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Rewatching 1-6 Skin


Hey everyone! I've finally finished all my classes and have a few weeks off from work! That doesn't mean I'm not busy. Here is another extreme for you. I'm writing music for a poem someone from the forum wrote, and am going to learn how to make a video to put on the internet so she can hear it. Nothing to do with Supernatural, but if I hadn't fallen in love with the show and joined the forum, I would never have thought to do something like this.
Very exciting.

My son wrote me a mail from Canada the other day and told me he was dying to see the next Supernatural episode. he he... little does he know I'm going forward with my rewatch without him...

Skin is one of my favorite episodes. For one, we get to see two Deans - not just one... Sam is still a good looking boy, we see lots of action and also find out a little bit of how Dean has felt about his family and his childhood. He has a complex about self-worth that's for sure... An I guess I just like the shapeshifter episodes in general.

Explaining a little about the episode for those who have not seen it or don't remember what it was about, this episode is where Sam gets a mail from one of his friends from Stanford about her brother who has been charged with killing his girlfriend. Sam's friend insists that he was with her until a little after midnight, while he is shown in cameras, entering his apartment a little after 10. Sam and Dean figure out that it is a shapeshifter after another couple is targetted. They find the shapeshifter's sewer route where the shapeshifter finds them. He takes the form of Dean and although Sam figures it out, he is also caught. Both Sam and Dean end up tied up in its lare. Dean ends up killing the shapeshifter and all the killings are blamed on Dean, whose form the shapeshifter had taken in the end and therefore is thought to be dead.
A main theme (other than learning more about the Winchester family ) of this episode is how it is impossible to try to live a normal life or have "normal" friends while being a hunter. The lies catch up with you. (A theme reconfirmed in Season 8)

Some of my favorite scenes:

1) Dean telling Sam he has to let go of his friends. "With a job like this, you can't get close to people, period."  This goes with the theme I mentioned above, but I also think it shows us what a lonely childhood Sam and Dean have had, with their dad in this kind of work. They never had a home, and they could never make friends. Maybe that is why they become so close and codependent.
You can't get too close to people
2) The scene in the sewers where Dean and Sam are tied up and what the shapeshifter(in the form Dean) tells Sam about Dean:
"He's sure got issues with you. You got to go to college, he had to stay home with dad. You think I (he) didn't have dreams of my(his)own? But dad needed me (him). Where the hell were you?"

(Shapeshifter completely shifts to first person...)
"See deep down, I'm just jealous. You've got friends. You could have a life. Me, I know I'm a freak. And sooner or later, everybody's going to leave me. ... You left. Hell, I did everything dad asked me to and he ditched me too. No explanation. no nothing. just, poof. Left me with your sorry ass. ... But, still this life, it's not without it's perks."

3) When the real Dean and Sam talk: Dean saying - "He's not stupid. He picked the handsome one." And, when they get out of the sewer - "We're going to find that handsome devil and kick the holdy crap out of him."

4) At the end, Dean answering Sam when Sam tells him he never felt quite comfortable at Stanford saying, "That's becaue you're a freak. Well, I'm a freak too. I'm with you all the way." And, of course "Sorry I'm going to miss it. How many times am I going to get a chance to see my own funeral?"
How many chances
Place: St. Louis, MO
Iron Butterfly - In a Gadda Da Vida (first scene)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Poison Whiskey (gasoline stand?)
Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot (second shot of first scene)
Free - All Right Now (driving away "I'm with you all the way" scene)


Skin は私が大好きなエピソードの一つです。理由としては、ディーンが二人も出てくること、サムもまだかっこいいし(大人のジャレッド・サムは残念ながら私のタイプではありません…)、アクションシーンもあり、ディーンの自分の家族に対する思い、自分に対する思いなどが少しわかること(ディーンは大したコンプレックスの持ち主です。)まあ、あとは、基本的にシェープシフターが出てくるエピソードが好きなのかな…



1) ディーンがサムにお友達と縁を切った方が良いと忠告するはじめのシーン:「この仕事では、人と近い関係なんて築けないんだ。」
2) 下水管路でディーンの姿のシェープシフターがサムにディーンについて語ること。:


3) 本物のディーンとサムが下水管路で話しているとき:ディーンが - "彼(シェープシフター)は馬鹿じゃない。ちゃんとかっこいい方を選んでる。そして、下水管から出てから、「あのかっこいい野郎を見つけてやっつけてやろうぜ」

4) 最後にサムがスタンフォードで中々溶け込めなかったことをディーンに伝えると、ディーンは「それはそうだ。お前は変人だからな。でも俺も変人だ。見捨てたりしないよ。」あと、このセリフも:「見られなくて残念だな。自分の葬式なんてめったに見られないぜ。


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