October 6th, 2016

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 7-23 Survival of the Fittest

Season 7...Sam suffers from hallucinations and yet somehow keeps them in check by pressing on his very real wound.  Through his experience being drugged into marrying Becky he realizes that he needs Dean and that they work best together.  And he saves Dean many times - finally giving in to the Lucifer in his mind to do so and opening the flood gates.  Despite his own problems he is continually worried for Dean because Dean blames himself for the state Sam is in, feels bad for having to keep secrets from him and is also suicidal depressed by the situation Cas has put them in.  Dean feels that everything they've done is for nothing.

Cas has amnesia and when he remembers what he has done to Sam, the angels and to the Earth(or maybe just the USA?), he is so shocked that he feels that everything he does just hurts people so he is never going to use violence again.  Gradually, he realizes that recognizing Dick is something only he can do.  He can't just throw the responsibility on Sam and Dean. This is the best way to redeem himself: fix what he broke and maybe pay for his actions through death.  We see how this continues on into Season 8 and his actions in Purgatory.  The attitude is also very similar to Sam's in Season 8 (and of course Season 11) and may help us understand Sam's thought process for coming to the conclusions he does then.

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