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Rewatching 8-13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Again, a bit later than planned, but I hadn't taken Christmas and New Years craziness into account so here it is.  Finally :)

I don’t know if I noticed previously that this episode was very similar in theme to last episode. There were so many parallels between the Rabbi’s grandson and Sam and Dean! This was basically a parallel ep - like God’s telling them through this experience to go on and continue their grandfather’s work because it is something only they can do. Supernatural has a lot of these lessons doesn’t it? Teaching the boys lessons through their hunts and things that happen to other people that are similar to their own situation. I wish we had them as much in real life (or were bright enough to see them) LOL

Let’s go right in and start at the beginning.

"Love High" by Dude Royal (plays in the bar while Rabbi Bass is there)
"Get Thee Behind Me Satan" by Ella Fitzgerald (plays when Sam and Dean are first in the bunker)
"Sunny Side of the Street" by Frankie Laine (plays over the end scene of Sam and Dean in the bunker)

The Thule, or Nazi Necromancers, are conducting terrible experiments on people in Nazi Germany and one of them is to figure out how to reanimate their own members. The word ‘reanimate’ is used in this episode, but I don’t think it fits the definition very well. Reanimate means to make something move again. It doesn’t include intelligence or the soul. The image it brings is more of a soulless soldier moving to the bidding of a powerful sorcerer - it reminds me of a Disney film called Bedknobs and Broomsticks, in which a British witch animates objects to thwart a German invasion. The objects collapse as soon as she gets off her broom.
On the other hand, these Thule - at least the Commandant - seemed to have their intelligence and beliefs and other parts of them intact as well. I think the word resurrect would be more appropriate. Anyway, on the other side, there is the Jewish Initiative, trying to stop these experiments.

As the Thule Commandant who ‘invented’ all these experiments prepares a spell to make himself one of these reanimatable people - I think that is what he is doing there - a JI Golem comes to destroy him and the Necromancers in general. The Golem fails despite having killed all the Nazis in his way because the Commandant disappears and burns up the whole place except for a ledger that included all the information about what experiments they had done and on whom. The fire goes around this book but I guess the Golem is unable to get to it or doesn’t realize it is in the box or its importance.

Then we see the old JI Rabbi, who seems a bit crazy from the perspective of a normal person like the librarian - because he is always looking behind his shoulder thinking he is being followed. But, as the story usually goes, he IS being followed by the Thule, and when he finally finds the ledger in some family collection, he knows that the Thule would kill him to get it. He goes to a pub that he seems to have frequented often and gotten to know many of the students there, and calls his grandson to whom he entrusts the Library of Congress call number, saying he has hidden the ledger in plain sight. The Thule guy (Torvald ) is looking at him from outside but the Rabbi is not facing him so he can’t read his lips and figure out the message. Nor I guess does the Necromancer have any power over the Rabbi in that state. But as soon as he gets off the phone, he turns to the window and goads Torvald into killing him so that he cannot be forced to give away the secret. Torvald kills him with a magic fire, just like the Commandant used fire to hide himself. Interesting parallel between the first scene of the Thule in Nazi Germany where the book was hidden ‘in plain sight’ from the Golem by putting it in a magic box, and what the Rabbi does here by hiding it among other books.  It is also fire in both cases, that is used to make the only person who knows where the book is, disappear (die) so the enemy cannot find it.  The way the Rabbi protects the book with his life is also in parallel to Henry protecting the key with his own life.

Now we are with Sam and Dean. They are checking out the Bunker! Sam is overwhelmed with excitement by all the information the library contains, and Dean is just enjoying the shower, which has perfect amount of water pressure - important to him as we know from Bugs in Season 1. I love his just showered look - wet hair that’s brushed back in a very ‘I brushed my hair after I got out’ sort of way. And of course he has on one of the robes he found, which are perfectly wearable despite being 70 years old.

He tells Sam to not geek out about the library. Dean, it seems, doesn’t want to admit that the MoL were more knowledgeable than they were with their dad’s journal and experience. But, as soon as the words are out of his mouth he is geeking out over the weapons :D

SAM:Dean, look, I think we might have something here – something that could help us, help humanity. Henry certainly thought so. I mean, you know damn well we could use a break. What if we finally got one? Are you gonna take off the dead-guy robe?

Two weeks later, Dean comes back to the bunker after having gone to check on Kevin and Garth.

SAM :Hey! So... how's Kevin doing?
DEAN :You know. He's okay, I guess. In his corner, hacking out his Da Vinci code – nothing actionable yet. [He takes a beer out of the refrigerator.] Garth says hi, by the way. Anything from Cas?
SAM :[smiles] No. Not – not a peep. Why? You?
DEAN :No, he's, uh – he's not answering.

OK, It’s been a while since we talked about these people - since Torn and Frayed, which at the snail pace I’m going at, is like 6 months ago. Let’s see. In Torn and Frayed, Kevin realizes that he has to let go of his mom if he is going to concentrate on getting the trials quickly (this while Dean also realizes he has to let go of Benny). Cas asks them to help him rescue Samandriel, but kills Samandriel at the end because he was ‘compromised.’ Then tells them that his vessel was damaged and he has to take Samandriel back to Heaven and just disappears. What is happening to him though? If I’m not mistaken, he is being trained by Naomi to kill Dean on her word. He is being brainwashed.

Going back to the story, Sam tells Dean about the JI and Thule and the Rabbi's death two weeks ago, and although Dean wants to take a break after his trip, they decide they have to go, as it seems to be a 'case.'

Dean drops Sam off at the college library while he goes over to the pub to talk to the two girls that saw the Rabbi burn up. Sam opens the same box that the Rabbi found the ledger in and instead of the ledger the Rabbi found, finds a book about national birds. He feels that someone is following him as he comes out.

Meanwhile Dean is finding out that the Rabbi had talked about the Thule and the ‘secret war that was going on’ to the students at the school and of course everyone had thought he was crazy. He looks over to the bar and finds that a guy is looking at him and giving him a ‘look’ which looks very interested… in something at least :D

After finishing with the girls he goes over to the bar and shows his badge.

DEAN :This is the second, maybe third time I'm seeing you today? Why you following me, Gingerbread?
BEARDED YOUNG MAN :Oh, so we, um... we didn't have a thing back there, huh?
DEAN :Back where? W-what, now?
BEARDED YOUNG MAN :I'm sorry, man. I – I thought – I thought we had a thing back at the quad, you know – a little "eye magic" moment, and I saw you here

[DEAN picks up his badge]
and I figured I'd wait until you were done with your meeting and then maybe we might, uh...
DEAN :Yeah. Uh, okay, but no – uh, no moment. This is a... federal investigation.
BEARDED YOUNG MAN :Is that supposed to make you less interesting? No. I – I'm sorry, man. I hope – I hope I didn't freak you out or anything.
DEAN :No. No. I – I'm n-not freaked out. It's just a, you know... a federal thing. It's, uh... Okay… citizen. As you were.

BEARDED YOUNG MAN :You have a good night.
DEAN:You – you... (crashes into a table) have a – okay.

I love this little exchange! First of all, Dean being aware that he was being followed by this guy, then his reaction to being asked about whether they had a ‘moment’ back there and how him being FBI makes him even more interesting LOL

He exits the pub believing that he was just being followed because of a ‘gay’ thing and is talking with Sam on the phone. We have a cool code for being followed (something is stuck to my shoe) used by Sam. They decide to meet up in the guest parking - which is out of the way and quiet - to confront whoever it was that was following Sam.

Sam gets over to the Impala and pretends to drop his keys by mistake. As he fumbles with them on the ground, Dean sneaks over and finds the spy, which turns out to be the Golem. Dean gets thrown onto a car and smashes a window on impact, and when Sam gets a machete out of the trunk and tries to hack at the Golem, it gets stuck and doesn’t do any harm to the Golem. No blood either I don’t think.

As Dean is groaning on the ground and Sam is being choked by the Golem, the guy from the pub comes and stops the Golem from killing Sam.

The guy takes Sam and Dean back to his place and admits that he and the Golem had actually been following them. Dean is like, oh so that really wasn’t a gay thing? Love that half disappointed half vindicated reaction - like, see? I knew I was being followed! And also praising the guy for being smooth!

The Golem is suspicious of them until Sam tells them that their grandfather was a MoL. The Golem is aware of the MoL. Sam and Dean are suitably spooked by the giant clay man that is quite violent when talking to Aaron, he is so angry with Aaron for not being able to ‘take charge.’

The Thule guy who 'killed' the Rabbi is watching them from outside the window. I wonder if he is lipreading and finding out about the Rabbi's grandson and Golem.

Now can I stop here and say again how similar the circumstances of this guy Aaron and Sam and Dean? Here is a guy who (1)finds out the secret society (Judah Initiative) his grandfather had always talked about was not just a story,(2) his grandfather is killed by an evil foe (Thule) and he is entrusted with an inheritance (Golem) he has no idea how to use. Sam and Dean have also just found out that their grandfather was from secret society they had known nothing about, and was killed by an evil foe they never knew existed until they met their grandfather for the first time. They are also entrusted with a treasure - the key/ bunker - they at this point have no idea how to utilize.

It is interesting also to contemplate how Aaron's parents kept him away from his grandfather as much as possible because either they thought he was nuts or that it was a dangerous life and they wanted their son to have a ‘normal’ life. Then think back on how Sam and Dean were also unable to find out about the MoL until now - not because there was some special intent of their parents of course, but because there was no one who could tell them about it (possibly on the intent of the Angels/Demons).

Henry was outraged when he found out they had not known they were legacies, and had not been taught the way. The Golem is also upset with Aaron for not knowing about the JI as he should, and how he is ‘not taking charge’ of it and of the Golem as he should.

Later on in the story, Sam and Dean talk a bit about how they could kill or disable the Golem if they had to. When Aaron hears this, he insists that they do not have the right to do so, that he is in charge of the Golem. Unfortunately he has not learned to control the Golem yet so can’t be said to be in charge of it. That reminds me of how the old MoL guy told them to burn the bunker because it would be dangerous if it got in the wrong hands. Sam and Dean decide not to, believing that they are now in charge - but they don’t know how to take charge of the bunker yet. You see the similarity?

Going on with the story (LOL), Sam figures out the call number and they break into the library to get the book, which the Rabbi had hidden in the shelves of the archive.

AARON:What, do you two just break in wherever you go?
DEAN :Yeah, well, our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on, just in case this hunter thing didn't pan out.

LOL! But this kind of shows how Dean is feeling a bit inferior, maybe, toward a young guy who had had a good education and money. It seems in continuation of how he is feeling back at the bunker, tentative about taking on the MoL title and trusting a society that thought they were superior to hunters.

As Sam is looking for the book, he is shot with a poisoned dart. He somehow gets away with the ledger and goes down the stairs.

Dean tells the Golem to find the necromancer, that he has to be killed in order to save Sam and now Aaron from death. The Golem goes upstairs and has no problem knocking the guy out and bringing him back down.Despite his feelings of inferiority, we see that Dean has the necessary knowledge about necromancers and how to heal someone who’s been poisoned by one.
As Dean waits downstairs wondering who will come down, the Golem or the Thule, down the Golem comes

THULE: Long live the Thule
(Is killed by Golum)
DEAN: Or not?

Next we see Sam and Dean putting the guy in a grave, then burning him - which was a good thing because he would have resurrected unless they had.

The Golem tells Aaron that the boys saved his life, but all Aaron can see are two guys burning a dead body and warming their hands by the fire LOL

AARON: Oh My God. These guys are psychopaths.
Back at Aaron’s apartment, Sam is translating the ledger and finds out that it describes the experiments at the compound and that it is a roster of all the Thule members that were ‘reanimated.’ It also tells how to kill them for good - headshot and burning them within 12 hours. I love how Dean brings them coffees and Sam mouths thank you to him <3

They ask Aaron again about why he doesn’t know how to control the Golem. Aaron tells them that his grandfather gave him a little book of instructions when he was bar mitzvah-ed but that he went off the rails a bit in high school and smoked them all!

AARON: I kind of smoked it.
GOLEM: The boy smoked the pages…

LOL this is so hilarious! Him explaining how the pages were just the right thickness for smoking! I love Dean’s shrug too! But the Golem is again upset.
The Commandant, or Eckhart, comes out to the location and the guards take him to where Torvald was killed. I am pretty sure I didn’t notice this plate last watch.

DRIVER:The security camera's hard drives have all been wiped. Are you sure he's been murdered?
ECKHART:Torvald was killed here, but not by a man. I'd know more, but his ghost was forced to depart before it could tell me. They knew enough to burn his remains.

Love that there is reference to the fact that the boys wiped the hard drives so what happened would be erased!

Eckhart figures out that Torvald was killed by the Golem by the clay on the shelves where they fought. I also think that maybe somehow they have also been eavesdropping on Aaron when he explains that he was not in control of the Golem. The Commandant knows how to control it - which is pretty amazing. Do you think the Golem was actually created by the Thule and the JI somehow took it over? Or the Thule just found out how to control it by torturing a JI member? There is an interesting story behind that I’m sure.

Anyway, while this is going on, Sam and Dean are discussing how the Golem can be 'shut down.'

I'm sorry, we don't need all these pics here but...I just love looking at these beautiful guys in these shirts :D

AARON:So, that's your plan – taking out my Golem?
SAM:It's not a plan.
DEAN:We would just feel a lot better if we knew how. That's all.
AARON:What makes you think you have any right to make that decision?
DEAN:Believe me, if we need the right, we will take it.
AARON:Look, he may be a pain in the ass, but he's my responsibility.
SAM:Look, the Golem was built to go to war. You're not trained for that. How are you gonna take that on?
AARON:I don't know.

The Thule come in, overpower Aaron, Sam and Dean (but Sam is able to barely hide the book beforehand), Eckhart takes command of the Golem by saying something (in Hebrew?) to freeze him, then taking the scroll from his mouth like Sam had been reading in the lore. He very nicely explains to Aaron how to do it LOL

Unfortunately the Thule find the book that Sam had hastily hidden under a bag, but they do not take the gun that is peaking from inside the said bag, and of course Eckhart has to talk and gloat before killing them all. Aaron first answers Dean’s silent quearie on whether he can get to a shotgun close by with a shake of his head but he finally finds the courage to get a pillar like pole and bonk Eckhart over the head. That puts everyone’s attention on him, giving Sam and Dean the opportunity to get the guns near them and kill two of the Thule attendants.

Another runs away using Aaron as a shield until the door. Eckhart is left on his own, defenceless. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any spells in his mind. You’d think he could have just killed them by burning them up like he did the old Rabbi but I guess it would have taken too much time. Wait… Do you think the Rabbi could have killed himself somehow? hmmm… Anyway, Sam and Dean both shoot at him and kill him. They go bury and burn the bodies then come back to the Golem that has been frozen in place by the scroll not being in his mouth.

ECKHART :Fools! You can kill me. But you will never kill all the Thule.
DEAN:Well, that's a start.

Aaron writes his own name on the scroll and he now has taken control. Sam and Dean suggest that they could take the Golem and store it in the bunker, since it is a dangerous weapon, but Arron says that he wants to continue where his grandfather left off.

AARON: Eckhart might be dead, but the Thule are still out there, hidden, active. My grandfather left me something important. Something only I can do. Looks like I’m the Judah Initiative now.

Back at the bunker, Sam is writing up his report for the Judah Initiative/Thule file. Dean goes to get some beers, but decides against it and goes to get the whiskey instead. Like their taking over as Men of Letters deserves a more sophisticated toast.

DEAN: So what? Aaron is a JI and You’re a Man of Letters now, is that it?
… good.

And they toast their whiskies. Love how Sam wafts his nose over the glass :)


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