September 25th, 2016

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 7-22 There Will Be Blood

The first thing I remember about this episode is the Alpha vamp scenes. I do like Sam and Dean’s interaction with him and I think the show does a good job of personifying him, sort of like they did with Eve and with the Phoenix. I also always have Vampire!Dean at the back of my head. Another scene that I remember is Dean complaining about the food, and how he’s a warrior and can’t survive on rabbit food. On rewatch, though I also enjoyed the Dean/Bobby scenes, Sam and Dean at the grocery store, and Bobby pacing the motel room trying to think of the lock combination.

As indicated by the title, this is mostly an episode about Sam and Dean collecting blood. They’ve got Cas’ blood last ep, but now they need the blood of an Alpha and of the King of Hell. And in order to collect blood from the Alpha, they end up collecting blood from a “corn-sugar stoned” guy. Sort of interesting to contemplate this importance of blood in both how the Leviathan are trying to control people and monsters on earth and how Sam and Dean can get rid of them.
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