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Rewatching 3-4 Sin City

We are going on with our rewatches of Season 3. After action packed Bad Day at Black Rock, this episode may seem rather slow. There is definitely a lot more exposition and we are going to get a lesson on demons, humans and maybe even God... in the Supernatural universe. The heartache stays the same, though - Dean with his bravado and fear of the underworld and Sam's determination to save Dean.

OK let's get started.

"Run Through the Jungle" by Creedence Clearwater Revival (plays over the entire scene when Dean and Sam go to the bar for the first time, up until Dean stops the shooter)
"Bad Seed" by Brimstone Howl (plays while Dean and Sam talk in the bar; Dean is worried about Richie)
"Nikki" by Sasquatch (plays when the prostitute tries to pick Dean up at the bar)
"Did You See It?" by Mother Superior (plays in the bar when Sam is looking for Dean)

The episode starts with the "MoTW" a mysterious suicide by a man who is totally disillusioned with life.
ANDY: Father, God's not with us. Not anymore.
FATHER GIL:Andy, of course He is. Why would you say that? What's wrong?
ANDY: He can't help us. And if He can... He won't.

(Which is pretty accurate). He blows his brains out in front of the father (who we know is a demon) and a sister.

Then we jump to the most heartwarming scene at Bobby's. Bobby is at his desk, with all kinds of gadgets for cleaning and replacing parts of the colt. I mentioned last rewatch that as Dean talked with Bobby on the phone Bobby was busy working on the colt. Well, he still is.

Bobby banner

This time, Dean has joined him and is making bullets(silver?). I love his serious face as he works busily.

Dean banner

And Sam is doing research in the kitchen?

sam research

It is a rare peaceful scene. The silence is broken when Sam finds something. dean listens ok bobby
DEAN:Hey, what's up?

(Just those words show how laid back they are - it's like a Sunday afternoon aye?)

There's been dry lightning, barometric-pressure drop, a suicide in a church and a murder in the rundown town of Elizabethville, Ohio.

Dean, of course, complains that they don't get to go somewhere exciting (and hot chicks?) like South Beach and Sam good-naturedly tells him maybe next time.

Then Sam turns his attention to Bobby.

SAM:How's it going, Bobby?
DEAN:Eh, I tell you, it's a little sad seeing the Colt like that.
BOBBY:Well, the only thing it's good for now is figuring out what makes it tick.
SAM:So what makes it tick?

(glare from Bobby)
DEAN:So, if we want to go check out these omens in Ohio…
... you think you can have that thing ready by this afternoon?
BOBBY:Well, it won't kill demons by then, ... but I can promise you it'll kill you.

This scene is just so homey! And Dean and Sam look so happy... And no, I didn't forget. Here's Sam:
Sam banner

Before they go, Bobby tells them to let him know if they find anything. Two handsome guys look back at him - this time with a bit more seriousness aye?
sam and dean at bobby
BOBBY:Hey! You boys run into anything — anything — you call me.

Anyway, after that lovely scene, Sam and Dean are on their way. We have an aerial shot of the car as it zooms down the road - which was actually first seen in Skin
Season 3 Disk 2 -2 01

When they get to Elizabethville, they first go to the church as insurance agents, to talk to Father Gil.
Season 3 Disk 2 -2 14

Demon-Father Gil willingly tells him that Andy seemed to almost be possessed the way he changed all of a sudden two months ago. And the guy who killed all those people at a hobby shop as well. Interesting he does this. Does he want to throw them off the track, making them think it is a possession? Or is he getting them ready for his partner to get rid of them? I am assuming he knows from the start that these are the Winchesters. Maybe he is just curious how they are going to handle the whole deal - if they are as smart as he hears others tell it, and what kind of person Sam is, who was supposed to lead them in a war?

In any case, the guys leave knowing that this all began two months ago when the demons were released from the gate. They go to their motels to settle in for an investigation. Just as they are about to close the door, who do they see coming out of a room across from them (with what could only look like a prostitute) than an old friend and fellow hunter of Deans, Richie.
Season 3 Disk 2 -2 20
DEAN:Richie. I don't believe it.
Dean got to know Richie during the time Sam was at college. He seems like a nice guy but a tad out of it. (I mean how did he stay alive this long?!)
Season 3 Disk 2 -2 78
RICHIE:It was that succubus, in Canarsie right?
DEAN:Yeah, yeah.
RICHIE:Oh, man. You should have seen the rack on this broad. Freakin' tragedy when I had to gank her.
DEAN:Whoa, whoa. Wait. Who killed her? If I remember, your ass was toast until I showed up.

Well, Richie tells Sam Dean is just a joker - of course Dean didn't save his ass, but Sam knows better. I think he likes Richie too. We get a lot of smiles by Sam too.
Season 3 Disk 2 -2 25
Oh... I have so many nice pics I feel like making another suit!Sam banner, but I will abstain. (Aren't they cute though!)

Dean tries to glean some information on demons in town but...
Season 3 Disk 2 -2 47 Season 3 Disk 2 -2 32
DEAN:So you find anything in this town, anyway?
RICHIE:Ah, no. I got nothing. Oh, wait a minute. You mean as in demons and whatnot?
DEAN: Yeah.
RICHIE: No, I got nothing.

(Hilarious guy, Richie.)

Richie notes though that there is one guy still alive that has changed a lot in the last two months - Trotter, who used to be head of the Rotary club and all of a sudden brought in the gambling and prostitutes and practically owns the whole town now.

Sam and Dean decide to go out and see this town and Trotter as well. When they get into town, it is not the run-down town they thought it would be. The bars are teaming with all sorts of people looking for pleasure.

Season 3 Disk 2 -2 90
DEAN:Well, what are we waiting for? Let's do some research.

(Um... not that kind of research, Dean.)

So when they get in the bar, they find Richie in his silk shirt busy having some fun. Dean notices the hot bartender and Richie tells him that she is taken.
Season 3 Disk 2 -2 143 Season 3 Disk 2 -2 151
SAM:So,what do we do now?
DEAN: I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna do a little investigating with that bartender.
RICHIE: Easy. Me and her, we got a little ... somethin'-somethin' lined up for later.

Season 3 Disk 2 -2 160 Season 3 Disk 2 -2 168
DEAN:Yeah, right.
RICHIE:Stings, don't it? All right. I got to hit the head, release the hostages. Be back in a few.

Dean definitely cannot believe that the bartender could be at all interested in Richie...
Season 3 Disk 2 -2 171 Season 3 Disk 2 -2 175
DEAN:No way he gets a girl like that. I mean, look at her. You could fit that ass on a nickel.
FATHER GIL:You think so?

Surprise of surprises, the Father is there, having his own drink. He exchanges some banter with the bartender and leaves the bar.

Hearing that the bartender makes a "mean hurricane," Dean is eager to try one.
Season 3 Disk 2 -3 06
SAM:You drink hurricanes?
DEAN:I do now

We see a guy (Reggie) come in and talk to his friend. He looks pretty depressed, but that is not all. Sam notices he has a gun in his hand and shouts at Dean just in time for Dean to tackle Reggie and save his friend (who seems to have slept with Reggie's wife)from being killed.
Season 3 Disk 2 -3 08 Season 3 Disk 2 -3 09

Season 3 Disk 2 -3 12 Season 3 Disk 2 -3 11
The first thing Sam does is sprinkle holy water on Reggie. No. Not a demon. We find that demon-Casey is watching all of this with more than a little interest.
Season 3 Disk 2 -3 13

Sam looks up to also find Trotter watching him - they exchange a look.
Season 3 Disk 2 -3 14 Season 3 Disk 2 -3 15
On first watch we are wondering if Trotter is our man. On a rewatch we know that yes, he is the one that brought the "pleasures" into town - even though he is not possessed, he is in a way responsible for what is going on. I wonder if he feels that, or if he is just an immoral businessman who doesn't really care as long as he can make money off of it? On a similar vein, I wonder what kind of evil schemes Demon-Father Gil was working in this town, at his church. Don't you think Andy the suicide man's words that "God is not with us anymore" are pretty significant? I wonder if, just by being there, Demon- Father Gil is influencing how people think about life in general - and just maybe Andy sensed that? - the fact that it was not a "house of God" anymore?

Anyway, the police come and Sam is a tad worried because there are so many of them. Dean is not as worried until one comes up and tells them that a reporter for the local news was coming for a photo. It's time to get out of there - but not before noticing that Richie is nowhere to be found.

While that is happening, demon-Casey is leading Richie to her secret hideout where she lights some candles and shows her black eyes, at which point Richie throws his knife and gets his neck snapped for his trouble.

Poor guy. I guess demon-Casey just leaves him there to clean up later. She is going back to get Dean down there too and kill two birds in one day.

Dean is still worried. He's trying to get a hold of Richie on his cell and doesn't even touch his huge burger.
Season 3 Disk 2 -3 29
SAM:You do realize there's red meat within striking distance, right?
DEAN:How many times i got to tell Richie, he's gonna get himself in trouble?

Dean tells Sam he is going to go and see if he can find Richie. In the meantime, Sam's going to check on Trotter.

What we know on a rewatch is that Dean finds out Richie's location by GPS and finds his body in Casey's basement, burns the body? or at least takes it out of there, draws a devil's trap under the carpet and leaves to lure demon-Casey.

Some stuff is happening at home with Bobby while all this is happening. He's outside shooting with the colt to get the balance right so it shoots proper when who should pop in but Ruby. This is the first time the Bobby sees her, but I guess he guesses who she is. He shoots her with the colt, but of course it doesn't work that way. Seems though that Ruby has the mojo to fix it proper (which is pretty amazing actually).

Season 3 Disk 2 -3 39 Season 3 Disk 2 -3 36

We then get a scene with Sam checking out Trotter's office. While Sam was suspicious of Trotter, looks like Trotter was a bit suspicious of Sam too. When Sam goes into the office thinking Trotter and his bodyguard have left, Trotter comes back to catch him in the act. There is a funny scene here, where Sam easily overpowers them BOTH and takes their gun. When Trotter threatens to call the police, Sam thinks, wait a second... a demon wouldn't do that... they must not be possessed... but just in case, a sprinkle of holy water.
Season 3 Disk -3 12 Season 3 Disk -3 08
NOPE. Sorry! haha! just a little misunderstanding! And he empties their weapon of bullets just in case they try to shoot and leaves. And Trotter and his body guard are so surprised and puzzled by this behavior that they don't even shout at him or call anyone. Hilarious.
Season 3 Disk 2 -3 53 Season 3 Disk 2 -3 54
Dean is at the bar and gets an offer from a prostitute but refuses. He has bigger fish to catch. (And we might add - paying a prostitute for something he can easily get for free? fthew!)

Season 3 2 -3 02
And when demon-Casey wonders outloud how one can strike out with a prostitute, Dean tells her a cute line about he has a thing with the bartender. But first he confirms whether she really did have something going with Richie - to let her know that yes, he's a friend of the guy and read her face on her reaction to him mentioning him.
Season 3 Disk 2 -3 107Season 3 Disk 2 -3 108
CASEY:Who says the bartender's available?
DEAN:That's a good question. You got something going with some guy, you know, about yea tall, wears a sweatsuit ...?
DEAN:Naw. My mistake. What do you say you and me grab a drink after your shift?
CASEY:I say why wait ... when we can go right now?

So, again we see Casey going back to the wine cellar she was at with Richie - this time with Dean. What is she thinking of doing? Maybe showing Dean the corpse and then doing the same to him? But when they get there, the corpse is gone and it's Dean's turn to surprise her with a devil's trap under the carpet.
750683_original 750904_original
DEAN Tsk, tsk, tsk. Isn't that a buzz kill? Sorry, sister, but you're going back to where you came from.

But as he takes out his book to read the exorcism, Casey makes a wind and blows the book away.
Season 3 2 -3 37 Season 3 2 -3 35
Dean does not know the exorcism well enough to say it from heart. I'm guessing that with the devil's trap they always assumed that they would not have trouble taking their time with it. Now, I want to go back and point out another interesting thing. Dean came to this basement before and saw Richie dead. He knows demons are involved. He paints the devil's trap and puts his book in his pocket to exorcise the demon. But, he doesn't call Sam to help him. Maybe he thought Sam was busy enough? He pretty much thinks he can easily handle one demon on his own aye? Maybe all part of the "suicide" mission he's on.

Anyway, Casey not only blows the pages of his book away, she makes the doorway crumble so that they are both stuck inside. That is the only way she has a chance of getting rescued before Dean gets to Sam. So begins our little conversation between the prisoners, which is basically what makes this episode worthwhile for me.

First, when Dean tells Casey that Sam is coming for him and would remember the exorcism, Casey teases Dean about how Sam is thought to be the brains of the "operation." The Winchesters, as we know already, are pretty famous among the demons, since Sam was supposed to be their leader under Azazel. (Oh we also get YED's name for the first time aye?)

Meantime, Sam has arrived back at the bar after his embarrassing stint and is waiting for Dean because he had told Dean to meet him back at the bar in 20 minutes. Dean does not arrive and Sam gets anxious. He asks the bartender about Casey and Dean and the bartender subtly asks for money for information.
Season 3 Disk -3 85 Season 3 Disk -3 87
Sam hands it over with disbelief and gets Casey's address but when he goes there, there is no Dean or Casey - just some sulfer.
Season 3 Disk -3 108
Demons! Sam - the brains - calls Bobby. Because Bobby had said to call if they found anything aye? He leaves a message. We know that Ruby has probably already told Bobby they are in danger and he is already on his way with the newly charged colt.

Back to Dean and Casey. Dean is going over the place, trying to find a way out and panicking a little, while Casey is settling down to wait. for her partner or Dean's, whichever comes first. Dean accuses her of the murders, including poor Richie's and Casey/demon tells him she did nothing except sit down to lunch with Trotter. This kind of reminds me of the Magnificent Seven, where Envy tells them that humans are just as bad as demons are, corrupt and easily manipulated into taking themselves to hell.

Season 3 Disk 2 -103 Season 3 Disk 2 -3 133
CASEY:You don't get it. All you got to do is nudge humans in the right direction. Some whiskey here, a hooker there, and they'll walk right into hell with big, fat smiles on their faces. Your kind is corrupt, Dean. Weak. Our will's stronger. That's why we'll win.

Dean's like, I thought the meek were supposed to inherit the Earth? But Casey points out that is according to the human Bible, the God of humans. She asks Dean - Do you believe in God?

We've seen Dean tell Sam that he doesn't believe in Angels or in a higher power because he has never seen them in work or had proof of existence. But here, he tells demon-Casey that he likes to think that there is a God. Casey reminds him of his arguments, how God has not done a bang up job so far aye? Human kind has killed each other so much.

Back to Sam. He's gone back to the bar to get another possible address, but the bartender cannot or will not tell him. Sam is a bit sick of the people of this town who only do things for their own personal gain but he sees Father Gil sitting at one of the tables and decides to go and talk with him.
Back with Dean and demon-Casey, Casey starts talking of her "God" and just as humans have their God, demons have theirs too. Some believe, some do not. She is a believer in Lucifer. She has faith. So this is the first time Dean learns about Lucifer. Of course it is only as a belief by a demon and he does not take it seriously until next season aye?! So two things Casey is trying to tell Dean here. That demons are not that different from humans. Humans are just as corrupt as demons and demons have their own God just as humans have theirs. That there are demons that believe and those that don't. Talking of hell... Dean cannot help but ask.
dean banner 2
DEAN: Hey, speaking of downstairs ... what's it like down there?

Casey of course has nothing good to say. Why do you think demons want to come here? she says.

Back to Sam and Father Gil. As soon as Sam tells him that Dean and Casey might be in trouble, Father Gil insists that he will go with Sam to find out if there is anything wrong.

Season Disk 2 -3 26 Season Disk 2 -3 30

On the first watch, this is where we know for sure that Father Gil is a demon.

In the cellar, Casey is telling Dean she respects him for the deal he made to save Sam. Some demons think it was stupid. But she doesn't.

What does this mean do you think? Do you think it is because of Sam? That she was willing to follow Sam if he had lead? and maybe she has some inkling as to what Sam is to do in the future? She asks Dean if he is scared of going to hell and Dean lies through his teeth.

As Sam and Father Gil go together to rescue each of their partners, their talk in the car is rather insightful. Father Gil is curious as to why Sam is in the family business.
Season 3 Disk 2 -56 Season 3 Disk 2 3 54
FATHER GIL:Mmm, anything. You seem like a pretty smart kid. Somehow I see you out in front of the pack. (pause) You could do some great things.
SAM:I don't know. I like doing what I'm doing, I guess.

Interesting how things change in 2 seasons for Sam. But it is also interesting to see this conversation from Father Gil's point of view. He is maybe the same as Casey, as in he doesn't feel animosity toward Sam. Just curiosity as to what kind of guy Azazel had picked to be their leader - as I mentioned earlier. It is also interesting to think that he doesn't even try to get rid of Sam on the way or even before they start out to Casey's cellar.

When they get there, Dean hears Sam and calls him. Sam tells Dean he is there with Father Gil, and with a look at Casey, Dean knows that the father is the other demon. He warns Sam just in time for Sam to see Father Gil go black-eyed. And then there is a shot. Bobby is also there with the colt, and with Ruby. His shot goes wide, and Father Gil flings both Sam and Bobby and rushes too get to Casey first. Bobby gives Sam the colt and Ruby urges Sam to do as he says and hurry to Dean's rescue.

Father Gil releases Casey from the trap and then turns his attention to Dean, choking him while Casey begs him not to kill him.
3 Disk 2 -4 02 3 Disk 2 -4 01
CASEY:Don't kill him. Let's just go.

While that's going on, Sam enters and does not hesitate to use the colt on Father Gil, and as Dean protests, on Casey as well.
Disk 2 -4 08 3 Disk 2 -4 03
DEAN:Sam, wait!

3 Disk 2 -4 06 3 Disk 2 -4 04

So the question is, why would Casey beg Father Gil to not kill Dean? and why would Dean want to save Casey?
It could be that their time together in that cramped space gave them pity at least for each other. It is possible that Casey knew Sam was on his way, and that they might be killed if they stayed to kill Dean. Dean I think had more regrets for the human girl dying than for the demon dying. What would he have done if Sam HAD waited? I'm pretty sure that he would have performed the exorcism to send the demon back to hell - maybe after getting information from her about hell and possibly his deal.

As Dean and Bobby walk along the street afterwards, Dean asks Bobby if he thought Sam was a bit different, more cold in the way he killed the demons, not caring about the humans killed as well. Bobby does not hesitate to say, no, he does not think Sam is any different. He did what he did to save Dean.
3 Disk 2 -4 12 3 Disk 2 -4 11

Sam on the other hand is by himself at the motel room as Ruby comes in. She congratulates him on the kills. but Sam also is bugged by the fact that he had to kill two innocent humans. Ruby tells him they would have probably died awful deaths soon after they were released anyway. Sam then suggests maybe he should use the colt on Ruby.
Season Disk 2 -4 23 3 Disk 2 -4 22
RUBY: Go ahead, if that makes you happy. It's not gonna do much for Dean, though. So, what's it gonna be, hmm?
(Sam lowers the gun...)
Ah hah. That's my boy.
This won't be easy, Sam. You're gonna have to do things that go against that gentle nature of yours. There'll be collateral damage... But, it has to be done.
SAM:Well, I don't have to like it.
RUBY:No. You wouldn't be Sam if you did. On the bright side, I'll be there with you. That little fallen angel on your shoulder.

So from that conversation we know that Sam is also bothered by the way he killed the humans. That Bobby is right so far. Sam has not changed. And, doesn't really like that image of a fallen angel on his shoulder. (Neither do I, Sammy) But maybe he is starting to think it is what he has to do - even though he doesn't like it.

Dean banner 4
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