October 27th, 2016

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 8-1 We Need to Talk About Kevin

I was going to schedule this for my Friday as usual then remembered that it will clash with season 12, so I guess I'll post it now. I'm going to aim to post these on Tue(same as the poll) from now on.

YAY Season 8!!! This season is so challenging and I am going to enjoy it so much :D Season 8 is the first season I watched right after it aired and got to participate in online discussions and experience various reactions to it first hand.  The thing about watching an ep every week is that it's harder to see the big picture because week to week you sort of forget.  And you can't help but react to each episode as it comes. The pain and disbelief I felt in the conflict between Sam and Dean was incredible and there was so much I didn't understand.  After Season 8 ended, I went back and rewatched just that Season several times to try to figure out all these answers. And I think I gleaned a lot from that. But it was only after First Born in Season 9 that I realized that the issues that made Sam act that way in Season 8 were what made him seem resentful of Dean in Season 9, and even the reason for Sam doing all he could to save Dean in Season 10. And I think that this rewatch of Season 7 has helped me understand even further.

The monster theme this season is the Demon tablet and closing the gates of hell forever.  A secondary theme being the angels, angel programming on Cas and Cas again being taken in by a baddy and closing the gates of heaven without meaning to.  There is also the introduction to our next monster Metatron who is the only baddy on Supernatural I truly hate from the bottom of my heart.  There is something about him I physically cannot handle.  Those being the story arc, we also have an emotional arc  - not only Sam's messed up head, but also Dean's, which unfortunately makes him act like a dick to Sam in the first part of Season 8.

So let's start.
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