not very good at that.
BELA:Oh, look at you. Searching for a witty rejoinder.
DEAN:Screw you.
BELA:Very Oscar Wilde. Room 235. It's in a locked glass case wired for alarm, I'm sure that won't be a problem.
DEAN:(mutters)I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Bela is having fun teasing Dean but she knows what he is good at.
47 40
Dean of course has no problem opening the safe but while he is doing so, the guard comes to check up on Bela and she has to pretend that they are "in the middle of something" in order to get him to leave. Then, as he is leaving, he bumps into Dean, coming up the stairs with the hand! (of course hidden)
DEAN:Whoa. Sorry! It's, uh ... nature called.
GUARD:Ah huh.
DEAN:Thanks for looking after my wife.
GUARD:Oh, she's ... being looked after, all right.

Professional or not, this guard is dumb. He mistakes the whole thing as a wife cheating on her husband? They were pretty lucky there.

Dean goes in just as Bela is adjusting her strap after lowering it for the guard and shows her the hand. But, when she asks for it to put in her purse, he refuses (good boy!) because he knows she would not think of burning the thing and she is in it for her own profit.
BELA:Nothing I couldn't handle. The hand? May I?
BELA:It might be more inconspicuous in my purse.
DEAN:Nice try.
BELA:Just trying to be helpful.
DEAN:Well, sweetheart, I don't need your kind of help.

UNFORTUNATELY, he's forgotten a major point. She is a professional pickpocket! Dean!

While this is happening, Sam is still suffering in silence.
SAM:Man, this is one long song.
MS. CASE:I hope it never ends.

But when they start talking about the case, MS Case has some more interesting information about the two brothers. She has to whisper it in Sam's ear though. And... oh help me! *dies laughing at Sam's expense*
21 22
MS CASE:People say that the old man didn't die of natural causes.
SAM:Then how? (grimace)
MS CASE: Rumor is the boys did it. Nothing was ever proved, but, uh, people still whisper.

What a relief for Sam when Dean and Bela get back. Bela mercifully pulls MS Case away from Sam and leads her outside.
13 15
BELA: I'm going to get Gert into a cold shower.
SAM:Great idea.
BELA: See you at the cemetery.

And one last tease from Dean before they head out to their car.
Thanks a lot, Dean.

In the car, Sam wants to see the hand for his own eyes, to make sure that his suffering was not for nothing. Of course Bela has replaced the hand with the little bottled ship she found on the desk in the office. And they know they - no, Dean - has been had.
3 4
SAM:You got it, right? Tell me I didn't get groped all night by Mrs. Havisham for nothing.
DEAN:I got it... Mrs. Who?
SAM:Never mind. Just let me see it. What?
DEAN:I'm gonna kill her.

Bela, on the other hand, is counting the money she got from selling the damn thing and feeling happy when she sees something that makes her want to run to Sam and Dean and beg for their help.
VTS_01_3 128 2

DEAN : Relax! Oh yeah, yeah, I'll relax. I can't believe she got another one over on us!
SAM:I...I mean, she got ... one over ... on you, ... not us.
DEAN: Thank you! Sam. Very helpful.

While Dean is simmering, Bela makes her surprise visit. Of course Sam and Dean are again puzzled. What is the matter now? She got what she wanted.
149 150
What could she possibly want from them? Bela tells them that she sold the hand (of course), that she had been planning to do it all along, and the boys had just been her cover.
(He's free to shoot her now that they are not in public. :) )

When they hear that she's seen the ship though... They know why. She's killed someone in her family (ends up being both her parents if I'm correct, on a demon deal).

The ghost ship/sailor appears to those who have killed a family member because it was his own brother who hanged him.
DEAN:You do realize you just sold the one thing that could save your life.
BELA:I'm aware.
SAM :Well ... maybe not the only thing.

Sam is using the knowledge they have from previous eps and reasons that the sailor just needs to deal with his brother in order for him to stop bothering other people (just like the kids in the Pilot episode need to deal with their mother in the Pilot.) So he summons the brother.
114 120
Before he can finish the incantation though, the sailor appears and throwing Dean aside, starts drowning Bela.
109 108

Dean tells Sam to recite faster and finally the brother appears just in time for another awesome ghost finale.
I'm-sorry-200 ghost-watermarked

I actually read the review by Markwatches and was interested in his quibble with the use of drowning/water to kill, when the sailor had been hanged. It is an interesting question but since they could very easily have done it another way, there is obviously a reason they chose that. On first thought I'd say it is because that is the worst death for a sailor. People couldn't swim in those days - even sailors. If he was killed on land by "landlovers" then maybe he thought these people deserved a sailor's worst death.

I'd also like to point out in passing that this "people who betray their own family are the worst-of-the-worst kind of fits in with the whole Winchester family loyalty theme too.

The next day, Sam and Dean are getting their stuff packed and getting ready to leave. Again, a surprise visit from Bela. This time their door is open (maybe they know she's coming?).
95 93
BELA:You boys should learn to lock your doors. Anyone could just barge in.
SAM:Anyone just did. Did you come to say goodbye or thank you?

But she's one of those people who doesn't like to be in anyone's debt. You never know when you'll have to sacrifice them for your own benefit right?
BELA:I've come to settle affairs. Giving the spirit what he really wanted, his own brother – very clever, Sam. So here. (She tosses them each a packet of money.) It's ten thousand – that should cover it. I don't like being in anyone’s debt.
DEAN:So ponying up ten grand is easier for you than a simple thank you? You're so damaged.

It-takes-one-200 dean-reaction-to-it-takes-one-watermarked

And with a quick bye! she's out the door.

SAM:She got style. You gotta give her that.
DEAN:I suppose.
SAM:You know, Dean, we don't know where this money's been.
DEAN:No, but I know where it's going... A-HA HA!

Another instance that Sam is reluctant to receive money from anywhere that looks evil or suspicious like in Bad Day while Dean will take what he can get!

BUT, that is not the end. Again, we have a little talk in the car between Dean and Sam regarding the colt. Dean is all understanding of why Sam might have done what he did. I would have done the same thing, he says.
77 79
DEAN:Yeah, you'll keep hunting, y'know, you live your life. You’re stronger than me. You are! you are... you'll get over it. But I want you to know I'm sorry, I’m sorry for... putting you through all this, I am.
SAM:You know what, Dean? Go screw yourself.
SAM:I don't want an apology from you! And by the way, I'm a big boy now, I can take care of myself.
DEAN:Oh, well, excuse me.
SAM:So would you please quit worrying about me? I mean that's the whole problem in the first place. I don't want you to worry about me, Dean, I want you to worry about you! I want you to give a crap that you’re dying!
So, that's it? Nothing else to say for you?
DEAN:I think maybe I'll play craps.


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Recent Posts from This Journal

  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

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