January 23rd, 2016

rabbit's foot

Rewatching Hello, Cruel World

Looks like I'm finishing on time again this week :D

Possibly watching Parasyte with Alex made me more appreciative but, this episode with our first introduction to the Leviathan was just brilliant and I enjoyed it very much this time around.    Combined with Sam confused and Dean being "not OK"  makes this an awesome episode for me.

At the end of a season I usually go back and do a lengthy essay at the beginning of my review to talk about how the season is relevant to the rest of the story.  I didn't do that with Season 6. I really should have taken the time to look back a little. One thing I will say is that while in Season 1 - 5, the world is like a country run by bureaucrats in the absence of royalty, the world in Season 6 can basically be compared to a country that has just gone through a revolution.  All rules go out the window.  There is no such thing as destiny and the main powers become intent on the single purpose of carving out as much of the pie for themselves as they can in the name of freedome.   The thing that hasn't changed is that Sam and Dean continue to be influenced by this directly and Dean is still trying to save Sam from the crap that angels and demons have put his way.  And at the end, they mistakenly allow Cas to let out (a) monster that could ruin the world.  Which is sort of like Season 4.

At this point, Season 7 seems very similar to Season 5 in that they end up locking up the monster that they let out themselves in the first place - and one of them pays the price for it.  Just as Sam has to go in the cage with Lucifer, Dean gets pulled into Purgatory with Dick.  Everything else gets put on hold as everyone cooperates (well, everyone except the angels who still want revenge towards Cas) to put the monster back in it's "cage".

Season 7 also puts forward a very interesting question of how we'd feel with an inteligent life form above us in the food chain.  In a sense, the Leviathan are very much like humans - taiming and herding animals (humans) for consumption.  I think that is another reason I like them so much.  Because they make us realize how much we take our superiority over other animals and being on the top of the food chain (as a group, at least) for granted.  I will be talking about this a bit more in episodes to come, hopefully.

Both Sam and Dean have a really rough time this season. Sam, of course, as he fights a mental and physical meltdown, and Dean, who not only feels useless in saving his beloved brother but also has to suffer the death of two friends - Cas and Bobby.  We don't really see Sam's suffering the loss as much as we do Dean because he has so much already on his plate.  Which brings me to the end of the season and what the shock of Dean's "death" on top of everything else might have done to Sam there.

Season 7 is remembered in my mind also for the introduction of two new beloved characters - Kevin, and Garth - and some really awesome episodes.

So let's just get on with it and see where it takes us!
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