October 14th, 2018

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 8-19 Taxi Driver

I am seriously considering changing the style of my reviews at this point.  I need to do something to pick up the pace and make it possible to finish instead of burning out mid-series or moving at a snail’s pace and finishing 100 years after the series ends!! LOL I really really want to get to the good eps in the future as soon as possible.

There are just a few scenes in this episode that I really enjoyed. As with many others who commented in the poll entry, I thought the Hell scene was oversimplified and boring. Sam got through both Purgatory and Hell way too easily.  The whole rouge reaper idea was a question mark as well. But this review did give me a good opportunity to look back at other references to Hell, Purgatory and reapers, the differences we see here in this ep, and possible reasons for it.  And, I think I actually figured out why Bobby was in this type of Hell instead of what the Winchesters experienced respectively.  The scene between Dean and Benny was heartbreaking, Sam/Bobby was pretty cute and of course Winchester hug!!!<3

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