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Rewatching 1-5 Bloody Mary


The kids and dad have gone out swimming, its around 30 degrees celcius and very humid outside. I have the cool air conditioned room all to myself, so here I am with my re-watch comments of Bloody Mary.

This is a pretty scary episode for lots of fans; especially those who have grown up with the legend, or have seen the movie Ring, since the ghost in this episode was modelled after both.

Several scenes that I especially enjoyed:
1) Of course Sam, getting the story out of Lilly. I think this is one of the few times he actually cajules a child - that is usually Dean's role.

2) When Sam and Dean go to the Coroner's and Dean can't get the assistant to show them the body. Dean mumbles, "I want to hit him in his face. Let's go..." And then Sam takes out the money.

3) Dean trying to deal with the security men ... talk gets him nowhere so, "I don't have time for this..." he just knocks them out (both of them!).

4) And when Dean's holding Sam's face and checking to see if he's ok after they get Bloody Mary. "Sammy? Sammy?"....

Really? After all that you are going to harp on that point?!

I felt, after watching the episodes before this, that this is the first time Sam is not going on about finding Dad. He's an active and willing participant in the hunt, and he even volunteers to use himself as bait. "You've got to let me do this." Maybe he is trying to ease his guilty consience about Jessica?

I also felt that that scene where he sees Jessica in the end (song: Laugh, I Nearly Died) after his speech about how bad things just happen and Dean's "that's good advice," is the start of his healing process. After this, we see Dean continually checking Sam out with the girls to see how he is getting over it.

I like Sam's last words to Dean, "You're my brother, and I'd die for you."

So here is a mystery question that there has been much speculation about: Why did Dean's eyes bleed?
I think it was because of Dean's general feelings of guilt for everything wrong that has happened in his family. He tends to blame himself for everything. If you are new to SPN, I suggest keeping this question in mind as you watch.

Trivia: Place- Toledo Ohio
Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down
Def Leppard - Rock of Ages(drive back from )
The Rolling Stones - Laugh, I Nearly Died

Here is one of my first banners done with Elements 5.


さて、子供たちとパパはプールへ。外は30度でとても蒸し暑い!私は涼しい、エアコンの効いた部屋を独り占め。ということで、次のBloody Maryの再観賞のコメントといきます。


1) もちろん、サムがリリーから話を聞き出すところ。珍しくサムが子供と接するシーンです。(子供と接するのはディーンが多いので)

2) サムとディーンが検察医のところにいって、アシスタントに死体を中々見せてもらえない場面。ディーンがこそっとサムに「顔面に一発食らわせたくなってきた。行こうぜ。」といい、サムがお金を取り出す。

3) ディーンがセキュリティー会社の社員の話しているところ。中々信じてもらえず、結局二人をガツンとノックアウト!。

4) ブラディーメアリーをやっつけてからディーンがサムの顔を持ちながら、大丈夫か確認しているところ。「サミー?サミー?」「サムだよ。」とサム!こんな時に、そんなことこだわっている場合?!


あと、おもったのは、最後にジェシカを見るシーン(Laugh, I Nearly Diedがかかっているシーン)はサムが「悪いことはなにもしていなくても起こることがあるんだ。」と女の子に説教し、ディーンに「いいアドバイスだな。」といわれたあと。なんか、回復のプロセスがはじまったかな。という感じがします。このあと、ディーンはサムが女の子といるところを観察しはじめ、回復を助けようとします。


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