September 19th, 2018

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 8-18 Freaks and Geeks

I began writing this review a few weeks after watching waaaay back in June. For some reason, I didn’t want to write anything at the time, and for a long time. When I finally forced myself to sit down I had to watch it again, because I didn’t remember what had happened as clearly. The second rewatch was very hard. I had to stop quite early on in the episode. I literally felt sick watching even the first scene, knowing that the vamp was innocent and listening to him begging for help and then being blamed for something he didn’t do and being killed so cruelly, with so much hate. It was just too much.

Hate is a terrible thing. It makes people irrational and cruel. Vengeance is not healthy. There is something extremely wrong with watching anything or anyone’s death with satisfaction, to ease your own pain or hatred. I’m reminded of several other eps in Supernatural - of course one of which is Asylum, the ep where the doctor tries to cure mental sickness by getting the patients to express anger. It doesn’t work. When anger is let out, it grows and grows until you are doing something you never meant to do. It reminds me of the song Dark Moon Rising in Devil’s Trap - which to me sings of racial discrimination and hatred. Don’t go out tonight… I hear the voice or rage and ruin, One eye is taken for an eye… Because groups of people with ideas of hatred and vengeance can be swept up into action like a hurricane or a huge wave. Action that is irrational and cruel and blown out of proportion.

People with power can use these feelings of hatred and vengeance for their own profit. That is what I feel we are warned in this episode and in so many others of Supernatural - most clearly in the way Lucifer uses Sam’s hatred to gain control.
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