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Rewatching 2-15 Tall Tales (Part 2)

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It is obvious to Bobby that there is something weird going and not just with this case. He tells them, "You're bickering like an old married couple." Awww...! But Dean points out it's not like a married couple because married couples can get divorced but they are glued to each other like Siamese twins (correction by Sam: it's conjoined twins).

After this they go and talk with the "janitor" and we get an embarrassing (for me) squirrel mouth scene by dean. So sorry guys, you may have been looking forward to a gif of this, but I couldn't bring myself to make one. Just want to hide my bright red face until he's swallowed those damn nuts (or whatever they are). Here is a picture for those of us who love the scene...

who was he with

But there is a cute expression by the janitor/trickster/gabriel while Dean is stuffing himself so lets turn our attention to that.


(I'm just imagining how much fun the actors had doing these scenes...!)

So, I guess they don't get any EMF, and there isn't any 6th floor as the legend goes so they are stuck. Sam tries to check his computer but its frozen on Busty Asian! He calls Dean out on it and we have a cute little shrug by Dean as he wonders why the computer is frozen there when he doesn't remember watching it...

Back to the present with Bobby, they are about to talk about the next attack...
VTS_02_1 23
This next part, we uh, we didn't see it happen ourselves exactly, but it's pretty friggin weird. Even for us.


Does that remind you of Season 6?! But this time it is not fairies who are hiding their identity but the trickster bringing another legend to life. The pledge master who has been torturing his recruits is getting his due. Interesting though how the trickster does not kill him, just brings him down a peg. He does seem to an interesting moral standard by which he judges these people and punishes them, i.e., an adulterous teacher and an animal testing research scientist get the death sentence, while a mean pledge master just gets probing and a slow dance with an alien. Hmmm... but maybe he would have preferred death. Not sure.

VTS_02_1 21
Dean: They probed you?
Curtis:Yeah, they probed me. Again and a-- Again and -- And again. And again and again and again... And then one more time.
Curtis:And that's not even the worst of it.

Dean:How could it get any worse? Some alien made you his bitch.

VTS_02_1 17

Curtis: They... They made me... Slow dance!

VTS_02_1 22

Everything is just... WEIRD.... but Sam says there must be a they go talk with another student. And we have it from Dean's point of view this time. A hilarious scene of Sam's exaggerated concern for the student.

Sam: But I want you to know... I'm here for you. You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain. Come here.

Student: Thanks for the hug, but, uh, I'm okay. Really. To tell you the truth, whatever happened to Curtis, he had it coming.

Sam's face... cracks me up!

(Present: Sam says, "wait, I didn't say that!" and Dean tells him, "You're always saying pansy stuff like that.")

So they come back to the motel and Dean's like - there is at least one connection. They are both dicks. Sam's not sure that's a connection at all. But hey, we know that for each trickster episode that follows, that is going to be the key to figuring it out. Sam is now too busy looking for his computer to listen properly to Dean. It's gone and who else could have taken it than Dean? Sam assumes that this is one of those practical jokes Dean is playing on him. We have a funny tirade by Sam of how much he puts up with Dean, (what are you talking about? I'm a joy to be around!) calling Dean's food in the fridge "darwinism." Sam asks Dean how he would feel if he messed with the impala and Dean tells him it would be the last thing he ever did...

(Present - Bobby asks Dean if he had taken the computer and Dean says no, serves him right, but he didn't and then we are back to the story.)

There is another victim. And since the police do not say what the cause of death was, they sneak into the morgue to check out the body. Again, we see that little trick with the window lock that we saw in Houses of the Holy.
lock VTS_02_1 05

There is not much of a body, but Sam finds a belly scale of an alligator on the parts. Neither of them can believe it, but it is a popular urban legend... (We had a legend like it near our house in Japan while I was growing up. This is one legend you will probably see in any city with a sewer system or a river...) So they go through the sewers just in case there is an alligator, and as Dean comes up and gets back to his car, he finds his tires are cut... and Sam's money clip is lying there on the street!

He goes back to the motel all pissed, calls Sam on his dirty prank and decides he's going to keep the money clip in payment of his ruined tires. Sam again tells Dean, "I've had it up to here with you!" And we have our wonderful little scuffle which we mentioned in the beginning was an hour before Bobby arrived -


Anyway, Bobby knows right away what they are dealing with, which is pretty awesome. I wonder if he has hunted a trickster before? A real one? Hearing what it was, Dean quickly figures out who it is pretending to be.
Sam and Dean exchange looks...
I know2 its him

We then jump to the janitor/trickster/gabriel's apartment where he is having a feast with his cute little dog and busty girls who appear out of nowhere.
that's better

Sam, Dean and Bobby, on the other hand, are setting up a little trick to play on the trickster. First. Sam and Dean go to the office building (UBC library) again. Dean keeps the trickster company while Sam goes to check out the lockers in the basement. Finding the evidence, they meet back outside and as the trickster looks on through the window, they put on a little show, pretending that they are still at discord and not into team play. We see Sam and Dean both talking louder than necessary and turning a little toward the building once in a while, showing us that this is a trick. They wait until nightfall, then Dean makes as if to go in on his own (Sam and Bobby behind him where they cannot be detected by the trickster).

This next scene is quite cute too, as the trickster tries to bribe Dean with his busty twins.
VTS_02_1 48 I'm going to

Dean loves it and oh he wishes he could say yes, but no. They can't have the trickster killing more people even if they are dicks. Dean admits though that the trickster does have style and compliments him on the alien abduction. When the trickster sees that Dean will not be deterred, he tells him that he should not have come on his own, to which Dean replies that he didn't... Sam and Bobby come in - both with stakes ready. The trickster figures out that they had also played a trick on him but he is not going to go down easy. A monster with a chainsaw and something else appear to take on Sam and Bobby while the girls take care of Dean! Dean is down, having been hit by a chair one too many times, and the trickster is about to do something to him but there is a stake on the floor near Sam. Dean looks at Sam, Sam throws him the stake, and bye bye trickster. At least that is what they think.

The three hunters gather before the trickster's body as they see it. he had style
Dean: He had style.

And as a rewatch, this is really interesting because we know that Gabriel has a special interest in the boys - as the human equivalent of his own brothers, and he also has an affinity to Dean with their similar interests and style! It reminds me a little of how Dean felt about Andy in Simon Says. And after all of the awful things he does to them both(killing Dean like a million times...), he actually ends up saving their lives. Dean is able to give him the courage to stand up to his brother. Not only that, we find out that whoever Dean killed in there was again just an illusion put up by Gabriel/the trickster, which is a trick he will also try on Lucifer and fail.

Well, this is not the end, because we have another cute little apology scene.

I'm not one who feels they need to get the words out for it to be real.

I think Bobby agrees.


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