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Rewatching 3-3 Bad Day at Black Rock

Hi everyone! back again for an awesome episode! After our great Dean episode The Kids Are Alright, we get the boys back together for a little good luck and a bit of bad. The way both boys deal with each is so different and so characteristic of each of their personalities. Every single scene makes me want to gif it but I did my best to control myself and just choose the best bits. You've got to watch the episode again.

Let's get started!

"Women's Wear" by Daniel May(plays in the diner when Bela spills Sam's coffee; also played in 2.05 Simon Said)
"Vaya Con Dios" by Les Paul and Mary Ford(plays when the boys go to the thieves' house to get info on Bela)

We begin the episode with Gordon's visitor in prison. Gordon is intent on doing something about his belief that Sam is going to bring about the apocolypse and convinces another hunter Kubrik to go find Sam. Kubrik is doubtful that Sam is evil as Gordon says. He has heard from a person who knows Bobby that they were at the devil's gate when it was opened, but that they were there to try to stop it - that Sam was just a hunter and nothing more. But Kubrik also has been saved by Gordon "more times than I can count" and is willing to check out Gordon's hunch.

SW must die
GORDON: Sam Winchester must die.

We then jump to Sam and Dean in the car after their run-in with changelings and Ruby. Ruby is our topic of conversation with Dean upset at Sam not using the holy water on her once he knew she was a demon. Sam explains that Ruby had told him how she could help Dean with the demon deal.

she can hel@ she's lying
SAM: She told me she could help you, OK? ... Help you out of the crossroads deal.
DEAN: What is wrong with you, huh? She's lying, you gotta know that, don't you? She knows what your weakness is – it's me. What else did she say?

In actuality, Ruby's exact words were, "I could help YOU save your brother," and Sam has mistaken her meaning and explains it to Dean as Ruby helping Dean directly. I am assuming Ruby meant that Sam himself could stop Dean from going to hell by using his powers against Lilith. Sam is unable/unwilling (partly due to Dean) to develop these powers before it's too late, aye?

Sam explains to Dean that he is not thinking of trusting her, just using her. The whole conversation gets quite heated, Sam, desperate to save his brother and Dean not wanting to ruin the deal for Sam and yet having just a bit of hope that Ruby was telling the truth. Here, Dean presses Sam about anything else Ruby must have said, but Sam tells him no. Nothing.

DEAN: You're okay right, I mean you're feeling okay?
SAM: Yes I'm fine, Why are you always asking me that?"

So Dean has been worried about Sam - maybe wondering if Sam is different after Dean brought him back? Wondering about the possibility of Sam going dark-side? (Does this remind anyone of Season 9?)

Right then, they get a phone call. Sam checks his cellphone - no. Dean checks his... no. Then Dean tells Sam to check the glove compartment. The call must be to dad's cell. He keeps it juiced up just in case someone calls with an emergency. Sam is surprised by this but he takes the phone out and answers to dad's alias.
storage locker
SAM: Hello? Yes... this is Edgar Cayce...
Seems it is the manager of a storage unit dad had in Buffalo. It's been broken into. Neither Sam or Dean have ever heard dad mention a storage unit in Buffalo, but they tell the manager to keep the police out of it and go to check it out.

We then jump to Kubrik in his camping car talking to a friend/fellow hunter about what Gordon said and how he trusts Gordon's instincts even though there is no hard evidence against Sam. We find out that Kubrik is a "born-again Christian."
don't touch don't touch2
KUBRIK: Don't play with my Jesus.

While that's going on, Sam and Dean have arrived at the storage facility. They find a devil's trap on the floor and booby traps as well. They deduce from damage that there must have been two burglars and one was shot but still standing.
one got shot wire
Dean looks at the booby trap with interest and admiration, and they step over the wire to take a look at the stuff inside. First thing Dean notices is Sam's soccer trophy -

soccer trophy
SAM: No way! That's my Division Championship soccer trophy. I can't believe he kept this.
DEAN: Yeah... It was probably about the closest you ever came to being a boy.

Then he notices his own "trophy" from childhood -

DEAN: Oh, wow! It's my first sawed-off. I made it myself. Sixth grade.

The look on Dean's face as he cradles it in his arms. So we see again some interesting tidbits from the past. Not only that Sam had been on a soccer team (that went up to division champ) but that dad had kept his trophy. We know from Season 1 that dad had not wished this life for them and probably dad felt the same way about Sam's trophy as Dean did. But, he was equally proud of Dean who followed in his footsteps.

In addition to an arsenal of weapons including land mines, they come across shelves of boxes with spells to hold evil inside - curse boxes. They also find that one of these is missing. Hoping out loud that the burglars have not opened the box, they go to track them down.

Just then, the burglars themselves - one of them, Grossman, at least - is just dying to open the box, his reasoning being it must be worth a lot more than the measly few hundred they were getting. The partner, Wayne, is sitting across from him with a wound in his shoulder from the booby trap.

WAYNE: Do you see what's happening here? I am literally! bleeding! to death!
GROSSMAN: Uh, I'm gonna open it.

rabbit's foot2

Wayne, complaining all the while, picks up the rabbit's foot and we hear this sound and we know that the foot has taken effect. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. A next door neighbor who knows them pretty well it seems, comes in, finds Wayne with a bullet wound and tells him, " I used to be an Army Medic you know, in 'Nam? So I guess this is your lucky day."

Dean and Sam have not had any trouble at all tracking these guys down. They don't seem to be very smart in hiding their tracks as Sam and Dean are.

cover your plates
DEAN:Should've blacked out their plates before they parked in front of the security camera...

When they creep into the apartment, Wayne and Grossman are playing cards and Wayne is having the luckiest game(s) of his life.

Sam and Dean go in and try to scare them into giving them the box but find that it has already been opened.
stop don't move
DEAN/SAM: Don't move.

Well, they find out what was taken out but they still don't know how it works - don't even realize it's a rabbit's foot at first but before they can, Wayne knocks the gun out of Dean's hand and things just get crazy. Sam and Dean bump into each other and Dean crashes into the table, Sam somehow finds himself on the floor being choked by Grossman, Wayne goes to pick up Dean's gun, swings it up to shoot Sam and

... but in all the turmoil, the rabbit's foot has been kicked near to where Sam is struggling with Grossman. He gropes for it and as his hand grabs it, we hear that weird sound again and we know it's Sam's turn with the luck. He kicks Grossman with superhuman power and Grossman goes flying into the bookshelves and as Sam stands up to find Wayne aiming a gun at him... Wayne pulls the trigger but Dean's gun is jammed! and will not go off however many times Wayne tries. Wayne backs up and stumbles on the furniture behind him and, of course, falls over. As Sam and Dean are looking bewildered, Grossman tries to shoot Sam and ends up falling over as well...


DEAN: That was a lucky break! (pause) Is that a rabbit's foot?!
SAM: holds it up. I think it is.

The next time we see Sam and Dean, they are parked at Biggersons and Dean is holding a bunch of lotto tickets.
scratch sam - コピー won
SAM: Dean, it's gotta be cursed somehow. Otherwise Dad wouldn't have locked it up.
DEAN: $1200... You just won $1200! I don't know, man, it doesn't seem that cursed to me!

We have a scene with Wayne, showing just how deadly the foot is .. and yes I skipped the whole scene - but then made a mistake and saw that last part with the fork sticking out of Wayne's face. Ug. no.

Dean sounds like he just wants to enjoy the good luck while it lasts. Live for the moment is his moto aye? But Sam is worried and calls up Bobby. Surprise of surprises, Bobby did know about the storage unit AND the curse boxes, since he actually built them for dad. Bobby also warns Sam that the foot brings bad luck (so bad that you're dead within a week) if you lose it... and EVERYONE loses it. Which means, I think that the foot avails itself to the next victim pretty easily aye? Bobby as he talks to Sam, seems to be working on the colt. Sam finds a gold watch under a newspaper on the ground as they talk.

worried Sam 1
SAM: Well, then, how do we break the curse?
BOBBY: I don't know if you can.

Sam is pretty worried. He stuffs the rabbit's foot in his pocket. (Why his side pocket? That's the worst place to put something. Doesn't he have a pocket on the inside where he can put it? But maybe that's the rabbit's foot making him rash.)

Now they have some expensive lotto tickets (15 Grand total) and a gold watch aye? Sam and Dean, the lucky foot still in tact, decide to go to Biggersons and there they get another surprise.
DEAN: Don't worry, Bobby'll find a way to break it. Until then I say we hit Vegas, pull a little Rain Man. You can be Rain Man.
SAM: Look, we just lay low until Bobby calls back, OK? Hi, uh, table for two please.

They've won a years worth of FREE food. How awesome is that?! At least Dean thinks it is. Sam is in worried mode after his talk with Bobby and doesn't feel very positive about their good luck. Dean proceeds to eat as much as he can, ending with what seems like a banana split.

(I think you've eaten that a little too fast Dean. )

Thankfully, a waitress comes up to give them some more coffee to wash down that cold ice cream and boy is she hot! And she is giving a bit of service, bending over Sam and smiling at him?
As she leaves, Sam and Dean cannot help but look after her with admiration.

But as soon as she is gone, Sam's luck goes sour and Sam hurriedly checks his pocket (dummy!) to find that the waitress aka Bela has stolen it.

They hurry out the door and we begin to see some of that falling over we saw earlier again.

DEAN: So what, now your luck turns bad?
SAM: I guess.
DEAN: I wonder how bad?

Poor Sam... But the interesting thing here is that it seems Sam has not told Dean what Bobby said on the phone to him - about how bad the luck turns aye? He kept the worry to himself.

As soon as Sam loses the foot, Kubrik and his sidekick Creedy just happen to see the Biggersons website with the already uploaded picture of Sam and Dean! I love Kubrik's little prayer of thanks.
This is such an ironical view of religion and Christianity. But I am pretty sure there are many people out there who label things as "the will of God" or "destiny" or "a message from God" as Kubrik does just to justify their actions.

Dean and Sam do some research on what happened to Wayne and find out that he was already dead, which unfortunately makes it a bit harder for them to negotiate with Grossman for information. They go visit him though to see if they can get something out of him.

We have another fall by Sam...
...before Dean uses his little "I can read people" speech and gets the information he needs. Remember when he did that last? It works pretty well on Grossman though aye?

As they leave, Dean gets a phone call from Bobby - Bobby has found an incantation to destroy the rabbit's foot and rid them of the bad luck. As he talks to Bobby, Dean steps over some pink gum on the ground. Of course Sam steps right into it and realizing what he has done, proceeds to try to scrape it off on the side of a drain hole.

While Bobby scolds Dean for losing the damn foot and tells him about Bela, Sam proceeds to lose his shoe in the drain. Dean's call with Bobby ends with a...

Dean turns around to find Sam wiggling his toes around in his now exposed sock.

Dean turns to go - disgusted, and Sam stands dejected. (awww...)

Next stop, motel.
bela lives in queens

Dean now knows where Bela lives - in Queens, and he is not going to take his little brother and all his bad luck to the meeting. He sticks Sam in their room - telling him, don't move!
don't even
DEAN: Don't even scratch your nose!

Well, what was that episode we see this exact thing again (oh yeah, that valentines episode in Season 6!) Once Dean mentions scratching his nose, Sam all of a sudden feels an itch coming...

(That's sooo cute.)

Meanwhile, Dean has scoped out Bela's apartment and checked/disabled the security camera. Bela is busy talking to a client to sell the foot.
bela on phone 2
BELA Because you shook on one point five. Well maybe I should just take it somewhere else? Don't threaten me, Luke. Despite your reputation you don't scare me.
As she finishes her call, she notices Dean in her security camera.
bela cautious

She quickly gets her gun out of the cooler and moves toward her door which seems to be open. She checks her security thingy and finds Dean's little note.

you left without your tip
DEAN: You left without your tip.

While that's happening, Sam is still sitting in the chair, with nothing to do and bored out of his mind. All of a sudden, the airconditioner in front of him starts to smoke and finally bursts into flame.
come on
SAM: Oh, come on...

He hesitantly goes over, gets the sheets off the bed stamps on it to get it out.
sam stopping fire
Just as he thinks the flames have died and stands up to take a breath, he feels something hot climbing up his arm...


Dean and Bela have a little talk during their little stand-off. Dean finds out that Bela knows the truth about monsters and other things and is more interested in making money off of it all than saving people.

Bela seems fascinated by Dean (I really cannot blame her) especially when he makes those quirky little faces aye?

Sam on the other hand is getting WET.
wet sam
Kubrik and his side-kick are working him over. No matter what he says, Kubrik is so intent on believing that this is all a SIGN from GOD that he tells Sam that he is lying and will not listen.

Dean and Bela circle each other as they continue their banter. Does Dean already have the foot at this point? I wonder if he already had it when he first came up on her from behind there...?
BELA: We're all going to Hell, Dean. Might as well enjoy the ride.
DEAN: I actually agree with you there.

That little conversation there is something we all know a bit more about on a rewatch aye? Bela has actually made a deal and will be going to hell, just like Dean. Dean enjoying the moment, Bela more interested in making money than helping people, they understand each other in that sense.
But Dean has either just swiped the foot or has had enough of Bela talk - he is ready to go save Sam.
DEAN: Anyhoo, this has been charming but uh, look at the time. Oh and ... this? Looks like you're not the only one with sticky fingers. If it's any consolation I think you're a truly awful person.

Bela tries to shoot him, but she misses everytime - ofcourse - and almost kills herself in the meantime. As she gets up from avoiding a whizzing bullet, she sees Dean slip out the door.

Kubrik is nearing the end of his tirade.

KUBRIK: It's God, Creedy. He led us here for one reason. To do His work. This ... is destiny.


Kubrik tells Dean to put down his gun and Dean could have just held on to it but I guess he didn't want to kill them huh? (I'm sorry, I just love watching his hands there...)
ok-watermarked200 there's-something-about-mewatermarked-icon


Seeing that, Creely tries to come at Dean but Dean just pulls out of the way and Creely crashes into something beyond. Kubrik is trying to get the damn pen out of the gun, and Dean calmly picks up a remote control and swings it at his head. Kubrik falls, and we are left with bewildered Sam in back. Dean just has to show off a bit more...


And Dean's reaction to that...
yeah dean response
(Always need a loving brother to bring you down a notch!)

Final scene...

Sam and Dean are by a fire in a grave yard. Sam is putting all the necessary ingredients inside and finally it is ready for the rabbit's foot. Dean though is busy scratching some more lotto tickets.
don' jinks dean 4
DEAN: One second...
SAM: Dean, you—
DEAN: Hey, back off, Jinx. I'm bringing home the bacon.

I thought Sam's reaction was interesting. It sounds like he thinks they don't need the money, that Dean is just being greedy. hmmm? Dean puts the tickets in his jacket pocket slung over a gravestone a ways a way and they say their last words...

goodbye goodbye2
DEAN All right, say goodbye "wascawy wabbit".

But who should appear but Bela, pointing a gun.
no way
DEAN: No way.

She tells Dean to put down the foot, but he knows she can't do anything to him so he makes that speech that worked so well on Grossman. Of course it doesn't on Bela. She shoots Sam in the shoulder. Finally Dean gives in and bends down to put the foot down and then ...
think fast think fast2
DEAN: Think fast.

He throws it at Bela and she catches it. Now that she is cursed, she is a little more willing to do away with the foot.
sam and dean standing
BELA: Thanks very much. I'm out one and a half million, and on the bad side of a very powerful, fairly psychotic buyer.
DEAN: Wow. I really don't feel bad about that. Sam?
SAM: Nope. Not even a little.

They watch it burn together and then Bela is on her way. But not before snatching Dean's lotto tickets.


And Bela drives away, smirking.

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