October 9th, 2016

rabbit's foot

Quiz #57

What are the things we find out about Sam and Dean's childhood in Season 7, and what episodes are they found in?
(1 point per info, 1 point per episode)
rabbit's foot

Quiz #67

Our 30 hours of fun are finished and here I am with my usual final post.

My sincere apologies for the congestion I've caused in your fpages. *repeated deep Japanese bows* Thank you so much for putting up with them.

Also I want to thank you so very much, everyone, for participating. As always, it was wonderful spending this time with you and trying to find quizzes that you might enjoy.

Quiz #67

I usually do a final quiz of funny or OPT scenes at the end, so in the tradition, I'm giving out one point each for favorite scenes that you might contribute - funny or heartbreaking - and another point for a screencap or gif to go with it. The way to include an image in comments is to put the URL within the code as follows:

triangle bracket - img src - equal sign- open quote - URL - close quote, right to left slash -close triangle bracket

Feel free to use images from my posts. (right click, copy URL address, paste in comment within code.)

The deadline is exactly 6 hours from now. I won't be counting points for any other submissions after that although you are welcome to post! If there are any other questions unanswered before that, please feel free to fill those in too.

I'll be counting up points and posting results on Monday (or possibly Tuesday - I have a barbecue on Monday and might not have the time to go through everything properly) and starting Season 8 on the 18th. Thank you so much everyone!! *hugs all around*