July 3rd, 2016

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 7-16 Out with the Old

I realized on this rewatch that this is a title I have a hard time remembering. It's the same as the name of the antique store, but does it mean anything else to the Winchesters?  I guess I'll be thinking about that while I write.

This is not particularly an episode where I am dying to make gifs, although the boys are super pretty - especially Dean, and those nice long coats - it is a memorable ep just for that.  I also noticed that not only does it snow in the ep, it also rains, and Sam and Dean of course are going around without umbrellas and not getting wet at all :P

I really like this episode.  I like how it combines Sam's Lucifer issues with Leviathans and also cursed objects, and I like the pretty and tired boys, and I also like the little town they use.  The coffee shop, the rows of quaint stores etc.  I like how they get a hint on what the Leviathans are up to as well.  It's an episode that stands out to me, for some reason, among all of the Leviathan eps. Oh.. by the way, this is also the ep where Frank is thought to have been eaten up. RIP Frank... unless he is in hiding somewhere of course.

Anyway,  I'd better get started.
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