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Rewatching 8-16 Remember the Titans

This was a hard ep for me to rate. I enjoyed the first bit and the last bit very much, then there is the middle bit that I think they could have done a better job on. Personifying the gods I have no trouble with. I enjoyed Hammer of the Gods and other god eps. How Zeus was shown was just not very interesting. I got that he was just a really mean god - got a very similar vibe to YED, but a little off. The way Artimus decided to stop her father was a bit disappointing too - maybe it was just the acting... I don't know. I’ll get into it when I get to those scenes. I liked that they brought in a new god, a victim at that! A good god. We haven't had many of those have we. And the idea of him being found by a human and falling in love etc. The ep of course has another objective - to make Sam think about the trials, and give him the opportunity to show Dean how worried he is. We also have the most beautiful prayer by Dean… OMG I cried it was so emotional.

Let’s start on the ep.

It begins with Prometheus/Shane getting hit by a car and dying. He would have died anyway, but the driver just happened to be there at the time. And the driver makes a break for it. An eagle picks at Prometheus’ liver, which is what Zeus does to Prometheus in the Greek mythology until Hercules kills the eagle. A police car happens on the scene and just as the police officer is calling in the death, Prometheus wakes up and goes back into hiding - where he must have died again, and mauled by a bear to be picked up again and taken to a morgue.

Back to Sam and Dean at the bunker.

Sam is rinsing out his mouth and tastes blood. Where exactly is that blood from? Is his mouth bleeding, or did he cough again before this scene? He spits it out into the sink and quickly cleans the sink as he hears Dean enter. Dean’s like, what’s the matter, because he is super clued into Sam hiding something since last ep - or maybe even Trial and Error after the curse took hold.  Sam denies anything is wrong. 

DEAN:So, no word from Cas, Kevin's taking his sweet little time, and you're acting cagey. We need a lead before I start climbing these walls.
SAM:Well, um... In that case, I can give you zombies.

Sam doesn't deny he is acting 'cagey' LOL
They decide to go check out this guy who sounds like a zombie and Dean is super excited because he wants to kill some zombies.

The guy sounds like a zombie to the police officer that found him on the street too.

POLICE OFFICER:Since when have the Feds started tracking zombie activity?
DEAN:We don't track zombie activity because there's no such thing as zombies.

I would have loved a close up of Dean's face as he said that.
The officer’s secretary? Says she’s got something and shows them the John Doe that was carried into the morgue in a neighboring town? And the police officer is like, that’s the guy!

POLICE OFFICER JACK:Dead my ass. That's a zombie, boys.

SAM:Uh, you know what, trooper? Why don't you stay here? We'll take care of this one. We need someone to hold down the fort.
DEAN:Yeah, and if things go all "Dawn of the Dead" on us, you'll be our first call.
POLICE OFFICER JACK:Boys... Aim for the head.

I Love this scene!

Sam and Dean go check out the body and find nothing interesting except the wound where the eagle had picked at the liver. They go out of the room to argue about how Dean is disappointed this is not a zombie and Sam telling him there is something to check out here anyway. I love how they are all ready to catch the guy as he wakes up and tries to escape! I thought for sure they would be too busy arguing to notice. And I love the close up of Dean as he pins the guy to the morgue table. That’s another thing I like about this ep. The guy is cute :D

DEAN:You better start talking. What are you? If you say, "zombie," I swear –
Anyway, they take him back to their motel room - stealing him from the morgue - to give him some standard tests. Dean cuts him and Sam makes him drink some holy water. Nothing. He tells him about his condition and Sam suggests that he is most probably a victim of a curse, and they should just give him another room at the motel while they figure things out.

DEAN:All right, but you're the one going full-cavity for the hex bag.

During the night, Artemis sneaks into Shane/Prometheus’ room. Shane wakes up immediately and when he asks who she is, Artimis acts disappointed that he doesn’t remember, but she goes ahead with her agenda which was to kill him. He’s strong though and has some moves. While they are fighting, Dean comes charging in and tries to help, but Artemis just flings him away like a rag doll. Sam gets blasted off the porch. Pretty strong gal/god! Prometheus is strong too and he gets her in a hold and demands to know who she is. She disappears (a pretty cool effect) without telling him.

Just as they are talking about it, Shane gets a heart attack and dies. Sam and Dean get left to think about who he might be.

SAM:Well, that's not – never mind. Um...We need to think. Dean, what do we know of that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women?
DEAN:I don't know – you?

Love this little exchange :D<3

While they are talking, they get a knock on the door. And remember how disarmed Sam was last ep when he opened the door for the witch’s familiar? Well, Dean is quite cautious this time around.

We can put that down to Sam being too naive or just the fact that they have just had a break-in and Dean is more cautious than usual.

But they find a woman and a little child at the door, looking for Shane/Prometheus. She tells them that the boy is Shane’s son.

Dean crouches down to get on the boy’s level with a kind face but the boy doesn’t say anything. As they are doing that, the woman, Hayley, gets a glance into the motel room and sees Shane lying on the bed. She knows that he is dead. She goes in, leaving the boy in Sam and Dean’s care. They go outside to introduce the boy to the swings and she joins them.

They talk about how she had met Shane on the mountain, all frozen but alive and he had helped her get off the mountain while all of her companions weren’t so lucky. When they got down the mountain, they had sex and Shane died while they were in the act (after consummation, I suppose, since she got pregnant), but Shane dying and resurrecting scared her and so she ran.

Then we have Shane waking up and coming out to see what was going on. He sees her and she introduces him to their son. After a while where he plays with his son and gets to know him, Sam goes back inside to do some more research and finds out about Prometheus.

Dean is standing by the motel room watching the guy with his son and that is a very nice picture!

But Sam tells him what he found and they go back inside to talk about it, Shane joins them.

While they are talking, Hayley comes in with the boy saying he fell.

The boy of course is dead. I guess he died and fell post mortem… She finally tells Shane/Prometheus why she started looking for him again after all these years - 7 years to be exact. Her boy was dying everyday too ever since his 7th birthday.

Sam and Dean take everyone back to the bunker. Hayley has a hard time believing this story about Prometheus, except that her son is dying everyday which is weird enough that this might actually be true. Since he became seven years old, he has started dying every day and he has also stopped talking.

Sam suggests that this is because in old Greek mythology, 7 years old was a coming of age and a child was considered grown. The curse may have been ingrained in his DNA.

Dean tells them what they are going to do. They are going to summon Zeus and get him to revoke the spell. If he doesn’t, they will kill him and that should make the spell die along with him.  Hayley has a hard time believing but Oliver calls and she goes to help him.

Then Dean tells Prometheus that they are going to go after Zeus whether he comes with them or not, and even though he had wanted to run before to keep Hayley and Oliver safe, but now he tells them he's in because he has to save his son.

I love the closeup of Dean researching.

Here Dean finds out about this guy whose name is Drakopoolos (Dean especially loves that his name means dragon penis) and a spell that he used to summon Zeus.

DEAN:Right, so, uh, Drakopoolos tangled with Zeus back in the day, and the Men of Letters translated his journal.
SHANE:The Men of Letters?

DEAN:It's a secret society. This is actually their lair. We're legacies. No big deal.
(awkward silence...)

It is unclear whether Drakopoolos actually survived the encounter and Hayley is very skeptical.

There is also a little conversation between her and Dean where she points out that a certain stone powder fulgurite is not as rare as the boys thought it was and could be found at any New Age store. Now, I don’t care that Dean doesn’t know this, but SAM?? Come on. It’s not even funny. It does maybe make fun of the writers a bit the fact that they had been making the boys steal it from 1 percenters when they could have just got them to buy it cheap. I don’t know. It sure brings Dean down after all the bragging about the MoL. I guess it is at this point that she decides the boys really can’t be trusted to save her son and she’s just going to do whatever it takes.

DEAN:Listen, I know this all seems a little haphazard, all right? But trust me when I say that me and Sammy have gone in with a lot less and come out on top.
HAYLEY:I believe you. It's just all this. And I'm about to ask Zeus, the Greek God, to help cure my son.
DEAN:The thing you got to remember is this is not about asking for his help, okay? He's not your friend. It's about getting him to do what's right.

Back with Sam and Shane who are getting a bone of a believer from a cemetery (for the spell), Shane asks, why are you helping me, and Sam explains that Shane/Prometheus helped all of humankind by giving them fire and they owed him just for that.

SAM:Trust me on this – it was worth it. You pretty much, uh, saved the whole world.
SHANE:Yeah, I guess. But none of that – none of that means anything unless I can save my son.

So we find both he and Hayley have this strong desire to save their son, naturally. It’s even more important than saving humankind… does this have some meaning for the season? I mean, there is some emphasis on this don’t you think? And Sam and Dean are both trying to save the world, but as Dean does say at the end, saving the world has no meaning if he is going to lose Sam. One person can be more important than saving many. To any parent, to any family. Saving family is often more important than anything else. Wow.. ok so yeah, I rebember talking about the exact same thing a while ago… Maybe Season 6? And even Season 7 with Amy. We also saw it in the ep with Henry. This is that conflict between natural law putting family(loved ones) first, and the social law of keeping society running. This is why Sam has such a hard time with Dean saving him in Season 9 because he can’t understand that concept as being higher (as natural beings - as animals in the natural order) than the social right/wrong until of course he experiences it first hand.

He totally missed what Prometheus was saying. AAAHHHHHG! We will have to say it was because of the effect of the trials. They are making him more and more accepting of giving up his life for the cause - just like in The Wherther Project This is very frustrating to see. *headpalm*

Then we have a wonderful scene where Dean is using a match to put fire to the summoning spell -

and we think of how he couldn’t even do that without fire. Zeus appears and he reminds me a lot of Yellow Eyes. He cares nothing for humanity and just wants to see Prometheus suffer. He does tell Dean that if they let him out of the trap that he would take the curse off the boy, but he is totally lying.

Dean tells him that is a no go and they don’t mind seeing him rot. Badass Dean <3 They all start to leave except the mom. She is too worried the boys don’t care about her son and that they really mean they would leave and not help her son. She breaks the trap and now Zeus is free. And he is evil - or I guess more hateful. He hurts Prometheus and then turns to Oliver the little boy.

ZEUS:Tell me, has Prometheus experienced the child's death yet? [HAYLEY gives a nod.] How did he take it? Did he hurt? [HAYLEY nods again.] Good. [ZEUS points his fingers at SHANE/PROMETHEUS who falls to his knees attempting to breathe.] Imagine a thousand children all dying in unison. [ZEUS holds him there with his fingers still extended.] Only then would you understand my pain. But we can't always have what we want, so... [He looks at OLIVER.] ... one will have to do.
So we get the idea that he wants to hurt Prometheus through Oliver.

This is where it becomes a bit weird - Zeus speaking to Oliver.

ZEUS:You like being an immortal, don't you? Oh, sure, you die every day, but nothing can keep you dead. It's almost like taking a little nap. All of your cares and worries disappear for a little while. Well, it's sleepy time, my dear boy.
He tries to make the dying everyday (or even right then as he looks like he's going to start torturing the boy instead) sound not so bad to Oliver. Why justify his actions? That is too weird.

During this time, he tells Artemis to take Sam and Dean somewhere else to kill them - I don’t quite see why. Maybe so he could talk with the little boy uninterrupted? Maybe he notices that Artemis is uncomfortable watching? Hayley is cowering in the corner and I dislike her intensely.

While Artimus is taking Sam and Dean down the corridor Sam starts provoking her. Telling her that she was strong no longer, and that no one would pray to her now. Then he goes on to speculate that the reason she had not killed Prometheus before was that she was in love with him. But she was too weak to stand up to her father. That eggs her into doing what she wanted to do, which was to finally rebel against her selfish father and save Prometheus and the boy.

She goes back with them and points an arrow at her dad.

ARTEMIS:This has to stop, father.
ZEUS:Stop? I'm only just getting started.
ARTEMIS:You've done enough.
ZEUS:I am doing this for us – for our kind. He is the reason we're here and not ruling the world. [Gestures towards SHANE lying on the ground.] He's the reason they have forgotten all about us.
ARTEMIS:Let them go. All of them.
ZEUS:I am your father, and you will obey me.
ARTEMIS:You were once my father. Now you're someone else.

Wow ok the symbolism of that, compared to Prometheus and the mom who wanted to save their son. Her reasoning is not very easy to understand though. It sounds like she is saying that Zeus used to be a good father but his jealousy and selfishness has grown and now she doesn’t see a resemblance to what he used to be? Anyway, he has changed and she doesn’t accept him as her father anymore. This reason to me just doesn’t work. He was always a jealous god, which is why he did what he did to Prometheus in the first place. Then Zeus tells her that it is all Prometheus’ fault that they lost their believers and that just doesn’t make sense at all. But maybe its not supposed to? Maybe we are supposed to think Zeus just wanted to blame everyone else for his problems. Zeus is not clear why he thinks so, and we don’t know if we should think he had a legit reason or he’s just making it bigger than it is. Artemis doesn’t contradict him either. This unclear argument makes the scene rather boring(except for the thrill of wondering if she was going to let that arrow go or not. The arrow goes off and Zeus has just enough time to grab Prometheus and protect himself from it by putting Prometheus in front.

The arrow hits Prometheus but Prometheus realizes that he can kill Zeus if he sacrifices himself and he pushes the arrow through to Zeus behind him. They both die of one arrow while Artemis watches in horror. Artemis has lost both of the people she loved. She goes and takes Zeus back to wherever they lived. Prometheus is left on the floor, never to wake again.

Dean and Hayley make a wood pier and burn the body. Hayley apologizes for her stupid actions that got him killed and Dean hugs her. It is a nice scene. I wonder if he saw a resemblance here to him watching his own father sacrifice himself for Dean.

Back into the dark woods a bit where the fire could still be seen in a distance, Sam is sitting on the trunk of the car with the little boy. He suggests they get some ice cream.

OLIVER:No. I'd like to stay.
The boy talks! I remember when I watched the show I was impressed by Sam asking him if he wanted an ice cream (awww sweet) and that the boy was all serious telling him that he’d rather not, but I don’t remember if anyone remarked on the fact that he actually talked, which showed that the curse had been lifted. Maybe the fact that the child talked like a grownup and actually wanted to stay to honor his father was meaningful as well - showing maybe that he was a special child because of his father - but this is also where we finally see that the curse was truly lifted and he had been saved.

Sam and Dean are in the car going back to the bunker afterwards when Sam tells Dean how he felt watching Prometheus die.

DEAN:Well, here's to that crazy little wild card called love. [He hands a burger to SAM.] How did you know Artemis had the hots for Prometheus, anyway?
SAM:Intuition. Uh... luck.
DEAN:Yeah, well, whatever it was, it worked... pretty much. At least the kid's all right.
SAM:You know... I'm starting to think maybe I was being naive.
DEAN:What are you talking about?
SAM:When I said that I could just will myself into coming out of these trials unscathed.
DEAN:No, no, no. Stop with the sullen emo crap, all right? That's – you're not gonna die like Prometheus.
SAM:How do you know, Dean? Bobby, Rufus, now Prometheus – you think any of them chose death? No. The life chose for them.
DEAN:Yeah, well, you promised, okay? You promised to live a long, Clark Griswold life full of prostate exams and colonoscopies, all right? You're not welshing on that deal, not on my watch. If you die, it's gonna be because of something normal.
SAM:Like a heart attack? [Looks down at his burger.]
DEAN:Exactly. Yeah, eat your burger.

Sam goes away from this ep thinking that just as Prometheus could not both live and save his son, there was also the possibility that he might die from the Trials as well.

Again, he is missing the point totally but itshows how his mind is going. Dean on the other hand is like, I’m not going to hear this from you. You promised that you’d show me the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m not going to let you die of unnatural causes. What Dean says about the 'wild card called love' is kind of meaningful too, isn't it? That's what saves Sam in the end :)

Back at the bunker, Dean sits on his bed and has a heart to heart with Cas, his guardian angel.

DEAN:Cas, you got your ears on? Listen, you know I am not one for praying, 'cause in my book it's... it's the same as begging. But this is about Sam, so I need you to hear me. We are going into this deal blind... and I don't know what's ahead or what it's gonna bring for Sam. Now, he's covering pretty good, but I know that he is hurting, and this one was supposed to be on me. So, for all that we've been through, I'm asking you... you keep a lookout for my little brother, okay?

Where the hell are you, man?


I think we are going to find out what is happening to Cas next :'(
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