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Rewatching 1-10 Asylum

The poll results as of today indicate that the majority think Asylum is not as great as at least 5 other episodes in Season 1. It is definitely not one of my first 5 favorites of the season either but there are a few scenes that I would rewatch it for and it is rather important in future developments of Sam's impatience to find dad and maybe a little resentment toward dad and Dean, who always seem to expect him to follow orders.

So, here we go.

The episode starts again with Sam making phone calls about dad. This time to family friends/hunters. Friends that are mentioned are Jefferson, Pastor Jim and Calib. We actually get to see all three of these friends. Jefferson and Pastor Jim soon, and Caleb later I think.

Sam's come to a dead end but then Dean gets a text message on his phone... coordinates from dad! First the coordinates in the notebook for the Windego hunt, then the phone message to call Dean if anyone was in trouble in Phantom Traveler... and now this. Obviously dad wants them to keep hunting and not look for him. Sam must be worried and a little pissed but Dean is maybe just happy to have heard from dad and gotten orders. "If he wants us there, that's good enough for me."

sam frustrated
Nice frustrated face there... :)

With the information on the Roosevelt Asylum and the cop who killed himself, they go to get the story from the fellow officer BUT they don't just ask him. They do a little act to get him to talk. Maybe if the guy was the kind that would just blab to a reporter, they would have gone with that, but Sam plays the part of a concerned citizen, pushes Dean pretty hard in "defense" of the cop. The cop says, "You didn't have to do that." and Sam replies, "Of course I did. That guy's a serious jerk." Dean tells him later, "Shoved me kind of hard there buddyboy." Is it just me, or does anyone think Sam was venting some of his frustration here?!

They check out the asylum during the day but find no activity and decide they need more information. Here, Sam asks Dean when they are going to talk about how dad is not there. Dean suggests that working on this case is what dad wants and Sam says, "It doesn't matter what he wants." Dean says: "That attitude there, that is why I always get the extra cookie." I don't think John was one to give Dean special treatment (if he had, Dean wouldn't feel so worthless) but, Sam's attitute surely got him into many fights with his dad.

Here also, Dean teases Sam about his psychic ability. I can feel that Dean is trying to turn it all into joke because he is worried about what it all means. Dean teases Sam alot. It is part of their relationship and although it may sound hurtful, I don't think Sam feels it that way. He hits Dean on the shoulder in good humor.

Sam is elected to go talk with Doctor Ellicott who is the son of the doctor at the asylum. Here, the doctor guesses that there is something between the brothers and asks Sam to talk about his brother. Sam is in the doctor's room for quite a while. I wonder what Sam said?! Whatever it was, he keeps it secret from Dean.

Met alot of interesting people
"This brother you're roadtripping with. How do you feel about him?"

When they go to investigate the Asylum again, this time with more info and at night when the spirits are active, they find the young couple there.
Two scenes I like here:

1) Dean lecturing Kat:

next time you see one, pay attention

"You've seen alot of horror movies, yah? Next time you see one, pay attention. If someone says a place is haunted, don't go in!"

2) Gavin telling Sam what happened with the spirit:

I'm scarred for life

"Dude, she kissed me. I'm scarred for life!"

After they separate and Sam is walking with the two kids, Kat asks him, "Dean, he's your boss?"
I wonder what Sam was thinking when she said that?! It sure bothered him, because later when Dean tells him to put the gun down, he sneers, "Is that an order?!"

Here is Sam getting the doctor's treatment:
Sam gets it

That whole scene where Sam tries to kill Dean and says all that stuff about Dean being so bossy etc, is almost a Sam version of Dean in Skin. Like the writers want to give us a glimps into Sam's thoughts. And it becomes important because next is Episode 1-11 Scarecrow, when Sam decides he can't take it anymore.

I also noted that the way the doctor's spirit "burns up" is different from hookman before and other spirits after. He just kind of goes black and crumbles. I guess they hadn't quite decided how to do that aye? I like the hookman burning alot more.

In the end, Sam says,

I said some aweful things

"I didn't mean it. Any of it."

and Dean answers:

I didn't mean it
"You didn't, huh?"

I don't think Dean believes Sam. And he's probably right not to. There is something there bothering Sam anyway.

Later, as they sleep, the phone rings. ..


That is the greatest ending.

Place - Roosevelt Asylum (Rockford, Illinois)
Music -
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Hey You
(at the bar)

Dean and Sam banner
Tags: 1-10, asylum, bachman-turner overdrive, hey you
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