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Rewatching 1-8 Bugs


Yes, I rewatched this one too! And I may be the most positive Supernatural fan ever, but I don't hate this episode like some do. For one, bugs don't gross me out that much (as long as it is not a giant Japanese cockroach flying around in my bathroom...yuck), and who cares if the night was a little short... Give the brothers a break!

Anyway there are many significant scenes in this episode so forget about your dislike of bugs for a bit and bear with me.

So what is different about the beginning of this episode from those before it? Did anyone catch the fact that Sam is at the car by himself while Dean gets the cash for their livelihood and Sam is.... looking for a job!(and not the normal kind either). That is the first time he has done the searching I think. Here is a photo of Sam's reflection as he sits on the car... pretty cool.
Sam reading paper at car reflection

Here are Sam and Dean checking out the article together.
Sam and Dean looking at paper

Even though Dean is not sure it is a job at all, they start out for Oklahoma.
(Did you notice the footage for the trip is the same as in Phantom Traveller and my banner?!)

When they get there, the first thing they do is go visit the power company and check out the hole where the man died.
looking at hole

I think it was Dean that really did not want to go down there... He sure knows how to push his brother's buttons to get him to go down... "Alright, I'll go if you're scared. Scared?"

Call it in the air, Chicken.

Then they go over to the open house barbecue to talk to the "locals."
This is when we have another first of the series. The jab that Sam and Dean might be a homosexual couple.
"We accept home owners of any race, religion, color or sexual orientation." By both the developer and the real estate lady. Dean, exasperated, "I'm going to talk to Larry, OK honey?" We see similar instances in future episodes as well, but in this first instance, that quote may hold more meaning than that... considering we are dealing with a curse by a native american caused by racial subjegation etc.

Then another first. Dean leads Sam to one of the homes that has been built in the new compound and ready for use and they squat for the night. Their accomodations are pretty splended compared to some houses they will squat in in the future... One of the favorite scenes of many here is where Dean is thoroughly enjoying the steam shower...
the steam shower

So a big theme of this episode is "normal vs freak" I think. Before they enter the barbecue/open house, Dean says "I'll take our family over normal any day." And when they have a chance to talk to Matt, the developer's son, the theme comes to the forefront again. They ask why Matt had not told his father of unusual bug activity and he replies that his dad doesn't listen to him because, "He's too disapointed with his freak son." The word freak again. The last time was Skin when Dean told Sam that both he and Sam were freaks. But this time, it is more about how Matt's dad sees him. Sam answers, "I hear ya" and Dean can't understand why. Their dad didn't think Sam was a freak.

Sam tells Matt, "Hang in there. It gets better, I promise." Which is by the way one of Sam's themes throughout the series. In this case, he is thinking of how Matt can go to college and get away from his dad but, this is how Sam keeps going throughout all hardship. Believing that things will get better.

Later, while taking the skull to the Professor, there is another important discussion between the brothers. Dean brings up the fact that Sam suggested Matt leave his family to go to college. "Why did you tell him to ditch his family like that?" Sam explains that in their home, Sam, who wanted a normal life, was the freak. He was never good enough. When he told dad he wanted to go to college (on a full scolarship) they had a big fight and he was "thrown out." Dean at this point says, "I remember that fight."

This is really important in future episodes... Sam remembers this day when he was thrown out, as one of the highlights of his life. He was free from his dad at last. Dean on the other hand, remembers it as the day Sam left him, personally. Remember in Skin? Well there will be another episode in the future that addresses this again. If you've seen it, you know, I think...

When Sam talks of how he could not live up to what dad wanted of him and dad was always disapointed in him, Dean enlightens him:
"Dad was never disapointed in you, never. He was scared. He was afraid of what would happen to you when he wasn't around."

Do you remember what the guy said in Phantom Traveller? That dad had been very proud of Sam and talked about him all the time? I guess Sam didn't believe it then, but I think Dean hits home. Sam's mouth drops open. "Why didn't he tell me any of that?"

Dean: "It's a two way street dude. You could have picked up the phone."

After that enlightenment, they go to try to save Matt and his family. Here they are peeking out of the roof. Similar to that hole scene aye?!
looking out the roof

As they see Matt and his father with their good relationship restored, Sam feels a strong urge to work things out with his own dad.
Sam: I wanna find dad. I wanna apologize to him.
Dean: For what?
Sam: For all of the things I said to him. He was just doing the best he could.
Dean: Oh, don't worry. We'll find him. And you'll apologize and then within five minutes you guys will be at each other's throats.
dean and sam

How typical is that? We see that kind of son/father relationship all the time. Heck, daughter /father relationships too. Mine was exactly like that. And Dean is the one stuck in the middle trying to keep the family together... How totally normal.

Place: Oasis Plains Oklahoma
Def Leppard - Rock of Ages(at bar and during drive)
Scorpions - No One Like You (at the end)
Eric Clapton - I Can't Stand It (Where?)
Black Toast Music - I Got More Bills Than I Got Pay (Where?)
Extreme Music - Poke i the Butt (Where?)





(このドライブシーン、前のPhantom Travellerのシーンと私のバナーと同じもの!)










Phantom Travellerのジェリーが話したことを覚えていますか?父さんがサムのことを自慢していたこと。サムはこの時は信じなかったのでしょうが、ディーンに言われてやっと実感します。「どうして父さんは、そのことを何も言ってくれなかったの」



サム: 父さんを見つけて、謝りたい。
ディーン: なにについて?
サム: 喧嘩した時に言ったこと。父さんはただ自分なりに頑張っていただけななのに。


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