February 27th, 2019

rabbit's foot

Quiz Results and Master Post!

Thank you all soooo much again for all of your participation in the quizzes! - from just dropping in to let me know you were reading, to going out of your way to look up stuff and do some research :D

I am so happy that I could share this time with you<3

For those who were too busy to participate this time around - I hope we can do it again for Season 9. And yay for all the new faces and people who couldn't participate previously but were able to leave their mark this time :D

First, here is a Master List of all the questions/answers. I think 92 was a record number, especially considering there were some doubles (LOL) I've answered most of the ones that were unanswered :) I'm sorry again for clogging up your friend pages for so long.

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I've calculated all the points - which have been given to those who gave the answer(s) first and sometimes to those who pointed out a mistake.  There were comments that were not reflected in the points but these were just as important to me so I'd like to thank and cheer everyone for those just as much.  Thank you for all of it♥♥♥

Here are our lovely participants and quiz results -
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I will be posting the Season 8 poll next week!