June 25th, 2016

rabbit's foot

Rewatching 7-15 Repo Man

It's true. I'm not that excited by this ep on rewatches. I do love the Sam/Lucifer scenes but that's pretty much it. I truely don't quite know exactly why.  It may be the coloring of the MoTW scenes.  It maybe that the focus is mostly on Sam and we don't even get any hurt Dean in the tied up scenes :P I did find some things to think about though - itsnotmymind suggested that it did show how Sam and Dean treated the victims of demons and that also made me consider the reason demons possess their victims to begin with.  And we did have a brief comment about Dean's need to save people, and the depression he is experiencing because he feels he has continually failed.  And we also see again how worried Sam is that Dean is going to die and leave him all alone.   Considering how worried he has been for the last several eps, I'm beginning to think that maybe it is not very unnatural for him to actually think Dean had died at the end of the season.

I guess I'd better stop babbling and get started.
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