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Rewatching 3 - 1 The Magnificent Seven

On to an exciting new season! Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll. As I understand it, the common consensus is that the episode definitely has at least some (or more) favorite scenes although it might not be the most dynamic of season premiers. I felt that the most important themes of the episode were the reaction by both Dean and those around him to Dean selling his soul, and of course the possible things they had unleashed on to the world with the opening of the devil's gate(and all the exciting episodes we have waiting for us!!) We know in a rewatch that Dean's flippant attitude and suicidal tendencies come partly from his fear of what is to come. This episode also reminds us of the emptiness Dean had been feeling for all of Season 2, since Dad had died for him and the reason he sold his soul in the first place. To make things right. Sam feels guilty for being the reason for the deal - just as Dean did with dad. He's trying to be extra nice to Dean but Dean's doing his best to frustrate those attempts. There are some correlations with Season 9, so I'd like to go into those as well. It might help us deal with our present season better too aye? Well, let's begin!

"Hell's Bells" by AC/DC
(plays during recap of previous events)
"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
(plays as Sam walks in on Dean and the twins)
"Mean Little Town" by Howling Diablos
(plays at the bar occupied by demons)
"I Shall Not be Moved" by J.B. Burnett
(played on radio as Sam and Dean are preparing for the Seven Deadly Sins to arrive at the house)

The episode starts with a normal guy getting attacked by one of the hundreds of demons that escaped from the devil's gate. Some pretty cool imagery. As rewatchers we know that this demon is Envy. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to use his name just to make things more concise (so I don't have to say "the guy possessed by an unknown demon" every time aye?!")

And then we jump to Sam. Reading a book about demons in the car, by flashlight, while Dean has some fun with the Doublemint twins.

thumbs up Sam nods to Dean

Sam is acting out of character but out of love and guilt for his brother while Dean is totally taking advantage. Considering the various things Dean says later, it may be Dean is acting out on purpose in the hopes that Sam will snap out of it.

Bobby calls Sam and after telling him to lay off the books because whatever can save Dean is not in any book, he asks him what Dean is doing -


He also tells Sam that he's on the move because he's found something and they need to pack up and meet up with him.

Sam goes to get Dean and we have another funny scene. Does anyone else fantasize about what Dean was actually doing in there?!

Dean is in an extraordinarily good mood after his "fun" and Sam is wishing for Dean's knife to gouge his eyes out. Dean actually thanks Sam for being magnamous and Sam quietly accepts instead of the usual eye roll, as noted by Dean.

SAM: No, not at all. You deserve to have a little fun.
DEAN:Well, I am in violent agreement with you there.

But they soon get into work mode. It seems that all Bobby can find is a cicada swarm and crop failure outside of Lincoln Nebraska which could or could not be demon omens. It's pretty confusing considering all those demons going lose. Dean wishes it'd be war already, while Sam tells him to be careful what he wishes for.

We've got another painful but cute scene when they get to the house/farm where Bobby is. Dean is munching on a bacon cheese burger for breakfast, and to Bobby's comment on that, Dean replies -

Season 3 Disk 1-1 new 56
DEAN:Well, I sold my soul. Got a year to live. I ain't sweating the cholesterol.

Well, it is painful for me so I'm pretty sure it is painful to Sam and probably to Bobby as well. But it would also seem like Dean's attempt at snapping Sam out of his pity party and make light of his fear. I love this scene of Sam, Dean and Bobby searching the house; Dean's "Candygram!" and subsequent picking of the lock, their teamwork in searching the rooms and of course this scene when they finally find the whole family sitting in front of the TV rotting.
Season 3 Disk 1-1 25 Season 3 Disk 1-1 26

Bobby comes in through a different route and as they look around for sulfur, Dean hears a sound outside and goes out to investigate after signing to the others (to have his back?).



I'm a little disgruntled by the fact that Dean gets overpowered by another hunter. It is a good thing it IS another hunter though and not a demon, and that he is an acquaintance of Bobby's. We have a cute little scene as they greet each other with Dean still on his back.

hello bleeding
Dean: Hello. Bleeding here.

We're back at Isaac and Tamara's place with all kinds of interesting things dangling all around. I think I even saw a doll dangling from the ceiling...
Season 3 Disk 1-1 110
(yes... definitely a doll.)

But we find out some things about the couple - they are very close to each other and they started hunting because of a still very painful loss. Sam is fascinated with these hunters and asks them all sorts of questions. We do also find out about that wood, palo santo, that they were searching around for. It is supposed to be toxic like holy water and hold them down while you exorcise them. (and Tamara actually uses this wood later - which I NEVER noticed before.)

Season 3 Disk 1-1 105

While Sam is finding out about Isaac and Tamara, Dean is doing research by phone - talking to the coroner's tech who conveniently is a woman by the name of Jenny. Somehow Dean uses his incredible phone talk (Jenny is way too lonely) to get the information he needs.

Season 3 Disk 1-1 111 Season 3 Disk 1-1 112
Dean: Well, Jenny, if you look as pretty as you sound, I'd love to have an ... "appletini'. Yeah. Call you.

Due to Dean's hard work, they find out that the first family starved themselves to death. As Bobby talks about what they are going to do, Isaac tells them that "they" are not going to do anything. "We" don't play well with others. Especially the people who let the devil's gate open and the demons out into the world.

ISAAC: Look, there are couple hundred more demons out there now. We don't know where they are, when they'll strike. There ain't enough hunters in the world to handle something like this. You brought war down on us – on all of us.

Sam and Tamara break up that argument but we are reminded that other hunters know what happened at the cemetery (if a very different version) and blame them for it, and also that these demons are a very real threat to all.

It is after this that we see someone appear out of the shadows to watch the house while Bobby closes the curtains.


Wow, what a dramatic entrance. On a rewatch, we know what she is thinking here. Her goal, to keep Sam alive and prepare him for the final seal in order to kill Lilith and release Lucifer. She believes that the YED really found THE one (and she is right). She is on a mission for her Father - Lucifer.

The next scene is of Envy doing his thing at a woman's clothing store. It seems that the vices have to touch the person (from the saying, "touched by..." ?) in order to influence them. There is an interesting comparison to this in the next scene.

Season 3 Disk -1 02 Season 3 1-1 04
DEMON: Those are... nice shoes.
BLONDE: Oh, yeah. They are nice.

The blond girl proceeds to bash in the head of the poor girl with the shoes. One thing about this episode is that the horror scenes are really pretty awful and gross. They grow worse as the episode progresses. We see Sam at the crime scene, checking for sulfer. Then we see Dean inside doing his thing:
Season 3 Disk 1-1 06 Season 3 Disk 1-1 07
DEAN: What happened outside makes you realize how fragile life really is. You got to make every second count.
Excuse me a minute, would you?

We are going to talk about this a little later, but... do you see a resemblance in the last two pictures?

Sam's like, what are you doing Dean?

Season 3 Disk 1-1 09
DEAN:I'm comforting the bereaved. What are you doing?
SAM: Workin'. Dead body, possible demon attack – that kind of stuff.
DEAN:(coughing as if he has some sort of desease)
Sam, I'm sorry. It's just, I don't have much time left, and, uh ... got to make every second count.
SAM: Yeah, right. Sorry.
DEAN:Apology accepted.

There it is again, totally egging Sam into getting mad at him and get over his present state of mind but Sam doesn't take the bait. Bobby comes back from questioning, his hair all slick and suited up as an attorney from the DA's office. The suspect is not possessed, is totally lucid, but just "REALLY" wanted those shoes. According to Sam, there is no sulfur either. So is this just a random coincidence? There are never coincidences in their line of work. Is there something else? Dean goes, well... there might be something... pointing to the surveillance camera - "See, I'm working!" So they go into the serveillance room to check out the videos and find our possessed guy with the said girl.

Season 3 Disk 1-1 13
Sam: ...might be just a guy, or it might be our guy.

We then have a scene where Sam is walking down the sidewalk by himself and Ruby starts to follow him. Sam feels her behind him and turns around but she has disappeared.

Season 3 Disk 1-1 14 Season 3 Disk 1-1 15

Season 3 1-1 17

Scene changes too seven past midnight, in Bobby's car in front of a bar that they've heard the guy frequents.

Season 3 1-1 24
BOBBY:You sure this is the right place?
DEAN: No. But I spent all day canvassing this stupid town with this guy's stupid mug, and, supposedly, he drinks at this ... stupid bar.

They don't look it, but I guess they are a little tense, because when Sam pounds on the window, they both jump. Bobby's car is two door, so Sam squishes Dean with the seat as he climbs in. I didn't really remember this scene much, but is this Sam venting frustration?!

When they are arguing over whether to go in or not - Dean for, and Bobby against - Sam sees Tamara and hubby going in and they don't really have a choice anymore. Dean and Bobby hit the locked doors with their shoulders to try to get in as Tamara and Isaac are trapped inside with a whole bar of demons.
Season 3 Disk 1-1 82
I really dislike this scene - not that it is not necessary for the story, but Isaac's gross, awful death... Finally Sam, Dean and Bobby slam into the bar with the car and get inside in time to rescue Tamara. Dean, the one with the death wish, stays longer than all the others to get a hold of Envy and slam him in the devil trapped trunk. And they speed away just in time.

Back at the house with Envy tied to a chair under a devil's trap, Tamara is insisting on going back for Isaac and Dean is suggesting he go with her. Sam and Bobby are telling Dean it would be suicide. As Sam points out that they don't even know how many there are, Bobby comes up with the answer. There are seven. These are the seven deadly sins in the flesh.

what's in the box question mark
DEAN:What's in the box?! Brad Pitt? "Se7en"? No?

Everybody looks at Dean with their mouths open... I just looked up this reference. Although I'm sure I've watched Seven with Brad Pit, I never got that one. Does Dean seem a little hysterical to you?

Everyone stares at him for a bit then we are on to important matters at hand - So we've got Sloth (who touched the family), Envy, who touched the girl in the shop(and was sitting on the chair in the next room), and Gluttony, who touched Isaac. They have to stop there because Tamara can't be reminded of that without bursting out that she doesn't care who they were she was going to go in and kill them all. Bobby does a little bit of scolding, reminding her that they had done it her way already and that had definitely not worked. It was time to calm down and figure out what to do.

Season 3 Disk 1-2 14
Bobby: I'm sorry for your loss.

In the next scene, they are interrogating Envy. Sam asks what do you want? But Envy replies that they already have everything. They are out. They are free thanks to them, and they are just having a little fun.
3 Disk 1-2 01 3 Disk 1-2 02
SAM: Fun?
ENVY: Yeah. Fun. See, some people crochet. Others golf. Me? I like to see people's insides ... on their outside.

That of course brings on an outburst from Tamara. And we have a sermon by Envy on the animal nature of humans.

Season 3 Disk 1-2 04 Season 3 Disk 1-2 08
Envy: What about you, Dean? You're practically a, a walking billboard of gluttony and lust.
I love the way Dean just acknowledges this. But it was interesting also to think again of that touch, both by Envy and Dean, and how Dean's touch in the store is partly one of lust too? :P And how Dean has a way of influencing girls to his advantage too?

Anyway, Envy goes on to tell them about why Tamara and Isaac went into hunting in the first place, how their little girl was killed right in front of them and the anger that keeps these two going, well Tamara's anger takes over.
3 Disk 1-2 54
Envy:My point exactly. And you call us sins. We're not sins, man. We are natural human instinct. And you can repress and deny us all you want, but the truth is, you are just animals. Horny... greedy... hungry... violent animals. And you know what? You'll be slaughtered like animals, too.

But, when Envy suggests the other 6 were going to come for him, dean leans in with his demon-interrogation face:
Season 3 Disk 1-2 56
DEAN: Maybe. But they're not gonna find you... 'cause you'll be in hell. Someone send this clown packing.

Interesting how Envy is actually surprised by this. First indication that the 7 sins are pretty stupid? Or maybe just not knowledgeable of present day exorcism practices?! Tamara willingly takes care of the job while Sam, Dean and Bobby wait in the next room.

As they talk, Bobby brings up the fact that Envy is probably right - that the other sins would come for them. Dean again acts suicidal, suggesting that he'd stay behind and fight them off while the others run.

Season 3 Disk 1-2 66
SAM:Look, if we're going down, we're going down together, all right?

And to that, Dean can't say anything except, "Well let's not make it easy for them."

A wind blows through the rundown shack as Envy flies back to hell and the light of the candles go out.

In the soft light of candles, Dean and Sam get ready for the battle. Dean polishes his guns while Sam gets the holy water ready. Sam glances at Dean, maybe telling each other that they are in this together?


They hear a song (I will not be moved) start up on the radio and they know the demons have arrived. They are using Isaac's body and maybe even the memories from his mind (how do they do that?) to get to Tamara. Tamara knows this is not Isaac but her anger at the demons takes over and she rushes out to stab Isaac with her wooden stake - which I am pretty sure is the palo santo they were searching for previously. I'm guessing she goes on to exorcise the demon that was possessing(?) Isaac. While that is happening, the other vices get inside. First we see Sloth, a big fat guy, with Bobby. Bobby is pretty good with his acting and Gluttony gets stuck under a devil's trap.

Season 3 Disk 1-2 89
BOBBY: Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

And we can hear Bobby exorcising the demon as we move on to Dean and Lust. Lust is appealing to Dean , telling him that she's not going to hurt him - yet at least.... As he is touched by her, he bends down and they start kissing and the first timer is probably thinking Oh, no... Dean's brain has turned to mush! but somehow he is able to keep a part of his brain separate and leads Lust toward the holy water filled bath, where he dunks her and I guess after a while does the exorcism on her. Why do you think he was able to resist being completely taken over? Was that just one of those things done for the sake of the story? or does it have some meaning? Like maybe Dean is one that gives lust, similar to the vices themselves? :P

Ok, we then move to Sam who has put a devil's trap on the ceiling like Bobby Season 3 Disk 1-2 109 Season 3 Disk 1-2 113

Unfortunately Pride is a little more weary of devil's traps and finds it and breaks it. He also reveals that all the demons know about Sam, the prodigy. The YED favorite who was supposed to be their leader. But now that the YED is dead, it is open season aye? As Sam fights Pride and two others and is about to get creamed, we see Ruby come in, twisting THE knife around in her hand and getting ready for a fight.

So now that the colt is out of bullets, we have another weapon against demons that also kills the person the demon possesses. We have a cute little exchange between Sam and Ruby:

I'm the girl I just saved
SAM: Who the hell are you?
RUBY:I'm the girl that just saved your ass.
SAM:Well, I just saved yours, too.
RUBY:See you around, Sam.

And then she turns around and leaves. When Sam goes after her she is nowhere to be seen.

Next scene, Dean and Sam are burning the bodies of the poor people who got killed along with the demons (because of Ruby). It's a beautiful day.

Season Disk 1-2 44

They turn around to another spot a little ways away and there is Tamara burning Isaac's bones.

Season Disk 1-2 47 Season Disk 1-2 48
SAM:Think she's gonna be all right?
DEAN:No. Definitely not.

Bobby comes over, looking pretty worn out. Seems he's been exorcising demons all night. Dean brings up Ruby-
Season Disk 1-2 51
DEAN:I'm just gonna ask it again – who was that masked chick? Actually, the more troubling question would be, how come a girl can fight better than you?
SAM: Three demons, Dean. At once.
DEAN:Hey, whatever it takes to get you through the night, pal.

A nice bit of brotherly banter there, but there is something even more troubling than that.

SAM:If we let out the seven deadly sins, what else did we let out?
DEAN:You're right. That is troubling.

As they all get ready to go their separate ways, Bobby warns Tamara to be careful. Sam has a question for Bobby. He seems to want a good answer but Bobby cannot lie.
Season Disk 1-2 83
SAM:Wait, Bobby. We can win this war. Right?
BOBBY: ...

Well, we know that there is not really any war, except for between the demons and between the Winchester brothers and the demons. There are a lot of demons loose but it is still not the end of the world... yet....

As Dean and Sam walk back to their car together, Sam suggested that they go see someone that Tamara introduced that might be able to help with the demon deal. Dean refuses and Sam is confused and angry. Why is Dean not working with him on saving his ass? Finally Sam can't take it anymore and bursts out:

Season Disk 1-2 93 Season 3 Disk 1-2 115
SAM:You know what? I've had it. I've been bending over backwards trying to be nice to you, and ... (shrugs) ... I don't care anymore.
DEAN:That didn't last long.

Dean finally gets the better of Sam aye?! Dean then goes on to tell Sam why he is not interested in getting out of the deal. That if he tries anything, Sam will drop dead.

Season Disk 1-2 112Season Disk 1-2 106
SAM:How could you make that deal, Dean?
DEAN:'Cause I couldn't live with you dead. Couldn't do it.
SAM:So, what, now I live and you die?
DEAN:That's the general idea, yeah.
SAM:Yeah, well, you're a hypocrite, Dean. How did you feel when Dad sold his soul for you? 'Cause I was there. I remember. You were twisted, and broken. And now you go and do the same thing. To me. (pause) What you did was selfish.
DEAN:Yeah, you're right. It was selfish. But I'm okay with that.
SAM:I'm not.
DEAN:Tough. After everything I've done for this family, I think I'm entitled. Truth is, I'm tired, Sam. I don't know, it's like there's a, a light at the end of the tunnel.
SAM:It's hellfire, Dean.
DEAN:Whatever. You're alive, I feel good – for the first time in a long time. I got a year to live, Sam. I'd like to make the most of it. So what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell, huh?

OK, sorry for the long quote, but doesn't all this sound awfully familiar? First of all, Dean not being able to see Sam dead, and Sam calling him selfish and a hypocrite? This time around though, Dean is not particularly hurt by this accusation. He doesn't care as long as Sam is alive. Also, I think key points here are "I'm tired, Sam." and "I feel good - for the first time in a long time." Which reminds me of how he felt all the way through Season 2. Like he should have died aye? And now he is going to die like he should have. That is maybe a relief to him. Yes it's selfish, but he's entitled after all he has done for the family. [Spoiler for Season 9 (click to open)] The difference with Season 9 would be that in season 2, Dean took all the weight and went to hell. In Season 9, Kevin and others would pay the price instead. Of course this is not on purpose, but Sam's words may have hurt him in Season 9 because he also feels guilty for that. Sam also feels more angry because of that.

At Dean's words, Sam is left speechless.

Season 3 Disk 1-2 99
SAM:You're unbelievable.
DEAN:Very true.

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Recent Posts from This Journal

  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

  • 9-3 I'm No Angel Poll!

    What do you think of this episode? Please let me know in the following poll and/or comments!