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Rewatching 8-18 Freaks and Geeks

I began writing this review a few weeks after watching waaaay back in June. For some reason, I didn’t want to write anything at the time, and for a long time. When I finally forced myself to sit down I had to watch it again, because I didn’t remember what had happened as clearly. The second rewatch was very hard. I had to stop quite early on in the episode. I literally felt sick watching even the first scene, knowing that the vamp was innocent and listening to him begging for help and then being blamed for something he didn’t do and being killed so cruelly, with so much hate. It was just too much.

Hate is a terrible thing. It makes people irrational and cruel. Vengeance is not healthy. There is something extremely wrong with watching anything or anyone’s death with satisfaction, to ease your own pain or hatred. I’m reminded of several other eps in Supernatural - of course one of which is Asylum, the ep where the doctor tries to cure mental sickness by getting the patients to express anger. It doesn’t work. When anger is let out, it grows and grows until you are doing something you never meant to do. It reminds me of the song Dark Moon Rising in Devil’s Trap - which to me sings of racial discrimination and hatred. Don’t go out tonight… I hear the voice or rage and ruin, One eye is taken for an eye… Because groups of people with ideas of hatred and vengeance can be swept up into action like a hurricane or a huge wave. Action that is irrational and cruel and blown out of proportion.

People with power can use these feelings of hatred and vengeance for their own profit. That is what I feel we are warned in this episode and in so many others of Supernatural - most clearly in the way Lucifer uses Sam’s hatred to gain control.

In this ep is a hunter that uses the innocence of children to ingrain them with the thought that specific people (monsters, minorities, easily blamed for everything) are responsible for their parents’ deaths so that they could be made in to efficient hunters and killing machines. From the beginning, he begiles them, saying he will help them find their killers. They trust him, because he is an adult, and experienced hunter. He misleads them using their hatred and vengeance for his own purposes.

Hate comes from mistaken knowledge but also from hurt and pain for which one searches for someone or something - anything - to blame. These children were so hurt by their parents death that they latched on to the explanation by the hunter and didn’t question it. The hunter of course had his own pain. A void he needed to fill, and tried to use the children to do so.

The ep ends with the children finding out that sometimes humans are more monsters than vamps. They go away with renewed understanding of supernatural beings (especially vampires) and the hatred stops. They decide that they are not going to go out looking for hunts like they used to and only use their knowledge to save others and not for vengeance.

But Dean himself has his issues with demons this season. He wants vengeance because of the pain he went through and to fill the void that created. Are demons to blame for everything that happened to Sam and Dean or to their whole family? Didn’t Mary make the choice to make the deal in the first place? And I have to say how irrational is Dean and Sam’s idea that everything will be honky-dory once they close the gates of Hell. Where on earth did they get that idea? Closing the Hell gates won’t make vampires or any other monster disappear. They should be doing what the children do at the end of this ep. Stop looking for vengeance and only use their skills when needed - to save people. Even if Hell could be blamed for everything, vengeance and hatred should not be the motive to close the gates.

At the end of the season, Sam and Dean end up getting back at Crowley not by killing him but by curing him, which is similar to what the kids do to the vampire this ep. But again, this is something that I cannot be happy about. Why don’t they cure Crowley completely? (If Sam doing it would complete the trials, Dean could do it instead.) Do they just want to see him suffer? Because we do see him suffering in the seasons to come. By curing him completely, they could have gotten his repentance. Why don’t they cure all demons instead of killing them? They have the means. It doesn’t take much. Just consecrated blood and someone who has confessed his sins to God. Wouldn’t that be better than killing them or locking them up and making them suffer in Hell?

Vengeance and hatred is also what makes Naomi use Cas, and also makes Metatron cause the fall of the angels at the end of this season. Cas is misinformed, his innocence is used by Metatron to trick him into making the angels fall - just as the children are used by the hunter this ep.

Well, let’s get to the episode shall we?

We start with a scene where Krissy and a boy are making out and suddenly they hear something outside. The boy decides he’s going to go outside and check it out. Krissy plays the part of a kid living a normal life really well. They both do. More probably for our sake than for the monster’s - I doubt the vamp hears them talking inside. And when Krissy gets dragged through the car window we wonder if she is going to get killed by the monster. But, there are other kids outside ready to chop the vampire head off.

Krissy doesn’t like being bait. We know on rewatch that this monster is not actually the one that killed the boy Aiden’s parents and that it is most likely newly made and confused and just really really hungry like any newly made vamp. Aiden probably recognizes something on the vamp that was of his family - planted by the vamp working for Victor.

Cut to Sam and Dean coming into town in the Impala to check out the vampire case. Dean is worried about Sam and tells him that he can sit it out. Sam turns on Dean and says well, you just got beat up by Cas pretty good. Are YOU ok?

DEAN: What like my feelings?
SAM: If that's what you want to talk about, sure.
DEAN: Okay. I'll tell you what. Why don't I go get some, uh, herbal tea.
SAM: Okay.
DEAN: And you can find some cowboy junkies on the dial.
SAM: Eat me, Dean.

Good job Sam. I don’t know if he really was concerned or not, but he sure deflected good.

Dean sees Krissy in the video footage at the police station. They quickly take the video footage and save Krissy and her group from getting arrested for murder.

That scene of Dean looking at the footage and recognizing Krissy reminds me of a later ep with Cain.

(Sam has no idea what's going on :D)
After they get out of there and Dean explains the situation to Sam, Sam and Dean wonder what has Krissy hunting again. For some reason, they never consider that dad might have been killed, which for me would be the first thing I’d think of. They think maybe Krissy is hunting for fun in secret. They decide to go find her.

Then we see Krissy and crew going to kill another vamp at a motel. Their tactics are modern, with Krissy checking the scene on camera in their room as the other two go to kill. It shows they are smart, and using their knowledge of technology to the fullest. Sam and Dean find Krissy easily by bribing the hotel staff with more money than she had.

As the kids exact vengeance on the vampire who they think killed Aiden’s parents, Dean feels there is something wrong but can’t put his finger on it.  They have to let the kids do it as they watch.

Dean is also not happy with kids doing the hunting/killing.

KRISSY:You're never too young to kill monsters, especially the ones that kill your family.
DEAN: Hunting isn't all about killing and revenge. I thought we had this chat last time.

Dean takes Krissy asside and asks her why she is hunting and Krissy tells him of her father's death by vampire and that Victor is helping them exact revenge.

They trail the kids back to their house where their hunter dad, Victor, awaits. Sam and Dean know Victor from a previous hunt. Their image of him is good - at least not bad. They see a very domestic situation where he cooks for the kids and the kids go to school and study and clean their rooms like good kids.

Again Dean really doesn’t like that kids are hunting. No kid should go through what they went through or become what they became. It reminds me a bit of how he felt about Jo actually. Sam, on the other hand, likes the domestic scene and thinks that if the kids can live a normal life and hunt at the same time, that sounds pretty nice. It shows where his mindset is at right now - on getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. Interesting to think also that Mary, their mother, did have that kind of life. She had a home, she had a family, I assume she also went to school, but she was a hunter. And she still hated the life.  The difference here, is that the kids are on a vengeance mission.

Dean goes off, saying they should do the hunting for the kids to protect them until they figure out what to do with Victor. He’s going to go and talk with the girl who had supposedly been captured by the vampire they had killed, because he felt there was something off about that situation.  Sam stays and spends the night with the “hunter family” as we also see the conspirator vamp drive up in his van.

(Maybe he had a meeting with Victor regarding what they were going to do next? )

The next morning, Sam wakes up to find a very domestic scene - kids eating breakfast before going off to school. Krissy is making waffles, which was something her dad used to make for her all the time.

 After they leave, Victor talks to Sam about family, and how Sam should have one. He pulls out a picture from his wallet. A picture of kids and his wife, who had been eaten by a Wendigo on a camping trip. Sam can relate.

Jump to Dean talking to the girl at the hospital. She tells him that some guy in a hoodie with a blue van had asked for directions at the motel and that was all she remembered till she woke up in the bed.

The guy that was with her was a local hero just got back from the war a couple of weeks ago. Which means he was made vampire within the month (well, he could have been made at war or even before… but for the sake of the story that is not considered). He had not attacked her, only told her that he was sorry and looked scared. Again the situation sounds very weird.

Then, to Sam where the kids are coming home early from school because Victor has found a new lead - this time for the vamp who supposedly killed Krissy’s dad. The conspirator vamp has planted Krissy’s dad’s necklace on the vamp and Krissy is sure it is the vamp that killed her dad. Sam is not so sure because there is no time stamp on the photos Victor is showing them.  As the kids rush off, Sam has a talk with Dean about how shady it looks.

DEAN: I never trust a guy who wears a sweater.
(LOL, but he's right.  Victor doesn't really look like a hunter.  He doesn't go with the kids either, does he?)

(I love these two shots - Sam looks really pretty in the closeup, and interesting shot of Dean in the side-view mirror.)

Dean finds out that the guy with the hoodie (from the van) that was at the motel the day before probably has set up house in a lodge nearby that is closed for the winter.  Sam finds the very same van right outside the house.  I suppose the vamp was waiting to lure Sam out with Victor?

Sam tells Victor, and Victor and Sam supposedly go out to catch the said vamp together. 

Victor, however, waits until Sam is engaged with the vampire and knocks him out from behind.

Meanwhile, Dean finds a newly made vamp at the lodge.

Soon after, Krissy and co. come barging in ready to kill her and Dean stops them.

Dean explains to them that she is not the one that killed Krissy’s dad. She is newly made and doesn't have to be killed.  She can be cured if she hasn’t fed yet.

This is probably the only part of the episode that I really like. I love Dean being all reasonable and sensible and enlightening the kids on how hunting is not just about killing.

They get back to the house and find Sam tied up with the vamp and hunter aiming to kill him.

Victor points his gun at Dean and tries to convince the kids that it was all for the best - which is so weird, especially when the vamp tells them that he was the one that killed their parents and he had enjoyed it.

The vamp threatens Aiden, the boy that has the crush on Krissy, and the other two girls save him by shooting deadman’s blood bullets at the vamp, turning the tables on Victor. Dean warns Krissy not to kill Victor, so instead she shoots blanks at him for all the people he got killed, then tells the other kids that it will be much more miserable for him to be alive with no friends or family, than for her to kill him. I guess he agrees - he takes the gun out of his leg/ankle holster and kills himself.

As Sam and Dean are on their way out the door, the kids are giving the new vamp the cure.

Sam gives Krissy her dad’s necklace (which used to be her mom's).

Sam then leaves to give Dean and Krissy some time alone. Krissy tells Dean she is staying with her friends, not going to her relatives to have a normal life, because they were family and she was old enough to make her own decisions. Dean agrees, which surprises Krissy. He then goes for the fist bump, but Krissy shows him she’s a bit more grown up than that by giving him a kiss on the cheek, which is rather cute.

Then we have a cute little scene between Dean and Aiden.

DEAN: Aiden. Listen, there's, uh, something I want to tell you about Krissy.
AIDEN: I know. I know. You'll kill me if I ever hurt her. Blah. Blah. Blah.
DEAN: No, no. No. She'll kill you.
DEAN: Good luck.

Finally, Sam and Dean talk as they walk away from the house to their car.

SAM: Could have been a lot worse.
DEAN: Will be if we don't shut those Gates of Hell soon.
SAM: What do they have to do with any of that?
DEAN: They're hunters now. You don't just walk away from that. There's only one way out of that,and you and I both know it ain't pretty.
SAM: Maybe they'll be different.
DEAN: Or maybe if we shut that hell hole once and for and all, those three can have a real life.
SAM: Maybe they won't be the only ones.

Can I just say again, how it doesn’t make sense at all for Dean to think that closing the gates of Hell will solve everything?

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