January 2nd, 2018

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 8-13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Again, a bit later than planned, but I hadn't taken Christmas and New Years craziness into account so here it is.  Finally :)

I don’t know if I noticed previously that this episode was very similar in theme to last episode. There were so many parallels between the Rabbi’s grandson and Sam and Dean! This was basically a parallel ep - like God’s telling them through this experience to go on and continue their grandfather’s work because it is something only they can do. Supernatural has a lot of these lessons doesn’t it? Teaching the boys lessons through their hunts and things that happen to other people that are similar to their own situation. I wish we had them as much in real life (or were bright enough to see them) LOL

Let’s go right in and start at the beginning.
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