February 19th, 2016

rabbit's foot

7-4 Rewatching Defending Your Life

Season 7 is awesome so far, and  I LOVE THIS EPISODE <3<3

Dean feeling the weight of the world, accepting death for his guilt, Sam trying so hard to save his unwilling brother... It reminds me of some previous episodes - especially Crossroad Blues, Dream a Little Dream of Me and Are You There God, It's Me Dean Winchester.  The scenes between Dean and Jo are just soooo beautiful. I am so in LOVE with them.

All of the people targetted by Osiris in this ep have "paid" for their crime, whether that was through time in prison or volunteer work.  And despite ... or because of it, they now feel guilty for it and feel that they have to keep paying for their wrongs somehow.  Guilt is a sign that a person has (learned to feel) compassion, whether that be for fellow man or animal.    But once they have that guilt, it is hell to live with. They might actually feel more at peace if someone would judge them as harshly as they judged themselves and just pull the switch. Osiris uses that guilt against them to get the sacrifice he needs to survive.  He almost makes them feel more guilty by dredging up these old hurts, and makes them feel like they deserve to die. This is not about just punishment at all. It is about the way one monster uses human weakness/compassion against them to get what he wants.

So let's get started right away!

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