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Rewatching 2-15 Tall Tales(Part 1)

It's been a while since we had a funny episode and for me, this is one of the few early episodes (as in Seasons 1 and 2) that qualifies. I think I actually enjoyed it more than Hell House... There were just so many scenes and I couldn't help but make gifs for all of them... and it was way too heavy so I've divided it into two posts. Forgive me my indulgence! In addition to that, we also have the first appearance of the Trickster/Gabriel. I feel smug every time I watch this episode with a first timer (that would be my hubby and my son, and maybe Mark from MarkWatches...) for thinking of the many other episodes in which we will meet him again. Knowing he is Gabriel makes so much of a difference when we watch this episode. A great rewatch it is!

So let's start with the story... oops! music first! Grab those earphones(or not!) and enjoy!


"Walk Away" by The James Gang
(plays at the beginning of the episode; also played in 1.13 Route 666)
"Next to You" by Junk Food
(plays during Sam's versions of events at the bar; The band Junk Food won a CW competition on MySpace to have their song "Next to You" included in the show)
"Brenda and Me" by The Rhythm Machine
(plays during Dean's versions of events at the bar)
"Lady in Red" by Chris DeBurgh
(plays when the fratboy is slow dancing with the alien)
"Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" by Barry White
(plays when Dean enters the hall with the two girls on the red bed)

We start with the beautiful girl tying her shoe in front of ... what looks to be the library at UBC(where I graduated from many, many years ago)...but is introduced as Springfield University, Ohio, waiting for a professor. They go up to his room together and as he takes advantage of the girl(all the while saying how he should not), her face changes grotesquely and we never know how but the professor ends up falling or jumping out the window behind our trickster/Gabriel/janitor.... I'd never thought carefully about this before, just assuming that the trickster had done it all but I realized belatedly that he had actually made this ghost girl appear "out of thin air." That she was not real. I wonder how he does that! Does he control their actions all the while? Or do they just automatically do whatever he wants them to do? It must be... but it is an interesting thing to think about because this is not a dream aye? these ghosts, crocodiles etc. are real enough that they can hurt and kill the person. It's almost like he is writing in a new character for a story that has already been written... if that makes sense.

So anyway, here he is, turning around to look at the splattered body, his hair blowing up with the impact.
VTS_02_1 06

Our next scene is Sam researching with a load of books, while Dean munches fries? on Sam's bed. If you remember the story, this is actually just one hour after their little scuffle over Sam's money clip. I have a feeling Sam didn't get his money back because Dean seems smug, and Sam looks very irritated...what do you think?:)

VTS_02_1 08
Dude. You mind not eating those on MY bed?

While they are bickering with each other about Sam's computer and Dean's car and how they both are unable to do what they want to do toward the case... knock knock! Our savior. Sam you did the right thing calling Bobby.
They start at the beginning where they are questioning people at the bar about the ghost legend. First Sam's version...Dean drinking three purple nurples in one go, and turning around with that cute drunk face...


He tells Sam he can't work right now because he is in the middle of "reeling in" a girl and goes on to introduce Starla who proceeds to almost throw up in front of them.

Which is where Dean stops Sam's narrative saying, hey, it wasn't like that... For one thing, her name wasn't Starla...And of course Dean is not drunk, just extremely handsome and killing the girl with his gorgeous face...("My god, you are attractive. Sorry, I just . . . can't even concentrate. It's like staring into the sun.")





And our best bitch-Sam face ...

Does this remind you of the vain professor we saw earlier? (Except that looking at Dean's face would actually be like staring into the sun...:P) Well, either way Dean is unable to get anything out of his informant, so all they have is the ghost story that Sam got out of some students (one of which is the third victim abducted by aliens...).

Read Part 2 HERE

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