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Rewatching 1-7 Hook Man

I'm finally back from our little vacation and ready to get back to my rewatch of Supernatural and my comments. There are many who write comments on Supernatural episodes - usually on the first watch. My goal is to make mine a little different - more from a spoilery standpoint since I know what is going to happen in the next 8 seasons. By the time I finish with these, I will be ready to rewatch season 9 and give similar comments while watching Season 10... that I pray we will have. Seasons 1 through 5 are especially well thought out. Eric Kripke, the creator, seems to have always been way ahead of everyone, setting up the basic storyline for continuity. So, when we go back to the early episodes, all the little comments and actions, and experiences of the characters have even more meaning. Season 6 and on... not so much. We can't see many hidden ajendas by monsters, demons or even angels that hold ramifications to later seasons. The fun is more in the growth and development of the characters, I think. I know that the writers are writing Season 9 with a bigger picture in mind(culminating in Season 10) so I am hoping for some more ahhhhs and oooos when I rewatch those.

As I mentioned in previous episode comments, Sam is still recovering from Jessica's death and Dean has been showing concern for Sam's emotional state in that regard. The last episode, Skin, there was not so much of this but we did get a little glimpes into Sam's University life and friends. The fact that Sam had not shared his knowledge and family "profession" with his friends - even to Jessica - is addressed. It is maybe significant that Becky askes Sam whether Jessica had known. I wonder what Becky thought when Sam said no. I felt her face was of understanding and sorrow.

That is when we enter Episode 7. Sam is running searches on Dad and discouraged. Dean says, "I don't think dad wants to be found." I wonder if Dean had an incling that dad was on to something big, or he was still in the "everybody ends up leaving me" mode of Skin... In any case he is happy to be with Sam and suggests going on another hunt.

For me, this Hook Man episodes is one of the scarier episodes of Supenatural. It's made in the typical way of horror films where your heart is always thumping because you know the monster is going to come out and attack suddenly. And don't forget the typical stupid boyfriend going out to investigate on his own.

Here are some favorite and significant scenes:
1) Sam and Dean's exchange with the guys at the fraternity... Dean making Sam paint the boy's back. funny.

2) Their grand entrance at the church and exchange with the pastor... well handled!(good job Dean!)

3) Sam's talks with Lorry.
that doesn't mean
Again, Sam empathizes with Lorry and helps her open up.

4) When Sam and Dean go out to Nine Mile Road to try to deter the spirit, they use rock salt bullets. Dean explains how dad and he thought to make them. Is this the first time for them to use the rock salt? Why didn't they use it for the White Lady? Maybe Dean didn't have time to change his bullets?

5) After the second death, Sam and Dean go to check out the sorority. There are several funny moments here:

(Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?)

And the little exchange after they climb into the room:
"Hey be quiet." "You be quiet." "You be quiet!"
Interestingly they talk of "strong o-zone" as indication of a spirit.

6) Talking about college - makes me think Dean's experience of college would have been much more fun than Sam's!

7)Dean digging up the "un-marked" grave. Hot!
bye preacher

8)Dean and Sam talking at the hospital and they sync! "So if we find the hook... we stop the hook man!"

9)When Sam/Dean shoot the hook man, the bullets go through windows etc. They are real bullets. In future episodes, you don't notice that as much. I love the way the hook man burns up in the end.

10) Finally, the most important scene to me. Dean watching as Sam cannot kiss Lorry in the end. We saw this during the epi too, when Lorry leaned in to kiss him and he told her he couldn't. But here we find Dean watching for it. Hoping that Sam is gradually getting over Jessica's death.(I've used this scene for my banner at the bottom.)

Dean says: "We can stay?"
Sam: shakes his head.

Place: Western Iowa University
Dr. Vankman: Dean calls Sam this when he finds out that the killings many years ago were also on Nine Mile Road. Dr. Vankman is the main character of the Ghostbusters,played by Peter Murray

Split Habit-Higher Mathematics(first sorority scene)
Bang your Head by Quiet Riot (car trip to scene)
Noise by Low Five (fraternity)
Peace of Mind by Boston (leaving town)


さて、前のコメントでお話しした通り、サムはまだジェシカの死から立ち直っていなく、ディーンはそれに対してサムの状態をとても気にしてきました。前回のエピソード(スキン)では全面に出てきませんでしたが、サムの大学時代の生活や友達についてちょっとわかることが出来ました。サムが家族の職業を友達に話していなかった(ジェシカにでさえ)ことについて触れています。 意味深いな、とちょっと思えるのはベッキーがサムに「ジェシカには話していたの?」と質問する場面。サムがいいや、と答えたときベッキーはどのように思ったのでしょうね。理解と悲しみの表情にちょっと見えました。


この ホックマン というエピソードは私にとってスーパーナチュラルのなかでは怖めのエピソードです。よく見るホラー映画と似てモンスターがいつ出てくるのかというドキドキ感があります。一人で状況を見に行ってしまうアホなボーイフレンドも忘れてはなりません。

1) 男子友愛会館の学生とのやり取り…ディーンがサムに男子生徒の背中を塗らせるシーン。笑えます。

2) 教会でのエントランスと牧師さんとのやり取り…よく切り抜けました(やったね、ディーン)

3) サムとローリーとの話


4) サムとディーンがナインマイルロードに霊を退治しに行ったとき、塩の入った銃弾を使います。ディーンはこのアイディアを父さんと考え付いたことをサムに話します。使うのはこれが初めてだと思います。どうしてホワイトレディーの時には使わなかったのでしょうか?ディーンに塩銃弾に代える時間がなかったのでしょうか。

5) 二人目の死のあと、女子生徒の友愛会館をみに行きます。ここで面白いシーンがいくつか:



6) 大学生活についての話:ディーンが行っていればきっとサムよりもっと楽しんでいたでしょうね。




10) 最後に私にとって一番大事なシーン。ディーンがサムとローリーのやり取りを車で見ているところ。ディーンは二人が良い関係なのをわかっていて、サムに「キスをしろ」ときっと心で思っていたのでしょう。でも前のシーンでもサムはジェシカへの思いから、ローリーとキスができません。ディーンはローリーとのキスでサムがジェシカの死から少しづつ立ち直っているのを見たかったのだと思います。このシーンをバナーにしました。


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