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Rewatching 2-18 Hollywood Babylon

Time out folks! Sam and Dean have had enough sadness for the month. They are going to Hollywood to see the stars, pick up some hot chicks, eat their hearts out and swim in the pool... relax... Or maybe - What better way to forget about sad stuff than work? I quite understand how Sam and Dean feel. I don't even want to read over my previous post like I usually do (call me a narcisist - I usually only write stuff I like to read). Oh, warning. I know there are a ton of movie/actor/Supernatural staff references in this episode but I can't mention them all. Sorry I will be skipping over most of them but I'd love some comments on those! Are you ready for some fun?! Let's begin.

"I've Got the World on a String" by Frank Sinatra
(plays when Dean and Sam go to Gerard St. James' apartment)
"Green Peppers" by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
(plays at the end, when they ride into the sunset)

We start with a spooky house - sort of like we saw in Hell House, or just recently in Road Kill. And there's a girl, looks like she's ghost hunting with friends and something went wrong.... She screams... sounds a little forced?
Season 2Disk 9_02_1 01 Season 2Disk 9_02_1 02
CUUUUUUUUT! OOOOOOOH... it's a horror movie scene. The girl can't seem to get that scream just the right shade of horror. She is sitting with another of the actors during the break when an old guy with long hair who seems to be working on the set comes up and talks to them about how spooky the set is and how he is glad to go home when the day is through.

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 05
His talk spooks them out a little even though they pretend it doesn't. While Tara's on her own working up to her scream, she hears someone. Spooked out, she goes to investigate and finds the same old guy dead up in the scaffolding. There's the perfect scream. And the director seems pleased.

Next scene, Sam and Dean are on a tour tram around the set. Dean is just loving it! I don't know why Sam and Dean are not sitting together... too crowded? But Dean is sitting next to a boy who seems to have had a few too many of those soft ice creams and not very enthusiastic about his tour either.

Hey, you know this is where they filmed "Creepshow"?

Sam is in front looking nervous and well, doesn't look like he is enjoying the tour like Dean is.

When they get near the studio where the "murder" was, he insists they get off, to Dean's chagrin.

Sam: ... we've gotta work. Dude, you wanted to come to LA.
Dean: Yeah, for a vacation. I mean, swimming pools and movie stars! Not to work.
Sam: This seem like swimming pool weather to you, Dean? I mean, it's practically Canadian.
(It is!!:D)
Dean: Yeah. I just figured that, you know, after everything that happened with ... Madison, y-you could use a little R-and-R, that's all.
Sam: Well, maybe I wanna work, Dean. Maybe it keeps my mind off things.

(Aww... poor Sam... *wipes tear*)

Sam brings Dean up to date on the info regarding Frank Jaffy's death. Basically, there is no coroner's report, and they haven't even seen a body because there is no death registered under that name. When Sam tells Dean that Tara Benchley is involved, Dean quickly gets more interested in the case.
Season 2Disk 9_02_1 17
Dean: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Tara Benchley? From "Fear dot Com" and "Ghost Ship", Tara Benchley? Dude, why didn't you say so?
Sam: So now, you're suddenly on board?
DEAN: Oh, I just - I mean, I'm a fan of her work. It's very good.

So they enter Studio 9 to find the Director(?) McG (name taken from the real Producer of Supernatural who actually appears in the episode later...) and the Producer Jay Wiley talking with a "suit" Brad, who is suggesting they make the dailies a little brighter. Does it have to be so dark? Which is very funny in itself, but funnier when we think that these are questions actually asked by the executives concerning Supernatural itself. (Despite all my bitching while I make banners and icons and the like, I do like the darker night episodes of earlier seasons better than the recent daylight episodes.)

Anyway, Dean and Sam are immediately mistaken for PAs and Dean is asked to go on an errand. Dean doesn't know what in the world the suit is yammering about but Sam catches on and quickly leads Dean away.

what's a pa
Dean: What's a PA?
Sam: I think they're kind of like slaves.

Back with the smoothies, they get to work checking the set for EMF etc. while the shooting continues and Tara suffers through some Latin. They meet back at the service table.

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 37
Dean: No EMF anywhere.
Sam: Great. So, what do you think?

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 33 Season 2Disk 9_02_1 32
Dean: Well, I think being a P.A. sucks. But ... the food these people get, are you kidding me? I mean look at these things. They're like miniature Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. They're delicious.
(And of course proceeds to stuff himself!)

Sam tells him that he found out that there were several deaths on the set and any one of them could be a vengeful spirit. While they are talking, Tara walks in and sits in her chair. Dean quickly swallows down his food and saunters over to her with a notice she might have needed.

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 53 Season 2Disk 9_02_1 50
Dean: ...You know, I know it's ... really uncool to say this, but I–I'm a big fan. I loved you in Boogeyman.
Tara: Oh, God, what a terrible script. But thank you.

(Kripke made the actual movie Boogeyman and admitted himself that it was not the greatest.)

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 54
Walter barges in to give Tara some juice. This guy is everywhere - he also interrupted Sam and Dean at the service station aye?

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 55

With his usual charm, Dean gets friendly with Tara and gets to see a photo of the man that "died." Not only am I admiring how he treats her, but also how quickly he recognizes the actor.

Next they are knocking at the actor,Gerard St. James's door to "make sure he is still alive." Here they find out the death was a hoax from the actor who willingly tells them the truth after Dean butters him up with praise - they even get a pepper steak out of the deal!
Season 2Disk 9_02_1 60

Sam asks whether that might not have been a little cruel to the actors and Gerard tells them that he is just an actor. He did what he was told. Which reminds me of Tara's scream in the beginning there... I wonder if they decided Tara would be the one to find him so she could get the act down? ...

We are back on set with another awesome question from the "suit," Brad.

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 69
Brad: Well, for one thing, (sighs) the rules aren't really landing for me. Like, the kids do this Latin chant, and that makes the ghosts show up?
McG: Yeah.
Brad: See, but if the ghosts are in Hell, how do they hear the chanting? I mean, (scoffs) what do they have, super-hearing? It's a logic bump. The rules don't track.

And they decide to put in an explainer that the spirits have "super-hearing"!

No way Walter is going to put up with this guy Brad anymore. So he does his thing and the ghost of a woman who committed suicide on set comes out leads him up into the scaffolding where she hangs him.
Season 2Disk 9_02_1 72
He falls into the set, right as they are saying the explainer.

The next scene we are back at the shoot. The writer whispers to the producer that shouldn't they be shutting production down, since a guy killed himself on set? And Jay is like, we had a moment of silence for him at breakfast...! Dean is there - this time with a headset, and getting into his PA role. Maybe Dean decided he wanted to stick around and enjoy being around the set a bit more? So he's going all out. Tara asks for a cut in the middle of the scene and Dean echos with "That's a CUUUUT!" Tara then complains about the use of salt to get rid of ghosts. The producer and writer are naming off things they could use instead (how about a shotgun? ) Dean is smirking as he watches but Walter of course cannot believe what he is hearing. He stomps off past Dean.

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 80
Dean: Walter's a little testy for a PA huh?

Sam's like "how's it going in here?" and Dean starts telling him about how the shoot is going...

Season 2Disk 9_02_1 87
Sam: Dean, you, you know when I ask how it's going in here, I'm talking about the case, right? We don't really work here. You know, I thought you hated being a P.A.
Dean: I don't know. It's not so bad. I kind of feel like part of the team, you know? It's good – Oh, taquito? They're wonderful.

Sam's trying to tell him how Brad's death had been real but Dean is busy listening to stuff on his headset and has a hard time concentrating. (Reminds me of when people talk to me while I'm typing or... watching SPN.) Sam is getting a little frustrated. But then Dean gets Sam to hear the noise that the sound guy Dave was talking about earlier which Sam recognizes as EVP, and Dean mentions that there is now EMF everywhere. So they go to a trailer to watch the dailies - which Dean got from Cindy who has an "on-and-off" thing going with Drew... Anyway, they find that the ghost is caught on film (Dean: Three Men and a Baby all over again.)
And this time it is Sam who recognizes her. Probably from the research he did on those actual deaths. Finding out who the ghost is, they go to burn her bones.
Season 2Disk 9_02_1 104 Season 2Disk 9_02_1 103
Dean: This map is totally worth the five bucks! Hey, we've gotta go check out Johnny Ramone's grave when we're done here.
Sam: You wanna dig him up, too?
Dean: Bite your tongue, heathen!

All the while, there is another murder going on at the studio. This time it's the producer, Jay. And how gross is this. I put it on fast forward but it was still too slow. Yuck. But that supposedly how our second ghost died aye?

We are back from commercials ... or not?
The movie names are actual movies, but the scenes are from SPN aye? There are scenes from Scarecrow, Hookman, Route 666, etc.

And the Director calls everyone in for a talk. They are suspending shooting of the movie for a short time because of the deaths.

Sam and Dean can't understand what is going on, since ghosts don't usually team up.
Season 2Disk 9_02_2 15
Sam: Maybe the spirits are trying to shut down the movie 'cause they think it sucks. 'Cause, I mean, it kind of does.

Then Sam notices that the invocation is actually a real necromantic summoning ritual, so they are off to talk to the writer, Marty.

This time it is Sam who does the talking and he really has a hard time lying to the guy.
Season 2Disk 9_02_2 05
Sam: Yeah, um, whez, is ... sorry, man. We– we– we couldn't help ourselves. We just had to tell you that we read the script.
Marty: And?
Sam: Yeah. (nodding) It's – uh – it's awesome.
Dean: Awesome.
Sam: Really awesome.

They find out who really wrote the original script and it all comes together. They are just in time to save Marty from Walter's fan-ghost.
you're one hell of a pa
Marty: You are one hell of a P.A.
Dean: Yeah, I know.

Walter tells Sam and Dean they should leave but Marty has to stay and die for what he's done to Walter's script.
Season 2Disk 9_02_2 32
Walter: Look... I've got nothing against you, man. You're not part of this. Just please, please, just leave. But Martin's gotta stay.
Dean: Sorry, can't do that. It's not that we like him or anything, it's ... just a matter of principle.

But of course Walter has the ghosts all bound to him with that necklace of his and one round of salt isn't going to cut it. The ghosts start coming at them and then all of a sudden disappear. Then Sam goes flying. Dean and Marty go to pick up Sam and they run.... into the cabin, close the dorrSeason 2Disk 9_02_2 40 Season 2Disk 9_02_2 36
They look in front of them and find that it is an open set! The ghosts could come at them from anywhere!
(I love Sam's expressions here.)

Then Sam realizes that the ghosts appeared on camera, so they might appear on his i-phone.
Season 2Disk 9_02_2 41
Sam: Dean! Right there!

He teaches Marty, who is wondering how Walter is controlling the ghosts (good question!) how to keep them off with Dean and is on his way to confront Walter. Walter, like a sulky boy, decides to break the necklace "so no one can have it." Sam's like... I don't think you should have done that... Dean and Marty come out of the cabin (Did the ghosts leave?) and Marty points the phone at Walter in time to see him being devoured by the ghosts.

Season 2Disk 9_02_2 50
Note neither Dean or Sam don't even try to stop them. Reminds me of Faith and Shadow - the dangers of trying to control monsters aye?

The case solved, we see Marty has put his knowledge of ghosts to good use(?)
Season 2Disk 9_02_2 54 Season 2Disk 9_02_2 55
Sam: You find out there's an afterlife, and this is what you do with it?
Marty: (looks up from texting, grinning) I needed a little jazz on the page.

And Dean seems to have had all the fun (except maybe swimming in the pool?) he asked for.
Season 2Disk 9_02_2 65 Season 2Disk 9_02_2 64
Tara:You're one hell of a P.A.
Dean: Thank you.

Sam and Dean walk off into the sunset... or two.

Dean: God, I love this town.

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