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Rewatching 3-5 Bedtime Stories

I'm back with my review of Bedtime Stories. This is an awesome rewatch if you are prepared to catch little details you missed before. The "MoTW" is also very unusual and there are plenty of angsty scenes concerning the crossroads deal where we feel for both Sam and Dean.

* All gifs and screencaps (excepting banners) are linked to larger originals. click on the pic to see them!

No Music :P

Three chubby construction guys are out late, checking out the materials that are to be used by the crew the next day. When I first watched this episode, all of the details eluded me. I failed to notice the snorting that one of the guys does (or at least its significance) and even on future rewatches I missed the whole conversation, being so caught up in everything else. All I knew is they were arguing over the shitty wood they had aye? The conversation goes like this -

Season 3 disk3-1 02
"Yeah, me too."
"Come on guys, let's get it together. You're on brick."
"Yeah, I know, but I —"
"You're the brick guy and I'm the wood guy. That's the way it's always been."
"All I asked I just wanted someone to pick the color of bricks!"
"Okay, then you know what, it's gotta be you."
"... not my responsibility!"
JACK: Okay, we got a crew coming in the morning. Look at this wood, huh?! Look at it, it's crap! Where'd you order it from?
EMMETT: Same place as always.
KYLE: Shoulda used the cinder block, like I wanted.
JACK: You know what? Here we go again. You are not in charge.
KYLE: Hey, you're a bunch of girls. Look, it comes down to this, okay? One gust of wind and the whole place is gonna blow over!
EMMETT: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

At which point they get a attacked by the "big bad wolf" - Jack behind a mound of pipes, Emmett in front of the cement bricks, and Kyle, who was hiding behind the bricks survives the attack. Another bit of detail.

We then go to Sam and Dean in the car, on the way to this psycho-killer who they think is a werewolf since it fits the lunar cycle.

We see a bullfrog on the road barely getting out of the way for the car. I don't know if the writers were thinking of the Princess and the frog when they wrote this part of the episode, but I am always reminded of a similar scene in the novel Tuck Everlasting. A bitter sweet story I think I heard made into a movie as well.

ANYWAY...Now that they have the colt, Sam is all for confronting the crossroads demon and threatening the demon to get Dean out of the deal. Dean doesn't want to take any chances that things might go sour and Sam might die. They have quite a loud argument - again.

Season 3 disk3-1 09 Season 3 disk3-1 10
DEAN: Sam, enough! I am not going to have this conversation.
SAM: Why, because you said so?
SAM: Well you're not Dad!
DEAN: No, but I am the oldest. And I'm doing what's best. And you're going to let this go, you understand me?

Reminds me of the other time Dean brings up he's the oldest and always right... Something Wicked, aye? This reason is enough to shut Sam up. But he is not convinced. He will never be convinced.

Season 3 disk3-1 13 Season 3 disk3-1 15

Dean tries to bring Sam back to their case and Sam reluctantly tells him about it.

When they get to the hospital to talk to Kyle we have another bit of Sam angst that breaks my (and probably Dean's as well) heart.
Season 3 disk3-1 17 VTS_01_1 02
KYLE: OK look he- he's just a- a normal guy, with normal eyes a-a-a-and teeth and fingernails!
SAM: Look sir, it's okay if-
KYLE: No. No. Those were my brothers. This guy, he- he killed my brothers. How would you feel?
SAM: Can't imagine anything worse.

VTS_01_1 03 VTS_01_1 04
(Dean's reaction to that...)

Sam and Dean find out that this was just a regular guy with the distinguishing characteristic of a tattoo of Wile E. Coyote on his arm.

We also get a funny little scene though when Kyle asks to see Sam's sketch. If you'll remember, Sam's sketch of the tree in front of their house in Home was not bad but his drawing here is, well, very cute. I love Kyle's reaction :D
It's a work
Kyle: Hm. It— it's really... huh.

And Dean teases Sam about it as they walk out of the hospital too.
DEAN: Boy, this is a piece of, uh, art. Really.
SAM: Yeah, like you could've done any better.

We then jump to Hansel and Gretel wandering through the woods.
hansel and gretel

I just love these modern versions of the fairy tales, which remind me also of the TV series Once Upon a Time. I don't know if they are a married couple but this guy with his "I know where we're going" reminds me of David back in Roadkill. And we've seen that not end very well either aye? In this case, he not only gets them lost in the woods, he just can't resist a bit of PIE, even though the girl(Julie) is quite hesitant. Which is so typical, but also goes with the Hansel and Gretel story so perfectly.

And my oh my, that old lady is super creepy. I'd be traumatized for life and totally scared of cute grandmas forever if I ever went through something like that.
26 27
OLD LADY: Don't worry. Everything's fine. You just hold still now dear.

And we've got our "ghost" girl watching the grossness.

Dean and Sam catch up to the case when Julie is brought into the hospital. She somehow got away - oh yes, of course, she pushed the old lady, who cracked her head on the stove! again very close to the fairy tale.
hansel and gretel 2
Julie also tells them about the little girl who was watching from the window. So Sam and Dean finally know that it has to do with a spirit (because she disappeared).

They also meet the doctor for the second time that day. We have the usual line by Sam.
TS_01_1 136
DR. GARRISON: What the hell is going on here? My whole town is going insane.
SAM: We'll let you know as soon as we do.

Sam and Dean go to investigate the old lady's house.
I just realized how odd it is that their car is parked right there in front of the house. If there was a road for a car... how did those two get lost anyway? I had the impression there was only a small path leading to her house. Huh.

Anyway, no sign of sulfur, but definitely EMF. YUP, it's a spirit as they suspected. And Sam finds the correlation between the three chubby men and their houses, and girl and boy and wicked grandma... fairy tales!
I'm thinking abou

Dean sure is in a teasing mood. I guess he's trying to lighten things up for Sam.

In any case, they need to do some research so off Dean goes to the library to check on little girls who have died recently. Sam is researching too - not quite sure what, but he does find out about a medium who was manipulated by ghosts and suggests that the spirit may be doing the same thing. Which is an interesting concept. But more interesting is that this girl is not only controlling the wolf or the old lady, but must also be manipulating the other people's actions and conversations in order to create such a perfect re-enactment. Dean seems to have a hard time believing it too.

DEAN: Trances I get, but fairy tale trances? That's bizarre even for us.

As they are walking they come across that frog in the middle of their path and it won't move! Just sits there and croaks at them! (I remember Jensen talking about how hard this scene was because the frog kept hopping away LOL)

141 166
SAM:Yeah, you're right. That's completely normal.

VTS_01_1 130 there's-no-way
DEAN: All right, maybe it is fairy tales. Totally messed-up fairy tales. I tell you one thing...
(I do so love this scene! I wonder though what would have happened if he HAD kissed the frog...)

But it doesn't end there. They actually get to see another fairy tale in action -
VTS_01_1 170
SAM: Hey. Check that out.
DEAN: Yeah? It's close to Halloween.
(we see MICE scuttling around the pumpkin - this girl... is she controlling mice too now?)
SAM: You remember Cinderella? With the pumpkin that turns into a coach, and the mice that become horses?

Seems like the little girl (Callie) wants them to find "Cinderella."

They break in to the house, and find a girl handcuffed to the stove.
VS_01_1 27 VS_01_1 28
As they are hearing the story of how the step-mom all of a sudden went ballistic and hurt "Cinderella" and tied her up, Dean senses a presence. He looks toward the other room and sees our spirit.
VTS_1_1 39
The spirit girl leads Dean into the other room and when Dean asks her who she is, she does not say a word but instead disappears, leaving a red apple in her wake.
VS_01_1 50

So, Sam calls the paramedics for Cinderella and Dean is thoughtful by the car, twirling the apple around.

Sam comes up, Dean throws him the apple over the car *melts* and now Sam plays with the thing.

DAMN. I love the boys with that apple and their thoughtful faces. (I tried to get Dean throwing the apple on gif too, but it didn't turn out as good :P)

Anyway, they talk about Snow White... (Dean says, oh, I watched a porn called that once, and there was this wicked stepmother...) and how Snow White was poisoned by her stepmother which put her into a deep sleep... COMA! so they go to the hospital to see if they can find any girls in a coma.

The nurse there can't tell them about any girls in a coma but she does mention one person who has been in a coma for a very long time, which happens to be the doctor's daughter. Sam and Dean go to investigate and they find the doctor reading the Grimm Brothers to his very big daughter. (Doesn't he have ANY other books?! One track mind...)
TS_01_1 135 TS_01_1 137
He just happens to be reading Little Red Riding Hood at the moment the boys interrupt. They say their condolences, confirm the details (that there was a step mom and that the girl was poisoned by cleaner fluid) and leave him to try to figure out what to do, when who should be wheeled in the door but little red ridinghood's grandmother who was attacked at her car by the same big bad wolf that attacked the three little pigs! Dean tells Sam to quickly go and try to stop Callie somehow.

S_01_1 09
SAM: What about you?
DEAN: I'm gonna go stop the Big Bad Wolf. (Pause) Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said.

So we got hunter Dean going after the big bad wolf... so perfect again.

When he gets to the house, Dean finds poor red riding hood scratched up and hiding behind the stove. Just as Dean is confirming that she's alright, the bid bad wolf attacks from behind and we have this awesome fighting scene.

In the meantime, Sam is trying to get the doctor to listen to him, but he starts with the wrong bit of information... that the doctor's wife poisoned his daughter. I guess pretending to be a detective that's the only route he thought he could come from but it sure doesn't make a good impression on the doctor.
S_01_1 18
The doctor shuts the door on Sam and when Sam doesn't give up, tries to call security.
S_01_1 17
But when Sam mentions that they've seen her spirit, the doctor starts believing what Sam says, because he has seen her too. At first he has a very hard time believing that his wife would poison his daughter though, until Sam tells him that his daughter told them this in not so many words...." The doctor calls to Callie and tells her that he is ready to listen to the truth, to what she has to say.
TS_01_1 31
DOCTOR: Oh – I'm so sorry, baby. But listen to me. You gotta stop what you're doing, okay? You're hurting people. I know everything now. I know the truth. It's time for you to let go. It's time for me to let you go.
- just in time, because the fight between the hunter and the wolf is getting to it's final stages. Hunter Dean finds some scissors in the sewing basket and is just about to kill the poor guy when he wakes up from his "hypnosis."
S_01_1 37 VTS_01_1 38
MAN: Whoa! Stop, stop! Whoa stop! Whoa! Where am I? What's going on?!

We then see Sam and Dean walking with the doctor back to the nurse's station
DR. GARRISON: And the girl's okay?
DR. GARRISON: So. It's really over.
SAM Yeah. All thanks to you.
DR. GARRISON: Callie was the most important thing in my life. But I should've let her go a long time ago.
DEAN: See ya ‘round, Doc.
DR. GARRISON: I sure hope not.

VTS_01_1 VTS_01_ 42
DEAN You know what he said? Some good advice.
SAM Is that what you want me to do Dean? Just let you go?



And I'm shedding tears...

BUT, THERE'S MORE! Sam is NOT going to let Dean just go. And he's going to try to do what Dean told him not to do. He creeps out as Dean sleeps and goes to the crossroads demon with the colt.
VTS_01_1 66 VTS_01_1 67
CROSSROADS DEMON: You're gonna make ME an offer? That's adorable.
SAM: You can let Dean out of his deal right now. He lives, I live. You live. Everyone goes home happy. Or...

The crossroads demon (actress was Jared's girlfriend at the time) tells him that even if he kills her, the deal is not erased. Someone else holds the deal and "He's not as cuddly as me, I can tell you that." (interesting the deal holder turns out to be Lilith - or maybe that was a lie too?)

She also says something interesting, maybe building on the fuel that got Sam to this spot in the first place.
VTS_01_1 70
CROSSROADS DEMON: Oh. All this tough talk. I have to tell you, it's not very convincing. I mean, come on Sam. Do you even want to break the deal?
SAM: What do you think?
CROSSROADS DEMON: I don't know. Aren't you tired of cleaning up Dean's messes? Of dealing with that broken psyche of his? Aren't you tired of being bossed around like a snot-nosed little brother? You're stronger than Dean. You're better than him.
SAM: Watch your mouth.
CROSSROADS DEMON: Admit it. You're here, going through the motions. But truth is … you'll be a tiny bit relieved when he's gone.
SAM: Shut up.
CROSSROADS DEMON: No more desperate, sloppy, needy Dean. You can finally ... be free.

And Sam does not hesitate to shoot her as promised.

This last scene, what the demon said has been bugging me even after I posted this. These are the thoughts I've come up with so far. I'd love your input!

We've come across several demons recently who are very interested in the Winchesters and how everything is going - whether Sam is going to turn and be their leader etc. In the Magnificent Seven, we had the sins, who were obviously not on Sam's side anymore now that the YED was dead. Then last episode, we had Casey talking to Dean about how she respected him for his deal and was prepared to follow Sam. This is VERY rareto see a demon sympathetic to Dean. But it could be that she saw his sacrifice in the same way as the YED did - as a way to bring Sam back to life to lead them. The YED has told Dean to his face in the Season 2 finale (AND in the Season 1 finale...)that he thought Dean needed his family more than they needed him, that because of this fault Sam was saved to live up to YED's purposes. The YED both thanked and made fun of Dean, making him doubt as to whether he had really brought back the Sam that he knew. We know from Skin already that Dean felt his family didn't care about him as much as he did them. He felt abandoned and unloved. The important thing is that it is the kind of thing that hurts him the most to be told. And the YED (regardless of the truth) would say these things just to enjoy seeing Dean suffer.

Now we have this crossroad demon saying the same type of thing to Sam. Why? Maybe there is a part of Sam that feels this way as well? He did tell Dean that he was selfish for saving Sam's life just so he wouldn't be alone, and he is bugged by Dean always being the boss of things. While Dean rebels toward outside authority, Sam has a tendency to rebel towards his dad and brother, who - from his point of view - tell him what to do and not tell him WHY which is, I think, what bugs him the most. And maybe Sam wants to think he is better and stronger than Dean. But why is the crossroads demon saying this now? What does she hope to gain?
I think she must have been considering two possibilities. One, that Sam would listen to her and maybe decide not to kill her, or two, even if he did decide to kill her she would have the satisfaction of making Sam suffer. To have the satisfaction of these thoughts and the awful guilt going through Sam's mind for the next year. Because Sam does feel guilty. He feels guilty for what his brother did for him and we know he has that hole in his heart just like Dean did in Season 2. If I'd put her on a side, I'd say she was on Lilith's side for the time being(Lilith holds the contract) but is willing to wait and see how things would turn out. She also probably knows that for Sam to go dark-side, or for Lilith to have a chance to kill him, either way, Dean has to be out of the way.


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