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Rewatching 2-17 Heart

I have been putting off this task for a bit after getting all the images and gifs ready. It is going to be such a hard episode to write for. But it is Friday in Japan and to get this done before the weekend, I've got to start now. So let's begin.

"Smoking Gun" by Kip Winger
(plays when Dean is at the strip club)
"Down on the Street" by The Stooges
(plays while Dean is hunting the werewolf)
"Look at You" by Screaming Trees
(plays while Sam and Madison are having sex)
"Silent Lucidity" by Queensrÿche
(plays at the end of the episode, when Sam shoots Madison)

We start with the usual preliminary kill by the MOTW. Madison looks to be very happy with her life. Her boss is nice - although he tends to hit on her when he's drunk she seems to know how to handle him pretty well - and seems to be having a good time with her friends.
Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 01

On a first viewing, Kurt is so obviously werewolf material. I just found out on SuperWiki that the name also means wolf in Turkish. No one would suspect Madison or her Christian do-gooder neighbor - Glen.
Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 03
The way Kurt sulks in the corner at the bar as Madison talks to her boss and friends and then suddenly disappears is quite scary.

The next morning, Madison goes to the office and as she is just about to fill up the coffee pot with water, she sees the blood on the door to Nate's room and finds his body. The coffee pot crashes to the ground.

In the next scene, Sam's checking out Nate's body and talking to the morgue employee (mortician??) who tells him "way, way off the record" that it looks like a wolf got him. We also find out that the heart was missing.

Sam and Dean are in their motel room getting ready for an obvious werewolf hunt. Dean can't wait! He looks very excited as he cleans his guns, and Sam teases him about it.
Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 10 Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 16
Sam: Dean, could you be a bigger geek about this?
Dean: I’m sorry, man, but what about “a human by day, a freak animal killing machine by moonlight” don’t you understand? I mean, werewolves are badass. We haven’t seen one since we were kids.

we can go to Disney Land
Sam: Okay, Sparky. And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland.

Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 18
Dean: You know what the best part about it is? We already know how to bring these suckers down. One of these bad boys right to the heart.
(Little do they know the heartbreak that's going to bring...)

They go visit Madison. She gives them coffee (kind of reminds me of the coffee she was making in the office when she found Nate) and answers all their questions.
Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 05 Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 29
Madison: Nothing, really. I – He had a few scotches in him, and he'd started hitting on anyone in a five-mile radius. You know the type.
Sam: Yeah. I do, actually.

Sam glances at Dean with a wry smile. Haha... They go check out Kurt's apartment since he seems rather suspicious. This is a really interesting scene because Madison is there as a werewolf checking Dean out aye?

Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 42
Sam: Check the freezer. Maybe there’s some human hearts behind the Haagen-Dazs or something.

Watching it for the first time, I am sure I would have though it was Kurt checking Sam and Dean out but then why doesn't he attack? It is actually Madison..but to me the fact that she does not attack really does not make sense. On first thought I'd argue that she is there to get Kurt, plus maybe she is a little wary of the FBI agents? So she runs.

Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 46 Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 47

Soon after, they find a policeman killed behind a dumpster. So... what is different about this police man from Sam and Dean? Not as threatening? As I said, it is a little strange.

Anyway, the scratches on the wall and the dead policeman seem to prove to Sam and Dean and to some of us on a first watch that Kurt is the werewolf. They go back to Madison's to make sure she is alright. Glen pops out of his apartment to check on them when they knock on her door.

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 02

They tell her that Kurt is on the loose and that one of them should stay with her to make sure she's safe. As Sam and Dean discuss plans in the other room, Dean suggests that he is going to stay because he's the oldest (naturally) but we find Sam is not OK with that this time around. Maybe he thinks Madison is just not Dean's type - what with her feelings about her boss - and maybe he finally he feels confident enough to take on a girl again(yay for Sam healing!) So he insists they decide the old fashioned way and we have that cute little rock scissors paper scene.


But Sam doesn't know how to proceed from there. He sits at the dining room table with an "I don't know what to do with myself" kind of air which is very cute. Madison seems to think so too. She suggests he go sit on the sofa and when he insists he's ok where he is, she dumps a pile of washing (underwear no less) on the table. Looks like she's teasing him aye? Sam's like Woa, alright I think I'll move to the sofa now...

underwear underwear reaction

He sits there for a while without a word so she plops down beside him to watch her show. Sam's like - are you kidding me?


It is so cute how he gets all into the show by the end and although he won't admit it, yes, he's hooked. Finally he opens his heavy mouth after she breaks the ice and asks her why she used to go out with Kurt. Obviously she is smart. Sam's noticed all the good books she has and she looks confident and sure of herself. She then tells him of how she was "robbed" and how that changed her life.

Season 2 Disk 8 2 of 4 24
But – then it hit me. I could keep feeling sorry for myself, or I could take control of my life. I chose the latter.

Anyway, I guess this part is key to Sam falling for her. Her strength and thoughts about turning something awful that she could not control, into something good. It kind of ties in with his situation aye? And we see a rare smile (we haven't seen since that date with Sarah...).


During all that, Dean calls to check in and tease Sam. Remind you of Shadow? And he is so right it is hilarious. Dean follows Kurt to an exotic dance club - so while keeping Kurt in his sights he is able to have some fun as well.

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 68
Sam: Good, don’t take your eyes off him.
Dean: Oh, yeah, my eyes are glued. Look, Sammy, I gotta let you go. I, uh, I don’t wanna ... don't wanna miss anything.

It's getting late and Sam hasn't made a move on Madison. She is either amused or impressed and maybe a little disappointed? as she says goodnight. The perfect gentleman and so shy! Even though he might wish something different he stays out in the living room and watches soap operas all night.

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 86 Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 88
Back to Dean. What an awesome moon scene here - so perfect. And Dean standing by the dumpsters watching Kurt in his room. Again, just perfect.

Suddenly he hears a sound up in Kurt's room and he rushes in. The shock on his face when he finds Madison crouched over Kurt's inert form.

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 127 Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 125

And then Madison again doesn't kill Dean but just knocks him on the head and leaves with a silver knife cut on her arm.
Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 136
Dean is out til sunrise.

We see the sun rising over the bridge and Sam going to get a drink of water after a long night. Dean calls and tells him Madison was the werewolf and when Sam denies it saying he was there the whole time and there had been no sound from Madison's room, Dean tells him to check out the knife cut on her arm.

Sam goes into her room and finds the cut. Madison on the other hand finds it strange that she doesn't have any clothes on. Sam is determined. He goes to the door to lock it and Madison misunderstands, thinking he is going somewhere.
I'm not going anywhere
Sam:I'm not going anywhere. And neither are you.

When Dean comes, Sam has Madison tied to a chair. He is so sure that Madison is lying when she says she doesn't believe there is such a thing as werewolves and pleads with him that he's sick. But as he looks into her eyes, he becomes unsure so he goes into the other room with Dean to talk about it. Sam remembers a theory of their dads that said that if they killed the werewolf that changed her, they might be able to reverse it. He pleads with Dean to try to save her.

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 169
Sam: I’m not putting a bullet through some girl’s chest who has no idea what’s happening.
Dean: Sam, she’s a monster, and you’re feeling sorry for her?
Sam: Maybe I understand her.

That reminds me of Road Kill. He feels the compassion he feels for both the ghost there, and for Madison here, partly because he feels like he is one of them. Although we know he also obviously has feelings for Madison for other reasons as well. Dean doesn't know how to answer that one. He also maybe senses that Sam has more than just compassionate understanding for Madison. As they are talking, Sam remembers the talk he had with Madison about the robbery. They go in and confirm the werewolf bite (love bite) on her neck and find that the time and place match those of the other werewolf killings - near Hunter's Point. Dean is off on an errand to kill the other werewolf while Sam stays with Madison.

Dean: And if she busts loose? [No response] Sam?
Sam: I’ll do it.
Dean: Sam.
Sam: I’ll shoot her, all right? But Dean, I need you to go out there. At least go look for the thing. Dean, please. We can save this girl.
Dean: ... Fine.

Important to me is Sam's promise to kill Madison if she broke free and Sam's insistence on "saving" Madison.

As the moon grows full, Madison changes and breaks out of her ropes easily. Sam points his gun at her but he cannot shoot.
Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 24 Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 28

He sees a closet door which he opens as she rushes at him and locks her inside for the night.

Dean on the other hand is in luck. Glen is out and has a target. Dean is able to come up just in time to put 2 bullets through Glen's heart and save the girl. She in turn is too scared by both the werewolf attack and Dean killing him that she runs off. Dean looks after her going, "you're welcome."

When he goes up, Glen changes back to his human form and Dean finds that Glen is also clueless as to what he had been up to. As Dean tells him to "take it easy," the light goes out of Glen's eyes.

Back at Madison's, the sun comes up and Sam opens up the closet. Madison wakes up and sees all the scratches that she had made and she realizes that Sam had been right. Sam's expression breaks my heart...I am sure it is one of relief, that he had been able to save her, but maybe also remorse/sadness that she had to go through that and with him? or maybe that here was another person who would know that there were really monsters out there.

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 57 Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 59
Sam: It should be over now. You’ll never see me again.

Sam leaves quietly as Madison is busy looking at the closet walls. When she turns toward where he had been, he is gone.

The next scene is of Sam and Dean in the car processing. They talk about how Glen also did not know he was a werewolf and how since Glen the human seemed to have a thing for Madison, maybe werewolf Glen did as well. Dean says Sam obviously has a thing for Madison and he could maybe... you know? and Sam's like no way, she thinks I'm a lunatic. As they are talking, Madison comes up -

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 67 Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 70
Madison: You know, for a stake-out, your car’s a bit conspicuous. What are you still doing here?
Dean: Honestly? Uh, we’re pretty sure you’re not gonna turn tonight, but we’ve gotta be a hundred percent, so… you know, we’re ... lurking.

Madison suggests they come in and they could wait it out together.

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 75
Madison: You were telling the truth, weren’t you? About everything. What you did – it was to help me.

Sam tells her they need to wait until sunup, since Madison had turned in the middle of the night last night, Dean suggests poker, and they settle down for the night of waiting. We next see Sam and Madison on the sofa talking quietly while Dean sits by the window looking at the moon. As Dean takes his gun and puts it on the lamp stand, his actions alert the two "love birds" and they glance his way.

dean at window dean putting down gun
Dean: Oh, no, you guys talk.

Finally all three stand by the window watching the sun rise.
Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 98
Madison: Does – does this mean it worked?
Sam: Yeah. I think so.

Madison hugs Sam and thanks him and Dean clears his throat like, how about me? Madison spares him a "You too, Dean." *laugh* It's obvious they want some time by themselves and Dean is rather awkward at it, but he leaves them so he can "go back to the hotel and watch some pay-per-view."


It's a celebratory mood aye? And finally Sam gets a little love after all that hardship and we are just so happy for him -
Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 137

so romantic and beautiful... and he wakes up to find Madison gone from the bed and back as a werewolf. She jumps out the window (note she doesn't try to kill him this time) and is gone before Sam can stop her.

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 172
Sam rushes over to the motel and tells Dean that she had turned and they have to find her.

The sun is up and Dean and Sam are outside talking. Sam tells Dean that no one knows of any werewolf cure and that it was known that dad's theory was incorrect. So why didn't they check before? Because Sam so wanted to save Madison he was ignoring the facts! Dean tells him there is no other way than to kill her, but Sam will not hear of it. He uses his "They say I'm evil and you haven't killed me" card and tries to get Dean to consider other options (what other options?)

Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 181 Season 2 Disk 8 3 of 4 180
Dean: I hate to say it. She’s a sweet girl, but part of her is—
Sam: Evil?
Dean Yeah.
Sam: Yeah, that’s what they say about me, Dean! So me you won’t kill, but her you’re just gonna blow away?

Madison calls Sam from some unknown location and Sam gives me a lump in my throat. He calls her Maddie...

They are back at Madison's house and Sam is still adamant that they can do something, but Madison and Dean are both more realistic. After hearing the facts from Dean that there was no guarantee that she would not kill anyone again, even if they did lock her up, Madison takes up the gun that is on the table and takes it to Sam.



Madison uses those words that Sam had used to Dean before. He wanted to save her. This is the way he could. Sam is now being put through exactly the same situation that Dean was put through in BUABS... and he refuses as Dean did. Dean's face as he gets up and goes over to them...We can already tell he feels Sam's pain.



Dean takes the gun and Sam and Dean both leave the room. Sam tells Dean that he and Madison were right. There was no other way. Dean suggests that he could do it for Sam.

Sam: She asked me to.
Dean: You don’t have to.
Sam: Yes, I do. Please.


Sam squares his shoulders and goes in and Dean as he waits for Sam... I had never noticed the one tear spilling from Dean's eye before. It makes sense though that it would be spilled after Sam had gone in as if Dean had been holding it in for Sam's sake.

wait-here2-watermarked winse-with-watermark
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