December 18th, 2016

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 8-3 Heartache

At the start of Season 8, Sam is already at a point where he has lost his confidence in hunting, while Dean has gained more confidence in that year in Purgatory. Dean has realized how much he loves hunting with Sam, while Sam feels that he couldn’t do anything right and is just a burden to Dean. Unfortunately, when Dean accuses him of not looking, that again is added to the list of what he has done wrong. This is especially important in the final moments of Sacrifice, our final ep and I have to thank itsnotmymind for helping me realize it (again). HEARTACHE shows both Sam and Dean’s feelings really well and reminds me of Season 1. Except, as I said, Sam’s feelings are not quite the same as Season 1 because they stem not from wanting a safe life, but his lack of confidence (although I guess you could also argue that that was the reason he wanted a normal life in Season 1 as well.) Otherwise, I like the idea of an athlete's deal with a god - it's a bit more interesting than having another demon deal - and there are a lot of beautiful and hot Sam/Dean scenes.

I'm ready to get started on this!
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