October 8th, 2016

rabbit's foot


Here we go on our roller coaster ride of approximately one-and-a-half days(36 hours starting NOW). Who knows the most? Who is on LJ the most? Who loves Supernatural the most? Who loves me the most?! Whatever your reason, we are here to celebrate Supernatural, and in particular the end of Season 7 rewatches, together before we move on to Season 8.

I've scheduled a lot of these quizzes for while I sleep since your time schedules are all different. Feel free to go back to any and all quizzes that have not been answered or not answered completely!

(1)You can comment with as many answers as you want - BUT just one answer for each question per comment.
(2)You can access any information source you want. I will be using only information that I posted in my reviews but you are welcome to use google images, supernatural wiki... whatever helps you find the answer.
(3)The fastest one to answer wins the round and gets the point(s).
(3)One point per question - if there are two questions in one quiz, then two points. If one person does not answer all questions, feel free to go in and answer them!
(4)One point if you find an error of mine. Any error.
(5)Whoever has the most points at the end, wins. They will receive a virtual gift, a banner, icon(s) or small gift from Japan - their choice.

Quiz #1

List the episodes of Season 7 that have unique title sequences.
(1 point per title sequence)
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What is the correct number that Bobby wanted to convey to the boys before he died, and what is the number he wrote on Sam's hand? (2 points)
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Quiz #7

In which episodes do we see Sam carrying a woman in his arms? (one point per episode)
(The Japanese call this the princess style -Ohimesama dakko :) )
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Quiz #9

Which episode is this quote from, who says it, and about what? (3 points)

" I know for a fact the females were not consulted about that."
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Quiz #14

Who says this in what episode, and what's the rest of the quote? (3 points)

"It's like their life's a big puzzle. You just keep finding pieces of it scattered all over the place. "
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Quiz #21

Who says this, in what episode and to whom?

"Stop trying to wrestle with the big picture, son. You're gonna hurt your head."
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Quiz #22

What does Dean give Sam and Becky as a wedding gift in It's Season Seven, Time for a Wedding? How is it used in the ep, and what other episode is this thing mentioned? (2 points)
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Quiz #25

Which song is this lyric from, which episode is it in and who or what do you think Dean is singing to? (3 points)

"I want you to come back and carry me home"
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Quiz #33

What mannerism(s) does Sam make in The Girl Next Door that are the same as younger and older Sam? (1 point per mannerism)
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Quiz #34

What movies/books does Charlie refer to or quote in The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tatoo? (1 point per reference)
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Quiz #36

Behind what book is the lever to the secret "virgin's chamber" in, in There will be Blood, and what is the significance of this? (2 points)
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Quiz #46

What song is this lyric from and in which episode and scene is it used?(3 points)

"I'll settle my debts and just get some rest from my weary weary mind."