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Rewatching 3-2 The Kids Are Alright

It's Friday again and time to put my thoughts together on the rewatch of The Kids Are Alright. I am going to have to change my rating on this episode from Good to Great just for the heartache factor at the end. Both Sam and Dean. Serious heart ache.
Again, letting you know that almost all gifs and screencaps are linked to a bigger counterpart if you want to view those.
Let's get started!

"Goodnight City" by 40,000 Miles
(plays at Ben's birthday party)

(Just gotta comment on the song choice too - lyrics starting with "So you need a holiday, some time to get away from the headaches in your brain..." - that is what this is at the start for Dean aye? He is trying to forget the shit that's coming.)

We start with a scene of the MoTW which leaves a lot of question marks in my mind on this rewatch. A little girl is being brought home to her mom, by her dad who tells mom that she insisted on going home and he had no choice. Mom asks girl why? she always enjoys her time with dad? And girl goes there are scary things there. She doesn't want to go back. Dad's back home working on some pretty cool wooden kids toys - a beautiful rocking horse! Finishing for the night, he goes to turn off the light and go upstairs to bed (I guess) when suddenly the built in saw starts to move. OH bad sign. BAD sign. Don't go near that thing! But of course he does as they always do in horror films. And SPLAT. GROSSS!!! Skipped that scene. Can you blame me? But I've been thinking of this scene and can't figure for the life of me - who turned on that power saw?? Was the mommy changeling hiding in there? Can she turn on a power saw without being seen? Wait, now I remember that scene in the house at the end. I guess she can become invisible. So, maybe it was her aye? But the little girl talking about scary things - wow, they really planned this accident well.

Anyway, next scene Sam is sitting by himself at a diner with his computer in front of him, on the phone with Bobby. Whispering about demons, obviously researching Dean's deal and how he can get out of it. We see Dean walking on the sidewalk outside, tapping on Sam's window with a smile. Sam quickly gets off the phone. This scene...*grins*... Sam, next time have an excuse ready aye?

Season 3 Disk 1-2 07Pizza
DEAN:Hey. Who was that?
SAM:Ah, I was just ordering pizza.

DEAN:Dude, you do realize that you're in a restaurant?
SAM:Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I ... just felt like pizza, you know?



Season 3 Disk 1-2 11
DEAN:O-kay, Weirdy Mcweirderton.

(You know how I go crazy over those little shrugs aye?!)

So Dean has a case. Just one power saw and as far as Sam can see, very unlikely that it is something they should be pursuing. But when Sam sounds dubious, Dean appeals to Sam's guilt over his hell deal. A "dying wish" to go see Lisa, the yoga girl with whom he had the bendiest weekend of his life a while back when he was supposedly on a 5 States in 5 days trip away from Sam and Dad.(This may remind people of that episode in Season 9 when we learn that Dean was not the only one :P)

SAM:Yeah, well, how many dying wishes are you gonna get?
DEAN:As many as I can squeeze out. Come on. Smile, Sam! God knows I'm gonna be smiling after 24 hours with Gumby girl.


Sam laughs and gives in.

When they get to Cicero, Indiana, Dean literally "drops" Sam off at the side of the road next to their Motel (in a real hurry to get to gumpy girl he is...) and the next we see him, he is in front of Lisa's door, which has birthday balloons at front.

Season 3 Disk 1-2 29

The whole place reminds me of the new development area in Bugs. Dean goes up and knocks on the door and a busy, cheery Lisa opens the door - probably thinking it is one of Ben's friends arriving. What a surprise. There is that guy she had her "best night of my life" with 9 years ago and had never seen since. But she remembers his name.

Season 3 Disk 1-2 35 Season 3 Disk 1-2 36
LISA: Dean!
DEAN: Lisa. How's it going?

9 years. Dean wasn't thinking very much when he thought he'd just go visit "that girl." She could have been married! Maybe he checked that at least in advance. He didn't expect her to have a kid though. And here he is trying to flirt his way in and Lisa's like, ummm, you came at a bad time Dean. We're in the middle of a party. Not about to give up so fast, a party? I love a party!

This is unfortunately one of those scene where I am just cringing inside the whole time. When Dean goes in and finds out whose party, it obviously opens his eyes as to the changes people go through in 9 years if they are not hunting monsters.
Season 3 Disk 1-2 45
DEAN: So, uh, who's the party for?
LISA: Ben. My son.
DEAN: Oh. You have a –
LISA: Yep.

Season 3 Disk 1-2 01
Ben is enjoying his ... is that a pb&j? or cheese? and sure loves his new CD (or DVD?)


Dean's like, ACDC! Hey good taste! and Ben's obvious love of the simple foods is so much like his own. He goes over to the snack table while Lisa goes to talk with her new visitors - the girl whose dad just died horribly and her mom. The girl goes out to the yard, but doesn't seem to fit in. She just stands there staring.

Dean, sees the cake with old-style car decorations on top and thinks again... huh... same taste.
Season 3 Disk 1-2 50 Season 3 Disk 1-2 51

And while he's snacking we get two of Lisa's friends, one of whom has heard Lisa calling him Dean and gossips with her friend.
Season 3 Disk 1-2 53 Season 3 Disk 1-2 52
WOMAN1:Did you hear Lisa call him "Dean"?
WOMAN2:Yeah. Why?
WOMAN1:You don't know about Dean? The Dean. Best-night-of-my-life Dean?

And we get this tasty view which is obviously that of the two women and I really don't blame them...
(just - Director/Camera - next time a little slower please - liiinnngggerr)
WOMAN2:No! Tell me.
WOMAN1:Oh, my god, so, they had this crazy, semi-illegal –

during which he suddenly turns around and they have to stop their gossip for a breathy "Hi." Ladies, keep your lust to yourselves! Dean kind of maybe feels naked and doesn't know which way to go. Must say, Adorable.
Season 3 Disk 1-2 55
Dean: Hi

He ends up next to Ben, and Ben greets him first - which in my experience is pretty rare. No shyness here and he talks to Dean like they are equals, which is just adorable. Dean takes it in stride, though taken little aback.

BEN:What's up?
DEAN:What's up with you?

And then they proceed to look after a mom and her daughter as they walk past in the same manner and all we can think is, they must be related. Ben just has to be Dean's kid.

And after their little (one-sided on the side of Ben) conversation about chick city in the bounce-house, Ben gives Dean a slap in the chest in runs into the bounce house, leaving a bewildered Dean to count out those years to see if parenthood was a possibility.

Dean figures it's pretty possible and rushes back to Lisa to pose his question.

While that's happening, Lisa is talking to her friend, Katie's mother. She is acting sympathetic about the loss of her husband, but when Katie's mother suggests that Katie is like she is not Katie anymore, Lisa scolds her and implies that she is crazy.

MOM:I'm not sure that's my daughter.
LISA:I know you're grieving, but you can't talk like that. Katie needs you right now.
MOM:No, you don't understand –
LISA:Seriously. We're gonna get you help. It'll be okay.
Katie's mother feels insulted and huffs out to her "daughter" (who is standing in the yard - no interaction with the others) to take her home. Just as Lisa is trying to recover from that exchange, Dean pops in.

DEAN:Yeah. ... You know, I couldn't help but notice that, uh, he's turning eight. You and me ... you know.
LISA:you're not ... trying to ask me if he's yours?

DEAN:No. Nah, of course not.

Dean:...He's not, is he?
LISA:What? No.

DEAN:Right. Yeah...

There is a big possibility that Lisa is lying here, and maybe because of the way she sees things differently from 9 years ago. When she met Dean, she was basically a playgirl, looking for fun with bikers with leather jackets - short term flings that would not turn into relationships - very much like Dean actually. Now that she has her little boy, everything has changed. Motherhood has made her put her son first and to her, the wandering "biker" is no longer someone she would consider having a relationship with. What Lisa doesn't realize is that Dean has also changed in those nine years. He has grown to relate to kids and talk to them on the level(since Dead in the Water) and his life is all about responsibility. Of course he also has hell hanging over him and he's seriously thinking of what he is leaving the world when he dies. He looks at Ben flirting with a girl and can't help but wish a little.

At that point, Katie and her mom walk past on their way out and Dean senses that there is something wrong. Lisa explains about the husband's death and Dean finds that he is right smack in the case he supposedly came out to investigate. He starts getting more information on the bad luck that's been happening in the neighborhood.

While that is going on, Sam is at the diner researching demons again when in pops Ruby. She closes Sam's computer and demands his attention - which she would have gotten without all the drama. Sam fires off his questions - about the knife that kills demons, how and why is she following him ... She is cryptic with her answers which only we as rewatchers can see through aye.

SAM: Why are you following me?
RUBY:I'm interested in you.
RUBY:Because you're tall. I love a tall man. And then there's the whole antichrist thing.
SAM:Excuse me?
RUBY:You know, generation of psychic kids, Yellow-Eyed Demon rounds you up, celebrity death match ensues. You're the sole survivor.
SAM:How do you know about that?
RUBY:I'm a good hunter. So, Yellow Eyes had some pretty big plans for you, Sam.
SAM:"Had" being the key word.

RUBY:Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's right. Ding-dong, the demon's dead. Good job with that. It doesn't change the fact that you're special ... in that Anthony Michael Hall E.S.P. visions kind of way.
SAM:No. No, that's stuff's not happening anymore. Not since Yellow-Eyes died.
RUBY:Well, I'm thinking you're still a pretty big deal. I mean, after all that business with your mom.

So it seems to me that Ruby is trying to find out if Sam has the mojo to kill Lilith with his powers aye? If he is really the one to open Lucifer's cage. Sam on the other hand wants soo much for it all to be over and Dean's deal the only thing he has to worry about. Ruby throws a bone to Sam to peak his interest and maybe to get him to trust her. First, she tells him to check out what has happened to all his mother's friends, and then tells him "you know there is a job here, right?" Then, she writes her number on his hand (very coy) and leaves.

Dean has found out about other deaths in the neighborhood from Lisa and calls Sam to tell him what he found out.

Dean: There is a job here.
- which I am sure makes Sam feel even more spooked than before.

We then jump to poor Katie's mom, who finds that her "daughter" sneaks up on her without warning, asks her to play at all hours of the night, tells her she is hungry, then doesn't eat... And mom is not feeling well. She seems to have something on her neck that's bugging her. She tells Katie to eat her sandwich and goes upstairs to the bathroom to check her neck. "Katie" however, comes to the bathroom and tries to get in, shouting at mom to let her in. A ring of the doorbell stops this, and mom goes down to find the too friendly realtor who wants to make sure the mom is staying in the neighborhood (we know the realtor to be the changeling mama aye). Is she dropping in to make sure her little changeling is alright? Katie-mom slams the door in her face and turns around to Katie who whines that she wants some ice cream.

The next day, Sam is posing as an insurance agent and finds traces of blood like red stuff on the windows, a creepy girl looking through the window and the mom with a mark on her neck.

Dean is probably doing some sort of research at the other houses and as he is about to leave in his car, which he has parked at a park, he finds Ben sitting on a bench looking sad and dejected.

Curious as to the reason, Dean goes to ask him what's wrong. Ben does not even want to tell Dean at first, but Dean figures it out and draws the story out of Ben.

Season 3 Disk 1-3 56Season 3 Disk 1-3 54
DEAN: Is that your game they're playing with?
BEN: Ryan Humphrey borrowed it, and now he won't give it back.
DEAN:Well, you want me to go—
BEN:No! Don't go over there! Only bitches send a grown-up.
DEAN:You're not wrong.
BEN:And I am not a bitch.

Dean, instead, tells Ben how he can get it back himself - basically by kicking the fat guy in the balls when he wasn't expecting it. So Ben goes to do what was suggested and does an awesome job getting his game (and respect) back.

Dean obviously feels that he hasn't necessarily taught Ben a good thing. He looks around to make sure no other adults are watching - but encourages him with a thumbs up and then gives Ben a high-five when he returns triumphant.

Unfortunately, it seems Lisa has seen enough to know what Ben has done and she is quite upset at Dean for teaching Ben to use violence. What is interesting to me is, I think this is something that Lisa as a mother could not condone or teach Ben to do, but I am pretty sure a father would have taught him to fight. Maybe Lisa doesn't really blame Dean for teaching Ben to fight back, but more for getting close to her son through roundabout means?

LISA:Who asked you to teach him anything?
DEAN:Just relax.
LISA:What are you even still doing here? We had one weekend together a million years ago. You don't know me. And you have no business with my son.
LISA:Just leave us alone.

Dean is maybe a little hurt by Lisa's outburst. But he is maybe also in awe of her as a mother figure. It also just occurred to me that he may also be seeing his mother in her as well. Lisa leads Ben away, but Ben loves Dean for what he has done for Ben. Ben runs back to Dean and hugs and thanks him.

And, that really touches Dean.

As Ben and Lisa go off, Dean looks to find three silent children who eerily turn to him and look at him "like he was lunch." I love the quirky eyebrow here too!

We jump to Katie and mom again with mom seeing "Katie" in the mirror for what she is really. When "Katie" asks again for ice cream, mom agrees, straps "Katie" into the car and tries to drown the monster who has taken over her daughter.

She cries as she watches the car sink (with "Katie" - not screaming of pleading but just watching her from the rear window) into the ocean.

She gets home, shaky and crying to a dripping girl sitting at her counter asking for ice cream (really creepy!!).

When Dean gets back to the motel, Sam reports from his research that these creepy children are actually changelings and can be killed by torching them.

SAM:So, what do you know about changelings?
DEAN:Evil monster babies?
SAM:No, not necessarily babies.
DEAN:They're kids. Creepy, "stare at you like you're lunch" kids?
SAM:Yeah. There's one at every victim's house.

DEAN: Great. We'll just bust in, drag the kids out, torch them on the front lawn. That'ill play great with the neighbors.

As they are on their way out, Dean realizes that Ben is also in danger and asks that they make a stop at Lisa's. He tries to get Lisa to leave with Ben (nice - you know that never works) and not only does Lisa not take the bait, Ben is not acting the thankful, cute self he had been.

BEN:Mommy, what’s wrong?
DEAN:Nothing, Ben. It's cool.
BEN:Make him go away, mommy.
LISA:You heard him. Get out.

Dean knows this is not Ben and tries to get Lisa to listen to him but she slams the door in his face. You'd think she would think that it was strange after she saw Ben hug Dean - but she is still in denial of anything abnormal and maybe just thinks good riddance.

Dean looks around the house for the red mark on the windowsill and finds that it is grimy - not like blood. And he's seen something similar before. They drive over to one of the houses that has not been completed yet. There is a great pile of red sand up in front. Dean tests it for texture and finds that it is the same so they decide to search the house. There are a whole bunch of creaking sounds in the house and While Dean goes through the basement rooms he finds cages with the children inside. The first one he sees is Ben, as he reaches his hand up through the bars.

DEAN: Ben... Ben... it's okay. I'm gonna get you out of here, okay?

That scene is so moving. The hand through the bars and Dean grasping it in reassurance...

...then hugging him once he is free.

As soon as Ben is out, he starts helping Dean get the others out.
BEN: It's okay. You’re gonna get out of here, all right? Hurry!

While that is happening, Sam has had a run-in with the mommy-changeling (the realtor) and although he tries to burn her she somehow gets away and disappears.

And at Lisa's house, Lisa is getting spooked by her "son." She tries to leave, but the other changelings of the neighborhood stop her and she cowers by the door.

Sam goes down to help Dean with the kids and the real realtor (!) and to let him know that there is a mommy changeling. Just then she appears and starts throwing Sam and Dean around. All that time, Ben is helping all the kids escape. As the last one disappears out the window, he looks back to make sure Dean is alright (by this time he is holding his own) before going out himself. Showing again how similar he is to Dean in the calm manner he helps save the kids.

Sam and Dean catch mommy changeling where she is unable to get away and Sam torches her. As she disappears into the flames like a ghost, we also see changeling Ben and changeling Katie disappear as well.

It's morning by the time Sam and Dean drive up Lisa's driveway with Ben.

Lisa is so grateful that Ben is ok that she hugs Dean.
Season 3 Disk 1-4 21

And, although Dean tells Lisa she doesn't want to know what that all was, Sam "gives them some time" and Dean ends up explaining it and also his job, which Lisa "so didn't need to know."

Dean again asks Lisa if Ben is not his and Lisa assures him, but is surprised to find that he looks disappointed.
Season 3 Disk 1-4 23Season 3 Disk 1-4 25
DEAN:Yeah, I don't know. It's weird, you know your life... I mean, this house and a kid... it's not my life. Never will be. Some stuff happened to me recently, and, uh... Anyway, a guy in my situation – you start to think, you know. I'm gonna be gone one day, and what am I leaving behind besides a car?
LISA:I don't know. Ben may not be your kid, but ... he wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you. That's a lot if you ask me.

This reminds me of Dean telling Bobby how his life was worth nothing if he could not save Sam and Bobby getting upset with him. It also reminds me of Sam telling him that saving people, hunting things was dad's legacy. It also hits home the fact that not only did Dean want Sammy to have a normal life, he also would have liked to - but also knows that it is not meant to be.

Season 3 Disk 1-4 47 Season 3 Disk 1-4 48
DEAN:You know, just for the record... you got a great kid. I would've been proud to be his dad.
And that just completely wins Lisa over - not just that line, but finding out that Dean is not the man she had a bit of fun with 9 years ago. That he had also changed into someone worthy - good enough to share with her son.

LISA:Look, if, um... if you want to stick around for a while... you're welcome to stay.
DEAN: I can't. I got a lot of work to do, and it's not my life.

And I tell you, all of these expressions by Dean kill me. His obvious longing for this life, a child to call his own etc.

And the way he just saunters out the door. DAMN!

Sam, alone at the motel later, has looked up all the names of his mother's friends and found that they had all died - obviously killed and possibly by demons. Again his face as he finds this out on the phone - the heart ache.

In the next scene, Ruby has come to the motel and is telling him, of course they are all dead. The YED has done it. How do I know? I'm a good hunter. But Sam isn't buying it.


And finally Ruby gives in and shows him her black eyes. But when he goes for the holy water, she tells him that she wants to help him (yeah, kill Lillith) and that she can even help him save his brother. Well, Sam can't say no to that.
I mean, he'd do anything to save his brother right?


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Recent Posts from This Journal

  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

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